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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Defining Vaccine Refusal As Child Neglect

Story Highlights
  • A new vaccine policy analysis written by three physicians looks at whether U.S. legal history supports the concept of defining vaccine refusal as medical neglect of a child that warrants the intervention of government officials.
  • So far, few courts have found that vaccine refusal, in and of itself, is sufficient grounds for removal of a child from parental custody.
  • The authors of the analysis suggest that because of increasing “vaccine hesitancy” among parents, states should take steps to legally clarify this issue and intervene.

Although specific child welfare guidelines vary from state to state, medical neglect of a child is generally accepted as legitimate grounds for family intervention by government officials working for Child Protective Services (CPS) and may lead to parents losing custody of their minor child and/or losing the legal right to make health care decisions on behalf of their child.

Broadly defined as failure “to exercise a minimum degree of care in supplying the child with adequate health care,” medical neglect may also be expanded to include “parental acts of omission in the care of their child” deemed to either actually or potentially compromise the child’s health.1

A  new vaccine policy analysis, which was written by two obstetricians and a pediatrician and published in the American Journal of Public Health, examined past U.S. legal decisions that considered whether vaccine refusal does, or should, fall under the jurisdiction of medical neglect and, therefore, serve to establish grounds for intervention by government officials in child welfare agencies.1 The analysis, “Professional Responsibility and Early Childhood Vaccination,” was authored by Frank A. Chervenak, MD, Laurence McCullough, PhD, and Robert Brent, MD.2

Taking Threats to a New Level

Noting that in the current atmosphere of increased vaccine hesitancy, pediatricians are struggling to find ways to manage the resistance to vaccination in their practice, the authors of this study suggest that vaccine refusal may be accepted as medical neglect given that  “a child is exposed to some potential risk of harm by a parental act of omission.”2 The physician authors allege that many states do not go far enough to allow CPS to intervene when vaccine refusal is the sole or primary reason for the intervention.

Many parents consider this a radical public health policy that constitutes a frightening assault on parental rights, but some doctors, attorneys and mandatory vaccination proponents maintain it is appropriate to force use of vaccines when parents decline to adhere to the physician recommended childhood vaccine schedule.3

Dr. Chervenak and his co-authors agree and take the position that if informed parents continue to refuse vaccinations for their children, it should be considered child neglect and those parents should be reported to local child health protection agencies:

If parents remain unpersuaded, their informed refusal becomes child neglect, because they are refusing to authorize evidence-based, effective, and safe preventive care required by the best interests of the child standard as a norm. There is a strict legal obligation to report child neglect to the local child health protective services agency.2

They further argue that reporting vaccine refusers to government child welfare officials could be viewed as an effective way to open up opportunities for further education of such misguided parents, but they admit that such reporting might cause the parents to lose trust in the doctor, who would then lose any further educational opportunities.

They conclude that it may be better to use threats and coercion to dismiss children from a medical practice if their parents refuse vaccinations, as that could help sway the parents’ opinion.

We have seen numerous steadfast refusers of vaccines come around to acceptance when faced with a physician who feels so strongly about the benefits of vaccination that he/she is willing to go to the extreme length of discharging a family who refuses vaccination.2

State Versus Parental Rights

The idea of using physician coercion and government sponsored punishment of people who refuse vaccination is nothing new. More than a century ago in Jacobson v. Massachusetts, the 1905 U.S. Supreme Court majority affirmed the constitutional authority of state legislatures to mandate smallpox vaccination. The Court ruled that citizens do not have the right under the U.S. Constitution to be free at all times because there are “manifold restraints to which every person is necessarily subjected for the common good.” The judges said, We do not perceive that this legislation has invaded any right secured by the Federal Constitution.”4

Although mandatory vaccination proponents like attorney Lawrence Gostin have cited the Jacobson v. Massachusetts ruling as “the most important judicial decision in public health,”5 human rights advocates like NVIC co-founder and president, Barbara Loe Fisher, have called it a “morally flawed” legal precedent “that allows government to commit human rights abuses.”6

In recognition of the scope of the 1905 ruling, the authors of the vaccine policy analysis used that year as the beginning of their survey period, following court cases up through 2016 to weigh legal opinions on vaccine refusal as a definitive factor to determine child neglect. They reported very few cases, though they claim that most of those on the books did consider vaccine refusal to constitute child neglect. They admitted that differences in state vaccine laws make it difficult to compare the cases or to know how they would have been handled today (only one of the cases studied had been heard in the past 20 years).

The authors also expressed surprise at the rarity of documented cases in the current atmosphere of increasing vaccine hesitancy and proposed that, “Additional studies on the practices and rationales of pediatric providers, other mandatory reporters, and CPS caseworkers regarding this issue would be elucidatory.”7

Dissenting Opinions Should Not Be Cause for Fear

Individuals declining to follow one-size-fits-all vaccine policies and laws are not the first minority in society to face prejudice and discrimination in the name of ‘the greater good.’ From compulsory sterilization of individuals deemed “unworthy of reproducing”8 to differences in attitude and availability of health care for individuals depending on medical history, weight, age, race, gender, social class, or sexual preference, those in the minorities continually have to fight for equality and protection from medical policies and public health laws that raise their risk for being harmed.

Parents welcome open and mutually respectful discussion with physicians about vaccination, and they should not have to fear that they might lose children if they happen to disagree with their doctor or public health officials about how to raise them.



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  1. This makes me furious……who the hell do these people think they are?? This is trying to force a medical procedure on children. That is child abuse, parents make the decisions for THEIR children. Not doctors who profit from vaccinations. We need to start some lawsuits now. You try to kick my kid out of a doctors care, because I don’t agree with the doctor? How is that not neglect?

    1. Totally agree with both of the above comments. Forced, mandatory vaccination is child abuse and we should be able to address it as such.

    2. Until that moment when will endanger all the other patients in the practice if they were to except that in their practice.

  2. I don’t understand how any doctor or court can force a parent to vaccinate their bile against their wishes given the lack of informed consent. Parents are and even doctors oftentimes don’t have access to all the pertinent data! Parents are never shown the package inserts, which list all the risks and potential adverse reactions. In addition, parents are not properly informed that there is an adverse effect reporting system and it is extremely difficult to file for damages when they occur.

    I also want to point out that the pharmaceutical companies are indemnified , which means they are not held responsible for adverse effects or the death of a child due to vaccine injury. When any other pharmaceutical product causes injury or loss of life, the pharmaceutical company can be sued. This is not the case with vaccines. The other very valid concern is that vaccines are considered a one size fits all rule. Why are we giving tiny babies the same dose as a full grown man. We would never do that with any other drug!

    The last concern I have is genetic factors which can and do cause people to have problems processing vaccines due to variances in their detox pathway. Why aren’t we testing for the genetic factors which effect how each person’s body processes a vaccine to make sure it won’t cause a vaccine injury?

    1. We here at the pharmaceutical companies will be happy to cut you in at 10% of all product sales, fund your new building, and invite you to our product seminars in the bahamas this summer if you agree to carry our products. If you don’t agree we’ll pull your funding, fight you in court, and take all your personal equity away along with your professional reputation. We’ll also pull funding to the local collages we control, they are going to be very upset with you. That’s how.

  3. I believe forced injections is child abuse. There is a massive amount of evidence supporting that, VAERS, The Vaccine Injury Court, thousands of firsthand accounts, some from Dr parents. Even the CDC states both these above sources represent very under reported stats. it’s about 10%. No parent and many Drs are never fully informed. How many parents are presented with the manufacturer’s list of possible side effects, none.

  4. The Big Pharma Mafia will stop at nothing to poison our children to fatten their wallets!!

    They have been emboldened since 1986 when our corrupt congress shielded them from all lawsuits even in the event of the death of a child! Only in AMerckA!!!

    The one and only way to stop the CDC, FDA, and Big Pharma from making us all sick from cradle to grave is to repeal their immunity. We can keep protesting till the cows come home but nothing will change.

    So please sign this

    and share with everyone you know.

    1. Num Guy – Actually, big pharma has been emboldened since Bayer and it’s leader were brought over here from Hitler’s Germany. It just keeps growing and growing and paying legislators and paying legislators!

  5. When are people going to wake up to the fact that big food and big Pharma want to control our population by making us all fat and sick and weak…. therefore dependent upon their garbage for life ! As long as the American people continue to bury their heads in the sand and follow the herd nothing is going to change!

  6. What happened to my body, my choice? My son projectile vomited any liquid for 2-3 weeks after each dTap vaccine. When I told the nurse at our pediatricians office the response was “well, before he goes to Pre-K you have to finish the series.” It’s mind boggling to me they could force my son to finish the series after his reaction.

    1. The NVIC website directly has very helpful tools for parents. Their activist emails alerting parents how to enroll children without being tricked were invaluable. Suggest joining the NVIC activist alert group if you have children. I warn you though, you will be quite shocked when you see just how evil and devious the lobbyists for big pharma are, and how many liberty destroying bills they are currently trying to pass right this very instant. Hundreds and hundreds every year, year over year. Big pharmaceutical appears to be a criminal enterprise engaged in racketeering at this point. Scroll down on this link.

  7. NO VACCINE HAS EVER BEEN PROVEN TO WORK… The much talked about Measles outbreak in California is even flawed as it stated that 70% of those that contracted the Measles were VACCINATED AGAINST IT! If I CHOOSE not to vaccinate my child WHY would a parent that chooses to vaccinate worry if their VACCINE is 100%??

    I can’t give my child honey as a baby but I can CONSENT to by baby being shot up with mercury, monkey puss,fetus parts and the rest of the PREVENTIVE cocktail being pushed on me after these shysters have been TAUGHT how to play on parental emotions!! REALLLY??!! It is maddening what people (CDC that doesn’t even vaccinate their own) will go to in order to pad their pockets!!! WOW!

  8. I too was taken to court and put on record for 5 years as “extreme neglect” for not getting my 5 year old (who never was vaccinated)a tetanus shot after a neighbor reported that she had fallen on a garden rake. I am a retired licensed practical nurse, but was not retired at the time, and was not allowed employment involving working with people for 5 years. As the mother of 5 children, and struggling financially, that was a hard thing. Lord help us all!

    1. Jill, very very curious…please reply here…did you get to keep your children? Did you have to go to court? I know two terrified parents that would love your input.

  9. I am shaking my head in disbelief that this is even under consideration. My now grown children were all vaccinated in the 1980’s and early 1990’s before I understood the dangers of vaccines – and before the onslaught of vaccines children are now subjected to. Of my grandchildren, only one is being vaccinated at the now recommended schedule, and so far, thankfully, no side effects have shown up. My other grandchildren have been given some vaccines, but not all, and one of them, my youngest one, who is elementary school age and is being homeschooled, will no longer be vaccinated. The more I and my grandchild’s mother learn about the dangers of vaccines, the less we want to subject this young child to any more of this questionable practice; this child has some challenges in life, but it’s difficult to say if these are from vaccines or something else that happened several years ago.

    In the state where I live, parents have to go through an online “education” that takes about 30 to 60 minutes before being granted permission to refuse vaccines. The “education” is full of hyperbole and unproven statements presented as “facts” and it is annoying to be subjected to such attempted brainwashing. However, it seems a small price to pay for legally refusing vaccinations for children.

    To insinuate that a parent who refuses to vaccinate a child is “uninformed,” is insulting to the parent. Child abuse to refuse vaccines? NO. It is simply responsible parenting and shows the parent has not fallen victim to the “herd” mentality of vaccine beliefs. It is appalling that anyone would consider vaccine refusal as child abuse when there are serious questions, too often not answered truthfully, about the safety of these vaccines.

    I do not get flu shots any more; at my age I am supposed to be “high risk” for the flu and “could die from it” – again, NO. There are other ways to deal with preventing the flu.

    It is my belief that we still live in a country of freedom and liberties for ALL of us – even though those same freedoms and liberties are under assault in many areas of our lives.

    The power of BigPharma, among some other powerful entities, is criminal.

  10. Is it possible to get a petition for President Trump to reverse the ruling that exempts vaccine companies from being sued when a child is vaccine damaged?
    Almost 40 years ago I took my first child to the Doctor and refused to get the vaccines that the Doctor wanted me to get that day. Because I am a nurse he said to me….”Other mothers that refuse are just plain stupid…I don’t know what is wrong with you.”
    So the harassment has been going on for 40 years. The little girl, healthy…probably…2 years old… that was born the same day as my youngest daughter was given a vaccine. Within hours she had an extremely high temperature, went into the hospital for 5 days, and come out mentally retarded.
    So, they wonder why we refuse…neglect? abuse?
    We are wise to hesitate…!!!!
    No company should put out a product that they cannot be held accountable for issuing.
    I am accountable for my actions as a nurse.
    Car makers are accountable.
    They both could have life threatening consequences.
    When we see that people who used to work for the big pharmaceutical companies now work in the FDA on the approving committees…? that sounds like the “fox guarding the hen house” to me. Do some of these get big “kick backs” for rubber stamping these new vaccines/drugs? Doctors should not be “rewarded” for using certain drugs/vaccines/medical tests, etc. That needs to be changed, because it is too easy for Doctors to be tempted to something other than the best for his patient.

  11. Barbara J Norton… I totally agree with you. There is no other issue like this one, which I fight all the time here in the US and it literally makes me LIVID!!!!! I have a niece and nephew who are now damaged by these vaccines… both have bad allergies! They are now 7 & 10 and I am trying to get their parents to not allow them any more vaccines. Allergies in young children is considered a disease on the autism spectrum! My own children received only one or 2 vaccines because each time I was unable to stop the hospital where they were born, which also makes me LIVID!!!!! For both births I got out of there as fast as I could!

    I also hope all of you reading this are also aware of the LIES and severe symptoms covered up by CDC researchers that were hidden for DECADES, including by the HEAD of CDC at the time, by it’s head, Dr. Julie Gerberding, who now works for MERCK, the very (gross) company that produces these KILLER VACCINES!!!!!

  12. I would say that this argument cuts both ways and based on the vaccine/pharmaceutical inserts alone, the doctors are medically abusing every child they inject or prescribe medication to as there is a potential risk to every procedure/drug. As a society, does the state own our kids or each person? Has our society come to a place where the state no longer protects our rights, but owns our rights to delve out as it prescribes? Pun intended.

    1. The answer to your question lies in other popular questions of the day. Do we still honor the system of representative democracy? Is it We The People who run the government, or is it corporations and lords and kings?

  13. This makes me so mad! The lack of thought, greed and ignorance that surrounds this idea is just maddening! CPS can’t even keep up with the kids who are already in the system for TRUE neglect! What makes these lawmakers and doctors think the states could remove these children from the homes where they are loved and well cared for and adequately feed and care for these children with state resources? Where is the funding for that going to come from? I agree with the other poster, lawsuits need to start happening to protect our civil and health rights. My son had adverse reactions to vaccines, who are you to tell me I am neglecting my child because I’m trying to protect him from further vaccination damage? So much for the land of the free!

  14. I guess the next law will be jailing those parents who vaccinated and injured their children through vaccines. Then Government will take the injured children away from those bad parents and possibly euthanize them? Very strange democracy is starting to appear in this country…..

  15. I totally agree with Barbara Norton and Fern Leeman.

    And,oh by the way, you think CPS is an agency the Gov’t should resort to in a case of child neglect when those agencies are being investigated in case of child trafficking?

  16. WHY don’t parents stop going to ‘pediatricians’, anyway? Go to a family practice doctor if you must, or take your kids to one of those ‘medi help’ places during the year for school physicals or health problems.

    Stop paying quacks (pediatricians) and boycott them. Like Dr. Robert Mendelsohn said, he wished his specialty of pediatrics (and he also included obstetrics though he wasn’t one) would go out of business.

    WHY are these vaccine supporting doctors not being charged with attempted murder? What about all the children and babies that have died thanks to the toxic vaccines? Maybe they would stop publishing dreck if they had to defend themselves for the deaths of countless children that their support of vaccine ‘mandates’ have killed.

    1. Jenny, I understand your feelings. But please note the comment I left about the parents of the 50 day old infant. When you show up in the emergency room (if you ever are in a real emergency), and they see that your child has not had any well visits (or in their case – 1 missed well visit because the father was hospitalized) – that will go down as “a history of non compliance” or missed well visits – which will be grounds for a neglect investigation. The parents in question did work hard to find a doctor OK with not-vaccinating, but it possibly isn’t enough. Making the drive to a naturopath and MD (even if they are 3 hours away), is probably vital, and the only way to get any true protection here.

  17. Quote: Dr. Chervenak and his co-authors agree and take the position that if informed parents continue to refuse vaccinations for their children, it should be considered child neglect and those parents should be reported to local child health protection agencies:

    If parents remain unpersuaded, their informed refusal becomes child neglect, because they are refusing to authorize evidence-based, effective, and safe preventive care required by the best interests of the child standard as a norm. There is a strict legal obligation to report child neglect to the local child health protective services agency.2

    THIS IS BULLYING TO THE NTH DEGREE! Or, “I’m ‘smarter’ than you because I was dumb enough to sit through 8 years of medical school, so whatever I say is ‘law’. That’s their warped mindset.

    I wonder how many drug or vaccine patents that Dr. Chervenak holds…..

    1. Is it a breach of educational trust to force all students to be vaccinated prior to being enrolled? This is the mechanism by which resistance is removed. And those whom know about the dangers are more likely to pursue medical practices outside of hospitals anyways. Holistic and herbal medicine is true and valid. You can’t find truth at hospitals these days. “pharmaceutical companies don’t create cures, they create customers.”

  18. Our pediatrician (actually a NP) told us a few months ago that the practice she’s a part of was considering “kicking out” all unvaccinated children. She pretty much challenges me (in a nice, passive/aggressive way). I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I think we may be done with health care at this establishment. Just not sure how ER or sick care would be handled since there’s only 2 healthcare systems around here and they are both the same.

  19. So they will force me to inject dna from aborted babies and cells from monkey kidneys into my child? I THINK NOT. They can’t take our children away from us if we file a UCC-1 on them and break the ownership the government has on them thru their birth certificate. Not even the law would apply to them then.

    1. In theory perhaps but in the real world, they simply medically kidnap your child if you try those paperwork identity games. We can’t all be ‘the natural man’. See my above link on medical kidnapping for examples. Be careful with those prospective solutions, they will likely bring more trouble than they’re worth. Better to move to another county or district instead if they put your back to the wall.

      1. I agree with this Colorado. I’ve mentioned the scenario in my comment about the parents of the 50 day old infant, and the resultant CPS investigation. I think it would be the worst possible move a parent could make to aggravate CPS with such arguments, rather than playing it safe and trying to work within the system instead of losing their kids. I know you said in an earlier comment about rebelling, rebelling, rebelling…but unless done in an organized fashion, in aggregate, it’s needless and possibly devastating. When CPS is investigating you is not the time to be asserting anything; these people may theoretically be subject to the law, but in practice, are above it.

  20. This thinking is no different than that of forced abortions by the government of China, Hitler exterminating millions of people, slavery of any type, etc. I’m shocked at how blind people are.

  21. its Nazism.. being practiced in the country of the FREE… Medical tyranny… lets just lock up all of our children in the pharmaceutical and government laboratories for experimentation… what difference does it make.. that’s what they these Nazi doctors and the government and Big Pharma is doing to us right this very moment ..our FREE society…hahaha… is their laboratory and they are conducting all the experiments they want… and we continue to bow down to them… they intimidate us… they bully us… OH is that a fact schools have problems with BULLIES yea well we really show them how to… we force this on them… we force that on them…they get no say… sounds like the making of a bully…

    1. “Everyone whom I disagree with on the internet is Hitler.” Can we please get away from calling everyone a nazi?”

  22. Since when is it acceptable that a doctor, any doctor, knows better than a parent? We raised 5 kids, and over the years there were many instances where doctors were wrong.
    The whole notion that children can be removed from their caring parents is vile.
    On the other hand, so many abused children are left to suffer in their homes.
    This is not about children’s welfare, but about compliance with government for the benefit of Big Pharma.

  23. Pure insanity!! No matter what a person’s views are, on whether vaccines even work, how is it EVER okay to inject into ANY human being, heavy metals, detergents, antibiotics, Polysorbate 80, DNA from aborted fetuses (which will forever alter a childs DNA), mercury (toxic to the brain, even in trace amounts), aluminum (toxic to the brain), formaldehyde (causes cancer, and is used to embalm dead people), peanut oil (hence the uptake in anaphylactic responses to peanuts), and the list goes on and on. Childhood diseases are safer than these toxic cocktails!

    Only a complete moron, or an extremely greedy person could condone this monstrous assault on an entire generation. The ever increasing vaccine schedule has created an ever increasing ruining of the immune systems of all who are recipients of this chemical attack. We are sicker than ever now in this country!

    Any doctor who condones, encourages, threatens, or bullies people into allowing this assault, has no business calling themselves a doctor. Doctors used to become doctors to help people to be healthy. THIS IS NOT ABOUT HEALTH. With some exceptions, like doctors who actually care about their patients, these greedy monsters are in the “doctoring business” to create large bank accounts.

    No one needs to go to a “well checkup”. You’re either well, and don’t need to see a doctor, or you’re sick, and may want to see what’s going on. So-called “well checkups” are an excuse to get people into their offices, to make more money for the doctor, and for them to badger you into injecting their toxic, immune-system-overloading garbage.

    There is no excuse for this…there is SO much information on the damage caused by vaccines, by REAL doctors, immunologists, neurologists, surgeons, virologists, etc. These “vaccine doctors” need to educate themselves. It’s disgusting that all of us know more than they do about vaccines, when it’s their JOB to know. They are showing their ignorance, and we now have no confidence in them. Makes you wonder what else they don’t know, that they should.

    Millions and millions are waking up to this chemical assault, and are rejecting it. Soon, it will be clear to everyone, what has been done to this generation, and who is guilty of the assault AND the cover-up, and then those responsible will be held accountable. These people are barbaric, and will deserve what they get. It will be THEIR turn, and they belong in prison. What arrogant idiots.

    Plain old commonsense says this is wrong, and they have a license to practice medicine?!! They are a danger to society!! Look for the REAL doctors if you need medical attention. No real doctor insists that you inject toxins.

  24. As stated above, “the authors of this study suggest that vaccine refusal may be accepted as medical neglect given that “a child is exposed to some potential risk of harm by a parental act of omission.” That exact same statement can be used to refuse vaccines because “a child is exposed to some potential risk of harm if given vaccines.”

  25. Doctors are not infallible and science has been proven wrong time and again. Informed consent is a basic policy in both ethics and law that physicians must honor. The A.M.A. says on its Code of Ethics page. This statement is found in the AMA’s published book, “Code of Medical Ethics”, on the bottom half of page 269. Where it states; “The patient’s right of self-decision can be effectively exercised only if the patient possesses enough information to enable an informed choice. The patient should make his or her own determination about treatment. The physician’s obligation is to present the medical facts accurately to the patient or to the individual responsible for the patient’s care and to make recommendations for management in accordance with good medical practice.” But, the last thing in the world the Medical profession wants is informed clients, because it will backfire on the doctors, etc.

  26. “How Doctors Think” by Jerome Groopman MD explains doctor group think. Most doctors get stuck in it. They are actually highly emotional thinkers who do their thinking in well defined ruts which they are terrified to climb out of. The consequences of independent thought are so frightening. OBama Care exploits this weakness in their culture and magnifies it. Any one wanting to understand the decisions of doctors should read this book.

  27. I agree with both comments above. My boys were fired from their pcp because I refused vaccinations for my boys. I was furious! Bye, there are a thousand doctors in the area that can weigh my kids and check their blood once a year.

  28. In Rochester, NY, my son, 11, & I, 65, are facing vaccines with hesitation. We refused the vaccines during the school physical examination. We were given a month to think about granting permission at the next follow-up appointment, 3/17/2017.
    We have been studying Natural Hygiene, a health science. We want to stay clean. Would you have any knowledge in approaching this problem at hand?…Thank you, very much!

  29. Look at Bolen’s recent article (Here’s my five bucks) where it is shown that the (in)famous Supreme Court case DOES NOT allow forced vaxxing b/c the law they supported only included a FINE FOR REFUSING… that’ all… pay your $5 effectively and walk away…

    (AND only in a pandemic situation, not any day they see your kid is of age)…

    Walk away and shut the door in the face of CPS if you can get a lawyer who protects human rights to scare the rabid CPS.. inform them of the real ruling’s substance, waving your $5…maybe it will work..

    no guarantees so inform your legislators etc NOW so they are not so ignorant and can resist the pressures and frown at CPS’s requests for funding..

  30. I agree…this is Insane. How can parents be forced to Vaccinate. I will repeat what I’ve said in the the “olden days”…..parents let their children get Mumps, etc. ..keep them at home and treat them accordingly… build up the child’s Immunity. That’s what my parents did with my sister and I…and I did with my son. I believe now- many parents do not want the responsibility.. don’t know how to treat these with simple home remedies….or can afford to take time off work and are totally intimidated by their doctors, too much pressure put on them. It is tuff for parents nowadays…I have sympathy for them. I see the battles my son & daughter-in-law have gone thru…just to spread out vaccinations. There are homeopathics that deal with Vaccination detox that can help. Keep up the fight.

  31. It makes me sad that money is more important than people. These people don’t care about human life. I wonder what happens to their soul?

    1. Vote with your wallet, it continues to be your most powerful vote to cast. When I go to King Soopers, a place I am unable to boycott, at least I am able to steal the free vaccine sign every time when I leave. Straight to the trash can with that. Join me in my efforts to remove free flu shot notices wherever viewed.

  32. This thinking borders on the criminal.
    These doctors are men that should have their medical licenses taken away.

    1. The act of denying a human being the right to make their own medical decisions does not ‘border on criminal, IT IS CRIMINAL! aka; Nuremberg Trials.

  33. I don’t have children, but I was very seriously vaccine damaged as a child which left me with an extremely debilitating condition known as Aspergers which is a form of Autism. Both my wife & I have since made the decision to not let ourselves be treated by a medical doctor because of the corrupted education of doctors.

  34. This is something many parents fear. I have an incredible Dr., who I waited for for over a year to be accepted. We struggled after my son was born to find ANY pediatrician who wouldn’t berate me for not wanting to vaccinate. My son had a terrible bout of eczema and he was allergic to cows milk. After ending all vaccines he got better and can even consume dairy now without having a reaction. We switched 5 times before finding our Pediatrician we currently go to. She asks if he is up to date on vaccines we say we are still not comfortable with them. She smiles and moves on to his height and weight and other things and doesn’t mention it again. She cares about him as a whole person and not a a vaccine quota. She did warn me that because we have state insurance they actually penalize her if not all her patients are vaccinated and if they all have lead testing…. if they all come in every year for “wellness” checks. These are all things they incentivize to get as many people jabbed as possible. She said she is fine with any parent who is uncomfortable with vaccines but would then have to insist the child is being brought in every year for his wellness check. I have no problem with this. The point to my very long story is, I was petrified to switch Pediatricians at first, mostly because I understand you are treated differently when you have Medicaid, and not a lot of choices. Don’t give up though! Don’t let them threaten you over something you are doing to protect your child. They still work for you. We even went as far as paying out of pocket, to have our son see a Chiropractor as his pediatrician in the times between our Dr switches. Chiropractors are some of the best Drs out there and are usually very sympathetic when it comes to not wanting vaccines. Then after scouring a mom’s group on FB, I was able to find a Pediatrician who others said was great. We were on a waiting list for a year and she was an hour away but nothing, and I mean nothing! Compares to having your child’s doctor on your side. I thank my lucky stars every day that I have this practice in my corner. Keep looking for good Drs!!! They are out there!

  35. This is exactly why parents and those who oppose forced vaccination (a barbaric, Third Reich-type action) should demand that their representatives and senators support the Parental Rights Amendment. This amendment is gaining traction in Congress and it definitively ensures that PARENTS’ rights to determine what is best for THEIR child are protected in the Constitution of the United States. Judges can force a parent to vaccinate his child. Doctors, hospitals and judges can force a parent to pursue the course of treatment the doctor feels is best–even if the parents have valid concerns and the second opinion of a legitimate doctor. Children have been forced to receive chemotherapy even when they and their parents wish to pursue other courses of treatment.
    With no risk for the manufacturers, collusion between Big Pharma and our politicians and a god-mentality on the part of far too many doctors, parents are left to play a small role in determining what is best for their children. This has to stop.
    Call and demand that your congressmen and women support the PRA. Put action behind your anger.

  36. I have to admit this article really scares me. The thought that a parent can be harassed by CPS for refusing vaccination is terrifying. I have 3 grandson’s and another baby on the way that are, for the most part, unvaccinated. If the state uses CPS to intimidate and possibly even remove children from parents, we have fallen into a state of tyranny. My question is how we actively guard our children against this. I contact my representatives when applicable, but that seems like too little. We have got to do something to stop the advance of pharmaceutical companies against our families.

  37. I’m sorry but at what point does it become for the Greater Good of all to be injected with known carcinogens over and over and over again. This country was found on biblical principle and God in his infinite wisdom said don’t mix your blood with the blood of a sacrificed animal and every vaccine has sacrificed animals and human DNA in them…..I’m sure God would not approve of sacrificed HUMAN’s being injected into the small bodies of babies! Hence the facts that we have epidemic people allergic to peanuts, eggs, and milk and eczema and asthma it is proven over and over and over that these are side effects of vaccines and autism is too….. This is a FREE country and creating vaccine mandates is just down right communist its all for money and no one cares about the children or pregnant women that are injured as a result. Than National Vaccination Injury Fund is an admission that vaccines cause injuries but you will play hell getting a pediatrician to admit that the vaccines they gave your child hurt them or killed them. Even the autopsy that the insurance company you have only pays for a “generic” testing it doesn’t do extensive testing to find out if the poison from the shots killed your baby…..healthy babies don’t just die vaccines swell their brains and kill them that is really what SIDS is all about and in order to brush it under the rug they have this generic autopsy that they do on an infant that dies of so called “SIDS” it such a conspiracy!

    NO DOCTOR on this earth can tell you how a vaccine will affect your body or your baby’s body no matter how old you are when you get the shots the poisons can kill you at any age and cause serious health conditions. China makes some of the vaccines and wont even let the FDA inspect their facilities where they make the vaccines……all the more reason not to vaccinate!!!! There is a cure for every so called “vaccine preventable disease” its called homeopathic medicine!!!!

    1. They care. We care. It’s the way education and hospitals work that is the problem. Nobody bothers to ask for the insert these days. Knowledge is power. “Show me the insert!” Although our girls are 4 and 5 now, and doctors continue to press us for vaccines, none of them has ever actually been willing to show us the manufacturers insert. They make clever excuses instead, every single time. How to win the vaccination refusal argument is as simple as reviewing the insert right then and there. Once you identify the typical run around duck and dodge the facts method involved with denying patients access to the manufacturers insert, you’ll have a better understanding for how the propaganda machine continues on.



  39. To site an 1905 law in today’s world is poor legal action. In 1905 there were few cars – so horses (and their excrement) lined the streets. People did not have proper refrigeration of foods. There were few houses with indoor plumbing, and water ways were as contaminated as they are today – but with other types of contaminants. These issues are not at all pervasive in today’s society – so the Jacobson v Massachusetts ruling could just as easily be thrown out.

    There is no “science” in vaccine research. Done by companies like Merck and GSK – they publish their own research studies. The CDC has 14 known whistle blowers who know about fraud in vaccine studies. Parents have the right to raise their children based on a number of court cases (not mentioned here).

    When the 1986 Child Vaccine Act is rescinded, and doctors and manufacturers can be sued for vaccine illness and death – then the system will change.

    There are a number of RICO law suits in California, where SB 277 was passed last year. Our goal is to crush the state legislators into submission.

    1. In Colorado, when legislators and representatives betrayed the trust We The People had placed with them in their public positions, we sanctioned and recalled them. It was a historic event, but one which is easily recreatable. To put it in perspective, if you fight them through their own systems, they will win. Even in CO after we removed 2 and the 3rd ran chicken and resigned before another recall was solidified, we are still struggling to repeal the egregious anti gun laws they passed which turn innocent law abiding persons into criminals. But we sent the message loud and clear to the criminal enterprises whom would seek to usurp our liberties and constitutional rights; you will be removed and our liberties are non negotiable. So, you must first sanction, recall, etc. I keep on asking NVIC and these other groups to create a ‘wall of shame’ and post legislators and city persons faces whom vote against liberty on huge billboards in their respective locations.

  40. It always concerns me when things get taken to this level that good parents will stop taking their children to the doctor because of this, thus causing children who need medical care to not receive it. Parents don’t want to be pushed or even threatened with losing their children and some with well meaning intentions may possibly be so afraid of CPS coming into their homes and taking their kids away that the REAL things that need to be taken care of are not.

    The whole thing is ironic… this is not really health”care” this is “health”force and manipulation.

  41. As far as I am concerned, it is vaccination which is child abuse. This medical fraud and crime against humanity has been around for over 200 years. The time has in my opinion come to put an end to it. There is absolutely no justification for ruining any more generations of children’s health and normal brain development with vaccines.

    Dr Blaylock: Vaccine Program Based Upon Nonsense, Fear, Fairy Tales

    1. I see you the VIN link, and raise you “the CDC is the edifice of fraud” story from this nations new vaccine investigation head. Oh my, pray for Robert F Kennedy he is in fact one of the most important people alive today, we’re all counting on him. The man with the power to change the world, godspeed Mr Kennedy.
      How CDC decisions work with Kennedy; Complete uncensored interview;

  42. When educated parents dedicated to the care and well being of their child(ren) are accused of neglect by persons of so called authority, parents need to come together and take a stand.

    The authors of this and other propaganda op pieces, House and Senate bills containing such baseless insinuating language, are begging to be accused of Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy.
    “MSBP specifically involves a caretaker describing nonexistent symptoms or inducing symptoms in a third person, usually a child they care for.”
    Except, these charlatans are obviously not taking care of our children, Their positions of so called authority need to be scrutinized with class action lawsuits. They are the ones who are clearly unprofessional and unfit to be imposing health care decisions. Plenty of proof to back it up.

    1. Well, get involved then. Knowledge is power. This website his packed full of heart wrenching stories, many of which are recent. I warn you, you can not unlearn what you learn if you click this link. Victims of medical kidnapping are currently waiting for the very assistance of which you suggest. On another note, thank you very much Nell for participating in this blog roll. Welcome to the uncensored news arena, take a breath of fresh air. Oh my, the things they don’t tell you on corporate funded news channels these days…

  43. If we’re going to talk child neglect, we should also talk about ‘medical kidnapping’. This is when the state kidnaps children from able parents, then resells them in the orphanage market and claims medical benefits subsidy from the state. Did you know that when a CPS officer visits a parent, they need to make an immediate determination within only 1 hour, if the parents are threats to the children or not, otherwise if that decision is not made they would lose federal funding assistance for the lifetime management of that child in custody? Meaning that there is financial incentive to note parents as dangerous immediately, otherwise the state loses money rather than profiting from medical kidnapping and forced custodial replacement. My life for my children, my non vaccinated children. Will the government make war with me personally? They have already waged war on a half million parents, just recently. Will you be next? Children are much more likely to be abused in custodial custody of the state and foster parents. It’s a proven fact that child predators are statistically far more likely to try and adopt children. The various private companies behind these government systems typically profit around $40k per medically kidnapped child, year over year.

  44. So much for freedom and liberty in the good ol’ USofA. Everyone needs to contact their legislators and put a stop to this!

  45. This is sad and pathetic, I’m so glad my kids are grown. Advise young people to not have kids in this country, move to a country that respects their parental rights.

  46. Hi Thanx for all the great info ….. you are not alone pray for the province of Ontario ??…. our current provincial head is trying to take away right and the head of CHEO DR Lindsay claims there is no such thing as aborted fetus cells in vaccines or any health risks what so ever???? God help both of them a And help Ontario beat them in court to stand up for vaccine “choice” forever and always….. a needle in the skin is my personal and my child’s personal space and our choice to 100% ethical and pure Thankyou pro Vaxxers WE MUST STOP THESE LIES AND bully tactics. God Bless and stay close to God and you’ll make it

  47. In the absence of a direct, objective medical threat no medical procedure can be forced upon minors without their parent’s consent. Today, vacination is based on fear that rare diseases “might” come back, not on a real epidemic threat.

    It is pretty creepy when people discover that vaccine pushers make a habit of lying about the rules, policies and laws in order to get vaccine compliance. Might even have something to do with widespread distrust of vaccines.


  49. Additives are the biggest reason why parents object. Why not have a system where parents can get freshly made, additive free vaccines?

  50. I am only sharing this out of concern for other parents. This situation with CPS is real, and it’s hardly done out of concern for patients; rather, in many cases, it is done punitively, especially in cases where the hospital may have screwed something up. In a case I know intimately, a 50 day old infant was taken to an ER, for what turned out to be extreme gastric reflux. To rule out seizures, a 48 hour eeg was done. The neurologist screwed up his data capture, and instead of admitting his mistake, wanted to prescribe barbiturates for a suspected 1 second seizure. The parents wanted a 2nd opinion, but were not granted one at their requested hospital, and were told they would have to go AMA. Parents got a referral to the other hospital the next day, but in the interim the original hospital called CPS, and manufactured a 277 page document slandering the parents; things were made up from “parents smoke” (they don’t) all the way to crazy complaints against breastfeeding, and one nurse even said the parents themselves prevented the seizure diagnosis…even when the neurologist clearly states in the notes “I was not able to pull up the video, will try at home.” Just for good measure, they also broke HIPPA and got “the dirt” on the other kids – one of whom has short stature, and invented things like “parents skipped follow up visits at other hospital” etc (when all visits were obtained). Then, after all this, everywhere through the document, at the end of every paragraph “these parents refuse to vaccinate.” The parents have lost a lot of sleep and anxiously await the 2nd opinion from a hopefully more ethical hospital to clear their good name (their family pediatrician already said the baby is perfectly healthy, but all it takes is ONE visit ONE disgruntled doctor). But the case may go to court, or God forbid, worse. It doesn’t even matter if slander occurs – as long as it comes from the medical community. Medical professionals are considered to ALWAYS be acting in good faith, and have complete immunity. I just wanted to caution all other parents – be careful; be careful even what you say on these random forums. Be careful how you talk to your doctor, even if he or she is a drug peddler. Be careful about when you go into a hospital. Be careful even about your children’s school teachers – because, school teachers can simply walk your child down to a counselor’s office and have a psychiatrist slap a diagnosis on them, and if parents do not adhere to it – they will, by default – even for things like ODD or ADHD or literally anything – be deemed perpetrators of medical neglect if they contest it. Not only this, there is a high likelihood of being listed with other child abusers in a database for cases like this. Please remember, in this case, ALL the parents were trying to do was protect their child and ensure a right diagnosis were made. Parents did not even get confrontational with doctors – but the very fact that they wanted a 2nd opinion from a hospital not affiliated with the first one put them in the line of fire. Obviously the decision was made at the higher rungs of the organization (parents later got calls from the Vice President of the children’s wing, etc. – and tried to hammer out a deal) – but, please, be careful. Retrospectively, these parents would have been much more careful about seeking care, and also more careful in anything voiced to any health practitioner ever. It’s like the SS around here.

  51. Kind of sounds like the American government and leading health officials have finally crested into a mirror of 3rd Reich status…tsk tsk. Doctors who inject lethal amounts of aluminum and foreign toxic matter will actually be the ones held responsible for crimes against humanity and neglect and abuse of children for their criminal injections. Take my word, they will try to destroy parents first but we outnumber them, then they will switch to a dr witch hunt grabbing provax nurses along the way. Alas, after that pharma will fall and our children will be well again♡

  52. I believe every child should be vaccinated and I believe the schools should force it. If your child is not vaccinated you have to keep them home. Home school. I dnt believe vaccines cause autism it was proven is does not. There’s adult vaccines at least 6 every adult should get. And there’s traveling vaccines. Disease are coming back like the measles. Protect your children and yourself. Don’t live your life thinking you untouchable are invisible. And don’t think you have secret ingredients to protect your child from these diseases because you don’t. Get your kids protected get them vaccinated

  53. I don’t think it is anyone’s business what I chose is best for my child. If vaccines work so well, what do these people have to fear? If you choose to vaccinate your child then how is my unvaccinated child a threat to yours? My child – my right to decide what is best for him.

  54. What about the risk of getting these diseases?
    You do not have to have children. We are past of a community.
    Look back at what these diseases did.

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