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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Bureaucrats Misquote Pope on Vaccines, Teach Parents ‘Religion’

The dispute between concerned parents and the medical industry over whether or not vaccines can be harmful to children has gone on for decades, with no middle ground appearing. The giants of the medical industry and its government supporters insist that vaccines are necessary, with only the tiniest fraction of a percentage of cases developing complications. But WND columnist Barry Farber wrote that there is evidence of a connection to autism.

Citing the new movie “Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe,” he said it’s “incontrovertible” that in the 1950s autism was almost unknown. “There was a clinic in California with maybe half-a-dozen cases. Then along came one case of autism for every ten thousand children who’d undergone the MMR vaccine. Then came one such case out of every 250. The latest figure is one out of 50! Farber said “the proud defenders of Big Pharma and the CDC still refuse to yield a centimeter.”

“And that’s what interests so many of us non-doctors and non-scientists. There’s the pungent fragrance of ‘body-panic’ as more and more anguished parents and alarmed Americans ask what’s going on here,” he said.

“The CDC’s cooking of the books has befouled the air thousands of kitchens away. Dr. Andrew Wakefield, distinguished research gastroenterologist, had his license revoked for the high crime of suggesting the MMR vaccine needed more study! CDC internal whistleblower Dr. William Thompson has more and more frightened onlookers hopeful that truth will prevail. The MMR loyalists, however, defend it like the fanatical war-time Japanese defended their Emperor Hirohito. The cause of this skyrocketing surge in autism, Big Pharma and the CDC assure us, ‘cannot be vaccinations, must not be vaccinations, will not be vaccinations!’”

Amid the growing alarm about vaccines, governments are adopting new techniques to pressure parents into allowing the injections on their children, and one of the newest, in Michigan, has prompted a lawsuit.

The Michigan policy, said Kate Oliveri, a lawyer for the Thomas More Law Center, “allows government employees to take on the role of priests and pastors, molding religious beliefs to further the state’s agenda.” “This is antithetical to the religious protections found in the Federal and Michigan constitutions and the religious protections enacted by the Michigan legislature,” she said. The organization has filed a lawsuit against the state and county “seeking to stop a state-sponsored religious inquisition of parents who have religious objections to state vaccination requirements.”

The suit comes on behalf of Tara Nikolao, a Catholic registered nurse and mother of four. She objects to vaccines made with cells of aborted infants and other vaccines on religious grounds. However, the complaint contends, government employees are violating the Free Exercise and Establishment clauses of the First Amendment, the religious protections in the Michigan Constitution and Michigan law by grilling her about her faith and then telling her what she’s supposed to believe.

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Note: This article was reprinted with permission. It was originally published by WND.

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  1. Rights are not negotiable. Who will offer shots for parents, the parents can administer themselves? This may be an effective solution. Kids on record has having complied, but parents just throw the shots away later. The government does not have the right, nor can they claim the right, to force persons to do things with their bodies, consume any certain type of food or medicine, without informed consent. To force any individual to take any medication when they have done no wrong and are of no harm to others, that is a violation of civil rights and informed consent ethic. One of the most shocking things I learned in NVIC research was that Colorado is one of few states with personal objection opt out options. I do not need to define a reason why I exercise my personal liberties. Nobody should have to define a reason why they exercise their personal liberties. It is supposed to be unethical and constitutionally illegal to remove liberties from citizens whom have done no wrong.

    1. Your arguments are all well and good, however, since time memorial, governments have not lived up to their word no matter what country. Governments are made up of people and people are easily paid off and break all the rules. We have been witnessing the ravaging of our beloved Constitution for decades now. Barry Soreto, AKA Obama, has been finishing the works of the presidents’ betrayals since the assassination of JFK. No president since then has been worthy of the title or leadership of this country. And now we have 2 of the worst possible choices this country has ever seen. If these 2 candidates represent the best we have, then we have failed miserably in our children’s education, the integrity of our country’s founding values and the sell out by all who purport to be Americans but are too busy following Pokemon Go and the BS Hollywood spits out to us.

  2. I keep reading about this whistleblower Dr. William Thompson. Yet NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING has happened as a result of his purported speaking out. Last I read he turned his documents over to a politician. THAT was the biggest mistake. Now that it is in the hands of a politician do you REALLY think anything will happen. Politicians are BOUGHT and paid for by pharmaceutical and other industries. We the People will never see anything happen – no massive law suits, no impeachments against the FDA, CDC or other gov agencies. The vaccine manufacturers are guaranteed “immunity” (how about THAT for an ironical use of a word) from prosecution?

    We already should have begun prosecutions against drug companies, CEO’s of those companies and ALL representatives of gov agencies behind the campaign to poison our children and families. BUT NOTHING will happen because Americans have been dumb-downed and are brain-dead about the truth. There should have been a “Million MOM/DAD March” on Washington a long time ago but I fear it will never happen.

    I live in Michigan and must make an appointment with the Dept of Health to sit for an hour and listen to one of its servants spew out propaganda on how vaccines are safe, necessary and prevent disease. At the end I must sign (a legal document by the way) a form stating the above as a testament. I will be signing both a religious AND a medical waiver. If the servant says I can only use one or the other I will not comply! I will list both religious and medical. I will also bring at least 200-300 pages of abstracts from peer-reviewed medical journals on the dangers of vaccines, mercury, aluminum, adjuvants and the rest and DEMAND they are part of my state file. Next to my signature I will print, “Under Duress” and “Without Prejudice”. The former means I signed paper under coercion, something I would never agree to; the latter means I do NOT give up any of my Constitutional Rights.

    I recently learned as of October 2015, in the State of MI, doctors cannot write a letter for a medical waiver. This has been taken out of the physicians hands and is now all in the State’s hands. If that is not fascism or totalitarianism then I am ……….fill in the blanks.

    1. Please be very careful. If you sign anything that says you realize that you may be putting your children at risk; that is a trick & they will send CPS over to take your kids.
      All but three states still have religious exemption & they cannot make you disclose your beliefs or religion or have a note from the pastor. This has been shot down in FIVE state supreme courts. There is usually a DHEC form that just states your sincere belief does not support vaccination & that is all that is required by law for you to submit. This govt intervention & new form is unconstitutional & a trick.Someone needs to challenge this in court.
      That said if this trend continues I would recommend you get DNA testing for $199 at & have it interpreted online. My CYP450 enzyme system cannot eliminate the toxins in vaccines and no doctor or govt official is willing to risk or sign a paper to be responsible for damages.
      Sad that much of the CDC & govt overreach is built on a 1910 lawsuit that says the court forced a man to submit to vaccination for the greater good of the public. Actually he was given the choice of paying a $5 penalty but chose the vaccine!

    2. Posted for Rosa George:

      Great post Mark. Perhaps we need to start advertising. “Trillion Mom and Dad March” (TMDM). With orange ribbon from the east coast to the west coast. Millions of parents can make a change to accommodate the beliefs we believe in .. It’s a shame we have to go and prove our point and remind our government of the First amendment on our constitution .. Did our amendment get overwritten because I was not aware? Totally agree with your post on how the government gets paid off somehow on anything that is contrary of our amendments. Why is the government disrespecting our constitution? Even if the president wants to change anything it still has to pass his cabinets, majority of votes win … Politics… Where are the schools allocated for our children now? School funding will be less due to the attendance will be lower during and once the grandfather process passes allowing children to attend for one extra year. …We as parents have to stick together and keep striving for the best of future of our children. … Let’s do it (advertise our voices to be heard with orange ribbon)…

  3. CDC/NAiH admitted they cooked the vaccine data for many years
    People wake up The Pharma industry only goal in pu hang vaccines is profits and Greed
    Regarding National Security : In Global circulation are over 40 man made offensive Bioweapons that are immune to drugs
    So what does the USA government waste money on to the tune of $5-6 Biilion per ear since the passing of Bioshield by the Dimwitted GWBush
    A Top Russian director defected ab
    Nd testified before Ciongress in 2002-3 Advising vaccines are dangerous and useless
    So Bush feeds the Drug Cartel $50-60 Bllion with no ROI
    The establishment is controlled and owned by Greed corporations
    Zika is a damned CIA experiment gone Amook
    Pandemis will come because Crokks get away with murder
    Hug your kids
    They will be first victims in next pandemic
    Trump might reverse the corruption but then again they killed KFK for wanting changes
    All vaccines are harmful

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