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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


The Most Important Question

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Following the forced removal of four billboards sponsored by Vaccine Choice Canada in February 2019, we were inundated with requests for information. Of the many dozens of media inquiries, not one asked the most important question.

Most reporters made their inquires out of a pre-determined set of assumptions; their position and perspective already cast. It was the rare exception when a reporter showed genuine curiosity and asked questions that indicated a desire to actually learn. The majority were simply looking to confirm previously held biases and wanting answers they could mold into their already formulated narrative.

None of the reporters asked the most important question as pertains to the vaccine issue.

What is the most important question? It is:

Are children who are fully vaccinated with the recommended schedule 
healthier than children who are unvaccinated?

It’s a simple question and is the only information that really matters in the end. So, if it’s the most important question, why did none of the reporters ask this question?

All parents want their children to be healthy.

I’ve not met one parent yet who says—“I don’t want my child to grow up strong and healthy and have a rich and rewarding life”. The problem is that we have been given conflicting information about what will enable our children to grow up healthy.

Those who are pro-vaccine have been convinced by the for-profit medical industry that vaccinating their children with each and every vaccine that is developed and recommended is the path to health. While parents, like myself, who have had a child severely injured or killed by a vaccine, are not convinced that vaccinating with each and every vaccine brings health. Our personal experience with vaccination has indicated otherwise. We now chose to vaccinate selectively or not at all.

Vaccination Is Ideology

Unfortunately, vaccination has become an ideology rather than a voluntarily chosen, evidence-based medical decision. Those who are ‘pro-vaccine’ have become increasingly vocal that everyone must partake. Everyone must believe as they believe. There is a growing movement, fueled by the for-profit medical industry, to eliminate ‘vaccine choice’ and the medical ethic of informed consent.

I suggest the reason the most important question is so rarely asked by reporters is because those in the mainstream media think they already know the answer to the question. It’s either that or they don’t like the answer. Therefore, the question and the answer is ignored, denied and dismissed as irrelevant. This was the strategy adopted by the U.S. government when doubts about the safety of the polio vaccine were raised.

“Any possible doubts, whether or not well founded
about the safety of the vaccine 
cannot be allowed to exist.”
Federal Register, Vol 49, No 107

So, what is the answer to the most important question?

The answer is that we don’t really know. We don’t know whether fully vaccinated children are healthier than unvaccinated children because the science has not been done to the level that would produce an irrefutable conclusion. But let’s be clear, the science has been done.

In 2017 the Journal of Translational Science published the first independent, non-industry funded study comparing the overall health of vaccinated and unvaccinated 6 to 12-year old children in the United States. The results of the study revealed that while vaccinated children were significantly less likely to have chicken pox or whooping cough, they were significantly more likely to have pneumonia, allergies, otitis media (ear infection), eczema, a learning disability, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder, neuro-developmental disorders, and chronic illness.1

This result should alarm us all. And to be clear, it does alarm those of us who are aware of the study. The problem is the study got a result that conflicts with the current narrative that vaccines are “safe and effective.” The study should have sent a powerful message to Public Health and modern medicine. It should have been a clarion bell bringing everyone to attention with demands for more research of this kind. But that didn’t happen. Instead, what we got from governments, the for-profit medical industry and mainstream media was silence.

The only scientific way to determine whether vaccines are the safest, most effective and best way to protect our children”  is to conduct large, independent, vaccinated vs. unvaccinated studies. Health Canada has never conducted such a study. Instead, the for-profit medical industry measures success based upon vaccine uptake. This is an irrelevant measurement of success.

Much of what purports to be science today and those who purport to value the scientific method are not really interested in uncovering the truth. They are interested in confirming a previously held ideology. And this study produced results that ran counter to their ideology.

Introducing a Heliocentric World

This is not unlike the time in human history when most held the belief that the earth was the center of the universe. When Galileo proposed that the sun was the center of our solar system, this information opposed the prevailing ideology/theology and could not be allowed to exist. Galileo was ridiculed, marginalized, shamed, dismissed and even jailed. We see this same behavior today when parents of vaccine injured children share their experiences and researchers uncover scientific evidence that does not conform with the prevailing ideology.

I understand why each and every reporter from our mainstream media failed to ask the most important question. It is akin to asking Galileo if the earth revolves around the sun.  They can’t ask the question because they can’t bear to hear an answer that may conflict with their ideology. This is the unfortunate state of science, the for-profit medical industry, and the corporate controlled media today. This is a question they dare not ask because knowing the answer would change everything.

Too much is riding on the current ideology of “vaccines are safe and effective.” An entire medical paradigm has been built on this edifice. Too much money is invested, too much financial gain is at risk, too many reputations are at stake, and too many livelihoods are dependent on us not knowing the answer.

Our Trust Has Been Broken

However, parents today are growing weary of this uninvestigated ideology. The absence of real scientific evidence of vaccine safety and effectiveness leads informed parents to conclude that the vaccine paradigm is not evidence-based medicine and is more akin to religion than science. Parents whose children have been harmed by vaccines will no longer accept the vaccine ideology on faith. Their trust has been broken. They insist on real scientific evidence. It is critical that we ascertain whether the opinions about vaccine safety are based on hope, faith, fear or actual science.

It is time that we push beyond using ‘belief’ as the basis for the vaccine decision and instead decide from a place of information based on quality scientific evidence. But this is counter to what our governments, for-profit medical industry and financially conflicted media want. The tension is growing. This tension will not be satisfied by vaccine mandates, coercion, shaming, dismissing, denying or marginalizing the growing segment of society who insist on scientific evidence and the right to choose. The truth will come out. The only question is when?

Note: This article was reprinted with the author’s permission. It was originally published by Vaccine Choice Canada.

This article or commentary provides referenced information and perspective on a topic related to vaccine science, policy, law or ethics being discussed in public forums and by U.S. lawmakers. The websites of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) provide information and perspective of federal agencies responsible for vaccine research, development, regulation and policymaking.


1 Mawson AR, Raym BD, Bhuiyan AR, Binu Jacob B. Pilot comparative study on the health of vaccinated and unvaccinated 6- to 12-year-old U.S. children. J Transl Sci 201; 3(3): 1-12.

13 Responses

  1. I wouldn’t call vaccination an ideology as much as a religion. Doctors should be required to fill out religious exemption forms for patients as a condition for their GETTING, not receiving vaccinations.

  2. From what I have studied the FDA (US) is already in gross violation of the 1986 law that requires that they do safety testing of vaccines. What we need now is a class action lawsuit vs the FDA , (and the pharmaceutical companies) regarding their illegal actions THEN we might start getting some traction instead of this “cram it down their throat” push back that we are seeing from our government.

  3. Thank you Ted for all your hard work and for the gift you share with us – the ability to write a narrative that bypasses the quagmire of misinformation, propaganda and double speak and shines the clear light of truth on it in a way that all can understand!!

  4. This. Is. Amazing. We have to get this article out there, beyond those loyal readers who are already on the bandwagon, and in to the mainstream media somehow! The s*it is hitting the fan in NY, and once it’s mandatory there, the “disease” will spread to everywhere if unchecked. We have to raise our voices in protest, and not accept being called “stupid and neglectful parents”, simply for wanting more testing done. Thank you!

    1. Heavens, are you kidding?? The “mainstream media” is the LAST place that would “get this article out there!!” The mainstream media PERPETUATE all manner of FAKE NEWS! They are the biggest and loudest proponents of the corrupt vaccine industry! “We the people” who have actually done our homework will have to spread the word however, wherever, whenever and to whoever we possibly can, no matter the personal consequences!!

  5. The truth will come out eventually, and in the meantime, if you live in the US, please download and watch the video here, print and distribute the flyer to every pastor and church in your area, and share the link far and wide!


  6. You are an optimist. It’s more realistic to expect fines, asset confiscation, children in state custody, and jail times for parents and for non-compliant adults.

  7. Please continue to spread this message and convince as many people as possible to remain unvaccinated.

    We need to reduce the surplus population of stupid people. Thank you for doing your part to improve the human genetic pool.

  8. There are no studies that confirm that vaccinated children are healthy.
    American children are the sickest in all developed countries. The one thing that distinguishes them from children in other countries in the number of vaccines they receive.

    -American Children Compared to Rest of World: Among Sickest and Most Vaccinated-

    The CDC has been asked by parents and medical people do a study comparing the health of unvaccinated children to vaccinated children in the US.
    They have refused. One CDC official gave a reason:
    Why Won’t CDC Do the Study?

    -Among 20 wealthy nations, US child mortality ranks worst, study finds

    American children suffer from more chronic illness than children in other countries:
    -Why so many Americans are allergic to peanuts

    -New study suggests 21 percent increase in childhood peanut allergy since 2010-

    -Why peanut reactions have become ‘almost epidemic’ — and what to do about food allergies-

    -Childhood Asthma: A Growing American Epidemic
    There are an estimated 73000000 children in the US as of May 2018 and 6.1 million of them have asthma.

    -In 2018 the CDC determined that approximately 1 in 49 children is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in 2018.

    -Neurological disorders in children have increase every year over the last decade.

    -More Kids Than Ever Have Type 2 Diabetes
    Doctors seek to establish a gold standard for their care

    Japan is said to have the healthiest children in the world and their vaccination program is voluntary although there is a real push by pharma & the Japanese government to change that. From what I can find Japanese children receive 11 vaccine by the age of 5 if the parents want whereas in the US by the age of 5 a child has received by the age of 6, 50 doses of 14 vaccines. The different types of vaccines children in Japan are offered is different than the US.

    My daughter is a teacher and in the school first aid kit are epi pens, asthma inhalers and some sort of drink for the kids that are diabetic.

    Children in America are not healthy.

    1. Agree totally. Our children are getting sicker & with diseases that used to be considered the realm of ‘old age.” Obviously, we are NOT doing the right thing. Diet & activity levels have a lot to do with it as does perhaps the increasing number of vaccines injected into the bloodstreams of our precious developing children. Instead of making them healthier, are we crippling their immune systems to the point that they become even more susceptible to other illnesses, many neurological? There was a pediatrician who once asked if we weren’t trading in the known childhood diseases (by vaccinating against them) for more serious diseases down the road, such as cancer & autoimmune disorders…..? I think the question was visionary & is certainly valid today.

  9. If the gov “Representatives” had not totally sold out their neighbor citizen constituents, MANY THINGS IN AMERICA COULD STILL BE RIGHT.
    The amount corporations will pay, to install “their man,” in Washington, is far beyond what We The Poor People can possibly manage to gather.
    The FDA used to be incompetent from the bad doctors who couldn’t make it in private practice. Today, docs and bureaucrats AND “YOUR” “REP” are standing in line to get in, on the golden ATM calf, of “captured” Executive Branch alphabet “Agency” miscreants—paid heavily to do corporate bidding. What did Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., say, the vaccine makers bribe twice as much as oil and gas ever could?
    _ Folks used to argue border guards would get paid off. But the modern Drug Pushers are “OUR” “REPS” who instead of guarding us, allow bad drug companies to poison us, with hardly-tested hardly-regulated chemicals (many no longer even made in USA).
    _ When I worked in industry, we needed gloves and masks and had to fill out papers, for certain chemicals. NOW CONGRESS SOLD THE DRUG MAKERS apparent ‘RIGHTS,’ TO HAVE US INJECT THOSE CHEMICALS, in our babies.
    _ And Laws, Yes, the greedy media is all for that–as they get a cut. If you want good media coverage, you better be a rich filthy leftist–and/or a celebrity. You can’t keep a Hollowood lifestyle without full pockets. Mainstream media knows on which their side is buttered–and that makes us the toast.

  10. In what province did this forced sign removal take place? I live in Nova Scotia, on the Eastcoast. I hate to think that our descission makers up here in Canada are becoming like those in the US. ?

  11. Yes! Our children are not healthier. Darkrift, the real Darwin gene dead-enders are those who ignore that autoimmune disorders are epidemic in our country now. This runs the gamut from peanut allergies to sepsis. The medial industry is (rightly) proud of its ability to ‘cure’ about 80% of childhood cancers, but no one seems to want to investigate why these cancers are increasing. Even if were acceptable that ‘only’ 20% of children die from their cancer, the survivors face lifelong problems of organ damage and future cancers. It’s unconscionable that the focus is not on finding causation.

    Our trust has been broken. It’s been broken in the doctor’s office, the CDC and FDA, the media and in government. I hope we win this battle, but even if we do we must realize they will be back. (Oregon had a similar forced vaccination bill in 2015.) To really win, we must win more than the battle. We must expose the corrupt alliance between public health and vaccine manufacturers that created this media and legislative blitz krieg. And it is overdue that legislators be held accountable when contributions function as bribes and out-of-state money sets the agenda.

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