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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Attkisson Report Reveals Threats Against Congressmen Investigating Autism-Vaccine Link

A Jan. 6, 2019 news report produced by investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson for Sinclair Broadcast Group revealed that retired congressmen Dan Burton (R-IN) and Dr. Dave Weldon (R-FL) and current Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL) were pressured by colleagues or threatened by PhRMA lobbyists to back away from examining vaccine safety issues, including the reported link between vaccines and autism.1 The report also revealed that, in 2007, federal government officials suppressed and then misrepresented the expert opinion of pediatric neurologist Dr. Andrew Zimmerman that vaccines can cause autism during U.S. Federal Court of Claims hearings evaluating vaccine-related autism claims filed in the federal vaccine injury compensation program (VICP).2

“You really need to… back off on this”

The “Vaccination Debate” report was featured on “Full Measure,” Sinclair’s investigative news show anchored by Attkisson, who said, “We spoke to 11 current and former members of Congress and staff who claim they faced pressure, bullying or threats when they raised vaccine safety questions.” Physician and former Rep. Dave Weldon commented, “It would typically be in a hallway or the street and people would come up to you and say, “You know, you really need to, you know, back off on this. It could be, it could be bad for the community or bad for the country or bad for you.”

Attkisson also interviewed Rolf Hazelhurst, whose now 18-year old son, Yates, suffered severe vaccine reactions as a child and regressed into chronic poor health that was eventually diagnosed as autism. Hazelhurst, a criminal prosecuting attorney, said, “And at first, I didn’t believe it. I did not think that, I did not believe that vaccines could cause autism. I didn’t believe it.”

US Government Suppresses Pediatric Neurologist’s Expert Opinion on Autism-Vaccine Link

After Rolf Hazelhurst learned that Dr. Zimmerman’s expert opinion was discounted and misrepresented by federal government officials for the purpose of denying federal vaccine injury compensation to his son3 and thousands of other children with vaccine related autism,4 Hazelhurst told congressional staffers at a 2013 briefing, “If I did to a criminal in a court of law what the United States Department of Justice did to vaccine injured children, I would be disbarred and I would be facing criminal charges.” He and environmental activist attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. have filed a fraud complaint with the Justice Department Inspector General about the withholding of Zimmerman’s expert opinion on vaccine-induced autism in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims proceedings.

The “Vaccine Court” and the Class Action Omnibus Autism Proceeding

The Secretary of Health and Human Services is legally represented by Department of Justice (DOJ) attorneys in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims (“Vaccine Court”) when federal health officials contest vaccine injury compensation claims filed under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, a law that was passed by Congress in 1986 and substantively altered by congressional amendments between 1987 and 2016.5 The 1986 Act gave partial liability protection to vaccine manufacturers but protected a vaccine injured person’s right to file a vaccine injury lawsuit in civil court if federal compensation was denied or was inadequate to provide for lifetime needs or if it could be proven that the vaccine manufacturer could have made a vaccine safer (design defect). In a split decision in 2011, the U.S. Supreme Court effectively barred all vaccine injury lawsuits, including for manufacturer design defect.6 7

Under the 1986 Act, special masters are appointed by the U.S. Court of Federal Claims to adjudicate federal vaccine injury compensation claims. The “Vaccine Court” oversaw a seven-year class action type Omnibus Autism proceeding that concluded in 2009 and threw out more than 5,500 vaccine injury claims for children with vaccine-related autism.8 The Court rejected the argument made by plaintiff’s lawyers that vaccine-related autism is caused by mercury preservatives in vaccines and/or MMR vaccine or a combination of both.9

The gutting of the 1986 Act’s safety and compensation provisions by congressional amendments, the Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Supreme Court has been strongly criticized by the National Vaccine Information Center for many years.10 11 12 The Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report in 2014 analyzing the VICP’s operation and was critical of how long it took for compensation claims to be resolved, primarily because most vaccine injury claims are contested by DHHS.13

Sharyl Attkisson: The Reporter Who Goes Where No One Else Will

A CBS correspondent for more than 20 years, Sharyl Attkisson is a five-time Emmy Award winner and recipient of the Edward R. Murrow award for investigative reporting and Pillar Human Rights Journalism Award for “Fearless Reporting in the Face of Government Retaliation.” From 1996-2001, she hosted a half-hour weekly medical news magazine on PBS entitled “Health Week.” She is the best-selling author of the books Stonewalled (2014) and The Smear (2017). After leaving CBS in 2014, Attkisson joined Sinclair to head up the investigative journalism team staffing “Full Measure” to explore government waste, national security and whistleblower reports on government and corporate abuse.14
For more than a decade, Attkisson has authored and produced reports on a number of vaccine safety issues, including these:

She presented a Ted Talk on “Is Fake News Real?” in February 2018.15 Currently, she has a lawsuit pending against the DOJ and FBI based on First and Fourth Amendment rights alleging improper government surveillance of a private citizen journalist, including electronic surveillance of her computer, cyber stalking and cyber attacks.16

View the “Full Measure” report on The Vaccination Debate here


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  1. She’s a targeted individual because she dared to tell the truth. Where is the vaccine council the current administration promised? This is more important that the endless economic and political debates.

  2. Attkisson, RFK Jr. and the congressmen mentioned in this piece are to be commended for their courage in casting light on the atrocities that have been committed by our corrupt government agencies and Big Pharma on our children for decades. Those of us who have known the truth about the complete lack of science showing vaccines are safe and effective for many years (in my case, 23 years) have been waiting for this moment. The skyrocketing rates of autism and chronic illness in our kids truth can no longer be suppressed with lies and smear campaigns. Thank you, Sharyl, for being one of the only mainstream journalists to actually research and report objectively on this very important issue.

    1. My question regarding RFK, Jr.’s approach is: why go after only mercury toxicity? Aluminum is at least as dangerous as the mercury, perhaps more. Then go down the list of toxic agents, beginning with polysorbate 80 which causes sterility.
      RFK, Jr. has the street cred, the visibility, and THE NAME (most important of all) to do better/hard hitting work against this global cabal.

      1. Jo Aluminum is toxic poison.No two ways about it.However do not claim it is worse than Hg–the most deadly non -radioactive element on earth.The biggest problem is when the two are injected together ! Scientists first fed 100 mice one,then the other. In each case about half dozen died.When they gave both , all 100 died !

  3. Everyone here must take the 10 mins and watch that “Full Measure” report on The Vaccination Debate. It is what we all thought and it needs to be watch!!!

  4. Ms. Attkisson is far and away the leading investigative journalist in the country. We need more like her. we must protect the rights of the journalists who are giving us information like this.This is monstrous.

  5. This video needs to be shared far and wide. I’ve shared it with many hardcore pro-vaxxers and it left them speechless.

  6. My child has grown and received his shots fifty years ago but I got one and I am seventy years of age and I now have nodgules on my thyroid .It happened two days later. It;s been four or five years now and I have to have tests every month to a few months to make sure It doesn;t turn to cancer. Altogether I have had four shots for the flu because I was working for meals on wheeles. I also have allergys I never had before!.. When I tryed to get all medical records from dr office they would not give me but a couple of records and not the ones that showed There was nothing wrong with my thyroid as far as any nodgles on exam. My papers went to some attorneys office and I still can;t get them.

    1. Hi Bonnie,

      You are not alone. If you read
      Brett Wilcox
      Jabbed: How the Vaccine Industry, Medical Establishment, and Government Stick It to You and Your Family
      He details how there is plenty of published evidence that our thyroids are adversely affected. My educated guess it’s primarily due to the Thiomersal from the multidose vials (still present in today’s multidose vaccines since Hg kills just about every living organism).

    2. Go to YouTube and search out holistic doctors who have videos on your specific issue. We rely on Dr. John Bergman quite a bit. You may need to increase your iodine intake using something like Kelp. I recommend you never get another vaccine again, and if that’s what it takes to volunteer for “meals on wheels” then cease your volunteer work for them. How long are you in contact with another person delivering a meal anyway? Take vitamin D3 and C every day to build your immune system.

    3. Bonnie you are certainly iodine depleted,as are 96% of folks in N.America ever since about 50 years ago when every major bread maker took it out of their flours ???!!! and replaced it w/ bromine !!!?? an iodine antagonist. A $12 bottle of Lugol’s solution will be the cheapest money you ever spend. Even 6 drops daily is more than most people get in one week .Many don’t get this much in a month .

  7. Some brave investigative journalist needs to attempt to find out who is behind the more than 100 doctors killed in 3 years who were curing patients holistically. Some were planning to go public with information about a cancer causing, Vitamin D blocking substance called Nagalese they found at elevated levels in their autism patients. Offices were raided, and they were later found dead.

  8. All I know, as an adult with Asperger Syndrome and a Special Education Teacher, if Pharma keeps this up then they had better start training more teachers. These things affect our children. When 5 and 6 year olds have to be on meds in order to cope, what Pharma is doing is so wrong!!!

  9. Go to YouTube and search out holistic doctors who have videos on your specific issue. We rely on Dr. John Bergman quite a bit. You may need to increase your iodine intake using something like Kelp. I recommend you never get another vaccine again, and if that’s what it takes to volunteer for “meals on wheels” then cease your volunteer work for them. How long are you in contact with another person delivering a meal anyway? Take vitamin D3 and C every day to build your immune system.

  10. Vaccines administered with aluminum solutions can cause autism – it is not the vaccine it is the aluminum that is the problem. Aluminum is a carcinogen –
    research proof see

  11. I was injured by vaccines almost 10 years ago (MMR and hepB). Went through menopause and suffer from chronic illness similar to gulf war (go figure). The injury was within hours and quite noticable as it gave me several wounds and hair loss. actually by my looks they feared I had hiv. When nothing showed I was of course just somataform. I can’t even fathom how a child can deal with the Aholes. At any rate the vaccine issue is so prominent that your animals can get a safer vaccine than your child. Not that I believe it’s the way to go cause I dont trust any of it but its the point. Wake up Americans for God sakes. This is a major injustice to all.

  12. The pharma industry is only concerned about their bottom line, not the public health. All they want to do is get us on prescriptions and maintenance drugs, and continue to use our kids as ginny pigs for the next vaccine.
    I had 5 vaccines growing up, still healthy after 60+ years.

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