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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Argentina’s New Vaccine Law is a Blueprint for American Real ID

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Colombian law 1626 was introduced in 2013. Bureaucratic language approved by a handful of senators established that HPV vaccination was “free and mandatory.” What followed was widespread injuries to girls1 who received an HPV shot which was never safety tested against a saline placebo2 and includes a scientifically problematic and controversial aluminum adjuvant.3 The authorities and health officials in the country deemed that any and all serious side effects experienced after the HPV vaccine were part of mass hysteria collectively experienced by the teenage girls. A ‘blame the victim’ stance was also implemented by health authorities in Ireland, Denmark, Japan, and other countries whose HPV vaccine rollout triggered massive injuries to teenage girls. Communities, such as Carmen de Bolívar,1 were torn apart by the injuries as the girls were left to suffer by a callous and complacent Colombian medical community.

In mid-December of 2018 Argentina unanimously passed its vaccine law4 through both cambers of congress without debate, political discussion and seeing just one negative vote against it. Learning nothing from the ongoing Colombian HPV issues, the new Argentinian law forces their entire 20 vaccine schedule upon its population of both children and adults. Using nearly identical talking points as seen in Colombia, the Argentinian bill’s author Dr. Pablo Yedlin boasted on Twitter, “They [vaccines] are free, they are your right and your obligation”

The law is perhaps the most overarching example seen to date of how invasive a government can become by forcing a medical intervention [vaccines] with questionable safety profiles onto its people. The recently approved law indicates “certification of compliance with the National Vaccination Calendar must be required” including for passports, driver’s licenses and National Identity Documents (DNI).

Argentinean media reports that the procedure of any identification document is not going to be interrupted for not having vaccines up to date, but that these procedures will serve as “control points” so that people comply with the corresponding vaccination. In Yedlin’s hometown of Tucuman, the media states, “… in order to facilitate universal coverage, in his province, Tucuman, vaccinators are being installed in some of the places where the DNI is obtained. In this way, those people who lack a vaccine may do so when they complete the paperwork, if they wish.”

The law goes even further to establish that there be mandatory advertisements and that all public health policies must be published and promoted in the media. It also establishes advantages of tax management for vaccines to clear customs by removing value added taxes and withholdings to shipments of vaccines that arrive in Argentinean ports.

Is America immune from the sweeping authoritarian moves being experienced in Argentina? In the wake of the 9/11 attacks, The REAL ID Act was passed by Congress in 2005 and enacted the 9/11 Commission’s recommendation that the Federal Government “set standards for the issuance of sources of identification, such as driver’s licenses.” The U.S. Department of Homeland Security states:

Starting October 1, 2020, every state and territory resident will need to present a REAL ID compliant license/ID, or another acceptable form of identification, for accessing Federal facilities, entering nuclear power plants, and boarding commercial aircraft.  This is what we call “card-based” enforcement.5

The government REAL ID mandate at the federal level requires the use of face biometric6 standards that allows for facial recognition and authentication of users. Radio host Robert Scott Bell was recently interviewed7 about the REAL ID by Del Bigtree on The HightWire. Bell, entering his twentieth year in broadcasting, has followed the progression of the REAL ID since its inception in 2005 and he warned:

The head of the Department of Homeland Security has the ability under this law to continue to expand, without congressional oversight, what laws and rules apply to this REAL ID.7

The disease prevention and health promotion arm of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services put forth the federal initiative Healthy People 2020. Its goal has been set to have from seventy to ninety-five percent coverage of all childhood and adult vaccinations by the year 2020. Bell commented:

We could see an expansion into limiting your ability to travel if you are not fully vaccinated. Tie this into Healthy People 2020 mandates where they’re looking to go into adult mandates for vaccination.7

Adult mandates for vaccination in the U.S. have been slow to take hold compared to the Argentina blitzkrieg. Due to sustained and increasing resistance, vaccine injury deniers in government, often backed by or working with vaccine makers, have been hamstrung to get laws passed requiring vaccination for school entry. The major U.S. effort to target adults with mandatory and coercive vaccination has been at the medical level by targeting nurses. However, even that attempt has been picked apart and ruled to be unreasonable and ineffective.8

The people of Argentina are now under siege by a medical-industrial complex that is actively forcing invasive medical products [vaccines] of questionable value upon them. The slow, boiling frog process experienced in the U.S. of incrementally eroding individual and parental rights with state laws, tracking systems and continual media propaganda has been abandoned in Argentina as their leadership has gone for broke. The desperation appears clear that medical systems are desperately trying to keep people locked into a limited healing paradigm.

Last year, Argentina tried and failed to ban home-birth. Such a move should have alerted the population that authoritarian lawmakers did not have their best interests in mind. The population now faces a major uphill battle to dislodge the predatory pharmaceutical industry and its forced vaccine mandates from their country. With history as a guide, it is important for the Argentinian people to act rapidly before the widespread vaccine reactions are experienced by their people. Without action now, future vaccine-injured Argentinians will be simply ignored, labeled antivaxers and rendered invisible by their media, government and medical community. Argentina now faces two possible futures to either become a courageous example of how a country reclaimed its health sovereignty from authoritarian vaccine mandates or the cautionary tale of the new high water mark of how far a pharmaceutically-captured government will go to force products on their people.

Note: This article was reprinted with the author’s permission. It was originally published at Jefferey Jaxen is an independant journalist, writer, and researcher.


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  1. Thank you. Such horrible mandates are actually unconstitutional in a land that was founded on freedom and nowhere in our US constitution is such overwhelming power given to government, state or federal.

  2. “Medical systems are desperately trying to keep people locked into a limited healing paradigm.” That’s a great statement. It’s not about wellness. There’s no real money in that.Years from now, when we look back and more people have woken up to this fact, how do you undo all the damage that’s been suffered? Thanks for helping to educate us. That’s where it’s at.

  3. People need to ask themselves, why are they pushing so hard GLOBALLY for all these vaccines? It’s a silent war on humanity. People don’t get it, but just about everything today is against you and your health and well being. Look at EMR (wi fi, satellite tv, cellphones and cell towers everywhere, even next to schools and hospitals!), the toxic cut/burn/poison of cancer “therapy”, totally WRONG advice about nutrition and low fat no fat vegetarian/veganism, plastics everwhere especially in contact with food and water, flame ‘resistant’ mattresses and clothes (which are toxic), vaccines with nanoparticles, poisonous substances and even unknown things in them), GMO’s, RoundUP sprayed on wheat to brown it, synthetic chemicals in food and ‘vitamins’, poisonous fragrances in detergent and body care products, the list goes on and on.

    Every time you or your child gets a vaccine, you are taking part in an experiment!

    There has not been a single safety trial for vaccines. Therefore, every time you get one, you are the subject in an experiment.

  4. Dear choir, These godless scum (sound like any “Reps” you know?) WERE PAID HOW MUCH PER VACCINE??? The vaccine makers even gave them the talking points, lies they could use in the fake “news.”
    THERE IS NO END TO GREED—and it’s a human condition—NOT one of countries!!!
    _ And you thought only foreign shxxholes have such problems, of greedy gov? Have you not seen “our” gov devolve, bought-off by corporations?!
    _ Nurses in USA are NOT the problem; they are merely hamstrung, by crooked hospital admin & some doctors—all “detailed” (bought off) by greedy “captured” Executive Branch alphabet “Agencies” & sick, greedy drug manufacturers. They know they’ll be retired, rich, fat & happy, before today’s crooked CONgress does anything, to stop them.
    _ Head of DHS can “expand” the law?? UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Only U.S. Congress can make laws. “Agencies,” lobbyists, et al., are NOT allowed to change or add-on to laws, and ALL implementation must be within the scope & intent of Congress’ written laws. Wait, what if Modern crooked CONgress intends to kill us? Uh-oh. (Recall USA PATRIOT ACT let “Agency” FBI serve their own made-up warrantless search-&-seize attacks on citizens! UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Then, similarly, Hussein ObaMarx/HilaryCare made us buy more-expensive health insurance—FROM THE GOV!)
    _ “Healthy People 2020” will “Limit”=Abridge WHOSE Right To Travel? US American Citizens’?? UNCONSTITUTIONAL!
    _ Like the 2005 Real ID Act, set to finish in all States, by 2020—as States were given a grace period, since 2005, so that Americans would not awaken & riot—communitarian Agenda 21 is ALSO intended to finish (us!), by 2020. No, no, you’ll enjoy submitting, acquiescing, turning a blinded eye.
    _ To paraphrase the HPV commercials, “They killed us, mom, dad, did you know? Just to be richer, did you know “your” “Reps” don’t care if they kill us? Mom? Dad?”
    _ Death is free, for you and me, but the rich filthy rule.

  5. Who signed me up as a healthcare experiment? Will we ever see a Nuremberg trial giving justice to drug injured (or glyphosate) victims? It’s global political bioterrorism against the human race, maybe to fight for population control? On multiple vaccine ‘efforts’ in poorer, developing countries, vaccines contained adjuvents preventing women from conceiving have been discovered; Catholic Charities found such in Africa, once before in the Phillipines. Tettinus was this one, suspiciously targeted just to females of reproductive age(no men, or any young or old)? It should do more than make us wonder, what’s their vaccine agenda? Beware….

  6. A fellow patriot I know once said in 2009: “you bring your shot and i’ll bring my 45 and we’ll see who makes the bigger hole”!

  7. My family has autoimmune disorders; Type 1 Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Infantile Seizure following the one day old Hepatitis B vaccine, Sensory Processing Disorder and Transverse Myelitis. All this in 3 people. I am shattered by the realization that we may not have the choice to avoid further vaccine damage. Besides the climate crisis happening right now, the control by government on behalf of Big Pharma of freedom for informed consent for our health is absolutely the public’s most dangerous threat.

  8. SB 64 must be stopped. Florida is that last bulwark against the onslaught of new state-approved legislation that will eventually impose vaccines on every U.S. citizen.

    Big Pharma, together with the U.S. Federal Government, is fully aware of the pushback by angry anti-vax families. They also know that that fury and ferocity throughout the enlightened anti-vax communities will only increase as personal sovereignty is so recklessly assaulted. Therefore, authorities in jurisdictions everywhere are going full-bore to roll-out any draconian legislation necessary in order to shut down the vaccine debate with finality.

    The perps at the top know there’s no debate. They all know just how dangerous to human health childhood vaccination schedules truly are. How could they not when there are “Hundreds of Scientific Research Papers Proving Vaccines Are Dangerous to the Extreme”?

    In view of this intensifying conflict, this ongoing criminal conspiracy is dead set on writing all state and federal laws in such a way so as to eliminate any and all vaccine exemptions. The deliberate perpetrators are starkly aware that if the door is cracked open even a little, the American people will take advantage of it however they can, so they are expeditiously closing them.

    As a consequence of this rapidly deteriorating state of affairs — systematically occurring state by state — there is a race against time on both sides. Therefore, we can expect to see many similar well-organized conspiracies designed to stealthily enact laws that violate the rights and protections of We the People.

    What rights exactly? Our human rights, constitutional rights, civil rights, natural rights, God-given rights, etc. All of these are seriously violated by forced vaccinations programs. Forced vaccinations are also strictly prohibited by the Nuremberg Code of Medical Ethics.

    Clearly, mandated vaccination schedules are also a gross violation of numerous federal laws, state statutes, county codes and city ordinances. This is an indisputable fact because vaccines cause irreparable harm to the human bio-organism and, therefore, represent an outright criminal assault.
    “We all possess a fundamental right not to be assaulted by
    anyone, or any entity under the sun. No doctor or nurse,
    hospital or clinic, has the right to inject a vaccine against
    an individual’s will. Likewise, no government or corporation
    possesses the legitimate power to impose vaccinations on a
    citizen. Why? Because these dangerous injections represent
    physical assaults which are undeniable invasions of our
    personal sovereignty. Such reprehensible invasions are
    fundamentally criminal in nature and highly offensive to
    the social order. Every American ought to fiercely resist
    these chemical and biological assaults. Each and every
    healthcare provider and political enabler needs to be held
    accountable for their criminal acts and odious conduct.”
    — Florida Anti-Vax Coalition

    Florida Anti-Vax Coalition
    September 26, 2019

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