Did Big Pharma and WHO Corruption Trick the World Into Tamiflu?

In October 2002, 22 scientists, nine WHO Secretariat members, and two drug industry representatives to draw up draft guidelines on the use of antivirals and vaccines for influenza. These form the basis of advice issued to the world two years later. Included in this was three annexes—each drawn up by an eminent scientist present at the original meeting. The WHO would be expected to examine any financial link these three scientists and any others advising it would have with pharmaceutical companies. It said it did but it’s refusing to make public the details. In 2004, this guidance was distributed to nations as the definitive thinking on on pandemic planning. It was a stamp of approval that helped spark a worldwide rush for the drugs. Around $10 billion has since been spent on Roche’s Tamiflu and another $2 billion on rival Relenza made by GSK.

2 Responses to "Did Big Pharma and WHO Corruption Trick the World Into Tamiflu?"

  1. William Schmittmeyer   February 7, 2018 at 7:49 pm

    Tamiflu bought by Bush jr.during the bird flu epidemic for billions,which fizzled into a nothing epidemic.During that time the children in Japan who took Tamiflu suffered horrible epileptic seizures,and psychotic episodes.I cant believe anyone would take this poison,as the manufacturer says it will reduce your symptoms by 1 day.Stay away from this money making ,harmful scam

  2. Bob   February 9, 2018 at 8:43 am

    They have been pushing Tamiflu pretty hard during this latest flu season. And really beating the drum for vaccination even though they admit they are pretty much useless. Does anyone know if there has been a study done proving that receiving a flu vaccination will decrease the severity if you still do get the flu? They say that a lot in the news but I have never heard of actual proof of that claim. Seems like a lie to get you to line up for the jab.


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