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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Arizona Bill Proposes Full Disclosure of Vaccine Ingredients and Side Effects

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Arizona State Senator Paul Boyer has introduced Senate Bill 1115 in the Arizona State Senate requiring health care professionals to provide a full list of vaccine ingredients and side effects to adults and parents of minor children prior to administration of any vaccine.1 2

Sen. Boyer, who says he does not oppose vaccinations, believes that doctors and others who give vaccines should provide the same benefit and risk details about them as they would for other medical interventions such as surgery. He maintains this is the only way to ensure patients can give proper “informed consent” to the medical procedure.1 2

“Everybody who goes for an operation, procedure or anything, they’re informed,” says Boyer. “They’re told of all the risks that could happen with whatever procedure it is. They’re not given the surgery and then, after the fact, ‘Oh, by the way, here are the known adverse effects.'”1

Will Humble, who is executive director of the Arizona Public Health Association, is concerned that Senate Bill 1115 will require doctors to provide people with too much information that they might find confusing or even scary, thus forcing physicians to take time from “what’s important during pediatric visits” to explain the benefits and risks associated with a vaccine in a manner that can be understood.1 2

“When a patient or parents get a whole bunch of information that they don’t understand, then that pediatric appointment can easily become about the 12-page sheet of paper that they don’t understand rather than doing all the developmental screening that needs to be done in that 15, 20, 25 minute appointment,” says Humble.1

One of the problems, though, may be that many health care professionals themselves are not be fully informed about the ingredients in vaccines. According to neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, MD:

You’d be amazed at the number of physicians, you ask them what’s in a vaccine? They’ll say, well, there’s the bacteria, the virus you want to vaccinate against, and then there’s a little immune stimulant in there to help stimulate the immunity so they react against those viral antigens. They don’t know about these other chemicals in there like formaldehyde, special proteins, special lipids that are known to be brain toxic, that are known to induce autoimmunity in the brain. They’re not aware of that. They don’t know that MSG is in a lot of vaccines―monosodium glutamate, a brain excitotoxin. They’re not aware of what’s in the vaccine they’re giving.3

Pediatrician Larry Palevsky, MD has noted:

There are a number of ingredients in the vaccines, and it was only after 15 years of being in medicine that a mother came up to me in 1998 and said did you know that there was mercury in vaccine? So you could see being a pediatrician, being trained, one of the lectures is not these are the vaccine ingredients. Most of the public, and most of my colleagues in medicine, are unaware that small particles of these products are being injected into children, and most children are receiving almost all of them at once because they’re receiving so many vaccines at the same time.4

Arizona State Senator Boyer disagrees with Humble about withholding information about childhood vaccines from parents. “I think we should trust parents. I don’t think anybody should be afraid of more information and what’s in these vaccines we’re giving to our children.”2

Note: To track the progress of Senate Bill 1115 in the Arizona State Senate, register on the NVIC Advocacy Portal.


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  1. This is the best news on vaccines I have heard. Get this information to the parents and the public. This gives me hope that mandatory vaccines might be stopped.

    1. Joan, that’s exactly what I was thinking. Finally someone is asking for transparency which will in turn help a lot of people realize that they haven’t been told the truth in a long time.

  2. Thank you Dr. Palevsky, Dr. Blaylock and Senator Boyer for this conversation. It is SO refreshing to read the experience of these two doctors. And Senator Boyer… what a great service you are doing. Just as you say when someone is going in for surgery, the patient is informed. Parents have the right to all the information about what is in the vaccines and all possible side effects. A concerned Grandmother

  3. Brilliant work … and about time. A Senator who is doing the right thing calling for full disclosure for a fully informed decision.

  4. “…. executive director of the Arizona Public Health Association, is concerned that Senate Bill 1115 will require doctors to provide people with too much information that they might find confusing or even scary…”

    Translation: People are too stupid to understand it, thus we don’t want to advocate informed consent. I hope bills like this come out in every state to keep those pharma bastards on the defensive.

    1. My translation is different.
      I think once parents and adults know what’s in the vaccines, more and more people will refuse them and awaken to the fact that they are chemicals, poisons, human diploid cells and cause way more harm than good. The neurotoxins (heavy metals ie thermisol ie Mercury) plaque up the brain. People wonder why the spike in dementia and alzheimers, this may be a good place to look. Get a flu shot every year and in a just few years your brain has acquired quite a bit of Mercury.
      If that’s not enough once a lot people find out that a lot of these vaccines contain human diploid fibroblast cell cultures, which are cultures from human fetal tissue (aborted babies) they will 100% refuse on moral principle alone. Talk about innocent blood on your hands.
      Confusing because people still can’t believe their own government and leaders would want to do them harm or have an agenda behind what they do.
      But history shows the opposite.

  5. I know that the manufacturer of a vaccine can not be sued by a patient or guardian in the case of a permanent injury from a vaccine. Can the doctor or clinic be sued if such an injury occurs? Is there not a portion of malpractice law that requires pre-event disclosure of possible side effects?

    1. In a word, No. Doctors cannot be sued for vaccine reactions, nor are they liable if a reaction is reported and they fail to report it to VAERS. In fact, many of them don’t even know about the vaccine reporting system.

  6. I have read this bill. Kudos to Sen Boyer for a common sense bill. It includes informed consent and requests the vaccine box insert be given to the patient/parent as well as what to do if a vaccine injury occurs.The opposition states that by doing this, it will take too much time to explain and will confuse the patient/parent. When you pick up your medicine at the pharmacy there is a 2 sided paper stapled to the bag explaining the ingredients and side effects in great detail. This should go for vaccine injection as well. Currently there are 7 people against the bill, 0 for the bill, 0 neutral. Arizona residents should start calling their senator to express their opinion if they want this to pass.

  7. Mr. Humble, you clearly do NOT want parents to have full disclosure on the poisons that comprise vaccines. Parents are well aware of the grave risks to their child’s/children’s health as well as the highly questionable effectiveness of any vaccine. Rather than believing the lies spewed by Big Pharma, more and more people are looking at honest research results that are proving those vaccinated are the ones who are becoming ill with the very same diseases and spreading them.This smells of eugenics.

  8. Every state should do this… parents and the children have the right to know… this is very good news…. Pediatric doctors would actually have to spend time with the parents and explain the vaccines. This is something that should have been done long time ago. If the ped’s don’t have the time to be honest about the medication they are giving children then they shouldn’t be giving it anyway…. Arizona you go! Good for you! Hoping this passes… I have a vaccine injured daughter and was told by her Ped they vaccines are 100% safe… Which was a lie and she legally got away with almost killing my child. This is something people who support vaccines and disregard us who don’t don’t understand. I once was pro-vaccines and trusted my child’s doctor. I’m not a crazy anti- anything. I’m simply against lies and medical manipulations for profit. Watch your child suffer and beg to die because of the pain a vaccine caused them. And then the hospitals and doctors being unable to help your child because her injury doesn’t exist in the medical fields eyes. We went to 4 different hospitals all kinds of test done on her and every doctor denying vaccines caused her illness.A beautiful perfectly healthy girl who had just had a physical by the same doctor who gave her vaccines. Her physical results she was perfectly healthy. A vibrant girl with dreams and goals! Then she gets vaccines and same day unable to leave her bed then the migraines then stomach pains then bleeding from bowels non-stop… Her dreams and life have changed forever. Now 20 and still can’t live normally.This will change your world in ways you never thought could happen. I really hope every state can step up to this bill… If you still are pro-vaccine what can it hurt to know the risk?

  9. With the amount charged per visit, certainly I want far more information. Why “give money in exchange for ignorance” a sound proposal?

  10. Don’t know why this isn’t standard medical practice already. Every other medical practice is for someone who is ill or diseased. Vaccination is given to healthy infants and children. The standard for informed consent and evaluation of risk ought to be even higher.

  11. I think you could give the patient all of the information about vaccines during the prenatal visit when she is selecting her pediatrician before the baby is born and make sure all of the future parents’ questions are answered beforehand. All of the information concerning vaccine ingredients can be researched by interested parents ahead of the baby’s arrival so that the parents are in a position to give informed consent before the baby is born and injected with the first immunization (Hepatitis B) on the first day of life.

  12. I live in Arizona, and I agree that all information needs to be disclosed up front, so people can do their research and make better-healthier decisions for their children. It is our right to choose, and that should NEVER be taken from anyone.

  13. Thanks to Senator Boyer for introducing this bill. If doctors are concerned about taking up time with informing parents during the office visit, why couldn’t this information be shared in a handout prior to office visits?

  14. As a Labor and Delivery nurse for 30 years, I have assisted patients in the midst of labor with the scary facts about childbirth. It doesn’t change what going to happen, but the patients have a right to know that there are risks, even though it’s far too late to turn back. To require risks and benefits be told to a patient before an elective procedure, such as vaccination, seems minor. Risks and benefits are explained for all procedures and medications, even whether or not a patient wants to be resuscitated. Consumers deserve transparency.

  15. What a giant conflict of interest which should immediately be investigated, people are dying from vaccine reactions and mumps and measles are childhood diseases which are ultimately beneficial to the immune system and need no vaccines.

  16. Saying “too much information will confuse the public” is EXACTLY what the biotech giants said about labeling GMO’s when California had Prop 12 on our ballot a few years ago. It must be a standard line now. We, the stupid American public, couldn’t handle reading a label that said “Made with genetically modified organisms.” We would be confused?!
    I HATE these people!
    How do we get the word out to everyone in Arizona about this bill?! They need to pressure their representatives to vote FOR IT!

  17. After many years of parents voices speaking out around the globe about vaccine deaths, injuries and lifelong disabilities visited upon their children following vaccination(s) – or injuries to themselves following a flu shot or series of flu shots – there is clearly a major problem with vaccines. There is also an almost complete main stream “media blackout” of vaccine death and injury accounts from parents. It is crystal clear that the vaccine industry is a dirty business in the extreme, producing astronomical net revenues with impunity while providing almost zero safety studies or proven efficacy of its products. Of course money can purchase complicit governments, media and medical professionals to deny, belittle, and ignore such parents speaking out in (so far) futile efforts to protect their children, by resisting the ramping up of the number of vaccines “required” and by removing medical intervention choices that are supposed to include vaccines. The train wreck of the vaccine industry selling its flawed (basically untested) safety standards on the interactions and accumulation of the many vaccine toxins in the body and brain of infants, children and adults is, hopefully, continuing to unravel. A Pulitzer Prize should be awaiting the person or persons who bring down the current vaccine industry in order to clean up the vaccines, the industry, and thereby put a stop to the human carnage that, of course, doesn’t exist according to the vaccine industry, our medical “professionals”, our health care governments and the mainstream media – all of whom benefit financially from administering more vaccines. From a Canadian – in Canada – where vaccine mandates are now suspending children from our schools in the false blame game that the unvaccinated are spreading the outbreaks when it is more than likely that the recently vaccinated are shedding and spreading the viruses that are in the injections.

  18. Parents should be informed. Food and beverage manufacturers must put ingredients on their products. All drugs, other than vaccines must disclose the risks. Why do vaccines get a pass? These types of requirements are long overdue. We need more transparency with all vaccines, ingredients, risks, effectiveness, all of this information should be on the label in bold print.

  19. I’d like to see a clause requiring physicians to NOT use the words ‘rare side effects’ but actually provide a breakdown of how many cases were reported in one year, provided by VAERS (with the acknowledgment that it only represents a possible 1-10% of reported incidents). Parents hear the words ‘rare side effects’ and dismiss the warnings no matter how extensive the list of side effects are. The brain washing that vaccines are safe and effective runs deep.

  20. It’s not only the vaccine issue. You go for any tooth work and while the doctor is already getting your anesthesia shot ready they hand you a bunch of papers with possible side effects to sign. You even don’t have much time to actually read through it because everyone is already over you waiting to start the procedure. The same about surgery – nobody gets the information about all possible risks BEFORE scheduling the procedure, but only as they arrive for the surgery to be already performed. Who will then have time and nerves to really read and think about the possible risks, and if disagreeing say “no” and get out of the hospital gown and be charged for all the cost of the surgery preparation and doctors’ wasted time? It’s all done purposefully in my humble opinion, and honestly can not be even called an “informed decision”! There’s one easy way to truly inform patients: when talking about having the procedure, give the patient all the information sheets to take home, read in peace, and make a truly informed decision. Then the patients would just call back to schedule it, or not. I think the real problem here is that most patients would not call back… So, instead of Mr. Humble being concerned that informing parents about the whole list of possible side effects (and he’s right that it’s unfortunately a long list…), he should simply advice the pediatricians to hand at the end of an appointment all the information FOR THE NEXT WELL VISIT recommended shots. Yes, it’s THAT easy. Everybody knows very well ahead of time the vaccine schedule, so what’s the difference between giving the handouts in the end of previous visit or right before the shots on the next one? The only difference is that then parents would actually get informed and have time to research it even more (or to take time to actually understand the information without wasting doctor’s time during the visit), and in medicine it’s usually undesirable that patients really know the whole truth about their treatments. And that’s the problem with informed decision.
    And yes, now one could say the patients are not properly educated to understand the medical issues, and so unable to make the right decision, but then… why talk at all about the “informed decision” if it’s just a cover-up for doctors deciding anyway because “they know better”??? And even that would be really OK, if… the patient had a right to say “No, thank you. I’m not going to do that.” and this choice be respected, no matter the patient’s reasoning.
    So it’s not really informed decision that’s a problem. It’s the violation of the basic right to make choices for oneself. Especially the choices that can profoundly affect one’s life.

  21. WHO was just saying that they want to squelch peoples hesitancy with getting vaccinated and their only response was lets cram it harder down their throat. None of them thought if vaccines are that good why don’t we start with being more transparent maybe people will want to do it, since they are so helpful and needed and all.

    I have a suspicion they don’t actually believe what they selling.

  22. How dare they assume that all parents are stupid. What is in these Vacs that would scare a parent? That is the real question. Why not educate the public about their own bodies. It is things like making vaccinations mandatory that bring the American public to to believing that their health care industry is up to no good.

  23. It amazes me to see a new mother sterilize a pacifier after her baby drops its pacifier, and then she lets him or her get poisoned with vaccines. I just don’t get it. We’ll lose the vaccine war, but I hope we can at least win on informed consent. Who could oppose it (other than doctors who are late for tee time?)

  24. I find it terrifying that we even need laws like this. It should be common practice to inform someone of any and all possible risks, ingredients and options before injecting them, or their infant/child with something. If I were attempting to inject people with water and refused to tell them what it was, I would face charges. So why is it different when a doctor does it? I think the big issue they are going to run into though is that most doctors don’t know the risks, ingredients or that there are exemption options. The fact that someone is out there, on a political level, pushing for laws like this though gives me hope – I’m not sure it will be enough, but we can hope it will be.

  25. I’ve been lead to believe that there is already a federal law requiring doctors and anyone else administering any drugs to inform the patient of all risks and benefits. I’ve been lead to believe that by not doing so the administrator of the drug has committed a felony.

  26. So when this idea is killed what will it tell us? Will we figure out: they, the Leadership, are trying to kill us? If this goes through, the vaccine gambit of war, against all humanity, will be on its last leg.

  27. i absolutely, 100% agree with it. However i will be shocked if his proposal will ever pass. I do not think that the vaccine industry ,with so much political influence, will ever allow it. I hope i am wrong!!!

  28. The proposal for full disclosure of vaccine ingredients and side effects is a crucial step toward transparency and informed decision-making in healthcare. It empowers individuals to make informed choices about their vaccinations, taking into account their personal health considerations. Providing comprehensive information about vaccine ingredients and potential side effects fosters trust in the healthcare system and encourages responsible vaccination. However, it’s essential to ensure that the information is presented in a clear and understandable manner to avoid unnecessary confusion or fear. Public health and individual choice can coexist when based on accurate, accessible information.

  29. Transparency is key in healthcare decisions. This bill’s proposal for full disclosure of vaccine ingredients and side effects is a significant stride toward informed choices. It empowers individuals to make decisions aligned with their health. Clear, accessible information is crucial, fostering trust in vaccinations. An educated choice is a responsible choice.

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