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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


The Impact of Vaccination on the Immature Human Immune System

Story Highlights
  • Little is known about how vaccination affects the developing fetus, yet the practice is increasingly recommended and often mandated.
  • The fetal/newborn immune system is designed to be minimally reactive, but maternal immunity and breastfeeding go a long way toward protecting the baby.
  • There are good reasons why the infant’s immune system behaves as it does, including learning which challengers are dangerous, which are beneficial, and which are “self.”

Little is known about how vaccination affects the developing fetus and, yet, maternal vaccination with influenza and Tdap vaccines is recommended by federal health officials and medical trade organizations representing doctors administering vaccines to pregnant women.1

A recent study purporting to demonstrate that vaccination during pregnancy is perfectly safe retrospectively looked at data on 29,000 pregnant women who had all been vaccinated with the TdaP vaccine. All the study showed was that there was no difference in fetal outcome, regardless of whether the mothers had been previously vaccinated with a tetanus-containing vaccine less than two years earlier, three to five years earlier, or longer.2

It is difficult to figure how comparisons of study populations, who have all been vaccinated, demonstrates anything at all about the safety of vaccination, but that is an example of the unquestioning acceptance of vaccine policy.

The impact of vaccination on the developing immune system has not been clarified and, unfortunately, many women are being vaccinated during pregnancy despite large knowledge gaps about the safety and effectiveness of that policy.

The Immature Immune System

A child’s immune system is not fully functional until about age six and continues to develop through the teen years. That is not to say an infant is without an immune system, only that it behaves in ways remarkably different from that of older children and adults.3

Current thinking is that a newborn’s immune system is “tamped down” and doesn’t mount much of a response to challenge from pathogenic viruses, bacteria, or other invaders. For a long time, the ability of newborn infants to mount an appropriate inflammatory response to an immunologic challenge was considered a “defect” of the infant’s immune system, with many scientists researching ways to overcome this intrinsic “weakness” via vaccination.4

More recently, it has been established that there are good reasons for the differences between the newborn and older child or adult immune response. The baby’s immature immune system is learning “what is self” (and so should not be attacked), “what is non-self but safe” (like beneficial bacteria and viruses), and “what is non-self but dangerous (like pathogenic disease-causing viruses or bacteria).

Vaccination violates this normal development of the newborn’s immune system by introducing elements that are so toxic that the infant’s immune system must react with inflammation. Dr. Suzanne Humphries explains it this way:

Subunit vaccines like HepB,  Strep Pneumo, Hib and Meningococcal  have potent ‘adjuvants’—such as aluminum.  Without them, the baby’s immune system sits there and does nothing. An adjuvant creates a red-alert situation forcing the infant’s innate immune system to respond in the opposite manner to the way it should function in the first year of life. Pro-vaccine immunologists see nothing wrong with this.5

Much has been written about why the pregnant woman’s immune system doesn’t attack the alien “non-self” that is her fetus.6 7 The lack of reactivity of the unborn baby also may protect the mother from being attacked by the infant’s defense system.8 Pointing to yet another benefit to the minimal activity of the fetal/newborn immune system, animal studies suggest strongly that the normal suppression of immune reaction by the fetus also may play an important role in helping the infant to establish a strong population of beneficial gut bacteria, an important aspect of the healthy immune system.8

In that study of infant mice, the researchers deactivated the specific type of protein that was responsible for restraining the immune response in the study animals and reported that the result was “extensive inflammation.” Mice and humans have very different immune system processes of course, but it is interesting to note that those same researchers reported that human umbilical cord blood is rich in precisely the same type of immunosuppressive protein as found in the mouse study.8

What Protects the Vulnerable Newborn?

Given the susceptibility of newborn infants and the relative inactivity of their immune responses, it almost miraculous that so many humans survive infancy. It is often argued that infant mortality has fallen over the last 100 years primarily as a result of vaccination, but it is also argued that the improvement in infant survival is due instead to better hygiene, nutrition, and living conditions.

If the reductions in infant mortality were attributable mainly to vaccines, infant mortality rates in the United States would not lag as they do behind those of most other developed nations. According to 2014 data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

Despite recent declines in infant mortality, the United States ranked 26th among the 29 OECD countries in 2010, behind most European countries as well as Japan, Korea, Israel, Australia, and New Zealand.9

Nature has its ways of protecting the newborn: During the prenatal period, and for the first few months of infancy, young infants are protected first by the mother’s immunity, which is shared with the newborn via the placenta and lasts for several months after birth, then through the billions of microorganisms picked up during the birth process as the child descends through the vaginal canal.10 This natural process will form the basis of the child’s customized microbiome that will remain with the individual throughout life, and then to a large degree through breastfeeding until the child’s own immune system takes over.

Tampering With the Fetal Environment Has Critical Repercussions

Public health officials, who promote vaccination during pregnancy, at-birth and during the first six months of life, have assumed that the immunologic protection provided by the maternal immune system to the newborn baby is something that needs to be bypassed or tampered with. Although they were not referring to vaccination, researchers out of the University of Guelph in Ontario explain that,

Adverse uterine environments experienced during fetal development can alter the projected growth pattern of various organs and systems of the body, leaving the offspring at an increased risk of metabolic disease.11 

As examples of what they call the “thrifty phenotype hypothesis,” referring to a fetus’s adaptive response to maternal stressors, they cite what happens to newborns born during times of famine, which appears to signal the developing baby to divert its resources away from physical growth and toward protecting its organs, resulting in smaller babies—better equipped to survive and grow in an environment where food may be scarce.

The problems arise when the external environment doesn’t match the internal signals and the fetal adaptations turn out to be inappropriate, leading to an increased risk of metabolic disease, which includes obesity, cardiovascular disease (CVD), and type II diabetes. According to these researchers:

Various other diseases and disorders such as allergies, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, and psychological disorders are now also being linked with adverse uterine environments.11 

What happens when the normal fetal environment is altered by the introduction of inflammation-inducing vaccines? To challenge an unborn or newborn infant’s immune system in this manner requires a thorough scientific understanding of the potential long-term consequences and there is no such understanding at this time.


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7 Responses

  1. The only way to protect our children is cease any vaccinations especially with synthetic “stuff” which a child’s biology cannot process. We become toxic even before birth only for the profits of pHarma.
    For those whose child is vaccine damaged adding sulfur back into your diet and your child’s could get you your child back and your life back.
    pHarma evidently hates mothers, Boycott any drugs of pHarmsa and they will go broke.
    No vaccine has ever worked nor have they been safe, so why is the religion of science and medicine pushing so hard? The love of money, the root of all evil.
    Bankruptcy is the only cure for that mendacity.
    Just say no! As Nancy Reagan taught our children in Elementary schools, she was unaware that was all drugs not just street drugs

    The next President will be totally opposed to vaccinations especially mandated, where is the freedom in mandated when pHarma is the overlord, bankrupt the overlords and buy nothing in a box, GMOs have increased the rate of autism when combined with vaccines.

    Got Sulfur?

    1. The next President will be totally opposed to vaccinations especially mandated

      I wish people could understand the limitations of a sitting President if the congress and senate doesn’t support his agenda. What has occurred over the last 7 years is a prime example.

      Pharmetutical company lobbyist in Washington outnumber now the oil industry. The Dark Act passed with the majority of the congress voting to support non-labeling of GMO foods. The Bio-Tech industry is a part of big pharma and those same congressperson and senators who voted for the Dark Act will vote to continue to suppress information on vaccine dangers. In terms of the sitting Presidents it is her/his job to insure that the party’s representatives are elected and re-elected. If they take pharma money-guess who they will support and so will that president because he is the head of the party.

      Another reason a sitting president will not interfere with the status quo is 98% of vaccines are actually produced in China. That’s means messing with a trade agreement that the Globalist spent decades putting into place. China is not about to give up on that money train.

      NACCHO: The National Association of County and City Health Officials. This covert lobbying group funded by the CDC has brought vaccine mandates down to the state level by funding campaigns of state and federal representative, local health depts and other organizations to support the CDC’s agenda:
      Mandatory Vaccination. Their policy statement-
      “An Immunization Program for all Stages of Life”: The National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) urges the federal government to support the creation of a comprehensive national immunization program that addresses all stages of life (CRADLE TO GRAVE ) with the intention of achieving the Healthy People 2020 immunization goals and standards.

      Here is their playbook:
      Healthy Peoplen-2020 Goals for Adult Vaccination:

      People seem to have it in their minds that Trump is going to change the vaccine mandate-why? Trump has made statements about vaccine since 2012 but he has never elaborated on what he will do. What’s his plan.

      Moving vaccine mandates down to the state level was a brilliant move as the courts are reluctant to overturn states right. No president can change that.

      Once all the candidates release all their tax returns people will see what corporations these people are actually invested in. We know about Clinton, we know about Bush, Romney wouldn’t release his tax returns because of the outsourcing and other questionable financial dealings he was involved in, Sanders, Rubio, Cruz and the others will release theirs-mostly because they release them years ago. Trump is fighting releasing his. It was reported on yahoo that Trump’s outsourcing is far more extensive than he has characterized and his daughter’s outsourcing is extensive:
      -Donald Trump Decries Outsourcing but Much of Family Brand Is Manufactured Abroad:

      Trump didn’t get all his money but walking the straight and narrow. The fact that he won’t release his tax returns like other candidates, IMHO leads one to believe he’s hiding something.

  2. Let’s not forget that when we change the immune system by the forced toxin injections, we don’t know what we are doing at all, really. A few years ago we didn’t know about the lymphatic system in the brain and how it is very connected to the rest of the body. Therefore – NO vaccine study has even attempted to determing feedbacks from vaccines to the brain, and the entire blood/brain barrier protecting we humans from toxins may be totally invalidated.

    We are learning about feedback mechanisms btwn the intelligence residing in the gut/microbiome and the brain. So many vaccines damage our probiotics – what does THIS do to our immune system and it’s brain responses. Does it open doors to brain contamination? i surely don’t know, but nobody else does either.

    i used to think that vaccination was something that NEVER occurs in nature – but here is an argument which while ironically showing that NATURE DOES VACCINATE – it is also an indictment, lol.

    Play with this one: Intramuscular injection of toxic and foreign substances DOES HAPPEN IN NATURE! Before the pro-vaxassination crowd becomes excited, here is a few examples of who/how it happens;
    Black Widow Spiders
    Funnel Web Spiders
    Brown Recluse Spiders
    Thorns (step on a Honey Locust thorn – through your shoe and making pus within 5 minutes)

    So there you have it – nature vaccinates. i just don’t like the outcomes.

  3. As long as vaccines are mandated, and until we can expose the vaccine makers and pushers, we need to get vitamin D levels above 55 ng/ml, especially during and after pregnancy, including the children. Low vitamin D levels = deranged immune system, which reacts to “triggers” like vaccines. That’s why the autism occurence rate has increased from 1:10,000 to 1:45 in just 40 years.

  4. The Netherlands is the only nation that has done a study of newborn immune system protection from birth in non-vaccinated moms vs vaccinated moms. Turns out that non vaccinated moms gave birth to infants with disease immunity of 6 to 8 months whereas vaccinated moms infants were protected from 3 to 4 months. The facts are that vaccines inhibit the immune system from developing completely thus ensuring a reliance on vaccines for every new malady Big Pharma wants to promote a vaccine for, i.e. Zika. Other than when I was assigned to a tour in Vietnam and had every vaccine known to man in 1967 I have not taken vaccines since discovering that when I take a flu vaccine I am sick all winter. I am all for children from infancy developing their natural immune system through the childhood disease process. Its said that in the latest poll that no one has died of measles for some few years, but what is not reported is there were over 100 deaths directly attributed to measles vaccines. I do not like that trade off for our children. Right now we have at least 2 generations of young adults who are vaccine dependent and to me that is criminal when our own natural immune systems have been repressed by greed for wealth no matter the cost in human life.

    1. I teach a class on immunity at our wellness center and would love to include this factoid from the Netherlands study you mentioned, but I’ll need the reference. Do you have it, by any chance?

  5. for a pregnant woman, it’s not easy. and this is not safe for pregnant women because an immature human can’t Tolerance. and the immature immune system is very weak in starting. that’s why vaccination is very dangerous to pregnant women. it is not fully safe for their child.

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