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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

54 Percent of Children Suffer Disabilities Caused by Vaccination

Vaccine choice is a fundamental human right. American children are experiencing an epidemic of poor health, with 54% of our children suffering a chronic illness or neuro-developmental disability. Nearly 9 million children have skin allergies. Eight million have respiratory allergies. Seven million have asthma. Five million have a learning disability. One in 400 is diabetic. And 1 in 50 kids has autism. What you may not know is that science links all these chronic illnesses to vaccines. Vaccine injuries are real and some are life-threatening. The U.S. government acknowledges that children have been severely injured and killed by vaccines.

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  1. In California, we are forced to vaccinate and the sheep out here voted for it. Those who don’t want vaccines are forced to do it. There is something inherently wrong with this since America is about freedom and choice. I hate it.

  2. I completely agree. My son was born typical. He had several ear infections and upper respiratory infections as a baby. His pediatrician prescribed antibiotics over and over again.

    Then, to add insult to injury, she continued to vaccinate. At my son’s one year “well visit” she gave him his one year immunizations while he was still sick and taking Omnicef. Shortly thereafter, he developed symptoms of autism.

    1. Amy, I share a very similar story. I wanted to let you know that you are not alone in your experiences. I have had many people try to debate the issue with me and they try to make your views sound paranoid or crazy. I’ve never doubted the effects that vaccinations have had on my child. I have felt alone in raising awareness because so many people don’t want to believe that moms and dads usually know better than anyone else.

    2. Our story exactly! This has to STOP. God Almighty grieves that precious children’s lives are being sabotaged by the very people who insist they are promoting their wellness. America needs an angry uprising ASAP or the insanity will continue – and likely even increase!

    3. I’m a classical homeopath in Holland. I and a lot of colleges of mine are using the so called Cease method with homeopathic delutions for vaccine damage. I see good results by using this method. All over the world there are homeopaths using this method. If you want to know more I will tell you more about it.

      1. I have being using homeopathic approach and could share it as well but would certainly like to know about yours , let’s exchange the info and publish it for people. There is also usage of persons blood and urine to develop the homeopathic remedies for a specific person , could also be combined with nozodes,

    4. It takes time for autism to develop in a child. Around the time you get immunizations is about when signs of autism show up. I have a relative that thought the same thing, and she decided not to immunize any of her kids. Now 2 out of 3 have autism and all have gotten measles.

  3. Rubbish.

    Take India. Manitory Vaccination in Indian Schools started in early 60’s The first small pox vaccine was administered in 1802 in India. India became free of small pox in 1977. A class mate of mine had polio, he was not vaccinated, It was common to see in my childhood many polio affected people. These days there are none. People who are against vaccines are murderers of their own children. If polio is affected for a child, he or she is a lifelong invalid. Will your organization take care of that child.

    1. Rubbish.

      Improvements in environmental and diet factors made the difference in immunity health – homes, sanitation, hygiene, food, cooking and nutrition skills, etc.

      47,500 cases of polio paralysis and death tell a different tale. And doctors in India are suing the Gates foundation. Keep up. Because all lives matter, not self-serving propaganda.

    2. Hi John, Vaccines did not rid any society of polio or any other disease. It was access to clean water, good healthy nutritious food and clean living conditions and sanitation. Vaccines manufacturers like to claim the credit, but historical documents show disease rates were falling before vaccines were introduced. Vaccines also cause the very condition it was supposed to prevent. Check out Dr Suzanne Humphries book “Dissolving Illusions”. These diseases can only take hold where conditions are right for the pathogens to breed. Also check out the work of Dr Frederick Klenner, who knew how to cure, yes cure 60 out of 60 cases of polio in April 1948. The information has been suppressed, because the pharmaceutical authorities and the American Medical Association would not have had a reason to develop and bring out the polio vaccination, which went on to cause the very illness. Most people who died or were left paralysed in 1955 were vaccinated with the polio vaccination. Check out the historical data.

      1. Remember. Polio is not a disease, it´s a DDT-poisoned body so why need to create a vaccine in the first place? Money and depopulationprogram. Now when we know how dangerous DDT is there´s no need to use any type of vaccine against something most people avoid.

        1. DDT may have done damages in the US in the 50-60’s but polio is a real disease, or was actually. I grew up in France and I new a couple people who had it, older than me, one was my own homeopathic doctor. France was not spraying children with DDT like the US. Did the vaccine eradicate it? Maybe, maybe not, I don’t vaccinate but yoy can’t say it’s not a disease either.

          1. The last major western polio epidemic in the US occurred in the USA before the vaccine was even trialled. By 1960, the epidemic had disappeared, but less than 50% of the “vulnerable population” were vaccinated (according to a contemporary JAMA report). Now polio has two definitions. There is the presence of the virus, which was mostly not associated with paralysis, and that is what is being eliminated. And then there is the presence of symptoms, which one writer correctly noted was called “Acute Flaccid Paralysis”. This is polio by symptoms, and it is dramatically increasing every year (over 100,000 annual cases now). What are you more interested in eliminating? A virus that rarely causes disease? Or, paralysis in young people?

    3. Polio is reclassified, not eradicated. Ask India about the epidemic of Acute Flaccid Paralysis. Ask about the thousands of farmers committing suicide over GMO crop failure and cost. India direct need our “help” they need our support. Read the news from outside US BS media

    4. John, there IS polio, but it passes under a new name, which i don’t remember but in my mind it’s something like Barre-Gaume syndrome. That name is definitely INCORRECT, but if you see the right term, you’ll recognize somehow or other that once i did properly know.

    5. John, the only rubbish is what you are saying! Have you researched vaccines and what they contain? Aborted fetuses, aluminum, Mercury, formaldehyde, just to name a few. Merck is currently being sued by two of its own virologists because they knowingly falsified their efficacy by using rabbit blood to get to their 95%. The trial starts in 2017, look it up and while your at it take a gander at the thousands of documented vaccine injuries. Knowledge is power, please use it before posting only government propaganda!

    6. Hi, I am an acupuncturist who is finishing a doctoral program this next year at We will be studying homeopathy. I have general understanding of what you speak of. My dogs vet used to do this with the rabies shot. She used nosodes to help with her rabies vaccination.
      What can we do to help with vaccinations with babies and children. Thank you for offering this discussion.
      All the best,
      Taraz Martinez,LAc,CBP,LMT
      Centennial CO

  4. “Blacklisted Is the New Black: Alicia Silverstone Takes on Rockefeller Industrial Medicine – An expose of the historical fraud of vaccination”
    by Jock Doubleday
    Sunday, April 17, 2016

    “Into the Labyrinth: Discovering the Truth about Vaccination”

    #6 – A Blatant Disregard for the Most Basic of Scientific Protocol
    “Why My Wife and I Decided Not To Vaccinate Our Child”

    Loss of speech, high-pitched screaming. Pro-vaxxers: “Medicine.”

    “Physician’s Warrant of Vaccine Safety.” (Your MD won’t sign this. I wonder why?)

    Vaccines CREATE allergies.
    “Peanut oil in vaccines behind widespread peanut allergy epidemic”

    Who would have thought that documented poisons are bad for us?

    “Journey of an Anti-Vaxxer”

  5. Vaccines not only cause serious damage and death to the recipients,but they Do NOT prevent the targeted diseases. Right from the beginning of any vaccination, outbreaks and epidemics have occurred in the vaccinated.

    Moreover, good medical research has demonstrated that properly managed natural infectious diseases,not mismanaged by suppressing fever and indiscriminate administration of antibiotics, are beneficial. They prime and mature the immune system and represent developmental milestones. Having measles and mumps prevents ovarian cancer, protects against immunoreactive snd sutoimmune diseases,sebaceous skin diseases and degenerative diseases of bone and cartledge and all organs and prevents untimely deaths, starting with SIDS (read sudden immunisation death syndrome). Contrary to media statements, the healthy life expectsncy in developed countries is decreasing.

    Natural infectious diseases such as measles heals renal and other diseases. The list of benefits is endless. Having whooping cough results in good lung health.

    The only effect of all and any vaccines is a harmful immune response called anaphylaxis (sensitisation, increased susceptibility to the targeted diseases),not prophylaxis (prevention).

    Vaccine are the primary cause of all so called modern diseases of humanity. That includes autism as listed in the product insert of Sanofi Pasteur DPT+P vaccine among the serious reactions established during post marketing surveillance.

    How can I assist your effort to broaden the population of viewers??

    1. I have been unable to view the film “VAXXED…”. Itseems to disappear from the internet sites. Any help in finding this film will be very helpful.

      1. Vaxxed is not on the net The point being, if it is just on the net it wont get the exposure it deserves. They (distributor – Cinema Libre said it will go to DVD later) For theatres and showing, they have a website and a newsletter one can subscribe to.

      2. Hi Doctor!
        VAXXED is currently only playing in theaters across the US and Canada that have agreed to show it. You can follow VAXXED and Producer Del Bigtree on Facebook for live Q & A sessions after each filming.

        And may I say how thankful to you I am for asking about VAXXED. ??

        Thank you!


  7. Actually, we are not FAR from 1 in 35 children beging diagnosed as Autistic. In 10 years–at the current rate–it will be 1 in 2 children.

  8. My son stopped getting vaccines after 7 months old. He has autism, I really felt since birth something was not right, I guess that’s why I stopped giving him them. My son is pretty high functioning so it wasn’t an obvious sign, just something only I felt. I don’t know with certainty if it was the vaccines, but for sure NOT the MMR since he never had that one. But when I had my second child I watched everything I ate and drank and exercised and did not give him a single vaccine. He is neurotypical and very bright. And since birth I felt he was fine. More studies need to be done on the other vaccines, I always wondered about the Hepatitis B vaccine given at birth, it makes no sense. I only wish I had listened before.

  9. my son was diagnosed as autistic in the mid 1980s,back then it was 1 in 150 children diagnosed with autism.

  10. When will people finally learn to stop. It will never end and these stories are just more statistics because people just don’t get it.

  11. In the 1980s, when my son was diagnosed with autism, the incidence was 1 out of 2500 Americans, not just children but all Americans. The condition was so rare that my young doctor had never seen an autistic child in his practice.It wasn’t 1 out of 150 until ten years ago or so.
    For the record, I have given birth to four children: My oldest is fully vaccinated and suffers from autism and severe allergies and stomach issues. He received three HepB shots when he was 12 and almost died. My second child was also fully vaccinated and has chronic allergies, stomach issues, skin problems, and depression. My third child died at four days old because the doctor did not recognize a condition he had, which could have been easily treated, but left untreated, it killed him. My fourth child has never had a shot, never had a vaccine, and never had . . . you guessed it, a major illness or allergy. She is my only healthy child. When the nurse came to give her a HepB shot when my baby was four hours old, I kicked that nurse out of my room.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Thanks for sharing your experience with others. My oldest had 19 vaccines by 9 months. Fully vaxxed for pertussis. Brought pertussis home at 2 yo 1 month after starting preK. Was always sick. Behavioral issues. Major gluten allergy. Milk & egg white allergies. And now has autoimmune disease vitiligo, which no one in family has ever had (no one has ever had as many vaccines either). My next two babies I did not vaccinate–they are never sick. And guess what? No autoimmune disease. No allergies. No chronic illness. My 3rd I did not even give the synthetic Vitamin K shot (I gave weight appropriate oral dose instead), and has never even needed an antibiotic. I’d rather have my child have an optimally functioning immune system that protects them from ALL disease, not just acute “vaccine preventable” ones.

      And yes Jim is right, it was more like 1 in 10,000 in the 1980’s.

  12. No,no it was much less that that, closer to 1 in 10,000 or 20,000. Please check your facts before you post.

  13. I agree with the anti-vaccination position whole heartedly. I thoroughly support INFORMED CHOICE. I would request, however, that when someone with a Phd like Dr Schiebner makes statements that childhood diseases prevent ovarian cancer and other autoimmune diseases that she would cite the appropriate research documentation. Otherwise she sounds like a “crackpot” (no offense)

    1. Dr. Scheibner is correct: childhood illnesses protect against various types of cancers. Read the book, Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies:

      There is a chapter in this book on Cancer and Natural Infections, with numerous studies confirming that contracting either measles, mumps, rubella or chickenpox in childhood protects against cancers in adulthood. Here is a study on mumps and ovarian cancer:;2-S/abstract

      Here is another study showing that childhood infectious diseases significantly protect against several non-breast cancers:

  14. For those of you that arent aware, that medical study linking vaccines with Autism was proven to be false. The person conducting the study faked the results to get published. I have worked with adults with autism and Asperger’s syndrome and their families for years. And from my observations, I believe Autism could be genetic. Many of the adults I worked with in their 20’s had parents who had traits of Autism but were never diagnosed back in the 1960’s. The parents (who showed traits of Autism) were raised in the 60s and 70s the same as their neuro-typical siblings and grew up and were married , had children, held down average jobs and contributed to society. I attribute that to how they were raised (not coddled and given special treatment by their parents and at school). Not saying they had an easy childhood. But I’m noticing more that we don’t expect children with Autism or Asperger’s to grow up and have average jobs and contribute to society. The reason there are more people with Autism now is because parents and doctors know what to look for and it’s being diagnosed more now, I don’t actually believe it’s becoming more prevalent. I’ve seen Temple Grandin speak and she will tell you there are many engineers and architects she believes that have undiagnosed Asperger’s syndrome.

    1. A you are absolutely wrong. I know the study you are referring too and it wasn’t about linking the MMR to Autism, therefor I know you haven’t read the original study. The doctor never falsified anything. There were 12 authors. All but 2 pulled their names because of pressure. Of the two left, one was given money to appeal and he was successful. The judge cleared him of any wrong doing, thus theoretically clearing the other doctor too since they both were on the paper. I have read all of the investigative reporting on this that you will never hear via mainstream media. I have also met the man in person and heard him speak. Having said all of that, there was a study done in 2004 showing a link between MMR and autism and they hid the findings. A whistleblower, top CDC scientist, has come out and told the story. That is what the film Vaxxed is about. There are also 125 other studies linking vaccines and Autism. Your comments on Autism show that you really don’t understand it regardless of whether you work with these people or not. There is a genetic predisposition,that would be the gun, but the environment pulls the trigger, whether it is toxins from the mother in utero, pesticides, or vaccines. The rise is NOT better diagnosing. You cant miss Autism. My son has Aspergers and I expect a lot of him. I don’t agree with your assessment on that at all. Yes, there could easily be many very high functioning missed but you cant miss the others. Autism is a medical condition regardless of the DSM and when they are treated for the medical issues, most get better. That is my story and the story of thousands of others.

    2. “A” what i have read and researched agrees totally with what C Peepls wrote. Dr Walkfied was the second person who did the reasearch on the autism study and his partner got funds to fight the falsified case that was made up by the reporter Brian something. It was found that the reported built up a fslse story.
      Dr Thompson from the CDC was the whistle blower who provided tons of documents showing that the MMR research study documents showed a definite link between the shot and autism.

      It would be less confusing if people did their research before missleading others with false info.

    3. I find it interesting that you are quick to condemn, but are keeping yourself anonymous. Unless you live it, and clearly you have not, research. Misinformation can be found anywhere.

    4. You are about as uninformed as I was as a public school educator years ago. Since those days of blissful ignorance, I have thoroughly researched and experienced the TRUTH. Asperger’s is most likely from mercury damage – while PDD autism (since 2000) is much more systemic. Children now have severe gut issues due to both excessive antibiotics and increased vaccinations. Their immune systems are being shamelessly devastated at the expense of their diminished future for the horrendous prosperity of the American healthcare industry. My own health blog addresses the harm they are doing to our families – with this and numerous other epidemics.

    5. I agree, vaccines do not cause autism, however they cause brain damage which has similar symptoms than autism, thus the confusion. It is a mistake to call it autism as it undermines the truth about the dangers of vaccines but since most doctors do not know better they will label these kids with what appears to be a known condition.

    6. A, you have clearly not read the study done by Wakefield, nor any study regarding vaccines. Please refrain from commenting on these issues, until you have done some research.

  15. The association of English physicians formally notified Edward Jenner 200 years ago, that his cow pox vaccine did not work. Seeking fame and fortune for his “invention,” he and supporters continued.
    Mankind has suffered 200 years from the fraud of Jenner and is currently suffering from the profiteering of the Rockefeller pharmacy industry and their MD pimps who practice pharmacy profiteering instead of genuine medicine.

  16. Excellently presented video with heartbreaking cases.

    At the very end it is stated that no parent should be forced to vaccinate their children to protect others.

    Herd immunity only applies when a population is subjected to a wave of natural infectious diseases. It does not apply to vaccinations. Vaccinating many does not protect the unvaccinated.

    It is not egoistic to refrain from vaccinating.

  17. You do not see kosher certifications for vaccines like you do for certain food and non-food products.

    Autism has more than one cause. If caused by mercury, then the child can potentially make great gains by following the Cutler Protocol. GcMAF has also helped some.

  18. My sister in Canada has 4 children. The first seems to be ok, the second was vaccinated although she had a cold as a baby. She had a light form of spina bifida and this only was treated and healed. Then there was a delay in development, but soon she had to find out that the child was mentally and physically disabled. She’s 23 now and won’t ever be able to live alone. Ofcourse no doctor would take the responsibility, so she has to pay for every extra help the girl needs. The last two were never vaccinated and homeschooled. They are healthy, healthy, heaLthy.
    My daughters in Germany were both diagnosed with ADD and ADHD… also vaccinations?

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  20. I am a child that has had all of the vaccines needed, I have not ever heard of anyone being affected by vaccines. No brain damage, no ADHD and no autism gained.
    I’m honestly sick of people disagreeing with getting their children vaccinated, then complaining that their children are sick or dying.
    Get your children vaccinated, and they will be safe from potentially life threatening illnesses.
    If you want to be an irresponsible parent, go ahead.

    1. Classic response of someone that can’t see the “big picture” Let me ask you something.
      Have you read what a vaccine insert warnings and adverse effects list?
      Actually, do you even know vaccines have warnings and adverse effects listed in a document call “insert”? FDA website has them.

      Now, before you tell me the stupidity of “my kid had all the vaccines needed…. blah blah blah… and I am a responsible parent and who don’t vaccinate are not”…. OK good for you and your kid, is your child and is your choice .. BUT.

      Why you think all medications have warnings and adverse reactions?…. No idea? think.. use your brain once… ok here is a clue.

      Not everybody is suitable for all medications. Each patient requires a tailored medication because, genes, family history etc etc. So why VACCINES are all INJECTED on each baby born without pre-testing. Have you every thought some babies have reaction to a vaccine? that is called “Vaccine Injure” so use your brain for a sec and let it sink in.

    2. Google vaccine injury or search it on youtube. There are hundreds of thousands who have been harmed by vaccines and many deaths as well.

  21. This is the biggest crock of bull… I’ve ever read! Nearly as many would suffer from all the issues listed above, without vaccines. I’m waiting for someone to say there’s proof that vaccines cause brown hair! Come on now!

  22. You can argue that vaccine are not the problem. But numbers don’t lie. In 1912 6,000 children died of from Measle Mump and Rubella. In 1963 after the intro to the vaccines it was 400-500 died and 48,000 were hospitalize.
    Fast forward to 2016- 54% of our children suffer from a disability caused by vaccine. 9 million have a skin allergies -8 million have respiratory allergies-7 million have asthma 5 million have a learning disability- 1 in 400 is diabetic- 1 in 59 kids have autism. Have we really solved the childhood disease problem or added to the problem?

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  24. We are players in a global warfare take down.
    At this rate there will be no active healthy world economy in a year’s time.
    I refuse to drink the Government’s Koolaid. Logic has been flushed away in so many areas.
    What these eight people have been saying for years is finally be proven as correct. This panel discussion should be on your viewing schedule.

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