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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


How Toxic Are Vitamin K and Hepatitis B Injections?

doctor giving baby vitamin K shot
So doctors are injecting these babies, who are minutes old, with a shot that contains alcohol that targets their liver, the organ which is necessary for them to detoxify.

Let’s get two things clear about the vitamin K shot. First, it is not a vaccine. Second, it is not a harmless vitamin. It is a manufactured synthetic form of vitamin K, and it is many times what a child would receive naturally.

In 2003, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published a paper rejecting evidence of an association between Vitamin K shots given at birth and cancer, instead reaffirming a 1961 AAP directive that all newborn infants receive shot of synthetic Vitamin K to prevent Vitamin K deficiency bleeding (VKDB).1

The AAP maintains that a vitamin K shot must be given to all newborns because a very small percentage (0.25-1.7%) of them are born with a serious bleeding disorder known as Hemorrhagic Disease of the Newborn (HDN) that could cause a brain hemorrhage.2

But the big thing about manufactured vitamin K is that it contains benzyl alcohol—9 milligrams (mgs) of benzyl alcohol.3 So doctors are injecting these babies, who are minutes old, with a shot that contains alcohol that targets their liver, the organ which is necessary for them to detoxify. There are a lot of babies developing jaundice (hyperbilirubinemia)4 within two days after being born. One of the acknowledged side effects of synthetic vitamin K shots, along with shock and cardiac or respiratory distress, is—you guessed it—jaundice.5

The liver is also extremely important in detoxifying the aluminum—the 250 micrograms (mcgs) of aluminum—that is in the hepatitis B vaccine,6 which is also given within 12 hours of birth in most places, and certainly before babies leave the hospital.

Hepatitis B is a blood and sexually transmitted disease. Most infants are not at risk for hepatitis B in the United States like they are in other countries in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, where between 2-10% of adult populations are chronically infected.7

Every pregnant woman in the U.S. is screened for hepatitis B when she is pregnant, and doctors and nurses know before birth if the mother is positive or not. So they know if the baby is at risk from hepatitis B infection or not, and they don’t care. They are trying to vaccinate 100% of infants born in the U.S. with that vaccine.

With regard to the aluminum adjuvant in the hepatitis B vaccine, it’s worth noting that every other injectable medication is governed by a maximum amount of aluminum that is safe to receive within a 24-hour period. So, for example, the limit by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on intravenous (IV) drip is 5 mcgs of aluminum per kilogram (kg) of body weight per 24-hour period. So for an eight- or 10-pound infant, with healthy kidneys, maybe 30 mcgs of aluminum over a 24-hour period.

But hepatitis B vaccine has 250 mcgs, and they’re giving it to infants, premature infants, and very low birth weight babies. These babies are having apnea, SIDS, problems with breathing, their oxygen saturation rates are dropping in the neonatal intensive care units… these are babies who are so sick after vaccination.

That’s just the one hepatitis B shot. Then babies get their two-month vaccines, and normally pediatricians are giving them eight vaccines at the same time.8

The amount of aluminum contained in those vaccines can exceed 1,200 mcgs—1.2 mgs—in a matter of seconds. That is hundreds of times more than the FDA safety limit would be for any other injectable, other than vaccines. Vaccines are exempt from that safety limit, because they’re considered a public health measure.

What the Centers for the Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said is that aluminum is so prevalent in our environment, and that there’s more aluminum in breast milk than there is in vaccines so we have no reason to be concerned.

They think we’re so stupid that we don’t understand the difference between something being taken orally, where it goes through the digestive tract and it is broken down by the enzymes and by the digestive juices in the body and eliminated by the kidneys, versus sticking a needle in an infant’s arms or legs where that aluminum goes quickly into the capillaries, into the bloodstream and across the blood-brain barrier, where it can accumulate in brain.9

That is insulting and ridiculous. If our best scientists in the world really truly do not know the difference between injection and ingestion, and how that affects people physiologically, then we have more problems than we ever dreamed of.


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  1. It is not just the amount of aluminum in the Hep B shot, it is the form it is in. Ingested aluminum is ionic and can be cleared by the kidneys. Injected aluminum adjuvant is in nano-particle form, and cannot be cleared by the kidneys. Instead, it is taken up by the immune system, causes major inflammation, and is carried throughout the body and brain.

    For more, see, plus the rest of their articles on aluminum toxicity.

  2. I am well aware of the truth because I was damaged irretrievably by working for the American Red Cross in forward areas during the entire Vietnam War. I have extensive damage due to over-exposure to the chemicals thrown around throughout my tour of duty! I have never had any help from the US, army, Red Cross Or anyone from all of the damage done to my body. I’ve paid, out-of-pocket $hundreds of thousands for private healthcare! Now 72 & destitute – dying soon… with ZERO help from US Gov OR American Red Cross !!!!

    1. Wilma,

      I have great empathy for your situation! It is extremely disillusioning that our government can treat us with criminal disregard!!!

      I am a Vietnam Vet and have not been able to receive the benefits I need. I am so sorry for your suffering!

      1. Shows how much regard the govt really has for those who were in the military. Kissinger had some derisive comment about soldiers, but can’t remember how it goes.

        They will be known by their works.

    2. please…when you are involved in military exposures….please look up the international coalition of veterans against mefloquine (Lariam). There is so much DAMNING evidence that the UK, Canada, USA, Ireland, and Australia (so far, this is the collection of folks that have come together) have with regards to KNOWINGLY HARMING SOLDIERS with both excessive and untested vaccinations, medications and exposures. But the evidence with mefloquine is simply too damning…and it shall be the start of the end…to human experimentation with our brave soldiers world wide. Perhaps acceptable at one time to those leading at the very top….is no longer something they will get away with. the beginning of the end…to toxicities…that are knowingly used which have proven to be of greater harm…than benefit.

    3. Vote for an anti-establishment candidate–Sanders or Trump! They are the only two who have a desire to change the corruption in our government! Have them mail you an absentee ballot if you have to! Vets, and all of us, deserve better than the corrupt political elite we’ve had for many years, both Democrat and Republican!

      1. I thought Bernie Sanders was for mandatory vaccines. I’m not sure he’s gonna help much. Trump, I believe, supports personal choice regarding vaccines. But I’m not 100% sure that’s Trumps stand.

    4. Check out Dr Tent… He treats Vets all the time in his practice… You can actually find him on FB and he will help you from afar as well if you are not local to him… I was referred to him by a friend was treated outpatient by him… I have actually seen many of his recordings before over the years… Here is one, you can google many many more! Good luck!

      24. Dr. RC Tent –

    5. @ Wilma: You should follow the whole Red Cross scandal at Propublica. It’s disgusting. They also have some info there about Vietnam and the agent orange damage (and a few other things about Vietnam, too). It’s a good site. Scroll down a ways and they’re listed on the left-hand side of the page under “Major Projects”.

    6. I never, ever, EVER give donations to the Red Cross or to any of the cancer ‘research’ organizations or to any of the ‘charities’ that are supposedly researching all the myriad auto immune disorders (RA, Lupus, etc., etc.). All of it is a complete scam.

      Hundreds of billions of dollars have been donated over the last 100 years and I cannot think of a single CURE that has been offered to the public for any disease. These charities are criminal enterprises that are in bed with universities, labs, corporations, etc. and arevying for grant money –which is often tax money and/or the money donated by people who are conned into believing anyone is actually looking for cures.

      Cures would mean the end of the gravy train for these leeches.

  3. My baby is 27 days old, he received the Vitamin K shot, because they wouldnt circumcise the little tike if he didn’t get it.
    Don’t know what else to do!

    1. I would not let them give my newborn a B shot, if I knew about it back 17 years ago. They never even asked. Just gave it to him. And here’s your card!

      Tell your husband to read and educate him self. Rather have

      a healthy baby, over if they threaten to drop health coverage. Please research don’t let them damage your precious! 1-48 now for Austism!

      Here I read that kids were getting the measles (story bringing up again) from unvaccinated kids. No it’s from the vaccinated! It even says on the insert from that shot. That you can get measles from the vaccine! So you find out a kid just got vaccinated, Comes to school gives it to others, and blames the unvaccinated!!

      1. My daughter got the measles 10 days after getting the MMR when she was around 15 months. All of our immune systems are different and the public health system, doctors and Big Pharma need to stop acting like they are surprised when someone has an adverse reaction (or end up dead like they babies they say died from SIDS).

      2. That shot is not required to keep your insurance, typically. Really look, here in the States, nurses and doctors are trained to frighten you into the shots with bullying tactics like losing state funded insurance amongst a variety of other things. My sister in law refused hep b and her doctor later told her that her son could get it from another child biting him in day care. Utterly ridiculous. They are trained only in how to persuade you, not about the effects of the shots or how effective they are at preventing the disease.

    2. Rose,
      I had many stormy discussions with my husband in regards to vaccinations when my first child was born. With my mother-in-law being a pediatrician and a brother-in-law medical doctor, there is no shortage of opinion on this topic, as you can imagine. But as a mother of my children, I strongly feel that it is primarily my decision. They all think of me as “the one who has it all wrong” but to be honest, I don’t care. Vaccines carry risks, and I as the mother will be the one who has to deal with the consequences.
      I have never heard though that medical coverage would stop for deciding to opt out of vaccines. What type of insurance is that? Can you switch to a different one?
      Try to educate your husband on this topic. Encourage him not to limit himself to what is said on CDC website. Good luck.

    3. Hi Rose,

      Kindly help educate your husband and reiterate that you are both doing research together in order to make this decision-it is the most important decision that parents today face. Share with him this article written by neurosurgeon Dr Russell Blaylock. He practiced for over 26 years and invented techniques in neurosurgery still used today. He is also a biology professor, researcher and nutritionist. He can describe the mechanism by which vaccines can cause autism. He is one of the most brilliant doctors I’ve researched. Here is his article titled “The Dangers of Excess Vaccination During Brain Development,”

      Make sure fear is not what drives your decision to vaccinate. Best of luck to you and your family.

    4. Rose, I know you have your hands full with a new baby, but you have to do some research and print out concise info from reputable sources and studies in peer-reviewed journals (which you’ll often find links to in the articles). Also, and maybe easier, buy a copy of “The Greater Good,” and the new movie “Vaxxed,” which talks about a senior scientist at the CDC, who was the lead author on the CDC study often used to “prove” the MMR vaccine doesn’t cause autism. He had a series of conversations with another doctor where he admitted that his superiors at the CDC told him to eliminate data to cover the results, which showed a huge increase in autism from the MMR for certain groups of kids. He said in those tapes that he feels guilty every time he sees a kid with autism, and a lot more. The doctor he had the conversations with, who has an autistic child, made the tapes public and the scientist has obtained a whistleblower lawyer. The producer of the film, Dr. Del Bigtree, said in an interview with ABC that was never aired (but you may be able to search for it online), when he told his his doctor friends and colleagues about the film he was working on, they all said they knew vaccines cause autism, but would never say it publicly. They cause that severe a reaction in all kids, but you never know if or when it will happen. It can happen after one vaccine, or maybe not until the 20th one, or not at all. There’s no way to tell. Get these movies, and some of the great books out there. If he won’t watch or read them, take clear concise notes and give him those. This is one time it is important to stick to your guns!

    5. Your health and your family’s health is more important than your so-called ‘health’ insurance. Find a doctor who will take payments over time. They are out there and there are those who won’t force vaccines on you. Do your research and don’t get cowed into going along with the program. It’s your baby. You are that child’s first, best, and last line of defense against these ghouls in the ‘healthcare’ industry.

    6. Hi Rose,
      Why do you need insurance? I hardly used my insurance for all 3 of my children when they were still nursing and even older. Think about it…what do the Ped. docs or nurse practitioners really do at the appts. Listen to the heart beat and ? Do you have a friend that is a nurse? They can do a basic exam or better yet, bring your baby to a good chiropractic doc. All my kids have been adjusted since they were infants. My chiropractors are all anti-vaccine. The one I brought my kids to charged 25 dollars per adjustment. I think faith and prayer, essential oils, and breast feeding will keep your baby very healthy. The “fear factor” is used by the medical establishment to make us think that we need them to raise our kids. Read the book “Murder by Injection” and it will help you understand the farcical nature of the AMA.

    7. Rose,
      If your husband is insisting and you decide you have to go along with him, you need to find a pediatrician who won’t judge you for post-poning the vaccines. My daughter isn’t vaccinating her children but if she did she would not allow it until they are 2. Then you must insist that your child only receives one vaccine at a time. Spread them out as far as possible. There are ways to counter act some of the side effects. You will need to do your research.
      Having said all of this you need to enlighten your husband about the dangers of vaccines so you can both get on the same page. Find your voice, you are your child’s advocate.

  4. your husband needs to spend some time at the NVIC website and other sites that inform the public about the truth about vaccines. i don’t know where you live or what kind of health coverage you have, but i never heard of health coverage being denied for not being vaccinated. i would shop around and move if i have to. follow your gut on this and stand firm to protect your baby.

  5. Your baby can opt for oral vitamin K. That option is not offered, but is very comparable. Get it at Whole Foods or other natural grocery/Health store. Best wishes. BTW circumcision was an option I decided against for both my boys. My husband had only to watch (thanks, YouTube) the procedure to agree on that point!

  6. You don’t need any form of exemption to opt out of vaccines for newborns. That’s YOUR decision. You need no one’s approval. The exemption form comes into play when your child begins school, and you don’t want them to have vaccines. Many states still allow refusal of vaccines by reason of conscience. You need no religious nor medical exemptions in these states.

    1. That’s true of OTHER vaccines, but not the Vit. K shot. Most states allow at least a religious exemption for that, but NY requires all clinicians attending births (and yes, that includes doctors and midwives attending homebirths) to give the Vit. K shot.

  7. I agreed to the hepatitis B vaccine for my newborn and pray every night for forgiveness. The nurse in the hospital told us that hepatitis b will kill you (a total lie, a very small percentage MIGHT go on to develop liver cancer after 30 or more years) and there are NO side effects to the vaccine. We ended up spending the night in emergency, my baby’s face was a purplish color and he would not stop screaming except for to take a breath to continue with more screaming. He is severely autistic and I know it is from the hep B vaccine. He lost his ability to nurse without choking and would wake up screaming every couple of hours for the next 1 1/2 years. I have since met numerous parents and grandparents with the EXACT SAME STORY and the same results (autism,retardation, seizures, selective mutism with severe learning disorders, etc.). They all say they know it was from the hep B vaccine too. No doctors are reporting it because it is not listed as a side effect. By the way I tested NEGATIVE to hep B when pregnant. Look at Judy Converse’s book.

  8. Our neighbor here in Oregon, about ten years ago, had left Wyoming, because their baby’s brain “exploded” the newborn’s blood vessels and died from hemorrhaging just when they got the baby home. When they took their dead baby to the hospital, the nurses/doctors called the sheriff and they were placed under house arrest for two weeks, under suspicion of shaking the baby, causing death. By the time they let them off house arrest, the had let the corpse rot to the point where they claimed an autopsy was no longer possible. These parents were conservatives, fundamentalist Christians, the reason, I figure, they refrained from suing, but they left the state, soon, in fear.

  9. I forgot to mention that they gave the baby a Hepatitis B shot before they left the hospital in Wyoming, which caused the death, in fact.

  10. My baby boy was born fine, had his Vit K shot that I hesitated on getting and within 12 hours he was yellow with jaundice. He lost 20% of his body weight too in the 2 days at the hospital. Doctors told me it was ‘normal’. The thing that pointed me to the vit K shot is that he was born FINE. It was after the shot he turned yellow.

  11. This is one of the toughest decisions a parent (ideally 2 parents) have to make. I wish we never injected our son. He has made a great recovery over the last decade with the full time help of hundreds of people but I will always wonder what how much was lost.
    He is not the same person. Though he has taught us more than we wanted to learn we would not change a thing because before him I would have said these articles are “crazy”.
    Read all you can, get opinions, and make an informed decision you can live with because you have to live with the outcome. Be understanding. I did not inject my next child.

  12. Once the meconium passes…the body protheduces vitamin K…but the injection can produce jaundice and a trip to intensive care….more money for the hospital…

    The military has a problem through imposition of its epidemiological approach to civilian immunization which mandates immunization based on efficacy only field trials…

    The classic example was the Francis Field Trial where two AFEB members Salk and Francis assumed injected IPV could not cause systemic polio….Cutter proved that assumption wing and those are the words of the way Lilly made the Cuter vaccine…Langmuir did such a great job of cover up…eAFEere

  13. There is no reason to give a newborn a Hep B or C at birth unless the mom tests positive or her lifestyle puts newborn at risk. I was vac as a licensed embalmer at 32 when I started working with blood. My children, now 29 & 24 were vac in middle school for Hep B & they are fine; my nephew, now 13 was vac at birth & has autism. The good news for Wilma (& my son-in-law in military) is God is greater than sickness inflicted by pharmas, politicians & Docs thru forced vaccines. 1 John 5:14, 15 I pray for you Wilma…also James 5:15 and the prayer offered in faith for the sick person will make them well, thank you Lord Jesus for giving Wilma hope & all in our military, amen

    1. HepB vac is linked to chronic fatigue syndromes. I was vac in high school just before getting mono, and I developed a nasty chronic mono that kept coming back every other year, and with a vengeance in 2000, when I had it for 6 months.

  14. The moment “that clueless nurse” arrived in our room to deliver the “Vitamin K” shot for my newborn son was a classic. She, very clueless indeed, had just completed a session with me and my newborn, trying to achieve a successful heel stick for some simple blood work. Two tries, and lots of screaming, resulted in quick clots and no sample.

    As she began her third attempt I stopped her hand mid swing, “Wait! Let’s apply a warm pad first, then you’ll get your blood”. “Are you trying to tell me how to do my job?” the clueless nurse proclaimed. “Yes, that’s correct,” was my quick and firm answer. “Please get a warm compress”.

    She huffed off, returned with the warm compress, and 60 second later had her sample.

    So it was with considerable irony that Nurse Clueless arrived, ready once more to deliver only the finest of our American Health Care system. Knowing exactly the purpose of Vitamin K, I asked, “what’s it for?”. “Some newborns have low clot factor. This is a preventative measure,”.

    The look on her face was priceless when I refused the shot with, “Aren’t you the same nurse who was challenged by the extraordinarily good clot factor in this same infant 10 minutes ago?”

    And we trust this system without question.

  15. Another good source of information on vaccines is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr,’s book Thimerosal:Let the Science Speak. It’s mostly about mercury in vaccines, but also exposes the serious flaws in many of the studies and the financial conflicts of interest of pro-vaccine extremists. Mr. Kennedy identifies himself as pro-vaccine but his book proves the need for better safety and accountability.

  16. At 7 years old, my daughter was diagnosed with AML (leukemia). My constant question was the cause of her cancer, as ‘the curse causeless does not come.’ It wasn’t until several years after her death that I found the primary cause. Browsing the table of contents of THE VACCINE SAFETY MANUAL by Neil Miller, I wondered why Vitamin K was included in the book as it is not a vaccine. As I flipped to the chapter and began reading, there it was: 200% increased risk in early childhood leukemia. My daughter was never vaccinated, but after a long labor, my midwife recommended a Vitamin K shot. Not knowing of its toxicity, I dutifully complied. While there are other factors, this was a major one. The injectable form is the toxic one, not the oral route. If you bring the oral dose to the hospital or birthing center, the oral dose can be administered instead of the injectable.

  17. Why are people still going to hospitals to have their babies? Dont you know hospitals are where you go when your having a life threatening emergency? Birth is a natural process, although intense, and women have been having their babies at home since the fist mother Eve. If homebirth was so dangerous, then the human race would not still be in existance!

    We had a homebirth with both our babies with a certified licensed Midwife. Our First birth was a little rough. The baby was just fine, born in the living room, but the mother had complications and needed to be transported to the hospital, which we did by driving there ourselves. The second baby was born with no complication, in our living room in a pool, and the mother had no complications either.

    We never had to deal with pushy doctors since our babies were never admitted as patients to any hospital. We found a pediatrician that respects our vaccine choice before the births and have never had any pressure from them.

    I highly recommend a book entitled “Pushed” about the modern birthing system in the US. It will scare you how dangerous hospital births can be.

  18. Oh, and I have another question. Why are parents cutting a piece of their babies penises off? This is an extremely painful experience and has absolutely no health benefit. My son has his entire package intact, and has never had a single issue. If he wants to cut a piece of his member off when he is old enough to make decisions about unnecessary cosmetic surgery then that is his choice. Unless you have religious reasons, dont do it, and even then, still dont do it, let your son make that religious decision!

  19. This is why Homebirth is becoming such an In Thing. They can’t Vaccinate our babies or give them the Vit K shot if they are not born in a Hospital..We also do not take our kids to see a Pediatrician if our kids do get sick which is extremely rare we just take them to a Clinic where it is easy to tell the Dr. off..

  20. This is a modern day Holocaust! Targeting our future generations. It is so sad to read what is going on in todays health world. So many perfect babies damaged because of greed and ignorance. It makes me sick! I talked my daughter out of vaccinating my granddaughter with the Hep B shot but she did allow the vitamin K shot (thinking its a vitamin) I wish I read this article 2 years ago. She seems fine, that god! It seems harder for parents today to opt out of vaccinations for their children if they choose. Its scary to think parents don’t have that options anymore (in some states). I am glad I am not of child bearing years anymore. But I do fear for my grandchildren. There is so much brainwashing going on, it is hard to convince my children that vaccines are WRONG. Good luck to all you brave parents out there, that know the dangers and want to protect their children.

  21. 1. Eight years ago, I wanted to have my baby in a more natural environment; I wanted to research all the things and be mindful. However, I developed preeclampsia and had to deliver by C-section 9 weeks early. All those “clueless nurses” and hospitals kept my 3-pound babies (happened both pregnancies) alive and kept me from being comatose and/or debilitated by stroke.

    2. My best friend went in to naturally deliver her perfectly normal first child after a perfectly normal pregnancy: she unexpectedly hemorrhaged and had to undergo an emergency surgery to keep her from losing too much blood. Due to trained, informed medical professionals, she not only lived through the dangerous birth and survived with her reproductive organs intact.

    3. This is not to say that all births are precarious, but sometimes it’s better to have trained medical professionals at hand. Sure, people have been having babies for centuries without medical intervention, but childbirth was also fearsome in those times: the number one cause of death for women for most of civilization.

    4. Internet research and fear-mongering literature/movies with no peer review is NOT responsible science or research. I don’t trust all medical professionals implicitly, but at least they took an oath to do no harm. I certainly trust them a bit more than these activists and people trying to sell their latest book, movie, or snake oil.

    1. Leah I don’t think Mark was meaning all medical professionals are clueless. Modern medicine and those trained to use it can save your life if you were in a car accident or an acute illness/injury but they have a very poor record when it comes to chronic illness. I believe Mark was referring to those nurses and doctors who are so full of themselves they are pompous and condescending. I have ran into more and more of them in the past few years. When my mother had her stroke I stayed with her 24/7. One nurse on night shift came in and asked where the trash can was. I had moved it to the right side of mama’s bed because the stroke left her paralyzed on the left side. She yelled at me and told me that can was there for their use and to leave it by the sink. They did PT/INR’s on mama daily and the next night the same nurse came in to give her a insulin injection. I told the nurse she was not a diabetic at which time she told me that the blood test showed she was. I argued with her and she said she had orders to give the shot and then she did. A while later she came in with orange juice. She gave the shot to the wrong patient with me telling her she was wrong. My mother was a nurse, one of the good ones. She would have double checked the orders. Medical errors and prescription drugs are ranked as the third leading cause of death in the US. That nurse was not allowed in my mothers room again. When my father was going to get radiation seeding done for prostate cancer he was given a paper stating not to let children sit on his lap afterwards. I asked the doctor if it was harmful to the kids then what was it going to do to my father. He said “What does it matter he’s not going to live more than 10 more years anyway” with my father sitting there. These are just two of the times I personally ran into this and there are many others. They use fear mongering and bullying tactics all the time especially with vaccines.

    2. Leah, I’m truly sorry you and your friend had life-threatening difficulties with your births, and U.S. medical clinicians are excellent at dealing with life-threatening emergencies–I doubt anyone is trying to argue about that. The trouble is that routine birth protocols/care so often CAUSE the selfsame difficulties they allegedly are trying to avoid; only around 30% of the obstetrical Standard of Practice is based on actual science. Reformers have been trying to improve this situation for over 30 years, but it doesn’t change because the U.S. “healthcare” system is, from a legal standpoint, about PROFIT first, and medical clinicians aren’t free to deviate from their Standard of Practice even if they know they can do better another way. Interestingly, this whole set-up was initiated by the Rockefellers, who started out in the snake-oil business. And, yes, often movies aren’t forthcoming about where they get their info; but the better books and articles (online and not) include bibliographies, so you can evaluate their sources for yourself.

  22. WANT YOUR KID TO GET JAUNDICE? Get him or her the Vitamin K shot! We foolishly let the morons in the hospital talk us into that shot for our baby, and he got jaundice for 2 weeks. I just pray he didn’t get any other bad effects.
    Luckily that was the only one I ever got talked into.

  23. I had natural home births for both my kids. No Vit K shot and neither of them ever vaccinated. Both births were fairly uneventful and both healthy and happy babies. BOTH of my kids had newborn jaundice. My midwife said it was typical of breastfed babies and would be short lived. It only lasted 1-2 days and was gone. I have to believe in many cases babies get jaundice for other reasons than the Vit K shot.

  24. The attending midwife at my first homebirth pressured my husband and me to allow the vitamin K shot to be administered to our son because his head had some bruising from the birth canal. We had initially decided against all intervention but she convinced us it was best for him and did not give us any info on the side effects. Within 3 days he had such severe jaundice that our pediatrician called ahead to the emergency room as we rushed him to the hospital. He had lost nearly 20% birth weight, was not eating or sleeping and lethargic. He was put under special lights for nearly 48 hours; the doctor and nurses said it was the one of the worst cases of jaundice they had ever seen. They encouraged me to leave him in the lighted box all the time but I snuck him out when they weren’t there for 10 min. at a time to nurse every couple hours. He eventually recovered enough to leave hospital but showed continued signs of jaundice for 6 weeks! With my second child I hired a different midwife, and in one of our first visits she gave me literature about the side effects of Vitamin K. I was dismayed to see that jaundice was one of them and to know that my own actions, i.e. letting fear sway me to the pressure of unnecessary medical intervention, had so endangered my child that he then needed medical intervention to recover. We did not get the vitamin K shot for any of our other children and none of them had severe jaundice or needed hospitalization for any reason after birth. It is a vicious cycle of doctors, midwives, and health care providers charging people for unnecessary medical interventions and treatments, then charging for the needed treatments to recover from the diseases caused by the unneeded ones. Great way to ensure business and a steady flow of income. (*sarcasm, but true)

    1. Tabitha (and others),I had an identical experience. After receiving the vitamin k shot in the hospital, my son suddenly stopped nursing. My doula and I couldn’t even wake him for more than a few seconds at a time. That is a red flag for jaundice. We brought it to the pediatrician’s attention and he simply said newborns sleep a lot and he would be fine. I didn’t feel comfortable leaving the hospital, but we trusted him. A few days later I brought it up at our regular pediatrician’s office, as my son was still lethargic and not showing much improvement. She ordered a blood test, and just like you, we didn’t even make it home before she was urgently ordering us to the ER (she called ahead). My son’s bilirubin number was a 24 at that point. He was placed under lights for a few days, and in total, it took over 6 weeks for the jaundice to clear. It was such a scary experience. I sincerely hope this matter will be further investigated. I didn’t have any of the increased risk factors, and after discovering this website post, I’m convinced it’s more than a coincidence.

  25. Hi Thanks for all the valuable info Does anyone have any info on the Anti D shot which is given to rhesus negative mothers at 32 weeks if the father is rhesus positive ?

  26. September 2014 i was diagnosed of hepatitis b, my doctor told me there is no permanent cure for the disease, , I managed on with the disease till a friend told me about a herbal doctor from South Africa who sell herbal medicines to cure all kind of diseases including hepatitis b, I contacted this herbal doctor via his email ([email protected])([email protected]) and made purchase of the hepatitis b herbal medicine, i received the herbal medicine through DHL within 5 days, when i received the herbal medicine i applied it as prescribed and i was totally cured of hepatitis b within 14-20 days of usage, the symptoms reduced till i even forgot i had HBV, i went back to my doctor and he confirmed i was free from the disease,am so happy now living a normal life again thanks to DR aloma he can also cure the following disease such herpes,hivaids canser of the liver.

  27. This may have already been asked, but I am curious. Since when do vaxxxines treat a condition? It can take weeks for vaxxxines in theory to create a response. If a child is exposed at birth it is too late for vaxxxinations to have any affect whatsoever.

  28. I was diagnosed with hepatitis b for 3years ago i lived in pain with the knowledge that i wasn’t going to ever be well again i contacted so many herbal doctors on this issue and wasted a large sum ofmoney but my condition never got better i was determined to get my life back so one day i saw mr Brown post on how Dr Lusanda saved him from the VIRUS with herbal medicine i contacted Dr Lusanda on his email address drlusandaherbal(AT)gmail(DOT)com www(dot)drlusandaherbal(dot)weebly(dot)com we spoke on the issue i told him all that i went through and he told me not to worry that everything will be fine again so he prepared the medicine and send it to me through courier service and told me how to use it,after 14days of usage I went to see the doctor for test ,then the result was negative,am the happiest man on earth now.pls try it’s real.thanks to Dr Lusanda God bless u.

  29. Im in the hospital now reading this. I know the harm in vaccines and made up my mind a long time a go to opt out. I was not prepared for emergency csection and premature baby. I opted out of vit k. They pressured me that they were having a hard time stopping the bleeding from umbucal cord and vit k would fix this. I said no. Im sticking to my guns, but my daughter is jaundiced. I thought it might be from the spinal anesthesia i received but i see here it can be from vit k. How would i know if they gave it to her anyway without consent? The night nurse did her routine exam while i was there and noticed her cord looked swollen and she tried loosening the string. She said she couldnt loosen it too much too fast because my baby didnt have vit k and she would bleed more than usual. I think its nonsense but it did comfort me that they probably didnt give it to her, but then where might the jaundice come from?

    1. Christy, giving your baby any injection without your consent is assault. It is unlikely that any nurse would be willing to risk their licence and their freedom for a choice that is your to make. Many babies have jaundice. It is usually not serious and clears up. I have attempted to compile useful information about vitamin K. Should you choose to not have your baby get the injection, there are other options.

    2. Jaundice comes from the breakdown of Red Blood Cells. It is not uncommon for babies to have more red blood cells than they need when they are born. This is thought to have developed as a protective mechanism against blood loss during birth. Jaundice can also occur if baby sustained any bruising during birth, including a cephalohematoma (bruise on the head) from a vacuum assisted birth. For most babies, this breakdown of extra red blood cells is complete in the first week and is nothing to be concerned about.

  30. The Hepatitis B vaccine THINS BLOOD. In its infinite stupidity, carelessness or greed, instead of discontinuing it from the newborn mandates, the medical industry is mandating yet another shot . . Vitamin K. Vitamin K is a blood clotter. However, the shot your newborns and babies get is not a vitamin. It’s a synthetic concoction of ingredients that simulates vitamin K clotting, and can be dangerous.

    “First Do No Harm” certainly does not apply here!

  31. I found out on 25th September 2016 that I am a carrier of the hepatitis B virus. I am from South Australia and was on a scholarship studying in London when I found out through medical test to extent my visa. The university asked me to go back home for treatment. Now I am at home and the doctor says my liver is affected and viral load is high and am at risk, so I require medication and stated there is no cure or medication. I and my family are devastated by this news. I hope I can get back to my studies as the scholarship gave me 12 months to get better. I hope that one day there will be a cure for this disease. But God send this healer to me a Dr from health med lab Clinic who i was directed to by a family friend, the Dr deliver the medicine to me and with guideline on how to use it after a period of 2 Months i went for test i was totally negative, please my advice is for you to contact him if you are passing through this today here is their private email address [email protected]

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