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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Sen. Rand Paul Says Vaccines Give a False Sense of Security

It is wrong to say that there are no risks to vaccines. Even the government admit that children are sometimes injured by vaccines. Since 1988, over $4 billion has been paid out from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Despite the government admitting to in paying $4 billion for vaccine injuries, no informed consent is used or required when you vaccinate your child. This may be the only medical procedure in today’s medical world where an informed consent is not required.

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  1. I heartily agree with Senator Rand Paul. Vaccines should never be mandated. That should be a personal choice. Measles certainly is not the childhood disease that would give that license to our government. We all got the measles on purpose when I was a child. It’s not a death warrant. I am immune for life.

    1. There is a kind of paranoia going on in younger people. They have no experience with these child sicknesses we older folks all had, and for which we now all have lifelong immunity. What is better, to be sick for a few days or even a few weeks, and never have to be worried, or have a dozen shots, which have side effects known and unknown, and still not be sure ? Because in the recent outbreak at least 2 vaccinate people got measles. I personally know someone who got shingles just after being vaccinated against it. Vaccines do not work properly and have too many uncertainties.

      1. Ingrid hit the nail on the head. People have no experience and so they are terrified. They’ve been brought up to view these diseases as deadly when they aren’t, and fear is the name of the game these days, so it’s being ever impressed by society and the media. The simple fact that the vaccines have a higher injury and death risk than the illnesses should be enough to make people question them, but they don’t because they’ve been so conditioned to fear illness.

  2. @redpill: “weak” or not, Rand Paul’s support IS helpful since he’s the lone Senator concerned with this issue.

  3. The parent should sign an informed consent to get their child vaccinated and the consent should say that the vaccine may prevent them from getting the targeted infection but that there is also a small risk of serious, permanent neurological damage resulting from the vaccine. If it were worded honestly in those terms how many parents would volunteer to offer their child up for vaccination?

    1. Exactly. My daughter currently has influenza. The doctor asked if we wanted the Tamaflu or if we “just wanted to wait it out.” He gave me a TWO PAGE list of risks associated with Tamaflu and explained that the flu will run its course (which I knew) in time with or without the medication. How is it that we see the need to provide people with all the facts before treating an illness or injury, but that same need isn’t seen as existing when it comes to vaccines? Makes no sense! People need to be informed before they can make a choice, that should be a basic tenant of the medical profession.

  4. There are some truly deadly diseases that vaccinations have curtailed. Polio, smallpox and measles are not trifling diseases. Vaccinations have been highly effective at reducing fatalities related to these diseases. It is simply irresponsible to promote avoidance of childhood vaccinations if you wish your children and grandchildren to engage as part of society and in classrooms in the US. Unless you want to live life in isolation, without placing other people at risk, vaccinations are important.

    1. Sorry Rick, vaccines did not curtail smallpox or polio. Read the book “Dissolving Illusions” by Dr. Suzanne Humphries, MD, for the history of those diseases. The smallpox vaccine injured and killed more people than the disease. England enacted a strict mandatory vaccination law in 1867, in response to periodic smallpox epidemics despite having previous vaccination coverage of over 90% of the population. By 1885 in Leicester City, over a 12 period 6,000 people had refused the vaccine, were arrested, their belongings, confiscated, and they were sentenced to prison. The townspeople revolted and voted out their previous town officials and replaced them with those that developed the Leicester Method, that is confinement of the diseased, disinfected the home, nursed the sickened back to health, proper sanitation, nutrition, and hygiene, all the while the vaccination rate dropped to 4% of the population. Then it became the vaccinated that spread the smallpox. All other towns adopted this method to eradicate smallpox. Vaccine pushers warned of a return of smallpox epidemics in Leicester City, but it never happened.

      The polio virus has existed in the bowels of every human being for many thousands of years and became a problem when something changed to upset the gut microbiome and turn it into a communicable disease. That something were processed foods, refined sugar, lead, arsenic, and DDT poisoning, alcohol, tobacco, tonsillectomies, and antibiotics. Lead and arsenic compounds were used as pesticides and drugs prescribed by licensed doctors trained in facilities approved by the AMA. At the start of the 20th century, all paralyses were called polio. DDT was phased out of use slowly in the late 1950’s and the cases of polio began declining. DDT was a central nervous system toxin and can adversely affect the respiratory muscles. When the vaccine came out in the mid-1950’s the medical profession redefined the broad diagnosis parameters to a narrower definition and began using actual tests for the polio virus in those stricken. Thus, polio “disappeared” by the stroke of the pen and was replaced by the name acute flaccid paralysis, which still exists today. At least 1,400 new cases per year of acute flaccid paralyses occur in the US today. DDT is still widely used in some countries, such as India and China, and large numbers of polio cases still afflict the population there. The first Salk vaccine caused as much paralyses as it was claimed to prevent, (not just in the recipient but also in family members, friends, and neighbors due to virus shedding), because the inactivated vaccine virus was never really killed, and the virus in the vaccine was even able to regenerate in storage. The Sabin oral polio vaccine used currently also causes vaccine induced paralyses.

      In those with high nutrition measles is a benign disease that offers lifetime immunity to those infected and recovered. By the time the measles vaccine was introduced in the US in 1963, the mortality rate from measles had declined to 98% from its peak in 1918. In England and Wales the mortality rate from measles had declined to nearly 100% from its peak in 1915 at the introduction of the measles vaccine in 1968. Now measles is a disease of the vaccinated.

    2. Rick, there has never been a single illness/disease “curtailed” by vaccines. And if you were to look into those diseases, you’d find out they are NOT as bad as you think. Polio, for example, doesn’t even cause symptoms in most people who contract it (95% are symptom-free). Of those who do have symptoms, 90% are minor and short-term. In fact, my grandfather had what was considered a “bad” case of polio and had to walk with a cane for nearly 6-months before he regained full use of his leg. In the end, however, he was the only one in the household (which contained SEVEN CHILDREN) to contract the disease, he never lost his ability to work or walk (although he did need a temporary cane) and he had life long immunity for the remainder of his life. I, on the other hand, had the polio vaccine as a child. Today, at 35, I no longer have any immunity from that shot and the reaction I had to my childhood immunizations has left me with multiple auto-immune diseases!

      Vaccinations are NOT the cause of health in today’s society. They tended to come along only after the diseases were already near irradicated, and their introduction often heralded a surge in infections. They have been shown – as can be seen with the current “measles outbreak” – not to protect everyone who gets them and to actually spread the disease they are supposed to protect against (research vaccine shedding). What really helped to irradicate these illnesses? Sanitation and access to clean drinking water & food. In the case of polio, changes to what is and isn’t considered polio coupled with the stoppage of DDT use spelled the end for the epidemics – because there were no tests for polio, the diagnoses were made off of symptoms alone and those symptoms were often caused by environmental toxins such as DDT.

      Finally, let us consider what you’re really saying. You’re claiming that in order to keep the group (herd) healthy everyone needs vaccination. But since vaccine “protection” has been shown to wane after as little as 3 years, nearly every adult in our current population is “unvaccinated,” even if they got every shot offered as a child. If they were lucky enough to have chickenpox, measles, mumps and German measles (rubella) as a child, they have life long immunity, otherwise, they are unvaccinated. With that in mind, we can assume that well over half, if not more, of the population, is unvaccinated. If vaccines are the only thing keeping large deadly epidemics at bay, why are we not seeing hundreds or thousands of deaths from them each year? In fact, why aren’t we seeing ANY deaths from them each year?

  5. I have been working with doctors for eight years. Doctors hardly ever inform patients in full, maybe one in a hundred. Most of the time, even they don’t know what they are doing, because there is no universal paradigm for how a human being works, while medical myths change every five to ten years… The patient signs and assumes all responsibility, but is not informed about that… Most good doctors resign, because they get tired of the mandatory lies. The well-meaning ones burn out in a few years…

  6. I find his feedback very strong (not weak as cited). Besides, I think it gives him credibility to all pro-vaxxers since he vaccinates himself. This becomes a freedom issue which should be desired from all parties…

    1. Although I am 100% against vaccination, I tend to take the “freedom” position when discussing the issue with others for that very reason. When there is a risk, there must be choice, otherwise, there is no liberty. For a nation which prides itself on it’s “Freedom and Justice for All” it’s greatly lacking these days in both areas!

  7. Arguments such as the Pro Vaccination agenda, always arouse my suspicions as they are fear based circular arguments, in which peoples fears are exploited for an agenda thus raising their emotional level and eliminating rational response. Couple that with the circular argument where any answer condemns anti Vaxers. i.e. if your non vaccinated and get sick = due to anti vaxer and you need a vaccination and your endangering everyone else, if your non vaccinated and healthy your just lucky and also a danger to everyone else, if your vaccinated and sick = anti vaxer is to blame, if your healthy and vaccinated it is because you are vaccinated… etc etc. as you see its the perfect storm of circular argument where any angle can be blame twisted onto the non vaccinated, who are then demeaned by the mob. It presupposes that there are no naturally healthy individuals without vaccinations and or drugs from birth to death.
    Fear based agendas, such as this, are also one of the first areas where facism starts to creep into a free society. The fear response lends itself easily to lynch mob mentality. Punishments start to arise for non compliance as well as public chastisement. Thus the elite agenda driven masters manipulate the fearful masses.The discerning independent thinkers are forced to remain on the sidelines in order to not have their lives disrupted.
    Couple this again with the suppresion of anti vaccination thought and argument, the elimination of liability for drug companies, the publicaly hidden secret of the vaccine court settling billions in damages due to the harmful effects of vaccinations, and the chastisement and suppression of all those who would question vaccines or wonder why their child got so ill after vaccination (with nonesensical authoritarian defensive arguments as a response from their doctor).

  8. Please check the timeline graphs where public mass vaccination is plotted against deaths due to these illnesses.
    There is a case for epidemic type diseases to have a lifespan just like any other living thing. Mass public vaccinations should correlate direclty with the disease entity decline but do not alwyas do so. True Science is always skeptical of itself not agenda driven.

  9. Many of these comments are simply propaganda, not well founded in Science or medical literature. Why should anyone take all these comments from anti-vacers as anything but that. By the rationales put forth polio and measles would naturally self extinguish; which is ill founded. It is immoral and unethical for parents to place other children at risk of disease contraction in schools. I think the recent measles outbreaks amply prove this I’m inclined to believe the CDC, Harvard School of Public Health and every other medical public health academic institution in the U.S. I also note a complete lack of support from any disease epidemiologist in all these discusion groups. The result is ill informed advocacy without adequate foundation.

    While I respect the rights of parents to reasonably decide what is best for their children, I’m seriously concerned about risks to other children in the classroom. No one seems to want to take responsibility for infections to other children from unvaccinated children in the school and everyone is conspicuously silent about assuming responsibility to others as a consequent of such choices. So unless you want to live in isolation, home schooling your children, it’s time to take your responsibility to other children much more seriously.

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