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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


How Much Do You Really Know About the Flu Vaccine?

Did you know that the flu vaccine is the number one selling vaccine in America, but it is also the least effective? Each year, pharmaceutical companies produce over 150 million doses of influenza vaccine. Each dose sells for about $20, making flu vaccination a $3 billion annual industry. Over the past decade, annual flu vaccine effectiveness has varied between 10 and 60 percent. Last year’s flu vaccine was only 19 percent effective. That means for 80 percent of those who got the vaccine, it didn’t work. For most people, healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle keep the immune system ready to handle influenza. Rarely, the flu can be more serious for people with heart and lung disease and immune disorders. But the CDC recommends flu vaccine for almost every individual in the United States, including all pregnant mothers, infants, children, adults, and the elderly, regardless of risk factors.

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  1. While pregnant I was chemically poisoned by the swine flu vaccine later called the H1N1. Vaccine , after being approached at the WIC office by members of the CDC ,for a behavioral analysis

  2. My son’s public elementary school in Hawaii sent home a three page release form for parents to sign, which allowing their child receiving the flu vaccine at school. How convenient. If you missed getting the shot at your local drug store, grocery store or pediatrician’s office, you can now get a shot at school! His 2nd grade teacher apparently made a small speech saying that anyone who did not get the shot would be knowingly putting the rest of the school at risk. Is is worth sending the teacher some basic info on how the flu shot only covers approx 20% of recipients? I admit that I don’t particularly want to “out” myself as “anti-vax,” for fear that it will create bias against my son. Sad state of affairs.

    1. I would send a letter to the school board and cc: district officials letting them know of the dangers (including legal?) of disseminating false info like that (“knowingly putting others at risk”). And attach stats from both the CDC and NVIC. They need to be given the facts so they don’t unwittingly spread misinformation, as this teacher is doing.

  3. How much do I really know about the flu vaccine?

    Well, the last three times I got it (mandated at work in healthcare), I got deathly ill.

    One year, I fell ill with a cold within 10 days of getting the jab. It went down into my lungs and made me miserable for over a month.

    Another year, I got pharyngitis, which about drove me to madness. My uvula was swollen, and I couldn’t even swallow my saliva without agony.

    The third year, I came down with a sore throat, again within 2 weeks of getting the jab. It hung on for a month before I tried antibiotics, which seemed to resolve it briefly. Then it cam back to haunt me for another month. I thought it would never end.


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