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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Gardasil: One Mom’s Story

She had gotten the Gardasil shot on June 3rd and… her dad had taken her… a few days later she was telling me, she said… mom, I feel really tired. And she also said, I feel like dizzy when I stand up. She had never complained of anything like that before. But I didn’t think anything of it at the time. It was not until sometime later that I realize that that had significance. The way I cam to find out about the Gardasil was, while we were having dinner together, my sister her dad and I… and Richard said, I friend of mine heard something about Gardasil and that it’s been associated with some deaths. And my sister and I just… well, we dropped our forks. It was like, oh my God. And, could that be?

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  1. I am so sorry for what happened to your daughter you and your family. I know it must be beyond difficult to share your story. I am grateful that you share it. You have nothing to gain by sharing it, and we have everything to gain by learning from your experience. Thank you for warning us. And bless you for having the courage to come forward and let us know what you didn’t know.

  2. Our children would be so much safer if the dumbed down parents would stop taking them to these monsters and injecting them with all these poisons. Our children are test subjects, doctors and big Pham will dump you if damaged, your children are suffering. If they are healthy—— DONT inject them with this crap! Wake up. Read an insert for god sakes. Please stop this insanity

  3. A little too late. Why didn’t you read up about the shot before you took your daughter to doctor. Dumb parents are to blame too. Stop taking your children in to be murdered. I get so mad listening to you parents cry and telling your stupid stories. “I took my baby in for 8 shots”. Damn what could go wrong. Wake up damn it wake up.

  4. So sorry for your terrible loss, so insane that this can continue. When are those responsible for this ignorance, this criminal complicity, these murders, going to be held to account? I believe that so many are brain damaged from vaccines, (or brainwashed) that they are no longer able to discern for themelves and rely on others, their government, the medical mafia, and the mainstream media to made their decisions for them. And that was always the plan.

  5. My daughter is 16 and I will not take her to the doctor unless she is very sick. She doesn’t go much because she has a strong immune system but when she does get sick I give her natural vitamins or herbs and she’s fine. When I went to her check up at 14 her doctor tried to get me to give her the HPV vaccine and I said no way! I told him Japan has banned it and he looked surprised. So now I will not be doing anymore “well visits”, I’ve done enough of them. Believe it or not my older daughter who is 22 now still gets asked If she wants the vaccine and she refuses! When this vaccine first came out years ago I didn’t know anything about it but my instinct and common sense said, how in the world do they know if thIs shot prevents cancer, it’s brand new! Listen to your instinct it won’t betray you!

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