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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Mississippi: Most Vaccinated and Most Unhealthy

Mississippi flag and doctor holding syringe
Mississippi flag and doctor holding syringe
“Mississippi was a surprise leader in vaccinations. Between 2012 and 2014, the state ranked dead last in overall health rankings. Mississippi’s efficiency at immunizing its children is therefore puzzling.” — Paul Offit, MD

I came across a very odd opinion piece last week in the Daily Beast by pediatrician Paul Offit, MD of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, PA. The article is titled “The Unhealthiest State in America Has the Best Vaccination Rate,” and it opened by referencing  a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) providing a state-by-state comparison of vaccination rates children in kindergarten during the 2016-17 school year.1 2

Dr. Offit is a well-known vaccine developer, mandatory vaccination proponent and spokesperson for the vaccine industry, so the title of his piece would seem to pose a conundrum for him. I was curious to see just how he would explain how the unhealthiest population in the nation is also the most highly vaccinated with a 99.4 percent vaccination rate among kindergarten children. I assumed that he would simply disassociate the two and proceed to give a long list of reasons (other than vaccination) why Mississippians are so unhealthy, such a high incidence of poverty, poor nutrition, polluted natural resources, etc.

I expected that Offit would go on to say something like, “It’s a good thing that Mississippians are so highly vaccinated; otherwise they would be even more unhealthy!” If this sounds familiar, it should, because it is the same thought process used to justify getting the annual influenza vaccine—which, by the way, is estimated to be a whopping 10 percent “effective” this year.3 4 5

The convoluted thinking goes like this: “Yes, the flu shot is only 10 percent effective, but it’s still better than nothing and if you do end up getting the flu it won’t be nearly as bad… thanks to the vaccine.” The thinking is convoluted because it wrongly presumes, first of all, that there is no other or better way to stay healthy and, secondly, that there are no side effects to the many neurotoxic ingredients contained in the 11 different influenza vaccines licensed and sold in the United States.6 

But Offit didn’t go there. In fact, Offit didn’t go anywhere. Offit’s second paragraph reads:

For context, every state had high immunization rates, with none dipping below 84 percent. But Mississippi was a surprise leader in vaccinations. Between 2012 and 2014, the state ranked dead last in overall health rankings. Mississippi’s efficiency at immunizing its children is therefore puzzling: How did a state with the worst overall health in the nation score the best vaccination rates?1

Instead of leading in to try and explain the “puzzling” aspect of this seeming inconsistency by asking the question, “How did a state with the best vaccination rates score the worst overall health in the nation?” Offit chose to ignore this fascinating puzzle and instead focused on giving a short historical recount of how Mississippi instituted strict “no exceptions” vaccination mandates and subsequently attained high vaccination rates. He cited the case of Brown v. Stone in 1979.1 

Offit referenced how in that case, Mississippi’s Supreme Court justices stated that all parents have a duty to “provide the child with food, clothing, and shelter and to protect the child from preventable exposure to danger, disease, and mortality” and issued an opinion arguing that duty took precedence over religious belief. The state of Mississippi used the state’s high court ruling in Brown v. Stone to deny parents the right to receive an exemption from vaccinating their children based on religious belief.1 

Although Offit has acknowledged that he holds no religious beliefs,7 he winds down his article by characterizing a decision to claim a religious exemption to vaccination as a “profoundly unreligious act” and concludes, “Our country would do well to follow the state that stood up for its children in 1979.”1 

On the most interesting question posed in his piece, Offit left his audience hanging. Why is the unhealthiest state in the union the most vaccinated?

Mississippi, for example, has the highest infant mortality rate of any state in the union—8.8 deaths per every 1,000 live births.8 Is it only because of socioeconomic factors? Or might it also have something to do with the fact that nearly 100 percent of Mississippi’s children are heavily vaccinated?


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9 Responses

  1. Doctor Offit who has many patents on his vaccines and profits from them had once said you can inject me with 10,000 vaccines and they will do no harm.He is the epiphany of insanity.Please Doctor get yourself vaccinated so no one hears from you again as you go deeper into dementia if your not already there.

  2. Being from Mississippi and part of Mississippi Parents for Vaccine Rights, I found Dr Profit’s take on this article equally puzzling. I personally do not think we are talking about those 6 and under when we say MS is the unhealthiest state. That is the age group that receives the most vaccines and MS is >99.4% compliant. We also have had an increase of 563% in Autism cases in the past decade, which is well above the national average for that same time period. Is it because parents are not given a choice whether or not to vaccinate?
    You addressed the infant mortality rate and posed the question if this was simply due to socioeconomic factors. In the past year, the area I live in has seen 5 infant deaths, all around the same age. What did they all have in common? All ruled SIDS deaths, all healthy infants, and all had been vaccinated within the past 4 weeks. Proof? No, but something that should be looked into more closely than it is.

    1. I liked seeing a comment from someone in MS who is also active in seeking medical freedom regarding vaccines. I would like to add some thoughts about “proof” when it comes to SIDS deaths. Nico LaHood is a District Attorney in Bexar County, TX. He is also the father of a vaccine-injured child. He has pointed out that the standards used in criminal cases do not seem to apply to vaccine injury. If I understand his statements correctly he believes that court proceedings could “convict” the vaccine (or giver of the vaccine) of harm based on the normal processes of evidence gathering used in criminal cases. Interestingly, Mr LaHood is currently involved in trying to keep Genene Jones, the nurse convicted in the death of a 15 month old girl and a suspected serial killer behind bars. According to information in Wikipedia Ms. Jones apparently injected children with drugs such as heparin and succinylcholine in order to deliberately produce medical emergencies. She is thought to have killed up to 60 children. I have wondered for some time why law enforcement is not involved from a forensic basis when a previously healthy child dies after vaccination and with no other indications of foul play or medical condition. If law enforcement does get involved it seems to be targeted towards investigating the parent rather than investigating the doctors and nurses injecting the children. I believe we need to drastically change our thinking on this subject. People don’t generally just drop dead or expire in their sleep with no underlying pathology or injury. Vaccines are given to people to prevent illness. The burden of “proof” is ENTIRELY on the makers and givers of the vaccines: To PROVE they don’t cause harm, to PROVE they work. If deaths are noted after vaccinations I believe criminal investigations are warranted. Our doctors and nurses are becoming Genene Jones type serial killers, IMO, because they fail to recognize the harm and injures and actually profit from them. We need to wake them up by force of law if necessary.

    2. A recent study of the Amish, who don’t vaccinate, found almost no diagnosed autism in their population. They compared it to the vaccinated autism rate and the difference was remarkable. It is difficult to continue to deny the link between vaccines and autism in light of these studies. Why is the autism rate so low in religious groups that do not vaccinate???

  3. The vaccine scam is the biggest attack on the health of humans AND pets in modern times. Over and over outbreaks of measles, mumps, etc occur in VACCINATED populations. Their answer??? MORE vaccinations!!! Denial at it’s best kneeling at the altar of the almighty dollar while vaccine makers enjoy product liability only shared by the nuclear power plant builders. That should tell you something.

  4. It would be great if anyone from Mississippi or elsewhere took the time and effort to nut out the numbers of deaths after vaccination age (yes I know mothers are also vaccinated and that should be counted too), chronic childhood illness in Mississippi compared to other states.

    Once that data is sussed out, we may have a lot more to point to. For now, it was interesting how Offit completely ignored the correlation. As usual, it is up to us to show the likelihood of a causation by getting numbers that cannot be attributed to poor maternal care and lack of access to medical care before the age of vaccination, socioeconomic status etc. Any takers?

  5. Clearly the inmates are running the asylum.
    If you want immunity from infectious disease, colds, flu all the way to cancer, remove sugar from your diet. All 17 kinds of sugars. hee hee

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