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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Brave Mom Exposes Vaccine Corruption to Washington Board of Health

We the parents and doctors and professionals of Informed Choice Washington have been attempting to bring the latest science on vaccines and discoveries of the human immune system to the various public health agencies of Washington state, especially to the Department of Health. In doing so, we thought we would be beginning a genuine discussion that would lead to change that would align vaccination policy with known vaccine limitations and risks and unintended consequences to protect individuals and the public. Instead, we have discovered a network of government and drug industry entanglement so complex and so richly funded, they form a pervasive, tightly woven fabric consisting of literally thousands of groups, all working together toward just one thing: increasing vaccination uptake.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience and finding the courage to sit before this group and state the true truth of so-called medical committees that you mentioned in your talk. Your discovery of the corruption that passes for medical science, health concerns for citizens, and the reality of fake reputations earning big money was admirable. You clearly believed that your sincere appeal with real knowledge would open a door to such groups. You were certain they had the same motivation and would respond honorably to new information. These moments of appeal were a good demonstration of the real culture throughout the region and especially Washington State. I know how disheartening it is to learn how many holes are in what you believed was solid but you will find others like yourself and make a way to function and protect those you are charged to help. I did.

  2. She is awesome! Way to go! There are many more thousands of people incredibly concerned about vaccine safety (and the lack thereof). I personally have two nephews and a great-niece diagnosed with Autism after vaccine injections (around the ages of 15 months to 3 years). They were FINE before their vaccinations! Please keep up the warnings – some day we will see this turn around, but the general public has a need and a right to know.

  3. omg. it is so unfair to big pharma to have hours and hours with govt and the people get 3 minutes once a month. we need to change any govt that allows this kind of horror to continue.

  4. Thank you ! We all need to spread the word. Yesterday Pinterest sent me a message they had deleted my Vaccine Info board. In reply, I deleted my Pinterest account. If they do not want free speech on vaccines, but let all kind of nude and graphic publicly spread, I do not want them anymore. I will read what is going on from your forum and I will spread it under my Email friends. Thank you again for standing up against big pharma.

  5. God Bless this Mother………wish there were more like her. Our children are being over vaccinated and no one seems to get the Medical Mainstream to acknowledge this fact….because they are afraid of losing their licenses. Very Sad for all parents today. Our rights have been taken away as parents. I know one mother that suggested to her Dr. that the vaccines be “spread out further”……he agreed to do so – but her School district Denied this request….how can this be?

  6. Thank you, brave rioteer. While the choir is again being reached, SUCH TRUE NEWS NEVER SEES THE LIGHT OF PUBLIC MEDIA—AND MOST FOLKS HAVE NO IDEA

    INFORMATION OF EDUCATION NEEDS TO GO PUBLIC, AND that is why the price of TV ads went sky-high, so We The Poor People can never share the TRUTH.
    TRUTH hurts the greedy business of the industrial dope dealers. John Kay (Steppenwolf) sang, “Goddamn the Pusher man.”
    THE PUSHERS BOUGHT-OUT CONgressjacks AND THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH “Agencies.” YOUR CONgressjack is a sick liar–yes, YOURS IS. He ignores, dishonors and insults his oath of office, daily. (And may well have been “elected” by Electronic Voting Machines [EVMs]).
    YOU are NOT “Represented.” Executive Branch traitors can Not be Unelected. A President must fire them all.

    1. The lies on the CDC vaccination page should receive a line by line challenge – epic misinformation parroted by every media outlet and shill. Vaccines as they are administered today are nothing less than a crime against humanity.

  7. As a mother of 4 I only found out about vitamin k jag after the birth of my 3Rd child. I wasn’t asked with all 3, when I found out I was,due my 4th I stated he wasn’t to get ANY of the vaccines on offer
    My 4th child was the only pregnancy I was asked if I wanted my son.
    Only because I stated none.
    My youngest child has had nothing, no antibiotics or anything alian ro his body and he’s the most healthiest in our house
    Question is why aren’t we told about this??

  8. Bravo to this brave woman and mother. You all must face the truth. Government agencies such as the FDA and USDA are there NOT to protect the health of you or your children, but to protect the profits of the pharmaceutical industry. They have already been found totally negligent in vaccine safety protocol. Not one independent government funded safety study has been performed on ANY vaccine for over 30 years! RFK Jr. just won his lawsuit against the agency (NHHS) tasked with overseeing vaccine safety. They have done absolutely NOTHING in 30 years even though they were mandated to report on vaccine safety every 2! ALL VACCINE MANDATES MUST END IMMEDIATELY. The health of our children and our Republic is now at risk.

  9. There is an AFM link… kids getting vaccinated prior to entry into school. Big September spike in AFM. Doctors are in bed not with you but with pharma $.

  10. We are only fighting for the lives of our next generation. This is the NWO plan to depopulate by 90%. This is not just about money for Pharma. They are only the delivery. Our kids and grandkids depend on us to protect them.

  11. Just a head up nonly is HB 1638 bad but HB 1551 takes away parental consent for 14 year olds to be vaccinated for a sexually transmitted disease. ie HPV Gardasil vaccine.

    Pg 9 Sec 7: A minor fourteen years of age or older who may have come in contact with any sexually transmitted disease or suspected sexually transmitted disease may give consent to the furnishing of hospital, medical, and surgical care related to the diagnosis or treatment of such disease; and, treatment to avoid HIV infection. Such consent shall not be subject to disaffirmance because of minority. The consent of the parent, parents, or legal guardian of such minor shall not be necessary to authorize hospital, medical, and surgical care related to such disease, and such parent, parents, or legal guardian shall not be liable for payment for any care rendered pursuant to this section.

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