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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Hepatitis B Vaccine Global Market to Grow Over Next Decade

The market for the Hepatitis B vaccine in Asia and Europe is forecasted to grow significantly in the following years. China and India are predicted to be the fastest growing markets in Asia…

Hepatitis B is an infectious disease of the liver caused by the Hepatitis B virus (HBV). The symptoms of the disease do not develop until after a few weeks of exposure. Hepatitis B is usually transmitted from an infected person blood, semen and other body fluids.1 2

Hepatitis B is primarily an adult disease passed from person to person most frequently through infected blood, such as during blood transfusions if blood has not been properly screened for contamination. Hepatitis B is prevalent in high risk populations such as needle using drug addicts; sexually promiscuous heterosexual and homosexual adults; residents and staff of custodial institutions such as prisons; health care workers exposed to blood; persons who require repeated blood transfusions and babies born to infected mothers during a vaginal or c-section delivery.3

Currently, North America dominates the prophylactic (preventative) Hepatitis B vaccine market.1 Hepatitis B vaccines have been available since 1982. Over a billion doses have been distributed worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that every baby should be given the vaccine within 24 hours of birth, even though pregnant women can be screened for the virus prior to giving birth.2

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that all infants in newborn nurseries receive a dose of hepatitis B vaccine before hospital discharge.4 Almost every state has added hepatitis B vaccine mandates to school attendance laws, requiring three doses of the vaccine for daycare or kindergarten through 12th grade.5

The market for the Hepatitis B vaccine in Asia and Europe is forecasted to grow significantly in the following years. China and India are predicted to be the fastest growing markets in Asia since many large drug companies have invested in these countries. The reasons given for this expected growth include increasing prevalence of Hepatitis B, increasing number of births, increasing government funding, and improved health care facilities.1

According to a press release by Persistence Market Research (PMR), Some of the major players operating in the market for prophylactic hepatitis B virus vaccines are Merck & Co, Inc., Sanofi Pasteur, Novartis AG, Pfizer Inc., GlaxoSmithKline to name a few. Vaccine market is an oligopolistic market in which the major players such as GlaxoSmithKline, Merck & Co, Inc. and Sanofi Pasteur are using cost leadership and differentiating strategy. The strategy of the major companies in the global prophylactic hepatitis B virus vaccines market is to cut down the prices owing to the increased demand.”2


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  1. Why do we need to see this steady stream of articles saying that the vaccine market is expected to grow over the next several years?

    That is the industry’s opinion. In my opinion, we are going to see a reversal, now that more people are catching on that the government vaccine program is a scam and Trump is setting up a vaccine commission.

    Let us not give in to industry’s optimistic outlook.

      1. There are more than 200 vaccines in the pipeline waiting for approval or to start trials. Trump is a virulent capitalist with friendly relations to investors. Trump will capitulate. We must keep pushing back on these powerful forces.

    1. I think people are catching on, that both parties have prostituted themselves with a race-to-the-bottom of kissing up to big business bucks.

      This has been going on for decades, getting worse all the time. People realize that drug companies are sucking up all the medical dollars from doctors, nurses, and patients, and that national debt was caused by war and tax cuts.

      Since WWII the CIA has spent much more time and energy secretly promoting American corporate interests, than doing the work of keeping the country safe.

      The CIA (and FBI to a lesser extent)has spent most of their time and money, since the 1950s, staging coups and assassinating elected leaders and replacing them with dictators of U.S. choice.

    2. 100% agree, I don’t have Hep B to give my baby that shot. That’s crazy. Now they added hep A. Every little germ seems they have a vaccine for. Hope Trump puts a stop to this!!!!

    3. David, we need to hear this because Congressis in bed with BigPharma and this is a little snapshot of what is to come through mandates. Read through the lines.

  2. I know of two deaths after this vaccine. One was a neighbor who got accused of shaking baby syndrome when the newborn died the next day. The hospital in Wyoming, let the body rot during the “investigation” so they would not be able to do a valid autopsy. The other baby was in the news from Newark, NJ. In both cases blood vessels in the brain exploded.

    Also, my first child, an early baby only 5 pounds/ 4 ounces, got liver-producing bilirubin (jaundice build up, right after the shot) and had wear an ultra-violet jacket for a few days to clear it up. We never suspected the hepatitis shot, and the doctor called it “very common” but did not give a reason for it.

    1. And the worst of all is that immunologists have known, for many years, that an infant’s immature immune system is incapable of producing effective antibodies till the child is at least one year old. What is the point in giving ALL infants Hep-B injections when they know that a specific number of them will be severely injured or killed by them? It would be better to take their chances with Hep-B!

  3. Those are inspirational considerations Dave. We put too much faith in single individuals though. The vaccine ramp up is clearly a result of the conflict of interest with for profit vaccinations coupled with the industries ability to bypass informed consent and general liberty with vaccine mandate legislation. aka pay to play. The power of the purse remains as the most influential tool in many industries. With ethics and considerations of inalienable rights all but absent in vaccination policy setting, it is up to us to utilize the power of the purse. “There is no greater objection than absence.” “When tyranny becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” People whom promote mandatory vaccination schemes are clearly set against free markets and liberty and justice for all. Would NVIC please assemble a public shaming list of all politicians whom vote in favor of mandatory vaccine policy setting? Although I am a conservative myself, I am very fearful for the future of my liberties since the recent trends have shown that vaccination mandates have become a partisan issue which conservatives are more likely to vote in favor of. Here is a great article about this issue:

  4. Where you focus your attention is what you are going to see…the more we focus on the negative outcome of what we call reality, the more we will see of the same, so, go outside, start interviewing people and asking if they know about the vaccines revealed documentary , or about the movie Vaxxed, Trace Amounts, Vaccine Syndrome….start focusing on the amount of people that is waking up. Keep your attention on that people and spread the word based on that and we will change this reality…

  5. Yup David.
    I agree.
    Let’s see more about how to work against it.
    Risks of vaccinations + why people are at risk in the first place.
    If we quit vaccinating every kid against hep B, HPV &stop putting them all on birth control and start teaching abstinence until marriage again I think we would have less problems. Spend the time in health class teaching about why you should not be shooting up etc. Make them informed even if they choose to get the vaccine. If you worked somewhere with exposure to blood them you could calculate your risks.

  6. As a 5 yo child I got hepatitis B at a hospital after hernia surgery. I did not find out I was “immune to hepatitis B” until I was 65. I remember being very sick and an aunt who died from high blood pressure had said I was jaundice.They recommended I get vaccinated for other hepatitis. I told them they were very stupid and I wasn’t.

  7. Hep B, C, et. al. are a lie much like HIV. It is tested for in the same way as HIV through an antibody test which never directly isolates the “virus”. It is convenient for the prostitutes of science (whose paymasters are big pharma)to blame an absent RNA virus for the inflammation in the risk groups I.e drug use, alcoholism and in doing so distract the public from other causes as well that include toxins and carcinogens in our food, air, water and ground. The lie is in isolation. PCR is not accurate and only detects fragments of possible viruses but more likely cellular debris. If these charlatans used Kochs Postulates to verify 1/2 of our “diseases” would have to be dismissed as pure pharma hype.
    Duesbergs books, Inventing the Aids Virus” and “Infectious AIDS, Have We Been Misled are a good start for anyone interested in how we got to this point.

  8. Donald Trump has appointed Robert Kennedy jr. As vaccine safety advocate.If you know anything about Bobby He will scare the pants off Merck and other vaccine promoters and now maybe We will see a change in the insanity of forcing vaccines on everyone which is destroying our children.

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  14. According to the latest market report published by Credence Research, Inc. “Hepatitis B Vaccines Market – Growth, Future Prospects and Competitive Analysis, 2017 – 2025” the global hepatitis B vaccines market was valued at US$ 1.39 Bn in 2016, and is expected to reach US$ 1.89 Bn by 2025, expanding at a CAGR of 3.5% from 2017 to 2025.

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