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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

New Federal 2017 Vaccine Schedules Approved

injection in the armThe U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and its Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) have approved new adult and childhood vaccine schedules, effective Feb. 1, 2017.  The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) have all endorsed the new schedules.1

The CDC’s release of the vaccine schedules has coincided with news reports that the Trump administration may appoint a special commission to investigate the safety of vaccines. In response to these reports, AAFP’s president, John Meigs, expressed his opposition to the proposal:

A new federal commission on immunizations is not necessary and would divert much-needed dollars from other, more pressing health care issues. To suggest the need for such an organization promotes unnecessary, ongoing and disproven skepticism about vaccines and public safety.”2

He added:

The science is clear, and family physicians stand ready to help everyone―from the incoming administration to the general public―understand how safe and important vaccines are.2

Updates to the Childhood Vaccine Schedule

The updated childhood vaccine schedule recommends that children between ages 11-12 years old receive two doses of Human Papillomavirus (HPV9) vaccine instead of the previously licensed three-dose schedule.2 The HPV9 vaccine can be given as early as nine years old and as late as 13-14 years old. For patients 15 years old and over, it is recommended that they receive three doses of HPV9.2

The second update pertains to the timing at which two doses of the meningococcal vaccine MenB-FHbp should be administered rather than the three doses originally recommended.2

The third update relates to the HepB vaccine. The ACIP recommends the hepatitis B shot should be administered to newborn infants “within 24 hours of birth” instead of the previous “at hospital discharge.”3

Updates to the Adult Vaccine Schedule

The ACIP recommends that adult patients with a history of egg allergy that manifests with symptoms other than hives may receive age-appropriate inactivated (IIV) or recombinant influenza vaccine (RIV) but should be supervised by a medical professional, who is able to quickly recognize and manage severe allergic reactions.2

The ACIP additionally recommends HepB vaccine for adults suffering from chronic liver disease, cirrhosis, alcoholic liver disease, fatty liver disease and autoimmune hepatitis.2


1 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Immunizations: For Healthcare Professionals. National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases Feb. 6, 2017.
2 American Academy of Family Physicians. CDC, AAFP Release 2017 Immunization Schedules. Feb. 6, 2017.
CDC. Recommended Immunization Schedule for Children and Adolescents Aged 18 Years or Younger, UNITED STATES, 2017. National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases Feb. 6, 2017.

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  2. In January (2017), I pulled the infant schedule and they had ADDED HEP A at 12 months.

    Yes another human diploid cell vaccine.

    I read the HEP A “safety” studies and it is a VERY DANGEROUS vaccine with 30% of the children having an AE when it was given in combination with other childhood vaccines.

    Clearly, the autism rate will likely jump yet again. We may be able to hit that “1 out of 2” in less time than thought.

  3. Per any educated person with a Masters in medical biology, no vaccines are 100% safe or even effective. Shooting mercury and aluminum into a child where the vaccine crosses the blood brain barrier creates a suppressed immune system and/or autism. If they don’t get brain damage, they can get other illnesses to include: multiple ear infections, gastro problems, cancer, ADD, autism, etc. Also, viruses mutate regularly; therefore, this year’s vaccine was only good for last year’s flu strain of virus. The most dangerous shots are: flu shot, MMR, hepatitis B, Dtap, etc. One of the worst that can cause paralysis and death in infants, children, and adults, is the flu shot.
    There’s 2 % arsenic and 98% grain in rat poison and the rat dies from the 2% arsenic. The same thing with mercury and aluminum. It doesn’t take much of these deadly substances to cause severe illnesses and death to certain people, especially black male infants. (see link between autism and black male infants)
    The best way to improve the immune system is through proper diet, clean water and hygiene, washing hands, and not eating foods where food handlers have not washed their hands.

  4. “The science is clear, and family physicians stand ready to help everyone ― from the incoming administration to the general public ― understand how safe and important vaccines are.”

    Vaccinology is in my opinion pure junk science, and vaccines are clearly far from safe. What planet do these people live on?

    If vaccines are so safe, why has the US Supreme Curt declared vaccines “unavoidably unsafe,” and why has the US vaccine Injury Compensation Court paid out over $3 billion in compensation for vaccine-related injuries and deaths since 1986?

    People who claim that vaccines are safe are either ignorant, or they are lying to keep the vaccination racket going.

    If we lived in a halfway sane society, vaccines would have been abolished decades ago, thus putting an end to the vaccine holocaust early in the piece.

    I do understand that vaccines are very important, but only as far as medical-pharmaceutical mafia profits are concerned. Other than that, vaccines are of absolutely no benefit and only cause harm.

    1. You may think that we are out of our mind and that is ok, because we know y’all are out of your minds for not vaccinating your children!! Twins, premature, just barely out of the hospital contract RSV. Now, they are fighting for their lives. All could have been prevented with the RSV vaccination! This vaccine is not given to all babies – just premies, multiple births, and those who have pre-existing conditions thay would make it hard to fight off RSV. RSV is often DEADLY to these babies!

      *** Note: this is not about the vaccine against cervical cancer. I am talking about vaccines given the first few years of life.

  5. The government-promoted vaccine child poisoning schedule is in my opinion a typical example of institutionalised insanity, the vaccines “recommended” for infants below the age of one particularly so, because even if vaccines worked as claimed (they don’t), infants below the age of one are incapable of processing vaccines of any kind as far as a meaningful outcome is concerned.

    Immunologist Says Infants Vaccinated Only To Train Parents

  6. Enjoy the little time you have left hiding the truth about vaccines from the gullible and vulnerable people in the world, FDA. New Sheriff’s in town and your time is short. Destruction is in His right hand.

  7. Vaccines keep pediatricians in six-digit salaries and provide a cash cow for Big Parma. If vaccines indeed cause cancer we can see the financial motive for the chemo industry. But here is the rub: When we have 50% of our children on the autism spectrum perhaps the globalists will have accomplished some of their insidious goals by creating a work force of doers and not thinkers and thereby destroying our nation, the one nation that is currently stopping one world order. This is bigger than you think.

  8. We have yet to see the science. The pimps for the pharmacy cartel are always ready to do their bidding because their reimbursement is tied to it.

  9. So where are the studies proving these vaccines are safe to be administered to newborns and HIV is safe to be administered to people with an already weak immune system with liver damage? Also, the list of ingredients and individual reactions to each ingredient? Are they people being tested for their allergies per each ingredient or is it assumed that everyone (with different DNA makeups) is not allergic to each ingredient? Some people are allergic to Cillins, yet others are not, but you dont know that you’re allergic till it’s too late.

    1. A brand new BORN gets a Hep B vaccination; the disease of junkies and hookers??? Are they afraid he’s going to jump out of his crib and go pick up a hooker???

      My GF is Canadian and when I told her about this vaccine hours after birth she said I was CRAZY…until she looked it up.

      Hard to believe that ANY parent would allow someone to do this to their precious baby. And even harder to believe that a “doctor” would think this is a good idea????

      Like the Joker said; “Bob, this town needs an enema!!”

  10. SERIOUSLY ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME. we arent even in the TOP 30 for healthest nations! We have more children that died in the first 24 hours of life than any other Industrial country put together!!!!! How are you guys continuing to ignore the fact that not only did dr. William Thompson come Ford and release 10,000 documents plus a hard drive now we have twelve others that have come forward and said they were forced to fudge the books.STOP THIS NOW STOP KILLING OUR CHILDREN STOP TAKINF AWAY OUR RIGHTS AS PARENTS BUTT OUT!!! we have 72 already MORE than anyone else period. When I show our 2016 vaccine schedule to people from other countries like the UK for example they are absolutely floored in total shock. Del the producer of vaxxed and Robert Kennedy jr and even our president is coming for you guys so be VERY scared!!! You cant lie forever. I hope they make the CDC and everybody involved with vaccines who turned the other way and don’t care I hope you all get what’s coming to you.

  11. A special commission is vital. The science is very clear-the safety studies showing adverse effects, such as autism, have been covered up. These endorsing entities, including CDC and Congress, all proudly take money from the vaccine makers. The providers that willingly accept their propaganda are guilty of not getting their so-called continuing education from science. Most providers take the easy way and accept their continuing education from the pharmaceutical companies.

  12. unbelievable! with all the information coming out!
    the cover-ups and lies involving the CDC and Big Pharma!
    There needs to be Accountability for these drug companies!
    They have to much power, keep making more and more vaccines
    with not much regard for safety!

  13. I wish all the folks at the CDC the same slow and agonizing death and painful death they seek to give all of our children. But if there is a GOD, their death should come much sooner.

  14. As a Nurse for 26 years, there is no safe or effective vaccine. Not one is safe! NONE!…. They destroy the immune system for live, cause a level of brain damgage, lower IQ and functioning and damage organs and tissues. Along with the toxic ingredients listed on the inserts, they are also contaminated with toxins including Glyphosate, glass (recently I heard a lot was contaminated), and who knows what else,,, spyrochetes, mycoplasmas, mad cow disease, fertility damaging toxins like Tween 80 and HCG, cancer virus’, etc… You just don’t know what you are being injected with! No studies, no controls and no liability. We are a grand experiment changing not only our bodies but our DNA with all the foreign DNA we are injecting! I heard a Doctor say that we are ONE generation away from total disaster of the human race. THAT is the agenda people,,, wake up and say NO to all vaccines. No one is getting a truthful Informed Consent.

  15. The CDC is harming and killing our Children. Please do not allow your children nor yourself to be vaccinated. Pray for the poor innocent new born babies who’s lives will be cut short or destroyed by these God awful poisonings. God forgive the mother who knows no better, bring the truth and awareness to light of all..God bless our little ones.

  16. You have lost our trust, my son was vaccine injured by mmr, and 3 other shots. Shortly after he got projectile vomiting, fever, rash. He lost all speech all skills learned. My son was just $$$ to you. You changed his life but I won’t let you win! I HOPE THERE IS A HELL BECAUSE EVERYONE COVERING THIS UP DESERVES IT. I NO LONGER TRUST THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY ALL YOU DO IS PERSCRIPE INSTEAD OF LOOKING INTO PROBLEMS. YOU STOPPED CARING ABOUT YOUR PATIENTS YOUR BOUGHT AND OWNED. MONEY WON’T BUY YOUR SPOT IN HEAVEN THOUGH.

  17. I REGRET vaccinating my children! The outcome is criminal. As their mom, I didn’t know any better because I believed I was doing what was necessary to “keep the healthy” Boy, was I wrong.
    I eagerly look forward to the day when everyone is fully aware and vaccines are completely exposed for what they are. Harmful, unsafe and damaging.

  18. Since when are drugs able to be called safe when no studies have been done on them in the combination they are given? We say they are safe and how dare you to hint otherwise by actually doing real studies. Our wallets depend on you believing our lies. Oh, and sorry about your children’s injuries and deaths. It’s part of doing business.

    And to those who follow the recommendations – I wonder…if your doctor told you to take a walk across the freeway after leaving his office because it was good exercise to dodge the cars, and it’s totally safe, would you do that too? Well, don’t – it’s not safe, and neither are vaccines. I hope in both cases you use some common sense and logic. Speaking of LOGIC and COMMON SENSE

    U.S. Supreme Court said vaccines are “UNAVOIDABLY UNSAFE.” Why do drug companies have no vaccine liability? Those who want mandatory vaccines say that if people stop vaccinating, all those diseases will come back with a vengeance – well, by age 28, all the childhood vaccines have worn off, and less than half of adults get vaccinated, so where are all the epidemics (pandemics?) and why aren’t all the adults dropping like flies? If vaccines are effective, why are most outbreaks happening in vaccinated populations? And if they are safe, why have there been over 60,000 deaths (perhaps much higher) in VAERS (where less than 1 in 10 actually gets reported, maybe as little as 1 in 100 – I’ve multiplied by just a factor of 10), E.R. visits – over 2 million, Hospitalized – over 600,000, Life Threatening – over 110,000, and Disabled – over 82,000. Here’s a chart from the CDC for 2014 Pertussis cases ( – notice in the lower right chart that over 5x as many cases reported in those who got the 3+ recommended vaccines compared to those who did not get the vaccine. The above does not even take into account the possible long term side effects which are unknown as there are no studies available for this. Did you know that to save one person from getting meningitis, the vaccine to do that will have killed three people and injured many more? And finally, why have there not been any comparison studies in the U.S. between vaccinated and unvaccinated people? I know, that last question is a tough one, but if you actually spend some time on it, you’ll figure it out.

  19. Our story is a bit unique: my son is now 14, and clearly remembers his vaccines and what it did to him. My son was vaccinated by my now ex husband at age 4, and it cause extreme developmental issues. He regressed into the 2 year old state and screamed 2-5 hours a day.

    I spent thousands & thousands of hours working with him over 10 years, he’s gone from bottom-of-the-charts to almost recovered. He came to me last year with “a memory he didn’t understand.” He described everything in detail, and it was clear his Dad had vaccinated him. My son said, “It’s like I went unconscious. I just couldn’t think right. I never thought right again after that.” It’s a Hell of a thing to talk with a young man who’s 80% recovered from severe autism. He knows the shots started it, he remembers exactly.

    Pharma is going down swinging…. but they’re still going down.

  20. Thank you everyone for your comments and posting reading links. What is becoming more and more apparent we’re seeing doctors and pediatricians refusing to vaccinate their own children. Last percentage I saw was around 20% total of both docs and peds.

  21. I think this is obsurd. Yes, let’s give a round of applause to pharmaceutical companies for endangering young kids, and adults immune system. Anyone every heard of methylation disorder? How 40 to 50% of the population has it, and if you follow the studies of Dr. BEN Lynch and Dr. PAUL Thomas, they can explain very clear as to why vaccines are harming our immune systems, our younger generation. Please if anyone sees this comment look it up. These doctors have done studies, particularly Thomas, about vaccines causing autism with a link to having a MTHFR disorder.


  23. Total insanity! To think that injecting filth to promote health is ignorance at best and eugenics at worst. All the more reason to avoid doctors.

  24. I love that every comment is negative. Times are changing and people are realizing that bad feeling is intuition and instinct. Educate before you vaccinate people. I have a vaccine injuslred daughter awaiting a new kidney from the tdap vaccines. If she gets it she’ll love to age 34. If not 22. EDUCATE BEFORE YOU VACCINATE

  25. I don’t even vaccinate my DOG because of the adverse reactions. So this really angers and worries me about the ignorance of all these people and committees pushing human vaccinations.

    I say ignorant here because years ago, no one knew of the dangers of smoking and most cars weren’t equipped were seatbelts – but as we KNEW better, we DID better. This is the way our world has been. Grow smarter, do better.

    There is mounting evidence that vaccinations cause more harm than any good. Where are the grown-ups in the room?

  26. Trump will go by their psycho scientists and state the inevitable vaccines are safe but not to give so many at once is my prediction, he is the SAME as the rest of them but he will go about everything in a Different way, that is All. Government is not the answer just keep getting the message out NEVER Stop, Be Vigilent! The only one’s who WILL STOP this Maddness is We The People!!! Government, Georgia Guidestone’s, and ALL there Agenda’s STILL stand. Lets Bring them Down Peacefully just the way we have been doing it all these years.

    1. Do you think this Vaccine scedule would have been approved if Trump was going to Stop Anything! They have even ADDED Adult vaccine’s for people with Immune disorder’s!!! This along with our Food, Water, Chemtrail’s is how they are taking us out and we are ALL dying slowly and painfully both Emotionally AND Physically!!! It IS Genocide!

    2. Nina, I too am a concerned Mom and I’d appreciate it if you could keep your comments non-political. We must research the facts. find the truth and educate others. Your criticisms of Trump are distracting and takes the focus off of the issue at hand: our children’s health and future. Besides, Trump has been in office for just over 4 weeks, I doubt that it’s been long enough truly impact our country. Besides, where has Obama been on this issue for the last 8 years? Perhaps you should read more and get your research from reliable sources, scientific journals and books and watch less TV.

  27. I’ve done my research, attended lectures. I no longer vaccinate.
    I was however lied to about the Vitamin K shot.

    It’s safe and necessary ” just a vitamin the baby lacks”

    I agreed to give it.

    When it came time I wanted to reneg. I didn’t thinking “she needs this”

    No she didn’t need it!
    Not just a vitamin!

    After that shot she forgot how to latch, that quick…..took an hour of active trying to get her to do it again. She can’t handle my breast milk now. She had no issues prior to, at all!

    Has aluminum and polysorbate80
    Are you serious!? Wth do you need aluminum in that shot? If in the vaccines it’s used as an adjuvant?! A helper to create an antibody reaction? YOU DONT NEED AN ANTIBODY REACTION FOR A VITAMIN!

    Further proof Aluminum is used for its neurological toxicity. Polysorbate80 is used to open blood brain bearer.

    poor Dr.s for the most part are just as blind as we all were.
    Spread the knowledge educate one another with respect.

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