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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Chickenpox Vaccine May Increase Shingles Risk

Story Highlights
  • Following recovery from varicella zoster (chickenpox) virus infection, the virus lies dormant and occasionally reactivates as herpes zoster (shingles) later in life.
  • When the live virus chickenpox vaccine was licensed in 1995, it was known that an increase in the incidence of shingles was likely if the vaccine was mandated and children obtained artificial vaccine immunity rather than natural immunity.
  • The predicted increase in shingles incidence has been verified, and future research may more fully explain if and why natural “exogenous boosting” prevents reactivation of the chickenpox virus as shingles.

Before the licensing of the live varicella zoster (chickenpox) virus vaccine in 1995 and subsequent mandating of the vaccine for all children in the U.S., chickenpox itself was considered one of the milder “rites of passage” for children and the vast majority of children experienced the common childhood disease before age ten. Most people have heard about how parents commonly held so-called “chickenpox parties” to expose their little ones to the highly contagious but generally mild viral infection and get it out of the way, instead of chancing the illness cropping up at an inopportune time, in the middle of a vacation for example.

When the vaccine was licensed 20 years ago, there were about 50 to 100 deaths related to chickenpox complications reported in the U.S. every year, mostly among the immune compromised, with roughly half being children and half being adults.1 In this post-vaccination era, public health officials present chickenpox as a very serious disease with frequent complications, albeit one that they say has been almost eliminated and rendered harmless thanks to a successful mass vaccination program.

Rarely talked about is the fact that the protective effects of vaccine acquired artificial immunity do not last as long as naturally acquired immunity following recovery from the natural disease. After the CDC recommendation in 1995 that all children get one dose of chickenpox vaccine at between 12 and 15 months old failed to prevent varicella zoster virus from circulating, the CDC added a booster dose of the vaccine in 2007 for children four to six years old.2

Chickenpox in adulthood is associated with a much higher rate of pneumonia and other complications, such as brain inflammation, than when it is experienced as a mild disease by young children. Because the varicella zoster virus lies dormant in the body following recovery from chickenpox, there is another drawback to widespread vaccination: It may lead to an increase in the incidence of herpes zoster (shingles), a painful condition that occurs when the latent chickenpox virus becomes reactivated in later life.

Increase in Shingles Predicted from the Beginning

Before and after the licensing of the chickenpox vaccine, many researchers and consumer advocates predicted that reducing the childhood incidence of varicella zoster infections by vaccinating every child could have the unwelcome result of increasing the incidence and severity of herpes zoster infection (shingles).3

The concern was so widespread that many countries opted out of child mass vaccination campaigns to prevent chickenpox. The rationale behind the hesitation lies with the phenomenon known as “exogenous boosting,” meaning that exposure to children with active varicella zoster infection leads to a passive (asymptomatic) natural boosting of an individual’s chickenpox immunity and protects against later reactivation of the virus as herpes zoster (shingles).4

Numerous studies published within the first decade following introduction of the chickenpox vaccine have borne out the validity of the hypothesis, many of them outlined in a book by medical journalist Neil Z. Miller, Critical Vaccine Studies (New Atlantean Press, Santa Fe, NM, 2016). One study from 2002 looked at data from 244 patients and 485 controls and reported that re-exposure to varicella-zoster virus via contact with children offered as much as a 20 per cent reduction in risk for herpes zoster (shingles).  These researchers warned that,

“Reduction of childhood varicella by vaccination might lead to increased incidence of adult zoster.5

Also in 2002, other researchers reported that exposure to the chickenpox virus experienced by adults living with children prior to the introduction of the vaccine was “highly protective against zoster (Incidence ratio=0.75, 95% CI, 0.63–0.89),” and they too predicted that “mass varicella vaccination [would be] expected to cause a major epidemic of herpes-zoster, affecting more than 50% of those aged 10–44 years at the introduction of vaccination.”6

A study was published in 2005 reporting that,

“Some studies suggest that re-exposure to [chickenpox] after primary infection may decrease the risk of herpes zoster through immunologic boosting. If this is the case, widespread use of varicella vaccine could, by reducing circulating [chickenpox], increase the incidence of herpes zoster over the first few decades of universal childhood vaccination.”7 

In 2013, a review of the U.S. varicella vaccine program was published in the medical journal, Vaccine, which revealed that having fewer opportunities for exposure to people infected with varicella zoster, who are shedding the wild-strain chickenpox virus has, in fact, significantly increased the risk for reactivation of the virus that causes shingles. The review’s authors said that this increase in morbidity “has disproportionately offset cost savings associated with reductions in varicella disease.” Their conclusion:

“Universal varicella vaccination has failed to provide long-term protection from VZV [shingles] disease.8 

Another examination of the evidence was published in 2013 and provided additional confirmation of the validity of the exogenous boosting hypothesis in a meticulous review of 40 studies that used a variety of study designs including mathematical models and observational, epidemiological, prospective longitudinal, and other types of designs.9 The researchers concluded that, while exogenous boosting does take place, further study is needed, with more well-defined parameters, to better clarify the true impact of immunologic boosting provided by exposure to chickenpox.

Predictions are Coming True, With Some Surprises

Most researchers agree that the incidence of shingles has increased dramatically over the years since the chickenpox vaccine was introduced, but disagree with each about the role played by the vaccine. Some allege that rates of shingles were beginning to increase before wide-scale vaccination. Admitting that an alternative explanation has yet to be determined, the strategy of public health officials in preventing shingles continues to focus on strongly encouraging every adult to get the live virus herpes zoster (shingles) vaccine.10

Although disagreements remain, the evidence is mounting that the increased incidence of shingles is directly related to the introduction of the chickenpox vaccine. No differences were seen in the first five years of the chickenpox vaccination campaign, but by 2001 the rate was clearly rising and by 2004, the rates of shingles were “significantly higher thanany of the rates calculated during the years prior to 2002,” and more than offset the decreased hospitalizations and hospital charges associated with the decline in chickenpox.11

A case report published in 2014 described a nine-year old boy, who developed shingles after receiving chickenpox vaccine. This highlights the potential for the development of  vaccine strain varicella zoster infection that leads to shingles. Authors stated:

“The medical community should be aware that vaccination can lead to the occurrence of shingles in the same way that natural infection with wild-type varicella-zoster virus can.”12

They added, “Vaccinated patients with subsequent zoster should be considered contagious.”

Not only does a recent research model predict that “implementing a varicella vaccination program for children would almost double the number of shingles cases 31 years later,” at least temporarily, it suggests that the increase will occur primarily in much younger people than is usual with shingles,13 which has traditionally been found mainly in older adults.14 The new research model also suggests that, while re-exposure to chickenpox it was originally believed to provide close to 20 years of protection against shingles, immunologic and virologic data indicate that the immunity boost may be much shorter, closer to two years.


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  1. This is not news. It has always been the case. I was informed by medical professionals when I contracted shingles a few years ago.

    1. True. I was wondering why this was written up as something recently discovered. But we do read in the article that studies of 2002 and 2004 confirm this.

      1. This is being reported again because there is a push on for schoolchildren to have this shot. There are millions of parent who are still unaware of the dangers of vaccines and those just now coming to the party are probably reading about this for the first time. People are becoming aware so there will be lots of vaccine 101 articles.

  2. After reading this, I was shocked because in 1995, my sister, who was 21 at the time, got a terrible case of the shingles. The unusual thing was that she has never had chicken pox and she was a nanny for a pediatrician, who worked at a prominent children’s hospital, whose children had just received the live virus. I’m now wondering if a correlation? Unfortunately, the shingles destroyed my sisters immune system and she states she’s never been the same, since.

    1. Are you kidding me??? You are wondering after the story you just told,and all that you have just read, IF there is a correlation? The biggest problem we face today is that people can’t think for themselves. Even when the truth smacks them in the face, they still want the so called ” Authorities” to tell them what to do. THAT is our biggest problem. We need to wake up! Look at what’s happening and decide to do what makes sense to us! How much more evidence do you need to realize that this so called health care system has nothing to do with health. We are allowing them to inject what ever they please into our children and ourselves so that they can perpetuate their system of creating illness and then prescribing drugs for treatment, over and over again, putting people on a path of slow destruction and reliance on their system. I apologize for the rant, but it comes from my heart and from experience. I have been awake and paying attention to what has been going on for 32 years. It’s disheartening to have to keep witnessing this tragedy over and over again. Good luck and good learning to you.

    2. If your sister was exposed to the chicken pox virus she could have been infected but asymptomatic which would put her in play for shingles.

  3. All 3 of my children had the chicken pox. Being an alternative health care practitioner myself, I knew what to give them to ride out the issue. What I didn’t know was how quickly they would recover. My daughter and oldest son took only 2 1/2 days to completely heal – they were back in school on day 4. My youngest son took 4 days because he could not swallow capsules and the taste of the ingredients were not pleasant and he fought taken it. He was back in school on Monday, day 6. Now they are immune forever. Every patient I’ve worked with who has shingles received the vaccine months or up to a year beforehand. Personally, I believe shingles is the direct result of the vaccine. Over the years, both the media and docs say we already have the virus and THAT is why people get shingles. I say WRONG, it’s those who have been vaccinated who end up having shingles.

    1. I had chickenpox approx 60 years ago,I’m now 66,and I never had the shingles vaccine.However,this past Dec.I had a horrible case of shingles.The pain started in my left leg, below the knee.The pain was only at night and felt like a shin splint.No other symptoms of shingles for 5 days.At 3:00 a.m. on the 5th morning the pain was so bad I went to the emergency room to be sure I didn’t have a blood clot in my leg.My blood pressure was 180/100 from the pain.The ER doctor ruled out a blood clot and said he didn’t know what it was and for me to follow up with my primary care doc and gave me a pain med script. 3 days later the blisters appeared on the front of my shin. I had excruciating pain every night for a month. The pain meds did very little. It was 3 wks before all the scabs were gone.I was in good health and was shocked I got shingles.

      1. Children recently vaccinated with the chicken pox vaccine can cause shingles in other people. the thing is, most are unaware when they come into contact with a vaccinated child.

        1. my grandson(16 months) got his chicken pox vaccine 10 day before I had contact with him. 9 days later i break out with shingles, i am 70 yrs old and had chickenpoxs 62 years ago Thank you

        2. I agree with what you say that, “children recently vaccinated with the chicken pox vaccine can cause shingles in other people.” But I’m looking for any kind of literature that states this. Do you know if any exists? Thank you!

    2. Thanks for your comments, Mark. I’m very interested to know what was in the capsules you gave your children that helped them to recover from the chicken pox so quickly. Were you able to relieve the severe itchiness as well? With complete healing in such a short time, there must have been very little, if any, scarring.

      1. Punita,

        CAVEAT – I do not receive any monetary compensation or any benefits whatsoever, by giving out this information. I do this as a parent so other parents can help their children.

        I used 3 enzyme formulations from a company called Enzyme Formulations which is only sold through enzyme therapists certified by the Loomis Institute. Here’s a link to find a practitioner:

        Those formulas are named MSCLR, Lvr and Opt. Find someone in your area to explain how to use them. My children barely experience any itching – it was minimal if at all. None of them had any scarring. In fact 2 of them did not have the typical red, pox marks. And yes they were diagnosed by doctors. My daughter came down with it on a Thursday. She was with me Friday and all weekend. Saturday night she had a great many “pox” marks but without itching. I was worried she would have a miserable night and wake up Sunday itching and with more marks. To my delight and surprise, she slept peacefully and woke up Sunday without any marks – none at all! Monday she was in school to everyone’s shock.

    3. Mark,

      You’re incorrect, Shingles is not a direct result of the vaccine. I had chicken pox when I was 5, a mild case compared to my brother and sisters, but I developed Shingles last year and I’ve never had a chicken pox or Shingles vaccine. The virus lays dormant in your body, I was under a lot of stress and developed a case that was, again, mild. I used mega doses of l-lysine and it went away within 8 days, I have no nerve pain or scaring. I might add I’m only in my 30’s and my children have not been vaccinated so it wasn’t caused by them. Also, they didn’t develop chicken pox either after being exposed to my Shingles outbreak, as I was hoping they would.

    4. My sister’s four children all had chicken pox, and two of them have had shingles.

      My three oldest children have had chicken pox, but my youngest three have not had the disease; they are all now teenagers, and I am uncertain what I should do since the disease is reportedly worse as adults, and especially since they are girls, and I understand that chicken pox during pregnancy would be a problem.

      1. Julie, you can see a reputable homeopath. They can safely inoculate your older children and at the same time boost the immunity of the younger children.

    5. How do you explain all the people who got shingles before the vaccine was developed? They didn’t create a vaccine for something that didn’t exist…it was a health problem that needed a solution, so they created a vaccine to help solve it.

  4. What those researchers in the 90’s, who indeed projected that the varicella vaccine would result in increased shingles incidence, didn’t foresee was the increase of shingles in infants and toddlers. Before ’95, the year the vaccine was licensed, shingles was reserved almost exclusively for adults in midlife or older. Starting in ’95, and continuing, each year little kids are developing shingles, some less than a year old – obviously in those babies who for whatever reason are given the shot before the recommended twelve months.

    Vaccination’s a travesty. In this instance, it’s skewed the period of natural shingles display by decades.

  5. There is noaye about it. When my eldest daughter was 11 years old, having never had the chicken pox, she received this vaccine and a week later had shingles. She suffers from shingles at least once a year ever since.

    1. @Heather – herpes class viruses are susceptible to high doses of lysine and the body needs a lot of vitamin C to fight them off. There are a couple of other things that can help. These are for and adult – scale to weight for a child:

      Lysine – 2-5 grams per day in divided doses.
      (Competes with Argenine.)

      Vitamin C – 1gm/4 hours.

      Glycine – 1/2 gm every meal
      Inositol – regularly

      BHT – Butylated hydroxytoluene – 250-750 mg/d.
      A food preservative that also hinders herpes virus replication

  6. Dominique, you are right it is not news. There have been many studies anyone can find on pubmed (peer reviewed journal articles). However, The Lancet just decided this month to state the obvious. Which is why this article has been posted. The Lancet I guess wants doctors to think it has just been realized.

  7. When I was about 30, I got shingles after being exposed to a child with Chicken pox. I think I am struggling with Bells palsy now after being exposed to someone who got a shingles vaccine.

  8. ” Some allege that rates of shingles were beginning to increase before wide-scale vaccination.”
    Perhaps this was due to there being less children for adults to come into contact….smaller families,fewer children.

  9. My unvaccinated toddler picked up chicken pox from one of his vaccinated friends, and I was surprised to see him recover in less than a week. As soon as I realized what it was I started giving him a daily bath with dead sea salts – three days later it was over. It took a bit over a week for the scars to heal, other than that, no issues at all. His older brother was exposed to it, but didn’t contract the disease.
    I feel bad for all those parents who fall for a myth that chicken pox is a threatening disease and vaccinate their children as a result.

  10. All the grandparents got the shingles shortly after my kids chicken pox shot, which I didn’t want my kids to have, but was either bullied or not told what shot they were getting.

  11. This is a new one. My granddaughter was given the Dtap last year and developed a mild case of pertussis from it. Her father, developed shingles after she had the Dtap. I still am trying to figure that one out.

  12. I Am a doctor of chiropractic who has worked with shingles outbreaks. Go to a good chiropractor and get adjusted. The breakout never crosses the spine and follows a nerve root dermatomal pattern. If the dc can identify which nerve it is and follow it back to the spinal disc level and adjust it correctly the shingles virus will go back to its dormant state in the dorsal root ganglia. But the one thing I have noticed with all the patients I have worked with is that they all have high stress in their life. A great was to prevent it is to work on managing your stress levels now. You can meditate get massages get under regular chiropractic care, acupuncture, breathing techniques, or go to a happy place. Good luck to you all.

  13. One explanation of shingles is that it’s an effort by the body to eliminate toxins and other metabolic debris not eliminated via the bowels as part of the ongoing, daily ‘house cleaning’. In other words, wastes not eliminated via feces nor the breath or urine end up accumulating in the connective tissue surrounding cells and under the skin. When this reservoir becomes overloaded, it becomes evident in the skin as rashes, color changes (‘liver spots’), boils etc and eruptions such as shingles. This perspective, described in greater detail as part of homotoxicology, would account for why shingles might occur after exposure to pathogens or other toxins besides chicken pox viruses.

  14. I had chicken pox as an youngster. Never had any vaccine. I acquired shingles 50 years later on the left side of my face/scalp/nose/eye. Since then I was recommended to get the “shingles shot”. And I do. When I did get shingles, it definitely was because of the stress level of my life at that time. It was not until the blisters appeared on my forehead did the drs. know what it was. My left eye was TOTAL red bloodshot, so they treated me for an eye infection for 3 days prior. Never had I had so much pain as when I had shingles—-it was worse than a full fledged migraine—-and I get them, too. The shingles affected my sight in my left eye, I doctored with a specialist for a year with that and can not tolerate sunlight in my left eye.If there ever was a time I wanted to die, it was when I had shingles——there god awful.

    1. You do realize that the Shingles Shot is nothing more than a more concentrated version of the Chicken Pox Vaccine which means you have allowed the virus to be put back into your system. Shingles can occur when the immune system is weak but it can also occur when you come into contact with a person who had recently been vaccinated or from a person who has chicken pox but is asymptomatic. When the vaccine was first put on the market Doctors would tell parents to keep the vaccinated child away from younger siblings for while (never said how long)and keep them away from Grandparents for a few weeks. Now they don’t because they don’t want to let people know how contagious the vaccine is. This is what a FDA study reported years ago when a person is injected with a vaccine:

      In 1995, Golding and Scott, published the need for strategies to make vaccines that would generate the “required” Th cell to the corresponding microorganism. Since that time, attempts to produce vaccines that would generate a “natural”- type response have failed. So, we are left with vaccines that generate “protective” responses as a second choice. How does this work? In vaccine-induced Th2 responses, called humoral responses, the body produces large quantities of specific antibodies that block the virus from entering cells. This response is why a vaccinated child doesn’t get a full blown infection and why the child won’t spread as many viruses into the environment. However, antibodies cannot get into cells to eliminate viruses once the viruses are in the cells or cannot kill infected cells themselves. Therefore, the body has no choice other than to internalize the virus and be chronically infected when the body is forced into a Th2 antibody response. The body is essentially constipated with viruses that it cannot expel! (Vaccine Strategies: Targeting Helper T Cell Responses BASIL GOLDING and DOROTHY E. SCOTT) Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.

      The Shingles vaccine may have contributed to immune system damage which is why you experienced various other related ailments.

      -Study suggests chicken pox vaccine responsible for triggering nationwide shingles epidemic:

      -A Pox on the CDC’s Vaccination Agenda: The Rise of Herpes Zoster (Shingles)


      The virus is still in your system via the vaccine. One way to purge it is to use a good quality Colloidal Silver. I know a couple of people who got rid of symptoms of Shingles in a few days taking it internally and spraying the blisters with it.

  15. I have unfortunately been mandated to have several Boosters as a result of working in hospitals as a RN. I had no choice during nursing school or in many hospitals I have worked at but fortunately can still refuse the flu vaccine. As a young otherwise healthy individual I’ve had pneumonia and shingles within months of varicella booster, MMR, and DTap boosters. (Separate occasions, years apart). I’m currently trying to leave the hospital setting due to the forced vaccinations & I fear for the future health of so many people who don’t question, or think for themselves. We are being taken over by pharma and people need to wake up & speak up. Thank you NVIC for all you do & support!

  16. WOw, thank you everyone for sharing this information. I am in the same boat as most new parents out there. I am 29 and I feel that our child should not get this vaccine but my lady disagrees. If she does not get the vaccine, we have to pull her out of school. This shit is so scary. I am so confused. I have no idea whats actually in this vaccine and im sure the doctors dont either. I am sure, they are doing what their medical school is telling them what to do which is ran by our government and its all some bullshit. Please tell me if I am wrong, I am now a sponge again.

  17. My 12 year old son was diagnosed with shingles today. He never had chicken pox but was vaccinated. The doctor said this is not uncommon. Why is it had to uncover this connection in an internet search? It seems like a a cover up of a known issue. Just wondering?

    1. My 19 year old got shingles last year, my 9 year old was just diagnosed with shingles. Both were vaccinated against chicken pox. My 17 year old got chicken pox before I could have her vaccinated contracting if as a 2 year old from my then 5 year old who still got chicken pox after being vaccinated. My husband and I got the chicken pox as children and thus so far have not gotten shingles, nor my 17 year old who had chicken pox as a child If there is not a connection I don’t know what that is.

  18. To all those who say they had chicken pox as children but got shingles later: Did you have children who had the chicken pox vaccine? Or no children at all? The article talks about”exogenous boosting” meaning that if you had children who contracted the virus naturally then you got a boost to your immune system, thus helping it to fight off the occurrence of shingles. I had it, my daughter got it naturally and was out of school 10 days. I’m 56, in a very stressful job and haven’t had shingles yet. But my sister who had all 3 of her kids vaccinated, got it twice. Once after the shingles vaccination. Her youngest got shingles when she was in college (so she was 18-23). I believe re-exposure to the live virus plays a very large part in continuing our naturally acquired immunity to diseases. I can’t wait to help nurse my grandkids when they get these common childhood diseases. Then my immune system will get a boost!

  19. I’m 39 I’ve had shingles at least three times in the last three years and my 1yr old grandson just got the chickenpox vaccine I am terrified that I’ll have a breakout of shingles can I get shingles again just from that. I don’t read a lot of news I guess that makes me ignorant but someone please tell me if that is a high possibility that I could get them yet again from this thanks

  20. . This shows that shingles can kill as well. It can cause strokes and heartaches, especially in the elderly. This says there is a 2.4 fold increase of death for strokes and a 1.7 fold increase for MI heart attack.
    So there is more deaths from shingles than than there were from chicken pox!
    Cancel this vaccine!. Note the UK and several other European countries do not vaccinate for chicken pox.

  21. I was offered the SHINGLES JAG by my local health service since I was in my 70th year. I decided to accept. Seven weeks later I have developed a slight case of SHINGLES in my face. It is not painful enough for medication. I just wonder if I had declined would I have got this at all or would I have had it much worse. I would value any thoughts you might have.

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  23. 1) Other countries DO require vaccination for chickenpox. Some do this as one dose (not quite as effective), some as two (very effective). EX: Canada, US, Germany, Saudi Arabia, 2 doses; Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, 1 dose. This is not all the countries, and it is a partial list from 2017.

    2) If you have not had chicken pox, you cannot get shingles. However, if you were not vaccinated agains chicken pox and come in contact with someone who has shingles, you can get chicken pox from them, but ONLY if you come in contact with fluid from the shingles blisters. Then you will also be vulnerable to shingles, later.

    3) The original shingles vaccine (Zostavax) did have live virus. The newest shingles vaccine (Shingrix), administered in 2 doses 2-6 months apart, does NOT have live viruses. If you get shingles soon after that vaccine, it is likely it was already developing in your body, because 99% of people over 40 have had chicken pox, which means you are have the zoster virus in you body.

    4) If you are older, having shingles can change who you are; you don’t eat because of the pain, you often don’t go out because of the pain, discomfort, or appearance (if on the face and neck). It can also be on BOTH sides, not just one. The pain can mask other symptoms or distract the patient from noticing symptoms of other conditions that could be occurring concurrently. It can go ANYWHERE on your body, not just the trunk (although that is most common)–the face, arms, back, legs, even the area between your legs (let that sink in for a moment).

    The increase in shingles cases is also likely caused by an increase in the autoimmune drugs given for so many illnesses and conditions, which is a fairly recent wonderful advance in medicine (but lowers your resistance to infections), using cancer chemo drugs for treating life-threatening diseases that are NOT cancer (and again, reducing your body’s ability to control the Zoster virus already in your body (if you had chicken pox), and even better reporting and identification systems (shingles doesn’t always look the same. I had a friend who had shingles recently after a stay in the hospital (and given chemo drugs), but the skin eruptions were diagnosed as bed sores (although she was mobile). It was a colo-rectal specialist who identified the cause of the wounds between the buttocks and perineal region as shingles.

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