Immunity: The Emerging Truth

Immunity: The Emerging Truth

In Humble Awe of Human Complexity

Eastern wisdom tells us that when we think we know, we don’t. But when we admit ignorance, we achieve enlightenment. The most profound part of my departure from conventional medicine has been the depths of my surrender to all that we do not, cannot, and must not understand about the body and its experience. Humble awe and wonder are truly the only appropriate states for approaching the complexity of the human condition.

I have sought to validate my intuition around the hubris of our efforts to outsmart nature, through the available scientific literature. We are suffering from our dualistic perspectives: human vs germs, body vs. disease, I vs me.

Disconnected Medicine: A Departure from Intuition

Vicki Noble, in Shakti Woman, a manifesto on our past 4,000 years of patriarchal society, which has served to suppress our deep power of feminine intuition and connection to the natural world, states:

Western medicine tends to separate the parts of the human body into isolated units, as if they did not belong to something whole. Some malfunction of the heart or the elbow is treated as if it were a discrete segment, unaffected by the rest, with which something has gone wrong that needs to be fixed. The doctor is the professional expert who is called in to do the fixing, and he learns how to do this not through his own experience of his own body but by reading books and cutting up corpses. Then to further complicate things, Western psychology separated the mind from the body and treats them as if they also had almost no relation to each other, holding that their ideal relationship is mind over matter. Western thinking in general, supported by Western religion, describes human beings as separate and distinct from Nature and the rest of the animals on earth, with permission to dominate.

Vaccinations: An Ego Driven Effort

So, if we can acknowledge that domination is an ego-driven exercise in generating a sense of safety and security that will only result in further peril and instability, we must examine some of the most egregious examples of this effort. We must look at the only pharmaceutical product that is recommended (to the point of mandate) to every human on earth, with near comically narrow exceptions.

We must look at the beliefs—the fantasies—underpinning the creation of the vaccine, the simple play on the vulnerable human psyche, and those who stand to accrue power and wealth at the expense of the pawns in the game.

The belief, at its core, is that germs are bad, they kill us if they get near, in, or on us, and we have the know-how to not only defeat them, but to annihilate them forever. 

We are acculturated to this belief through corporations and enmeshed government agencies. They tell us that we cannot trust ourselves, the wisdom of our bodies, or our collective experience, to tell us how to be safe and well. The companies that stand to profit from this distrust, are the very ones who have convinced you that you are in danger. The fox is feasting in the hen house.

Rediscovery of the Microbiome

Our dawning awareness of the microbiome has changed everything. It has been a discovery process that is almost like a poetic remembering of our past wisdom. Given our knowledge that microbes comprise more of what we perceive to be us, than human cells do, the only reasonable course of action is abandon all current efforts toward the prevention of infectious disease that were based on a war against germs. We must acknowledge that we misapprehended germs as other, when they are in fact necessary. We must see that we have plainly missed the mark, and that our best intentions to protect men, women, and children, have made them sicker, and all the more vulnerable to chronic illness.

Game Changers in the Prevention of Infectious Disease

Here are some of the (should-be) game changers that bring the modern application of infectious disease prevention and treatment to a screeching halt:

  • Virome: Thought to dwarf the bacterial contribution to our microbiome by a factor of 10, only an estimated 1% of the virome has been sequenced. These viruses play immunomodulatory roles and interact with microbes in complex regulatory ways. (Cadwell, 2015)
  • Bacteriophages: Redefining the locus of immunity in the gut, these viruses adhere to mucus and selectively kill (lyse) bacteria such as E coli. When they don’t kill bacteria, they may confer valuable “information,” not only for humans, but for the greater kingdom of living organisms: For example, aphids are protected against the injection of a parasitic wasp larva by bacteria that produce a toxin that kills the implanted larvae. The toxin is supplied by a bacteriophage that infects the bacterial endosymbiont. (Roossinck, 2011)
  • Brain lymphatics and immune function: It wasn’t more than 10 years ago that we assumed the brain to be an immunity-free zone. Since our growing awareness of brain-based immunity, and even discovery of basic anatomical features such as a lymphatic system, we can now understand how and why systemic inflammatory responses such as those generated by vaccines, stimulate cascades of microglia-stimulated inflammation and cytotoxic damage. (Brogan, 2015)
  • Mucosal immunity: In an exploration of the individual variation in infection susceptibility, researchers from Aarhus University published in Nature Immunology, the discovery of a mucosal mechanism instrumental in our coexistence with potentially opportunistic bacteria and viruses. The mucosal surface, as the first line of defense for the body, is where all of the most sophisticated mechanisms of host protection have evolved to exist. Of course, bypassing these mechanisms through the intramuscular injection of inflammatory vaccine material serves an antiquated model of antibody-driven immunity, not to mention the havoc it wreaks on an immune system which never evolved to respond to this route of entry.

Innate Immune Response to Viruses

Exploring herpes virus, researchers identified an arm of the immune system that acts in advance of the innate immune system, and independent of the adaptive immune response. They state:

The pathway is activated independently of known innate sensors of viral infections through a mechanism dependent on viral O-linked glycans, which induce CXCR3 chemokines and stimulate antiviral activity in a manner dependent on neutrophils.

Wow. Back to the drawing board it is. We just don’t have the information yet, to engage in the microbe war we believe is vital to our very survival on this sick planet.

Cultivating the Microbiome Through Natural Pregnancy

Our knowledge of these sophisticated communication systems with the organismic world has also recentered the woman as a vessel, pouring the natural world into her baby through pregnancy, natural birth, and breastfeeding, and that the reclaiming of this experience is vital to the very survival of our species.

Antibiotics: A Misguided Approach to Human Health

Amazingly, great thinkers from decades ago anticipated the fallout of our misguided approach to human health. Alan Watts wrote five decades ago, about antibiotics:

Furthermore, every act of interference with the course of nature changes it in unpredictable ways. A human organism which has absorbed antibiotics is not quite the same kind of organism that it was before, because the behavior of its micro-organisms has been significantly altered. The more one interferes, the more one must analyze an ever-growing volume of detailed information about the results of interference on a world whose infinite details are inextricably interwoven. Already this information, even in the most highly specialized sciences, is so vast that no individual has the time to read it—let alone absorb it.

Reset and Remember

It’s high time we pause for a recalibration. It’s time to understand that our fearful frenzy fueling our defensive health strategies is creating the realities we were most afraid of. The only way out of fear is to stop fighting it. Relax into it and release it. Then you can see clearly how to proceed from a place of inner knowing and trust in the wisdom of a body supported by millions of years of co-evolution with its environment.

Note: This article was reprinted with the author’s permission. It was originally published at Kelly Brogan, MD.

7 Responses to "Immunity: The Emerging Truth"

  1. Nancy Russell   May 3, 2016 at 9:16 am



  2. Kathryn Jackson   May 3, 2016 at 9:56 am

    Thank you Dr. Brogran, for being a voice of reason in an unreasonable medical paradigm. The fact that we have lost our common sense/wisdom and deferred it to “the powers that be” is distressing. I am also concerned that governments like Australia and California are now discriminating against the poor by withholding much need child tax benefits and/or social benefits from those who choose not to vaccinate. Those who have the worst access to the very things that keep us healthy, like organic food are yet again made to suffer the consequences of a vaccine program that further insults an overburdened immune system. I am currently privileged to live in a country that still allows me the right to choose (at least for now) and I do not rely on social services. I have compassion for those who must choose between feeding their children and vaccinating them against their will. In 2016, we have become a nightmarish illustration in the pages of George Orwell’s “1984”.

  3. Elain Witt   May 3, 2016 at 10:05 am

    NVIC: Thank you for making this information available. It seems the more we learn about our bodies, the more amazing they are.

    Dr. Brogan: You mention the benefits of a natural pregnancy without chemical interference. What a blessing that has been in my life. Five natural births, three of them at home. Once freed from the idea that pregnancy is a “disease,” I sensed the power I had within me to create a new and vibrant life that I would nurture through breastfeeding, intuition, and love.

    Grateful for opportunities to continue to learn. I acknowledge my ignorance, even after raising five children. There is plenty more to learn about our robust and miraculous immune system. It makes more sense to strengthen it than to interfere with it.Thank you for the new insights.

  4. Walter Kyle   May 3, 2016 at 10:14 am

    Insightful perspective…recently Dr. Lusi reported in Winnower the discovery of a new giant virus in human liver cells (hepatocytes) which bears the size of large DNA viruses (450 nm) but exhibits retroviral indication of origin prior to the appearance of polydnaviruses… and potentially the first rnamegavirus.

    The human liver, a gland capable of regeneration, interacts with all body systems from inhalation and ingestion to digestion and excretion.

    Like the insect bracoviruses, this agent appears to originate from viral factories (VF) which viruses construct by adapting the antibody proteins from cellular defenses into structures that evolve new viruses external to the nucleus of a cell. Simply put this capability allows viral adaptation to new hosts independent of Darwinian evolution.

    Possibly this new giant liver virus is a factor in cryptogenic hepatitis and its existence bolsters Dr. Brogan’s thinking that the science of the body is not well understood and physicians really do not know everything.

    Dr. Lusi’s short report is entitled -Similarities between novel cellular structures identified in human liver and ancient terrestrial giant Mimiviruses.

  5. Gary   May 3, 2016 at 12:23 pm

    How true indeed. The more I learn about microbes, the more I realize that I (and everyone else) actually know very little, particularly in regard to microbial interactions with one another and with higher animals and plants. An exceedingly complex web of life we coexist in. But it is clear that microbes drive much of what happens in living systems. They appear to be in charge. It is indeed dangerous hubris to interfere with what we don’t even begin to understand.

  6. DRichardson   May 3, 2016 at 5:32 pm

    bioweapon stockpiles that are engineered to be immune The Us government spends 3-5 billion a year to stockpile worthless ,dangerous Bioweapons vacined Some 40 man made Bioweapons ser in global circulation
    Zika should be a wake up call as to what will come Like everything in today’s world the sword has two edges The coming biological pandemics might shake up the world to begin a new age of drug free medicine Today we make two steps ahead in Science then take four steps back with adverse side effects The drug cartel makes billions on poisons called vaccines Ant the political establishment has been corrupted from money and greed
    We can cure diseases without killing people with drugs and vaccines It is possible with energy and prior identification of pathogens
    Don Richardson Founder Ginger energy technology

  7. Colorado   May 9, 2016 at 4:29 pm

    The truth is out there, for those whom dare to look. The idiocy of pro vaccine publications continues to astonish. Thank you for contributing facts, instead of the popular status quo fiction. I’m most afraid of high level unethical bureaucrats whos strings are pulled by for profit pharma corporations. That is not representative governance. This article linked below deals with some simple data relationships which prove the ethical argument against vaccines and their necessity. While other recent discoveries have linked immune function much more strongly to gut health than previously understood. Fear of germs is a pointless thought process to engage in, but it is the prime argument for forced vaccination. We are made of germs and there are billions of them in each and every one of us. To properly vaccinate a human from all forms of pathogen, the human itself must eventually be eliminated because we cannot survive in the absence of these germs and bacteria. What does not kill you makes you stronger. I’d rather swim on the shores of Fukushima than get a yearly flue shot or any other shot for that matter. Logic would dictate that if vaccines were actually necessary, humanity would never have evolved to the point of being able to provide vaccines in the first place. Smoke and mirrors. Just say no to vaccines. No means no, and it does not mean anything else. Please donate to NVIC before you leave this site. If you care, you must vote with your wallet. It’s the only vote you may have left pertaining to this matter. Support the NVIC!


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