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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Blacklisting of Gardasil Studies to Silence the Safety Debate?

Gardasil injection
Dr. Shaw noted their research went through Vaccine’s “extensive peer review process” and the journal’s editors notified them that the paper was “accepted with revisions.”

News about Merck and Co.’s human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, Gardasil, is relentlessly being covered by the media. One recent news story was about the abrupt removal of a peer-reviewed research paper connecting Gardasil to neurological dysfunction and abnormal behaviors by the journal VaccineThe media story was prompted after a study titled “Behavioral abnormalities in young female mice following administration of aluminum adjuvants and the human papillomavirus vaccine Gardasil” was published by the journal on Jan. 9, 2016.

In the study, researchers divided 76 female mice into four groups. The individual groups received injections of Gardasil; Gardasil plus pertussis toxin; aluminum adjuvant alone, or a “true” placebo (as opposed to an aluminum-containing placebo typically used in Gardasil pre-licensure trials).

During three- and six-month observation periods, researchers found that compared with placebo-controlled mice, the mice injected with Gardasil or aluminum adjuvant spent significantly more time floating in the forced swimming test, which was a measure of depression used for rodents. After ruling out a connection between increased floating time and locomotor dysfunction through other testing, the researchers determined that these behavioral abnormalities were “likely due to depression.”

In maze tests, aluminum-injected mice also exhibited short-term memory impairment and increased anxiety compared with the placebo-controlled mice in other rodent tests. The research team concluded that Gardasil via its aluminum adjuvant and HPV antigens may “trigger neuroinflammation and autoimmune reactions, further leading to behavioral changes.”1

Delayed Explanation Given for Article’s Removal

The research was spearheaded by eight scientists at Tel Aviv University in Israel, and co-authored by University of British Columbia (UBC) professor and neuroscientist Christopher Shaw, PhD. Dr. Shaw told Metro Vancouver that his UBC colleague, biochemist Lucija Tomljenovic, PhD also contributed to the research.

Dr. Shaw noted their research went through Vaccine’s “extensive peer review process” and the journal’s editors notified them that the paper was “accepted with revisions.” He and his colleagues in Canada and Israel were very surprised when, all of a sudden, the international medical journal withdrew the article.2

When Vaccine first pulled the article, the publisher offered no explanation, saying the article was “temporarily removed.”

Weeks later, the page where the article used to be was updated to read:

This article has been withdrawn at the request of the Editor-in-Chief due to serious concerns regarding the scientific soundness of the article. Review by the Editor-in-Chief and evaluation by outside experts, confirmed that the methodology is seriously flawed, and the claims that the article makes are unjustified. As an international peer-reviewed journal we believe it is our duty to withdraw the article from further circulation, and to notify the community of this issue.3

Dr. Tomljenovic speculated that the study published in Vaccine may have been removed because of pressure from pharmaceutical firms.4

According to Health Impact News, the medical journal’s action to withdraw the article was a decision made by editor-in-chief Gregory Poland, MD. Dr. Poland is Vaccine’s editor-in-chief, who has “pro-vaccine” relationships, according to Health Impact News. His profile has a title of “the chairman of a safety evaluation committee for investigational vaccine trials being conducted by Merck Research Laboratories” and “offers consultative advice on new vaccine development to Merck & Co. Inc.” He has conducted four studies in direct affiliation with Merck, including a pro-HPV trial in 2005.5

Adding another layer to the story is the fact that the Gardasil mouse study was first submitted  to the Journal of Neuroimmunology.  That journal rejected the study after nine months of editorial review. Coincidently, Michael Racke, MD, the journal’s editor-in-chief, happens to receive personal compensation for activities with a number of drug firms, including EMD Serono Inc., a subsidiary of Merck KGaA.5

News of the study’s retraction falls on the heels of other recent HPV vaccine controversies in the media.

The Toronto Star retracted its Feb. 5, 2016, article titled “A wonder drug’s dark side.” The article highlighted individual stories from young women who endured debilitating side effects after taking Gardasil vaccine. The Star stated that the intent of the article was recognizing that, when it comes to Gardasil vaccine, “acknowledged risks are not always properly communicated.” Instead, the newspaper received both online and internal criticism that the story swayed readers too much to the “dark side” of Gardasil and ignored the hierarchy of scientific medical consensus that minimizes the importance of anecdotal evidence. Ultimately, publisher John Cruickshank made the decision to remove it from the Star’s website.

“We remain committed to this line of reporting,” Cruickshank wrote. “However, we have concluded that in this case our story treatment led to confusion between anecdotes and evidence.”6

Another story about Gardasil safety broke earlier this year after Sin Hang Lee,  MD, director of Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, sent an open open letter of complaint to Margaret Chan, MD, director of the World Health Organization (WHO). Dated Jan. 14, 2016, the letter highlighted Dr. Lee’s “grave concerns about the behavior of certain members” of scientific/medical organization, such as WHO, prior to a public hearing on HPV Vaccine Safety held in Japan. Citing documentation, Dr. Lee alleged gross misconduct in misleading the public about the side effects of HPV vaccines, particularly related to the aluminum adjuvants in HPV vaccines.7

Focus on True Placebo in Safety Studies

The recently pulled Vaccine study is not the only time controversy about drug companies failing to use a true placebo in clinical trials has come up. In January 2016, the American College of Pediatricians (ACP) released a statement expressing concerns about Gardasil and its correlation to premature ovarian failure, also known as premature menopause. The ACP’s concerns are based on two case report series published since 2013 in which girls vaccinated with Gardasil developed premature menopause.

Further, there have been 213 reports of premature menopause or amenorrhea (missing menstrual periods) recorded in the Vaccine Adverse Reaction Database (VAERS) since Gardasil’s approval in 2006.

There have been 213 reports of premature menopause or amenorrhea (missing menstrual periods) recorded in the Vaccine Adverse Reaction Database (VAERS) since Gardasil’s approval in 2006. Most of these reports were directly and solely linked to Gardasil.

The ACP noted that before HPV vaccine was licensed and used widely, there were no cases of premature menopause recorded in VAERS.  The physician group also pointed out that the “placebo” used in Merck’s pre-licensure Gardasil safety trials contained two of the vaccine’s ingredients, including aluminum, instead of being a true saline solution.8


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  1. My 11-year-old granddaughter rec’d. her first Gardasil shot about 7 weeks ago. She has mild seasonal allergies, four to six sneezes, itching of nasal area, and mild irritation of eyes. One Claritin and she’s over it. About two days after the shot, she had a greatly exaggerated episode or her previous symptoms plus fatigue to where she didn’t take part in her usual sporting activites. I fear that the more severe reaction was caused by the Gardasil shot, and I read that people who get “allergic” reactions should not be given any additional Gardasil shots. I have not been able to convince her mother (my daughter) of this connection, and I’m fearful of permanent damage being done if she receives her second shot. Does anyone know of actions I can take to prevent her mother from going ahead with this series of vaccinations. I have never been a fan of so many vaccinations in so short a time, and granddaughter has not begun any changes to her body that she is at risk of engaging in sexual activities. In fact, she appears to be way behind her girlfriends in breast development and pubic changes. I’m terrified she is going to be hurt by these shots when we could wait to be sure the vaccine is safe.

    1. Go to YouTube and watch some of the videos by girls affected by the Gardisol shots. T.hese shots are extremely harmful

      I also read where it is thought that these shots do nothing to prevent anything.


      Above is a link to and info re: hpv. There are 100 strains of hpv (40 found on cervix etc) but the vaccine only contains 4 strains so she is only (maybe) protected against 4 of 40…not good odds and cervical cancer from hpv is VERY rare (less than 3% of cancer cases. The vaccination is definitely a much higher risk than the disease. Go to and do more research and give it to your daughter. Good luck to you and your granddaughter

    3. I am the Mother of a child damaged from this vaccine. Nine years later, she still deals with the aftermath. She had two out of the three series. Thank God I went with my maternal instincts and didn’t take her for the third!! There are countless stories from other mother’s and young girls whose lives have been drastically changed since this vaccine was introduced. Research them: Also, there are many Facebook groups. These common stories are no coincidence!!! I pray you are able to influence your daughter to do the RESEARCH! Common side effects many experience after the first injection are: Unexplained seizures. Headache, fainting, extreme fatigue, hair loss, rash (often on the neck), inability to focus, muscle aches, mood changes. Sadly these are minor, considering the other extreme side effects that are occurring in so many girls and now boys. Best of luck.

  2. In research, they often make sure to downplay or excuse the adverse reactions such as irregular menses, because any drug related to the reproductive system usually lists irregular menstruation or missed/heavy periods as a side effect. So when a subject misses a period or two, the investigator will likely state that it’s not unexpected (or they will ask “have you had irregular periods before?” If the subject says yes, they may claim that it is not related to the drug, and it’s just normal for that person) and that’s probably why there were no reports of premature menopause prior to widespread use. Not to mention “long term studies” really aren’t that long.

  3. I am a research nurse and I have found that in the past several years it has become increasingly more difficult to find unbiased articles or actual scientific research that has no influence from the pharmaceutical industry. It seems that transparency is no longer a part of science, and the only interest the pharmaceutical industry has is in profits, Not Health. It seems that sales is more important, and any negative consumer information is not allowed. The pharmaceutical industries motto should be “if you cannot dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit”. I really have to dig deeply to find the truth, too much smoke, lies and deceit. I can find the truth, but it takes a lot of digging.

    1. Hi Sally, congratulations on your attitude, most doctors and nurses I see are blinded by the biased research and the lies they are taught throughout their education . It’s sad but they do not use their God given intelligence to question anything! Science has definitely been corrupted,

  4. Hi,
    Someone at Vactruth must have a copy of the original article printed in Vaccine. Could you please get a copy and include it on your website so that we could read it.

  5. And another vaccine issue : The first exposure to these HPV pathogens is most likely via vaginal mucous membranes. The proper immune response begins here. So, it seems that injecting altered viral particles right into the muscle/blood tissue could begin an abnormal immune cascade.

  6. I will say a prayer for your granddaughter and daughter. I am a grandmother that for years has kept my daughter up-to-date on the adverse reactions and ingredients in vaccines and to delay and/or avoid even some of the routine vaccines. I am supporter of The NVIC and I tell everyone I know to avoid the Gardasil for their children. This is a vaccine that is not only being recommended and highly pushed with girls, but young boys as well. It is important to educate our children as well because when they are old enough to go to the doctor themselves they WILL be convinced to take the vaccine. This happened to a friend of mine. She told her mother, “Well they said I needed it.” Physicians’ and their staff laugh at you and/or make you feel stupid if you even question not receiving vaccines, and now some are even refusing to treat patients if you refuse vaccines. Absolutely not worth the risk of this vaccine. I agree with the person earlier that suggested watching some You Tube videos on girls that are suffering greatly from this debilitating vaccine. They are eye openers even if people will tell you they are untrue. God Bless your efforts from one grandmother to another.

  7. I’m a mother of 14-year-old girl and I refused vaccinate my daughter. Our pediatrician always tries to make me feel guilty and blames me in being not responsible mother. She makes me sign all kind of papers stating that I’m responsible for my actions every time we come there for a check-up. We always end up arguing. Unfortunately I can’t find a better pediatrician in our network. It’s just so awful, that in a “free country” people are not allowed to have their own opinion and protect their lives.

  8. My 12 year old daughter received all 3 shots last summer and has been very ill since than. She lost 20 pounds in one month, she’s had constant vomiting, fevers, fatigue, no appetite what so ever, lots of stomach pain, dizziness, runny or dry nose, blurry vision, lots of headaches, coughing and she is extremely weak to where she can’t even so steps without be exhausted. She is also under developed in the chest and has not started her period. She had her period for one day and no more since. She is now also anemic all because of the Gardasil HPV shot. It took many doctors before we were able to actually find out what the problem was, because no one could understand why she was so sick for so long. We are going on almost a year. We finally found a nurse practitioner who has dealt with this before and know right away why she was so sick. Now as I read and investigate more, I am shocked that they continue to try and force parents to get these vaccinations! I called and filed a report with my health department and they investigated it, because they didn’t believe me, well now they do and are not going to force on their patients anymore. They were also very shocked. My whole daughters first year in middle school as been just horrible because of all of this. She can’t do any sports and is missing a lot of school because she is always so sick. I pray to God that somehow, someway we can reverse this and get her back to being healthy again and enjoy her teen years, but from what I read, it seems like it never goes away. Does anyone have any information on how to reverse the damage or on any cases that have been positive? Praying for all who are affected by Gardasil.

  9. Here, we are talking about ONE of the MANY vaccinations given to babies, children, and adults. Anyone who looks into the vast amounts of research, and the many documentaries showcasing very skilled, honest MD’s expressing deep concern with vaccinations, mercury and aluminum based carriers, and speaks to people having significant increases in health challenges AFTER being vaccinated will see a definite pattern emerging.

    My wife and I have spoken to a number of nurses who told us “quietly”, that our concerns with vaccinations were legitimate. They shared that they regularly see patients in the hospital who have the very illnesses or diseases they HAVE BEEN vaccinated for. The underlying consensus is that the vaccinations WORK TO MAKE DRUG COMPANIES RICH, but DO NOT work well to protect people from the stated illness or diseases they are touted to.

    When you consider the wide range of fields in which we have this very same type of cover-up going on, be it medicine, food labeling, farming, finance, education, national security, etc, one witnessing this eventually comes to the conclusion that we DO NOT have a White House, but DO HAVE a corporate headquarters.

    If you look into how much false marketing, often based on studies funded and conducted by drug companies, and how much financial interest key members of various boards involved in getting these things approved there are, the concept of ethics and morals cease to exist.

    I have been in the health and exercise industry for 32 years, and seen many problems with people that emerged in close timing to receiving various vaccinations. My wife had had a baby together nine weeks ago, and we were both shocked to find that they wanted to give our baby 74! different vaccinations in the first two months!!! The nurses came into the hospital room around the clock trying to sell us on this craziness. They could not answer my questions about the vaccinations, and did not know the contents of the vaccinations. When they were pressuring me to give my son vitamin K, I asked them if it was natural, or synthetically based, and what the side effects were. They did not know, and had to go find the insert from the box.

    The first things it said were enough for me…things like lung failure, liver toxicity…and on and on. There are toxic carriers in the vitamin K shots as well…. I consulted an expert on the issue, and she directed us to safer homeopathic medicines and my wife and I are very happy that we have the awareness we do; we both work with people with a wide variety of health challenges for a living, and see and hear the horror stories day in and day out.

    We must all wake up, and work together to stop believing and buying into “appearances”. The best form of vaccination in light of the current situation is to eat, sleep, breathe, move, hydrate, and think in life affirmative ways.
    Paul Chek

  10. Old concerns on gardasil

    merck is making their own laws
    not following instructions on making an vaccine licensable

    How stupid is merck or do they own the laws

    no, merck should be closed, for gross negligence
    on the whole of humanity
    merck is against humanity
    merck pushes this hate crime

    puget sound sane
    a citizens lobby working to stop the nuclear arms race
    this lobby has not done much, but learn….

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