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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Guard Yourself: A Gardasil Documentary Short

The doctor suggested that we give her the HPV vaccine, and that was at the time when all the commercials were on TV and me not knowing… I had never done any research, I thought it was a good thing that it would prevent her from getting cancer in the future. So, yeah, I said that she could get the shot, and it’s a big regret because I should have done my research. So, it’s a series of three shots over the period of six months. You get the first shot, two months later you get the second shot, and the four months after you get the second shot you’ll get the third and final shot. The shot was pretty painful, you could feel the liquids going through your arms […]… I passed out after the second shot.

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  1. How can this get out into the corrupt mainstream media? The girls that died will reincarnate and come back with their soul in a new body. They are not gone.

  2. My heart is broken for these families! Although it was not a Gardasil vaccine but rather the Pneumococcal vaccine that caused my husband to develop an autoimmune disease where his immune system attacks his own platelets and kills them, thus looking like ITP (but advancing into CLL, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia). We found research suggesting the use of the supplement, Quercetin, an antioxidant found in apples, onions, etc. can restore platelet levels. We have found success with this approach and his platelet levels are now normal.

  3. As a mother, I feel so very badly for you & your loss. We do all that we can & we try to protect our precious children from evil & harm. We should not have to protect them from doctors & drug companies; very sad that is what it has come to.

  4. You will never see the media talk about poisonous vaccines because the major media is paid to shut up.Every other commercial on major media is a vaccine(injection) Today almost all Pharma ads are for injections because since 1986 Big pharma is immune to all lawsuits caused by massive harm or death caused by their lethal products,and doctors are immune from prosecution too.In 1913 Rockefeller and Carnegie invented Western medicine when they opened Sloan Kettering in N Y and bribed medical schools to teach it.With their money most plant and homeopathic forms of medicine was banished.This is what started the insanity of chemo,radiation,vaccines and other forms of medicine that make a HUGE profit but kills you slowly.The more knowledge you aquire the more your spirit will soar or you can stay in the endless abyss where most reside

  5. This is a tragedy for sure. They recall spinach if someone get’s ill, yet hundreds of side effects and 160 some deaths and we keep injecting? Absurd! After reading “Vaccine Epidemic”, I warned a friend/acquaintance about the dangers of Gardasil. I sent her website information to prove what I was saying. Coincidentally, she was just at the doctor’s office and he recommended it to her son who was in the 7th grade at the time. She was so offended, she admonished me by saying this was along the lines of talking politics and religion. I was mortified as I was trying to save her precious children. It’s hard warning people as you just don’t know how they will respond. I hope it made her do some research and decide against it. Hopefully, she opted out and consequently saved her children. I want to open my mouth and warn people when the topic comes up, but it is so controversial that I’m now afraid to. I wish I would have been warned about the dangers prior to my kids being born. I would have opted out. Instead, I gave them all the shots. They have not immediate problems, but I just pray they don’t end up later with a chronic disease like Alzheimer’s, cancer,…

    1. It can be very difficult to speak up to people we know for fear of being ostracized. But this is exactly what the Powers That (Shouldn’t) Be want. Through a complicit media, they’ve made this a controversial issue to ensure people self-censor. The less people talking about it, the more power they maintain over the people. Incidentally, it’s also why topics like religion and politics have been deemed “taboo.” It’s all about power and control.

      Maybe think of it this way- better to lose a friend or loved one due to ostracism than vaccine harm or death.

  6. People – grandmothers, aunts, friends, sisters, mothers boyfriends, fathers, grandfathers – VACCINATION is NOT IMMUNIZATION. Talk to each other about this topic. Cervical cancer is curable in all 4 stages.
    JUST say NO. Forrest Maready My Incredible Opinion – is a seriously down to earth look at the idiocy of vaccination the weakest of the world’s populations especially and including our own. Laura Hayes has a very intelligent lecture about vaccines online on the Autism web site.

  7. ITP, huh?

    There’s a worse form of “ITP” going around and it affects anyone and everyone : “Idiots Trusting Pharmaceuticals”!

    Please people, STOP trusting all this “medical (junk) science” garbage claiming to “prevent” cancer or other health risks! These “vaccines” ARE the health risk!! They override and destroy your own natural immune system and this is NOT by accident! The establishment wants a SICK & WEAK society that cannot fight back or rise up in a revolt (which they know is coming for all their tyranny and treachery).

    Proper eating habits, exercise, which will enable and promote a STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM is going to do more for you against ANY disease or ailment than these pseudo-science POISON VACCINES will do.

    Stop trusting every “doctor” and “scientist” that defends this JUNK. Having prestigious initials after one’s name does NOT make that person immune from corruption, taking BRIBES, KICKBACKS, and other lucrative PAYDAYS for saying/doing whatever they are told to say/do unto an unsuspecting and over-trusting public.

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