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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Scientists Conclude Pertussis Vaccine Causes Permanent Brain Damage

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BACK TO THE FUTURE: Following is an article from TVR’s historical archives published in the Spring 1990 print edition on a scientific conference sponsored by the National Vaccine Information Center in 1989 evaluating serious complications of pertussis infection and whole cell pertussis vaccine in DPT. While in the US., the whole cell pertussis vaccine in DPT was replaced with a less toxic DTaP vaccine in 1996, whole cell DPT vaccine is still used in other countries.

On September 28-October 1, 1989, the National Vaccine Information Center sponsored an international Workshop on the Neurological Complications of Pertussis and the Pertussis Vaccine. The scientists attending the multidisciplinary workshop concluded that both whooping cough and the current whole cell pertussis vaccine can cause permanent brain damage.

During the three-day workshop, the scientists agreed that toxins within the B. pertussis bacterium, which cause whooping cough and are in the pertussis vaccine, can cause a spectrum of permanent brain damage ranging from learning disabilities to severe retardation and seizure disorders. According to UCLA Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology John Menkes, MD, who coordinated the workshop, it was the consensus of opinion that the neurologic complications of the disease and vaccination are in part caused by the interaction of pertussis toxin and endotoxin present in B. pertussis bacteria.

DPT Convulsions Due to Effects of Toxins

The scientists also concluded that the convulsions which accompany severe cases of whooping cough and which follow vaccination are not solely caused by fever but are likely to be due to the combined effects of pertussis toxin and endotoxin. They also agreed that, although the vaccine may accelerate neurologic signs in some children with an underlying neurologic disorder, in many others no pre-existing brain abnormality exists. The scientists supported replacement of the current whole cell vaccine with less toxic acellular or genetically engineered pertussis vaccines.

Scientists from America and Abroad Attend

The workshop was international in scope and among the 19 scientists who came from Europe and Japan were: British epidemiologist Martin Bellman, MD, who co-authored Britain’s National Childhood Encephalopathy Study (NCES); Swedish epidemiologist Jann Storsaeter, MD, who coordinated the Swedish clinical trials of Japanese acellular vaccine; neuroimmunologist P.O. Behan, MD, of Scotland’s Institute of Neurological Sciences; molecular biologist Toshiaki Katada, PhD, of the Tokyo Institute of Technology; Canadian bacteriologist John Cameron, MD, of the University of Quebec; and French neurologist Jean Aicardi, MD of Hopital des Engants Malades. Also attending was Reno Rappuoli, MD, who represented SCLAVO, an Italian vaccine manufacturer conducting clinical trials in Italy of a genetically engineered pertussis vaccine.

American scientists included pediatric infectious disease specialist James Bass, MD, of Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii; bacteriologist Robert Bond, MD, of University of South Carolina; neurologist Anthony Campagnoni, MD, of UCLA; neuropathologist Pasquale Cancilla, MD, of UCLA; statistician David Lane, PhD, of University of Minnesota; behavioral neurologist Marcel Kinsbourne, MD, of Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center; epidemiologist Donald Peterson, of University of Washington; epidemiologist Edward Mortimer, MD, of Case Western Reserve University; neurologist William Oldendorf, MD, of Brentwood VA Hospital; and neurologist Soloman Moshe, MD, of Albert Einstein School of Medicine.

The workshop was held on the grounds of Airlie Foundation located in the Virginia countryside near Washington, D.C. NVIC’s Executive Vice President Barbara Loe Fisher, who assisted Dr. Menkes in coordinating the workshop, emphasized that conclusions reached by the scientists help to clarify the question of whether the pertussis vaccine causes brain damage.

“This workshop brought together 19 of the finest basic science researchers and medical specialists in the world. Their unanimous agreement that toxins in the B. pertussis bacteria definitely have the capability of causing permanent brain damage both during the course of the disease and after vaccination is validation of what parents in our organization have been maintaining for eight years. Health officials in the government and the American Academy of Pediatrics, who maintain the vaccine does not cause permanent brain damage, are deliberately ignoring the evidence.”

A formal summary of the conclusions reached at the workshop will be published in a medical journal.1


1 Menkes JH, Kinsbourne M. Workshop on Neurologic Complications of Pertussis and Pertussis Vaccination. Neuropediatrics 1990; 21(4): 171-176.

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  1. This is very interesting. But, I’m wondering why NVIC is publishing what appears to be findings from 1989-1990 timeframe. Is this just a reminder for all of us or has there been more recent meetings? Did I miss something?

    1. It’s old because it’s been completely disproven since, pretty much everything that study did was biased.

  2. I believe that those responsible for this deliberate physical damage done to our little ones will be judged in a similar manner as mentioned in this Bible verse:

    And whosoever shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me; it were better for him that a millstone were hanged around his neck, and he were cast into the sea.

  3. Did they make any changes to the vaccine after their findings? Or do kids still get the same ingredients in their vaccines?

  4. I have NO DOUBT that a DPT I recieved in 1979 damaged my ovaries. I had a severe reaction that was unfortunately unreported. High fever and hallucinations for 24 hours post injection. My son was born in 1987 and has Asperger’s. He was not vaxxed.
    The research I want to see is what happens to the offspring of vaxxed people. The potential harm and horrific impact on society is mind boggling.

    1. No kidding. My daughter was injured by Gardasil in 2008. She now has two children (un-vaxxed) and I often wonder just how the Gardasil has to have affected them. But I tell you they are two of the brightest children I have come to know in all my time on Earth. If I knew then what I know now, not one of my children would have ever had a vaccine, not one.

  5. So – how do they defend this now?

    – it bothers me that this vaccine is offered only in the trivalent way.
    Our adult son had to have a large amount of stitches on an injury, and, of course, his Tetanus was out of date. It used to be that you could get just a tetanus – but now it’s DPT or pay more & wait 3 days for a single to come in… but that, of course means one could have an infection set in, for which you sign your life away so that no medical personnel or business is in trouble. My son already had a reaction to the MMR, for which no one wants to take ownership in the medical profession. After all, MMR is “safe.” When we were told, “it’s just DPT – no single is available, ” we went ahead with it, but it was pricey. Thankfully, our son is older & stronger, and the single shot didn’t seem to have any repercussions. We prayed & prayed — Prayers answered!

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      My son also had a reaction to the MMR. What was your sons reaction? There is no medical reason to date that children need the combo shots. It’s just for convenience sake so they don’t have to keep going to doc for single shots. After my son’s horrible reaction again which doc said was a coincidence I never ever gave him another vaccine. Get the book Miller’s Review “Critical Vaccine Studies” 400 scientific papers.

      There are no human safety tests done on childhood vaccines btw:( Awful.

    2. I needed an update tetanus shot and I insisted that only that one thing and not all those murdering DPT or TTap for babies and children and I never recommend any of them to my patients who have or will have children. I even hate to renew soon my HepB shots as are dangerous and I am healthy and no drugs. The only vaccination is think everyone should have is the one for pneumonia. Think about the flu shots last year and early in previous year lead to many coming down with pneumonia and dying. My father died in 1976 from the first flu shot and he went because doctors were saying it was necessary and he was never ever sick before! When I was a child only ONE vaccination and that was for small pox, later on being almost in flood waters, we did get the typhoid shot. Today children are bombarded from birth until they get seriously ill or die or lifelong problems with from 69 to 72 shots and some do lead to autism and ill health. Chemicals we don’t need in our bodies! And now have to get some over because did not work. This is absurd and not good healthcare.

      1. Caroline: Good post but I’m a little confused. On one hand you’re saying that we don’t need these chemicals in our bodies (which I agree with), but on the other hand you’re saying that everyone should get the pneumonia vaccine which contains aluminum and polysorbate 80, among other things.

        Nutrition is the best prevention, not a chemical cocktail that tries to reproduce what already exists in nature.

    1. Bonnie,
      If you want proof of something, do the home work yourself. With the internet, there is no excuse not to look things and stop expecting people to do it for you! NOTHING has changed, the proof is in your face, aka “prima facie”.
      “Insanity Is doing the same thing over and over again, in the same way and expecting different results”.
      Albert Einstein

  6. My son’s reply to this:
    Sticking to the facts of this conference 30 years ago, there are no study findings presented in this article that prove the toxins ‘ cause a spectrum of permanent brain damage ranging from learning disabilities to severe retardation and seizure disorders.’

    If anyone can provide me with the ‘study findings’ I’d be grateful. SSS

  7. Like so much of the anti-vaccine movement, this information is flawed. The presentation engenders fear by emphatically stating that the pertussis vaccine “causes brain damage,” when the reality is that it CAN cause neurological injury, not that it will do so. There are health risks associated with this vaccine but they are low—very low—and no one disputes that fact. There are risks associated with just about anything we do. The risk of dying in a car accident is about 1:5000, that of dying in a plane crash is about 1:11 million, yet most people (including those against vaccines) would never consider avoiding cars or planes because of the associated risks. For me, the benefits (personally and socially) far outweigh any risk associated with the pertussis vaccine (or any other vaccine). I agree that people should have a say in whether they are vaccinated or not, but DO NOT let fear or misinformation guide your choice in this matter.

    1. Your statement that “no one disputes that fact” is incorrect. The issue is not that vaccines have risks (vaccines are drugs and ALL drugs have risks). The problem is that government, many physicians and big pharma want to convince the rest of us that this class of drugs is somehow elevated above all other drugs and we should just ignore the risks. Yes, I still drive and fly (my own plane), but if do so without considering the risks, I am less safe. Ditto vaccines and all other drugs.

    2. Similar to the fact that if you get Whooping Cough, chicken pox, measles you COULD die, but it is highly unlikely in healthy communities. Educate yourself on immunology and the human body AS WELL as looking at all the studies done from both sides of the fence … every child is different. Every adult is different. And individual health fluctuates – a vax might have no visible side effects on one particular day because the person is in good health but a few months later that person may have low immunity due to mild illness/external environment stressors and their body not able to handle a vaccine at that time. Is that ever taken in to account? In Japan, the docs generally won’t give a vaccination if a childs fever is over 37.5 – because they have a better understanding of the human body as a whole. Does that happen in the US? Australia? New Zealand?

  8. My beautiful baby MariKrista died at 6 years old, never walking nor speaking but had the most gorgeous blue eyes and lashes so long and so funny….would bash her brother playfully with a cardboard cylinder from paper core from her playpen. She convulsed for hours after her first DPT and hence post a shot, a cold, anything at all sent her into violent seizures, enough to shake her crib across the room. Her neurologist, Wilbur Smith MD Rochester NY, loudly questioned the pediatrician, Dr. Waffle in the ER as to WHY did you give her the 2nd DPT. Her short sad painful life impacted the entire family forever and questioned the validity of medical care. I am so glad to see this medical practice brought to light but at 91, I still miss what should have been. The stress an heartache of her life destroyed a family and the joy of loving this beautiful child.

    All future children were given shots at a year and each singularly in three separate injections. Finally!, better late than never. I miss you so baby girl Kristi.

  9. So called “scientists” in America have been ignoring the evidence that ALL vaccines can cause brain, neurological, organ, blood, and auto immune disorders of all sorts. In fact some have died after receiving their shots. Vaccination is based on fraudulent, altered, and fake science, not based in fact. There is no science that can be independently verified showing they are safe and effective, all studies supporting vaccination were done by the pharma companies themselves, or people who were being paid by them. Whenever a study does show causation by vaccination it is redacted or destroyed. Just ask William Thompson Ph.D at the CDC. His studies showing a causative relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism among African American boys below age 3 was criminally altered before it was released showing no relationship exists. I don’t know about you but I call that criminal negligence with intent to harm. Vaccines are so chock full of poison that getting a vaccine is tantamount to assault with a deadly weapon and it is certainly a crime against humanity.

    1. Your lack of intelligence is painful. Stop being ignorant and look at REAL research. Not illegitimate sources that just say what you want to hear.

      All of this anti-vax pseudoscience bullshit is causing outbreaks of diseases that were already previously eradicated. Congratulations.

      1. Brandon, you just called someone with far more intelligence than you have, ignorant. At what level does that place your stupidity? People against vaccines have done real research, and ignored the corrupted bullshit coming from the government and industry. The truth is, vaccines never saved anyone from anything. They are the greatest medical fraud ever conceived

        1. What about measles becoming a thing of the past? Polio being eradicated? Smallpox being eradicated? And you are saying vaccines have never saved anyone?

  10. It is time for all of these unethical crooks pay up. The damage done to precious children, with no remorse. And the damage is lifetime. A life term in prison is too nice….maybe a firing squad

  11. This is irresponsible on The Vaccine Reaction’s part. This article discusses a workshop from 1989, but the headline does not indicate that it is the old vaccine that was determined to have too many side effects. As of right now, this article has 498 shares. I would imagine only a fraction of those people read the whole article and even fewer who see the shared headline will read the article. This seems like sensationalism and it costs the organization credibility.

  12. Again, all of these distinguished researchers have to be wrong right? All the years of study and experiments they all completed couldn’t be swayed by monetary deposits…? THANK YOU FOR HONESTY. Thank you again vaccinereaction for reporting this REAL NEWS.

  13. Should we be surprised by the Government Health Officials or the American Academy Of Pediatrics are ignoring the facts? Sounds like our President ignoring the facts on Climate Change. There are enough Facts and Expertise/ Experts on this very Important Subject telling the Truth. Maybe we should also inform Bill Gates who insists on Vaccinating the World.

  14. There DOES seem to be recognition of and concern for severe adverse effects in the research community regarding this vaccine. This concern had led to continuing research since the 1990s to find improved methods of vaccination for pertussis. These research efforts have been reviewed in the following article: Vaccine. 2018 Sep 25;36(40):6007-6016. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2018.08.022. Epub 2018 Aug 22.
    Comparison of adverse events following immunisation with acellular and whole-cell pertussis vaccines: A systematic review. Patterson J1, Kagina BM2, Gold M3, Hussey GD4, Muloiwa R5.

  15. That the so called ‘experts’ are denying the damages of these vaccines is nothing new.From these traitors this is normal to expect.But we will fight against their tyrannical crimes to the end,for criminal murderers they are intentionally.

  16. 1981, my baby suffered encephalitis at 2, 4 and 6 months of age the night after receiving DPT. She has permanent brain damage and even the neurologist has it in her records to never have another DPT vaccination again. She has Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome now. No epilepsy in either side of the family. We left the states to avoid the mandatory vaccinations that will damage her further. She is much healthier here and vaccinations are easy to avoid.

  17. I am not sure of the relevance of this article. The title miscontrues this conclusion as a recent happening, but this study was carried out nearly 30 years ago. And its reccomendation was to replace the vaccine with “a less toxic acellular or genetically engineered pertussis vaccine.” If I am not mistaken, the acellular version is what is in rotation today. How does this article move the conversation forward? It appears to be fear-mongering more than the celebration of facts in support of vaccine safety and research.

  18. Editors Reply:

    This reply responds to several commenters who are distressed about this 1989 TVR article being republished in this week’s TVR.

    This article clearly states at the beginning that it is a “Back to Future” article from The Vaccine Reaction archives, in this case an article that was published in TVR in 1989. Readers can click on the References section at the end and access an article published in a 1990 edition of the medical journal Neuropediatrics describing the conclusions of scientists who attended the 1989 international workshop on pertussis and pertussis vaccines.

    Reprinting articles from the TVR archives on vaccine topics informs the public about historic scientific findings that have been lost or replaced by inaccurate narratives that deny or minimize the reactivity of pertussis or other vaccines. While in the U.S., the whole cell pertussis vaccine in DPT was replaced with a less toxic DTaP vaccine in 1996, whole cell DPT vaccine is still given to infants and children in other countries. Additionally, there have been suggestions that whole cell pertussis vaccine should be reintroduced into the U.S. and used for the first two doses given to infants. See The Pertussis Vaccine Blame Game

    TVR will continue to publish articles from the historical archives of TVR that were published between 1995 and 2005 to inform the public about the history of vaccination in the U.S.

  19. My daughter had the first DPT immunization in September 1987, she had a reaction from it that night. She was my third daughter so I thought I knew all about babies and immunizations so I did not take her to the ER. At the time I remember reading on the warning sheet something about “watch for a cat cry”, which she had, all I did for her was put her in cool baths. She had to go to a special school and was told she could not be at our city high school, she did graduate at age 19 years with a special diploma but now she fumbles around for the rest of her life with a grade school understanding of the world. Her sister graduated from the University of Minnesota and was a member of the National Honor Society. My husband and I do not have any issues like this on either side of our families. At the time the Health Dept only offered the advice that she should never have another DPT shot. I have now heard that the DPT immunization in 1987 was a “live virus Pertussis”. Thank you 1987 for not caring about babies and ruining their lives. She is a very nice & happy girl.

  20. Their response was to lobby Congress and “convince” them that the only way manufacturing vaccines was sound for their business was to remove all liability from vaccine injury! And to follow the tobacco industry footprint with research showing how safe and effective they are!! And to get the PR firms rolling, crush any experts who questioned them, oh and to instill fear into the psyche of the country!!

    Their response certainly wasn’t …”hmmm we need to do better testing and make sure vaccines are safe and effective…”

  21. My son is now 31 years of age and after violent reaction to Triple Antigen he has (and we have suffered) a lifetime of his neurological /behavioural/mood/temperament/anxiety/panic/depression and severe behavioural disorders and physical illnesses, allergies, chemical sensitivities. After he had the most violent reaction – only then – did the doctor say, oh yes it can cause this damage………in Australia they are forced to vaccinate under the Australian Government’s NO JAB NO PAY NO PLAY POLICY – we allege is Gunpoint Medicine. Absolutely (allegedly) criminal.


  22. This article establishes the MORAL BANKRUPTCY of the folks involved in the making of these vaccines. The article, regardless of the date of the study, proves that they cannot and should not be trusted!

  23. The Dtap causes the same problems. I have two children that had severe reactions. One in the early 90’s and another in the late 90’s.They didn’t fix anything, they just made sure the public couldn’t find out about it. I wasn’t even given information about severe reactions until my youngest was at a visit to get immunizations. They were in the waiting room and I read the sheet before going in. I thought she just had a seizure that was caused by a spiking fever but after reading the pamphlet I realized it was caused by the vaccination. She did not receive them that day and has a no vaccination warning in her medical records. I also read the warning signs of brain swelling and realized my older child had that reaction. It changed his personality. The stupid Dr. Spock book at that time told me he was suffering from over stimulation so I didn’t even know to look for the signs. I despise the entire system! Why do they have to lie and cover these things up if they are so wonderful!

  24. My daughter was born in 85. Had her first round of shots at 3 months and reacted violently. I researched the issue the best I could and decided to stop the shots all together, thank god. She went on to have febrile seizures and was sick all the time. Her brother was born in and 89 and is completely unvaccinated and rarely gets sick at 29. She got the never a pertussis shot again, a little too late. I am still very active on researching this issue. Please check out PIC in California. Physicians for informed convent. They have a website with tons of great information. I agree with them that getter thru most of the childhood diseases as a child is better for us as they provide a lifetime of guaranteed immunity along with many other benefits not untrained thru the shots. We could see a massive adult epidemic of some of these diseases when they become deadly. All this is so unnecessary. Remember it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.

  25. And this information about one vaccine – what about all the rest? What vaccine does NOT cause some kind of brain damage? We must stop damaging our children.

  26. People freak out about side effects to vaccinations, have you ever looked at the side effects to the medications we take? That is enough to scare anybody.

  27. Show me the peer reviewed studies published in reputable journals. Then I’ll believe you.

  28. The newer version of this vaccine is absolutely no safer. I know from experience. My son started having three different types of seizures, 24 hours a day, after having his at age two. Our decision to trust our doctor profoundly changed his life. If I could go back, I would NEVER even consider vaccinating him. Our second son, unvaxxed, could not possibly be healthier or more advanced. It’s amazing to watch a child grow up with an immune system that was allowed to develop naturally the way God intended.

  29. Oh, Brandon, you are so naive…..please do share YOUR facts and truths that support your post – and just regurgitating what big pharma and government have to say (without scientific proof of safety) DOESN’T COUNT.

  30. My daughter was born in 1985 and was a 2 lb. premie. When it came time for immunizations, her 85 year-old pediatrician, Dr. Disney in Rochester NY, decided to leave out the pertussis part of the DPT. He thought it was unsafe.

    The kids then had many more vaccines than I did in the 40’s (Iwas a 44 year old mother). And the kids now have about three times as many as in the 80’s!

  31. What about those that had been dosed with the defective vaccine? Was there a chance that even if their children had not had the defective vaccine that they could inherit the defects from the parents?

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