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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

There’s Measles and Zika. Then There is Autism.

autistic boy playing
The possibility that one out of every two American kids will have autism in 2025, with the specter of costs to our nation of up to $1 trillion per year, is the real crisis.

When you look at all the drama behind the 189 reported cases of measles1 in the United States last year and the recent daily reporting on the Zika virus, it is reasonable to question the priorities of our country’s public health officials and media. No one died from measles in the U.S. recently and it is unclear that anyone has died from Zika mosquito bites either. Yet, because of the national attention given to the measles cases, there has been a renewed push by state legislatures to severely restrict vaccine exemptions in this country. Now, the U.S. government wants to spend $1.9 billion on Zika research.2 

All of this prime time coverage of measles and Zika is occurring at a time when 1 in 45 children in the U.S. are being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD)3 and the cost of caring for individuals with autism has become a major industry estimated in the tens of billions of dollars annually.

In 2007, sociomedical scientist Michael L. Ganz, PhD published a study titled “The Lifetime Distribution of the Incremental Societal Costs of Autism,” in which he estimated the lifetime cost of caring for a person with autism at $3.2 million.4 Dr. Ganz estimated the total cost of autism to the U.S. at $35 billion per year.4

Autism is a very expensive disorder costing our society upwards of $35 billion in direct (both medical and nonmedical) and indirect costs to care for all individuals diagnosed each year over their lifetimes.4

Compared to measles and Zika, autism seems to be barely a blip on the radar screens of government health agencies and the media. This is worrisome, given that the autism epidemic remains on a steady upward trend and there are no definitive answers as to what is causing it coming out of federal health agencies. Research scientist Stephanie Seneff, PhD of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has predicted that, by 2025, half of the children in America will be diagnosed with some form of autism.5 

A study published in 2015 by health economist Paul Leigh, PhD of the University of California at Davis pegs the cost of this massive epidemic at up to $1 trillion annually by 2025.6 According to a press release by UC-Davis:

Their forecasts for ASD-related medical, nonmedical and productivity losses are $268 billion for 2015 and $461 billion for 2025. The researchers noted that these estimates are conservative and, if ASD prevalence continues to increase as it has in recent years, the costs could reach $1 trillion by 2025.6

Dr. Leigh writes:

The current costs of ASD are more than double the combined costs of stroke and hypertension and on a par with the costs of diabetes. There should be at least as much public, research and government attention to finding the causes and best treatments for ASD as there is for these other major diseases.

Viewed in this light, measles and Zika virus should not be receiving the media attention they’re getting and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) should not be making a nearly $2 billion Zika research funding request to Congress, because they are not, even remotely, at the crisis level of the autism epidemic. Why hasn’t DHHS made a $2 billion funding request to Congress to increase efforts to find the causes of autism?

There is a scene in the first Harry Potter movie in which Hermione, Ron and Harry have just returned to their dormitory after meeting Fluffy, the three-headed dog. Hermione tells them, “I’m going to bed before you come up with another plan to get us killed. Or worse, expelled.” Ron tells Harry, “She needs to get her priorities straight.”

The possibility that one out of every two American kids will have autism in 2025, with the specter of costs to our nation of up to $1 trillion per year, is the real crisis. There is mounting evidence that we are about to face a social and financial catastrophe for our country of historic proportions—the consequences of which are almost impossible to measure.

We may want to get our priorities straight. Soon.


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  1. I quite agree that the autism epidemic represents a social and financial catastrophe.

    Unfortunately, the priorities of the government and the medical profession are damage control and keeping its sacred vaccine programs going at all costs, not doing what is best for our kids and our country.

    And ultimately, what this tells me is that we don’t need the government to spend more money on phony autism research, which makes it look like it is doing something, when nothing could be further from the truth.

    What we need is a complete separation of vaccines and state: No CDC, no vaccine schedules, no vaccine mandates, and no phony epidemiological studies. Nothing less will do.


    2. I always wondered why there was no research done on incidence of autism in the states that have traditionally had zero exemptions for vaccines (MS and WV) versus states that have all three exemption requirements.

      Of course, that’ll never be done, because they already know what the results would say, then they’d have to doctor the data.

  2. I just read the report generated when the US Senate investigated the CDC a few years back. In it, they talk about the CDC having a pattern of asking for a billion dollars at a time to combat one disease or another, but that once they have the money, either the incidence of the disease actually goes up over time instead of down, or they don’t keep sufficient records to be able to tell the effect. Meanwhile, it says they are spending money frivolously on things like a new visitor center with a media wall, when they already have a perfectly fine visitor center.
    Asking for the money to study zika and develop a vaccine for it is jumping the gun at best. They have no real proof that zika causes Microcephaly at all. Of the 1,100 confirmed cases of Microcephaly in Brazil, only 189 were found to have “a connection with zika.”. First, they didn’t say those 189 mothers HAD the zika virus. “Have a connection with Zika” can mean many things. Second, Colombia reports that over 3,000 pregnant women had the zika virus, and depending on the report, either none of the babies had Microcephaly, or a couple had something similar to Microcephaly. Not to mention, the US reportedly has thousands of cases of microcephaly per year, and never had any zika (although just recently they’re saying there may be a few). Even correlation equalled causation, this is a miniscule correlation.

    A much more likely cause of the increase in Microcephaly in Brazil is that over a ten year period, their pesticides/herbicide use has skyrocketed, making them the number one consumer of these chemicals worldwide. Three of the most widely used ones have studies linking them to side effects of restricted fetal growth, small head circumference, and Microcephaly. Not to mention the mandatory DtaP vaccine for pregnant women, and the release of GM mosquitoes to combat dengue fever there.
    There was also an article in a magazine called The Clinton Vision, by Noam Chomsky, where he says Brazil has basically been controlled by the US since 1945, and they have used Brazil as a testing ground for all kinds of agricultural methods (think GM crops later on), and products. He said this has made the government of Brazil and a few at the top, very rich, but has caused widespread poverty for the Brazilian citizens, and the result was the creation of a subculture there that he calls pygmies, denoted by their restricted growth.

  3. I will turn 65 soon. In all those years I have watched the swift decline of this country at the hands of evil people. I say evil because no other word can explain the actions of those who think they hold power over us. To an extant they do because the majority of people are lazy or too downtrodden to keep up with the truth, so they watch the news.

    The pillars of scientific inquiry and methodology no longer apply. Religion has usurped humans ability to discern the Truth in most matters. Politicians are nothing more than power hungry lawyers – 2/3 or more of Congress are former lawyers which brings to mind what Shakespeare said – Kill all the lawyers or something to that effect. I would trade 1 Mother Teresa for 1,000 Billy Grahams.

    Without getting religious, humans are faced with an ever growing evil so much so that I sometimes cannot help but think there is such a creature as Satan. Otherwise how could politicians (who we all know are really not that bright) write the laws they do and continue stealing our money, our lives and our health. It is said, the greatest trick Satan pulled over humans is to convince us he doesn’t exist.

    Having poured out my observations, here is the best information on the whole zika nonsense.

    Zika Virus and Yoichi Shimatsu

    CDC-Oxford ‘Death Gene’ Is Key To The Brazilian Babies Riddle – 2/08/16


    Genewashing Zika … The Cover-up Of Biotech’s Dirty War – 2/15/16


    Gene Warfare On Brazil Infants Has Roots In African Lab – 2/19/16


    The Simple Truth Of The Zika Virus Frenzy – 2/27/16
    Behind The Zika Scare – GM-Carrier Mosquitoes Cause Microcephaly


  4. “Amen Marco!”

    What are the long term consequences of the trend?
    Absolute Slavery.

    The people of this “Great Republic” will eventually fall into one of two categories:
    The disabled, enslaved in their own bodies
    Those who take care of the disabled

    As families of the disabled go broke, more and more of the $bill will have to be picked up by taxpayers.

    How is this all going to work? Quite a scary thought.

  5. Zika is a dodge, it’s a way to funnel even more money into ‘research’ coffers while no solutions are really at hand. It’s the toxins from Monsanto, Dow Chemical that are the problem.

    Autism is a huge problem, and it’s one of the ways the Elite will control everyone. Much easier to control a sick society. Look at the Georgia Guidestones and see what they have planned for us.

  6. I’m so darn sick and tired of hearing about more research is needed! We need to stop the madness. With all of the damage vaccines have caused, they legally ought to be pulled from the shelves. When we have a bad bunch of salad from the grocery store or symptoms from tainted beef, there is a nationwide recall. Yet, when someone dies or is permenantly maimed, we have to prove it, no recalls and business as usual! Not to mention it’s never on the news (I know why). That is messed up!!!! Unbiased scientific research hasn’t been done, nor will it ever as those of us enlightened ones know. Why? Because research has been bought by the organization’s selling their poisons and since they have a cozy relationship with corrupt government, “scientific research” will continue to be a big fat joke/money maker. Not to mention,all the animals under going torturous experiments for what many of know to be harmful. Billions of dollars are at stake for real, unbiased research. This will NEVER happen. The CDC, government officials, pharmaceutical industry… would lose a lot of the publics trust and billions of dollars. I think the only hope we have are whistle blowers and/or a revolution.

  7. The director of the film Vaxed has said that autism is the biggest issue in this country. By 2025 half of our chidren will have it if trends continue. WE will have an extremely reduced work force and almost no army. The rest of us will be caretakers.

  8. With so many autistic people – there is good excuse to have “therapies” like ABA by Lovaas.
    Lovaas used only non-professional therapists in his 1987 study, but then he changed his mind and said they need a license.

    All the millions of dollars spent on researching ABA are a waste of time.
    The patients remain autistic. no one has ever “recovered”.

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