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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Why Nurses are Silently Speaking Out Against Vaccines

a nurse pulling her hair out
Through mass marketing in this way, the general public is led to believe that medical professionals actually know what they’re talking about when it comes to prescription drugs, and specifically vaccination.

“Ask your doctor.”

This is a popular catch phrase; one that is heard on TV, read in the news, and seen on billboards across the country. You also may use it when that weird co-worker shares a little too much information about his… er, personal problem. Seriously dude, just ask your doctor.

The phrase has become engrained into our minds mostly through the marketing genius of pharmaceutical companies. Just about every drug advertisement we see on TV or hear on the radio ends with it. By now, I think we all know that many doctors have a special relationship with drug companies; one that benefits both parties. Doctors are often reimbursed financially for reaching “prescription quotas” and for getting a certain percentage of their patients to be vaccinated.

Think I’m making it up? Think again:

It’s a win-win for everyone—except for the guinea p—uh, patients. The doctors get cash for doing pharma chores, and pharma gets to say “ask your doctor” and, because of their constant proactivity and enticing incentives, is assured that the doctor will likely recommend their products. The patients get to be drugged with all sorts of things that are supposedly going to fix their health issues, including becoming artificially immune to disease through vaccinations.

Through mass marketing in this way, the general public is led to believe that medical professionals actually know what they’re talking about when it comes to prescription drugs, and specifically vaccination.

But do they?

A common argument is that nurses and doctors have spent a ton of time researching diseases and the vaccines that were designed to prevent them. We can trust our professionals to know what they’re talking about in regard to vaccines, and count on them to never steer us in the wrong direction. Turns out, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

I recently individually script interviewed ten current, former, and future medical professionals on this very topic, and they have shed light on some very important questions that we should all be asking. They’re all nurses; the ones who actually administer the vaccines and provide all the paperwork on them.

None of these professionals know each other (at least to my knowledge), and are spread out all across the country. They don’t even know the names of the others that are featured here, in the interest of totally honest, unbiased, and objective answers.

​In an effort to make this piece as reader friendly as possible, not all of their perspectives will be used on every question. Not all the questions applied to all the nurses, either.

Before I continue, I’d like to make a disclaimer of sorts. I am not “anti-doctor.” I realize there are numerous good doctors and nurses out there that don’t simply care about the bottom line and became professionals so that they could help people. I respect the profession greatly, I really do.

However, I am also not “anti-science.” Unfortunately, contrary to the popular narrative, science is not on the side of the doctors in regards to vaccinations. The science instead points to a baffling lack of safety studies, especially on vaccines, and a drought of knowledge in general about how the current vaccine schedule affects us in the long run. The science IS clear: Vaccines are not as safe as we’ve repeatedly been told, and they are also not as effective as we’ve been led to believe.

> Click here to see a downloadable version of “Vaccine Peer Review: The History Of The Global Vaccination Program in 1,000 Peer Reviewed Studies”—1915-2015.

> Click here to see the statistics and amounts paid out to families of vaccine injured/deceased children in “Vaccine Court.”

> Click here to be redirected to a collection of scientific, peer reviewed studies that highlight why vaccines are not safe, and are in fact linked to a plethora of health issues.

As we know from listening to courageous doctors and nurses who’ve had their eyes opened to the very real dangers of vaccine adverse reactions, and the epidemic of vaccine induced chronic illnesses, there is very little training that future medical professionals receive in med school. In fact, a 2014 article in the pro-vax website (that has since been removed from the internet due to backlash) highlighted the shocking fact that up to a third of all U.S. nurses are leaving their jobs due to their realization that vaccines are not all they’re cracked up to be. After witnessing what they have witnessed, they can no longer in good conscience continue to administer up to 70 vaccines in a single child, and up to 11 in one sitting, per CDC recommendations.

Are potential nurses and doctors taught anything at all about vaccine risks? How much time do they spend in their training discussing vaccines and how they are made, what ingredients they contain, etc?

Turns out, most med students don’t even scratch the surface of this very important topic in school, except when it comes time for experimental flu shot drives, where they are taught how to administer vaccines, and to encourage everyone to get them.

But I’ll let the med pros take it from here, as I don’t claim to be one

Most of them wished to remain anonymous, for fear of their livelihoods. Yes, it’s that bad. Internet trolls against “anti-vaxxers” hold a strange and inexplicable power, due to the mindset still remaining in the majority. Nurses have been reported (by juvenile people that can’t seem to mind their own business) to their superiors simply for speaking out and taking an informed stand; one that often doesn’t coincide with the beliefs of their bosses. They have been fired for being vocal, a sickening pointer to just how vexing this topic can be for someone who feels passionately about it.

​Wishing to honor their requests for anonymity, I’ve given pseudonyms to each “whistle blower,” along with their real credentials. Remember, these are medical professionals who are now wide awake; whether by personal experience with vaccine injury/death, or by the growing number of chronically ill children that is not a coincidence in their eyes.​

Thank God for these shining lights in this dimly lit environment.

To read the responses of 10 nurses to a series of questions posed to them regarding vaccine education, click on the original article “These Nurses are Silently Speaking Out Against Vaccines—Find Out Why” published in the blog Dinner For Thought.

Note: This article was reprinted with the author’s permission. 

14 Responses

  1. Doctors 3rd leading cause of death and everyone it seems listens to their doctor for some unknown reason to me. Anyone can gain their knowledge and more because their med schools are controlled and they OBEY and never ever can prescribe anything natural, they will lost their medical license. Sad but true. It is not about health it is about wealth. Hope you realize they only care about how much money they can make off of you. Proof, have you ever left the doctors office without a prescription? Take your health into your own hands before it is too late

  2. Oh thank you, you are very correct. I’m an RN who has other background and came into the field with a bit more on my plate than most. What I’ve found is that most of the providers I come into contact with not only do not fully understand the immune system, they don’t even get the basics. Yes, this means physicians as well. They get the public health mantra of “vaccines are the best health advancement in all of history.” And it stops there. Vaccines good, unvaccinated, bad. So what happens when I get a patient who “needs” one? I say, “This was scheduled for you. Are you interested, would you like it?” This typically opens up a conversation. Since I am a patient advocate, I can always write in, “patient declined.” I am finding more and more folks do not want these and it is their right to refuse.
    I wish very much that every individual could be told that they are not a victim, that their bodies are capable of fighting every pathogen they contact. That our first line of defense should be our primary concern.
    I am always happy to discuss this with co-workers and have given mini-lectures about this topic (you’d be surprised at how skeptical people are but don’t possess the information to argue or stand up to their facility policy or to properly inform their patients).
    The real issue is our sick care model of healthcare that relies on symptom management and doesn’t value wellness because there isn’t any money to be had there. Prevention has become about thing like diabetes management (and is just terrible and inaccurate) instead of diabetes prevention (because that would require making people understand they can’t eat all of that starch they were told was good for them).
    It’s such a long haul. Thank you to all of the naturopathic practitioners out there who continue to fight the good fight. I’m afraid that there will be whole new generations of poisoned individuals (GMOs, environmental toxins like BPA, pesticides, heavy metals from various sources including vaccines, etc, etc) causing more gene mutation and less resistance before we could ever get this under control.

  3. My heart goes out to every parent who becomes aware of this TRUTH about vaccinations, and is not only confronted with the (undeserved) guilt of giving up their child in the past for vaccinations, but is now confronted with the difficulty in protecting their child going forward from, for instance, school “requirements” that their child be FULLY vaccinated before they can register for school (while the school registrars purposely FAIL to tell parents about available religious and personal exemptions).

    You can hate Donald Trump if you want, but since he spoke against the current vaccination protocol in one of the first two debates, I feel confident that he will not cooperate with any national strategy to force so many vaccinations on young children. Trump stated he had seen the damage to the children of people who worked for him and the connection seemed obvious.

    Parents MUST be educated about strengthening the immune systems of their children, especially if the parent does not intend to avoid vaccinations generally or use religious or personal exemptions.

    Isn’t it incredible that we have to strengthen kids immune systems to protect them from “medicine”?

    There are superfood companies that formulate superfoods just for kids. They make them taste better (without sugar, of course) so the kids will cooperate with taking them and make it easier for everyone. Plus, they formulate them for a child’s lifestyle. These are the easiest ways to get a profound immune system boost for kids. Look at or contact me through my website

  4. If pharmaceutical companies have made themselves immune to any legal repercussions from vaccine damaged individuals, then it is the responsibility of those (DOCTORS) who are the vaccine pushers. Any doctor or physician who recommends vaccines without first giving the parent the complete truth of the contents and risks of vaccines, should carry the burden of legality/guilt for the vaccine damaged children. Unfortunately the only way to hurt these ‘pushers’ is in their pocketbooks.

  5. Dominic, thank you for bringing to the forefront Trump’s comment about a probable link between children that have been damaged and vaccination. I was not aware that any candidate had made a comment regarding vaccines. I’m delighted that he understands the potential harm vaccines may cause to a child. Our daughter suffered three febrile seizures by the age of 2 1/2 years. Shortly afterwards, we decided to stop her vaccinations—no more seizures– even when she had a fever of 104 degrees or so when she was six. I hope that you have a blessed Easter!

  6. Don’t kid yourselves about Trump or any other candidate regarding vaccines. To win a general election you certainly can’t have the “antivaxer” baggage hanging over you. You’ll have enough to fight off without worrying about that. Trump, if he gets that far, will find that he “misspoke” about vaccines, and that the “very, very, very, very rare” side effects don’t outweigh the benefits to society. You watch. If he sticks to his anti-vaxer words, Hilary (or Bernie,) backed by huge pharmaceutical dollars, will absolutely cream him. He’ll be wide open to attacks.

    I wish I were wrong about this. Believe me, I think Trump is dangerous, but I’d almost vote for him if he really stuck to his guns on vaccines.

  7. Don,Yes, that has been Trump’s track record for sure. He scares me too. I’m just hoping that his heart strings were really plucked by what he has seen right in front of him with his employee’s children. Maybe he will realize that to make America great again, we need to have workers that have healthy kids so that they don’t have to take leave to care for their kids that get injured or have serious side effects from vaccines. When our daughter had one of her fever seizure from vaccines(I believe), I had to take a week off of work because her fevers were so erratic and poorly controlled. Additionally, I had to take time for EEG testing etc. to determine if any brain injuries were present. When I asked when we should expect to see more seizures the pediatrician said that she would “grow out of them”. HMMMMMMMMM!

  8. I have never understood how people blindly follow their doctor’s “advise”. Even as a kid, I was always puzzled by the lack of true dialogue between patient and doctor.

    I have done much personal research over the years and have a wealth of experience re: psychopharmaceutical threats (to children, in particular) and, by extension, have researched and learned much about vaccine dangers, how drugs comes to market, the corruption/conflicts of interest amongst the powers that be, etc.

    I was SCREAMED at by my mainstream doctor at a recent office visit because I went in with an issue and said NO to every thing they offered (none were viable options in my opinion … they were simply looking to treat my symptoms and were completely clueless about looking at possible root causes). Luckily, I found an integrative doctor who understood this and, lo and behold, a few short months later, my issues are gone. All due to modified diet and vitamin/mineral supplementation tailored specifically to me.

    I believe the body has an amazing capacity to heal itself, when given the proper tools to do so. I also believe in treating root causes and not symptoms. The medical model in this country is appalling! I always encourage people to “do their own research” and always hear back “I did, I asked my doctor” which is not what I mean. When I explain to them why that can be problematic (I do believe there are good ones out there but they are the exeption, not the rule), they can’t be bothered.

    I just don’t understand where all the critical thinkers are! Or why there isn’t rioting in the streets over this issue? The sheeple in this country need to wake up!

  9. I am a physician who went to very reputable medical school and residency and can say that we as physicians are not taught anything about vaccines other than the usual tag line of they are “safe and effective”. When I was pregnant with my first child I started researching vaccines and was appalled at what I found. This was after being a physician for more than 10 years at this point. The thing that really made me suspicious was the requirement of giving a one day old infant a Hepatitis B vaccine. For the life of me, I could not come up with a single good explanation of why they would need that as not only is Hep B EXTREMELY rare but also only communicable via blood such as sharing needles.
    I have been shamed into not speaking up but not I am forced with the choice of homeschooling my children or leaving California as they are not able opt out of vaccines now for school

    1. Hello, I realize this is an old post, but wanted to say that the real eye opener for me, as a nurse, when the hep b vaccine was being introduced for newborns 20+ years ago. I wad astonished and refused tjis for my now 23 yr old daughter. I couldn’t believe that the medical community were not outraged, and demanding this be stopped! I have been skeptical if the cdc ever since. Really dug in yo researching vaccines about 3 years ago.. pandora’s box and the more you dig, the worse it gets..

  10. Dani, So cool that you have found an integrative doctor that is helping you! Thankfully, our family is on a natural path now and have been for years.God has designed a magnificent immune system etc.that has the capability to combat many intruders if allowed to work unhindered by toxins ie. vaccines.My nutritionist and my myofascial release therapist have helped my family’s bodies heal themselves beautifully. Our daughter, who suffered fever seizures, had a duodenal atresia removed at birth. Throughout her life, she has had erratic bowel activity. For years, I’ve asked her whether or not she wanted to get help with her situation. Finally, at seventeen, she wanted help. I’d heard of the nutritionist through a friend. She informed us that our daughter’s GI was severely damaged by the IV antibiotics pumped into her day old body for almost two weeks. Now that she is gluten free, her gut is healed!

  11. Thanks for all funny comments. It’s true that Good and Trump forbid vaccination of children, not because they are dangerous, but because the NEEDLES on the vaccine syringes are so HUGE and sharp !!!!
    I’m sure there is millions of kids injured and ill för many many years because of the use of these HUGE NEEDLES. Im glad they will stop with this vicious activity if the Trump becomes the next president of USA.

  12. I’m a disabled RN due to vaccines. I was never taught anything about vaccines in college/nursing school except how to administer them and that they were safe. My husband is an MD and when he spoke out against vaccines he was harassed and threatened. We now keep our opinions to ourself.

  13. In the article above, this:
    > Click here to see a downloadable version of “Vaccine Peer Review: The History Of The Global Vaccination Program in 1,000 Peer Reviewed Studies”—1915-2015.

    Is found to be by Google a violation of Google’s Terms of Service….interesting BS.

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