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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


The Puzzling Presence of Borax in Our Vaccines

boraxStory Highlights
  • Sodium borate, commercially known as borax, is approved for use as a vaccine ingredient.
  • The role of sodium borate in vaccines is not clearly documented.
  • There is a significant gap in scientific research on the toxic effects of this vaccine ingredient.

Vaccine ingredients are an extremely important topic in the dialogue on vaccination, health and autonomy. After all, we all want to know and have the right to know what we are injected with. The Vaccine Reaction has published several articles about vaccine ingredients, including aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde and polysorbate 80. This article introduces an ingredient known as sodium borate.

What is Sodium Borate?

Many of you are familiar with a product commercially known as Borax. At some point, you may have encountered its presence in household products such as laundry and cleaning products, fertilizers and in pesticides used for killing rats, cockroaches and ants.1 Borax, also scientifically known as sodium borate, is also used as an ingredient in vaccines.2

Sodium borate is a boron compound, a mineral and a salt of boric acid.3 Naturally occurring borax is typically found in arid regions where it forms from the repeated evaporation of seasonal lakes. Borax is also produced synthetically from other boron compounds.4

The Role of Sodium Borate in Vaccines: Limited Data Available

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Vaccine Excipient and Media Summary lists four vaccines that contain sodium borate:

  • Hep A (Vaqta)
  • Hib/Hep B (Comvax)
  • HPV (Gardasil)
  • HPV (Gardasil 9)2

What is unsettling is that information pertaining to the role of sodium borate in vaccines is very limited and unclear. According to the Immunization Advisory Centre based at the School of Population Health at The University of Auckland in New Zealand, sodium borate is identified as a buffer in vaccine composition and manufacturing.5 Their factsheet on vaccine ingredients describes buffers as substances that “serve to resist changes in pH, adjust tonicity and maintain osmolarity.”5

From a general pharmacological perspective, buffers are important in ensuring stability of a solution by controlling its pH in order to minimize drug degradation and improve the efficacy of delivery, but take note that this information is not specific to vaccines composition.6

Sodium Borate: Materials Safety Record

According to the Materials and Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) on, sodium borate is hazardous in case of skin contact (irritant) and eye contact (irritant) and is slightly hazardous in case of inhalation and ingestion. The MSDS does not address the effects of sodium borate through injection.7 The MSDS also notes that developmental toxicity and carcinogenic, mutagenic and teratogenic effects of sodium borate is not available.7

This lack of data on the safety of sodium borate in humans should be enough to require vaccine manufacturers and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to provide credible scientific evidence that it is safe to be used in vaccines.

Sodium Borate: Studies on Laboratory Animals

The toxicity of borate compounds has been studied in laboratory animals with most studies using either using borax or boric acid.8 A report released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service to assess the human health and ecological risks of borax exposure states that…

Results of developmental, sub-chronic and chronic toxicity studies show that the primary targets for borate toxicity are the developing fetus and the male reproductive system. Regarding developmental effects, gestational exposure of rats, mice, and rabbits to boric acid resulted in increased fetal deaths, decreased in fetal weight, and increased fetal malformations. The types of fetal malformations observed include anomalies of the eyes, central nervous system, cardiovascular system, and axial skeleton in rats, short rib XIII and other skeletal anomalies pertaining to ribs in mice, and cardiovascular malformations in rabbits.

The most sensitive effect observed following gestational exposure to boric acid is decreased body weight. No mechanisms have been identified for the developmental effects of borates. Results of sub-chronic and chronic toxicity studies show that the testis is the primary target organ for borate compounds in adult animals. Testicular toxicity is characterized by atrophy of the testes, degeneration of the seminiferous epithelium, and sterility. Results of reproductive studies show a dose-dependent decrease in fertility in male rats and dogs, with dogs being slightly more sensitive than rats.

At lower exposure levels, testicular effects and infertility may be reversed, but adverse effects can persist for at least 8 months at higher exposure levels. Results of one study in rats indicate that borax exposure may also reduce ovulation in female rats.8

If the toxic effects of sodium borate in animals are this severe, it is reasonable to be concerned about its effect on humans .

Sodium Borate Banned as a Food Additive

In the past, borax was commonly used as a texturing agent to promote elasticity and crispiness in certain foods such as in shrimp, rice noodles and root starch jelly. It is ironic, however, that U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned its use as a food additive. The European Chemicals Agency also banned it and but also added it to the list of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC).9 The reason it was added to this list is…

Because of reproductive and developmental toxicity concerns, borax was added to the European Union’s (EU) Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) candidate list in December 2010. The SVHC candidate list is part of the EU Regulations on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals 2006, and the addition was based on the revised classification of borax as toxic for reproduction category 1B under the Classification, Labeling and Packaging Regulations. Substances and mixtures imported into the EU which contain borax are now required to be labeled with the warnings ‘May damage fertility’ and ‘May damage the unborn child’.”1

If it is not safe for human consumption, then why is it safe to include in vaccines?

Sodium Borate: Unanswered Questions

In 2010, the French officials suspended the sale and distribution of Merck’s Gardasil vaccine due to the numerous reports of adverse effects including some deaths following Gardasil vaccinations.10 Consequently, the French government appointed a group of immunologists and researchers to conduct a risk-benefit analysis of the vaccine given that Gardasil’s safety record was not entirely convincing.10

French lawmakers were particularly concerned about the presence of sodium borate and its effect on human health over an extended period of time. Researchers still do not have an answer as to whether sodium borate is responsible for the adverse reactions.10


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33 Responses

  1. I have been conducting independent research since leaving Sloan-Kettering in protest over vaccines in 1978. I was seeing Leukemia patients, average age 6, and taking blood and skin for cell culture. I performed Tissue Culture.
    Upon intake, the whole family would participate in providing biopsies for culture in order to establish the genome of the family tree.
    Upon questioning the parents about the child’s vaccine history – every Mom of every Leukemia patient, mostly boys – hmmm harbinger to Autism? – every Mom snapped at me as if I had accused her of being a bad Mother and being responsible for her child’s health expression aka disease:
    “He’s had ALL his shots!” (somehow, even as a rather young man, I knew that I had hit a nerve with the question)
    Soon my file was growing. I had evidence of a link between vaccination and cancer. It was 1977.
    I’m sorry, I digress. The point is that we must look at ALL of health from the cell perspective.
    I have been a follower of NVIC for many years. I am a huge fan of Barbara. She is a courageous hero to me and I know that she is risking her very life to do and be what she is.
    This is simply all depopulation. Clearly all the agents, the squalene, polysorbate, fluoride, the soft metals, it is a toxic brew targeted at the reproductive system. The target tissue of these agents reveal their purpose and intention.
    It is harsh to say this, but, it is very much the case that Natural Selection is using vaccination to remove the stupid and gullible gene from our population. The fact that parents do it to their own children, greatly increases the effectiveness of the program.
    I appreciate your work. You are champions for Life and common sense, and most of all, freedom, in the form of freedom of choice for there is no other kind of freedom.
    Dr. Jeff Prystupa

    1. I wonder if a study has been done on the school’s increase of children who need special services from speech, additional staff(aides), mobility, vision/deaf teachers, physical and occupational therapies? This is not only affecting hospitals, labs, and the courts. We are financially taxing our schools and public programs that these children, who grow up, need to utilize.

      1. These studies are beginning to be available. All funding for AP programs has been severely cut to accommodate the special needs children.
        Safe to call this the “DUMBING DOWN OF SOCIETY”
        Thank you vaccines and Big Pharm!

    2. I am in complete agreement with Dr. P’s comments and observations. All of the childhood diseases are non-life threatening and at the most, a mere nuisance. Growing up, these diseases were brief and transitory and for most children way back then, it was considered a right of passage.

      Tetanus is extremely rare. As long as wounds are properly cleaned, the risk of serious infection is slight. All childhood diseases are curable with IV vitamin C and in the case of Pertussis, magnesium will prevent it. Pertussis also responds quickly to Ascorbic acid in high IV dosages on the order of 150 to 200 grams per 24 hours. Frederick R. Klenner, MD., used Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) with great success with numerous diseases. The white cells convert Ascorbate into hydrogen peroxide which promptly destroys most pathogens due to its oxygen content; pathogens being mostly anaerobic (partial metabolic low oxygen obligates).

      Dr. Thomas Sydenham -(1624-1689), routinely utilized Potassium bitartrate (Cream of Tartar) to cure every case of Small Pox he encountered. Small Pox being s disease of filth; the concept of polluting the body with a totally different disease (Cow Pox) is absurd, not to mention absolutely insane!

      Vaccines have never been tested properly for efficacy and it has been well-established that they are are all harmful to the body. Aluminum adjuvants cause lesions in the brain and often induce ischemic strokes that result in facial, eye and other forms and degrees of chronic paralyses.

      The Polio vaccines contained SV-40 monkey virus. This is even admitted to by the U.S. Government. The primary cause of mesothelioma if from the Polio vaccines, not asbestos exposure. Only those vaccinated against it in the Millennium develop it and thus it remains with us but has been re-named and is now called Aseptic meningitis. This is fraud of colossal proportion! A true crime foist against humanity!

      Vaccines are designed to induce diseases, not to prevent them. They are in essence, weapons of mass destruction. Bill Gates publicly stated that the world’s population should be reduced via vaccination. i.e. Genocide! Yep! It’s true, he actually said that in a speech he gave.

      “A medical system incentivized by profit is inherently evil” Carmi Hazen

      Defend your life – refuse forced vaccination which is a violation of International law resulting from Nazi atrocities during WW-II which resulted in the Nuremberg Accords and the Helsinki Doctrine. You cannot be forced to accept medical treatments against your will.

    3. So, if you hired me to babysit your children, and I knowingly poisoned with a cocktail of chemicals, I would be off scot-free in your book since I’d simply say “You should have known better than to trust a stranger with the health and safety of your child, who cares if I promised no harm would come to them under my care, I didn’t say afterwards did I? Gullible much?”

    4. Borax is a compound made from boron, a naturally occurring mineral. When you combine ingredients like boron, oxygen, and sodium, you get sodium tetraborate, sodium borate, or… borax. borax does not contain boric acid. it’s a common misconception that people have.

  2. I am glad someone is watching the store and talking about adverse reactions to HPV vaccine and what is in it. WPR & NPR have started small but one sided reports about the need for more vaccines – Yesterday when a representative from Oshkosh Gordon Hintz has proposed to eliminate the personal exemption from vaccines in Wisconsin, there was a “firestorm” of shills and trolls online pushing for mandating vaccines in Wisconsin. Now that Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is “donating” to public radio, I am not surprised at the attacks on anyone who brings in some facts about vaccines on their online discussions are immediately attacked – quite nastily I might add. Just a comment.

  3. Thanks for all the due diligence at the cell level. It has become obvious to thinking Americans that vaccines are dangerous. Let us know how we can help.

  4. Boron, which can be obtained through its salts, is actually also a part of a healthy diet. Among many other things the thyroid cannot function without it, which would also inhibit reproduction. Borax itself has been used as a healthy supplement in depleted areas world wide will no ill effects, the same is true of boric acid. The dose is minuscule, though. This is an interesting report, and it is obvious more research (like that will ever happen) is indicated.

    1. It’s still impossible to say whether borax causes dangerous side effects, but I think it’s important to differentiate between the safety of a substance that is consumed (eaten) and one that is injected. The digestive system may be able to safely dismantle and use or eliminate something like borax but we have no clear idea of what happens when these substances are unnaturally injected into tissues or bloodstream.

  5. What do you think about this article? Borax was reported to heal arthritis.
    The Borax Conspiracy
    How the Arthritis Cure has been Stopped Walter Last

    Because of the fact that cosmetics and personal care items are loaded with carcinogenic ingredients, I’ve been washing my hair with borax because it’s made up of minerals. It totally cleans my hair and leaves my hair really nice.

    I also make my own deodorant for the same reason.

    I tried using baking soda to wash my hair and it’s disgusting. If borax isn’t safe, does anyone know of a SAFE home made shampoo?

    1. When using baking soda as a shampoo, rinse with a vinegar mix of 1 Tbsp vinegar to 1 cup water. It takes out the baking soda and leaves no residue. Our whole family uses this with great results.

  6. I live in Ca. This year the law for every child must be vaccinated kicks in, religious exemptions have been removed. So my boy will be denied an education becuase he never received his final round of shots. He is currently developing behavior issues which I can’t prove are related to vaccination. I wonder who they will blame on the next disease outbreak in the schools when all to children haven vaccinated? And the unvaccinated are home? The parents? I see that mandatory vaccination law coming down. My thought, why are the uninformed parents so concerned about their kids getting a virus from an unvaccinated child if their child has been vaccinated. Wheres the faith in that one? We need a million people to show up in the steps of White House and demand this government intrusion stop. STOP making laws out of fear and come to their senses. Pass a law requiring a cool down period for ALl Politicians after a major problem hits our country so reason can come back to the politicians abilities to make a wise decision, no exemptions. See how they like a law controlling there ability to decide what best.

    1. Sadly, I don’t think laws are being passed in fear as to what the public think. Maybe it has more to do with the fear their stock won’t perform as well.

  7. I’m trying to confirm the last line of this story, which says that Gardasil is still banned in France but not coming up with anything.
    Can the author share where that comes from? I did go to the linked reference, however that goes back to 2012.
    Thanks for any help you can offer!

    1. Thank you for your question and bringing this to our attention. On Aug. 31, 2010, France banned advertising Gardasil as an anti-cancer vaccine in their country. However, on Feb. 4, 2014, it was reported that President François Hollande announced in his ‘Cancer Plan’ that he wanted HPV vaccine uptake amongst young French women to double over the next five years. At that point, it appears that Sanofi-Pasteur, which markets Gardasil in France for Merck, resumed that marketing. This came as a huge shock to the parents of girls suffering with very severe neurological and immune system disorders that developed following receipt of Gardasil who, by November 2013, had already initiated legal proceedings against both Sanofi Pasteur, ANSM and the French national medicines safety authority.


  8. Actually it IS illegal. The law of the land is the 1958 FDCA – food, drug, cosmetic act.

    It MANDATES that any new additions (or uses) in these supplies MUST be treated as UNSAFE!!!!

    WE DON’T HAVE TO PROVE THESE THINGS ARE UNSAFE because legally they ARE unsafe until PROVEN otherwise by short, long-term, and multigenerational scientific studies. That means PEER-REVIEWED and not “secret proprietary information”.

    We have the right to know that there are questions regarding safety issues, and that the study was not reaching conclusiong beyond it’s data. That it didn’t have publication bias, that the experiments were soundly designed, etc. This is why the head editors of Lancet and the NEJM both state that half of the medical studies published are worthless.

  9. Bottom line – the only reason we have GMOs and ingredients like this in our drugs and foods (and…) is because THE FDA BROKE THE LAW IN LETTING THEM WITHOUT SATISFYING THE LEGAL MANDATES!!!!

    Pass this information on – we don’t need to label GMOs, we just need to enforce EXISTING LAWS and they must be removed from our supplies.

    1. There is a huge difference between ingesting something and injecting that same thing. It’s all about how our body is able to use/process/remove the item.

  10. Edward Jenner´s use of “cowpox” was demonstrated by various English physicians to NOT prevent smallpox. The convention of English physicians wrote an official paper stating that Jenner´s “cowpox” was a failure and should not be used. The novelty of the issue and Jenner´s relatives strongly supported the pursuit of the concept, which was seized upon by later physicians, and developed into the current concept of “vaccination.”
    Injection animal pus, heavy metals and other poisons into humans tends to cripple the immune systems. For over 225 years, “vaccination” or “innoculation” has engendered innumerable illnesses into humanity. When the statistics of communicable illnesses since 1800 is reviewed, it is evident that “vaccination” has stopped NO communicable illnesses, rather improved sanitation and nutrition is responsible for the improvement of health. Also shown by statistics is that geographical areas the most heavily “vaccinated” are areas where such illnesses occurred most heavily.

  11. What a revelation. Borax in vaccines! I have done many experiments with borax. This is not something I would want to ingest in any way.

  12. Very interesting! Why would the borax, which causes atrophy of the testes, need to be in the HPV and HPV9 vaccines? Have they started giving these vaccines to boys?

      1. Yes ! They are giving it to boys. My son had the HPV vaccine in 2012, 2013, 2014. He has erectile dysfunction and he also has varicocelle problems. They have done every test. He was told it’s just something he has to live with. Viagra dont even work for him. He is now 19 and suicidal.

  13. Interesting that in the late 90’s i had a terrible case of hpv which required iv antivirals. When multiple rounds failed, my gyno at the time did some research and told me to use Borax as a topical paste. It worked within hours. I have only had to use it once again since. Soooo, why include an agent that kills a virus into the vaccine for said virus? Because it’s more about population control than it is health?

  14. Borax only causes sexual/hormone related problems before birth, and requires high doses to cause other problems (MSDS toxicity is the same as table salt.)

    In fact, I’ve been taking borax daily for three years. A pinch in a glass of water. All I have seen is positive effects: got rid of my back and joint pain, stronger teeth and bones, less grey hair, and no cold sores since I started.

    I can’t see the minor amount of borax in a single dose of vaccine causing problems.

  15. Jewelers have stopped using borax as a flux for some time now due to its toxicity. The FDA page that seems to have disappeared stated that borax can cause organ damage and infertility. The epa say to handle borax, which is still available in stores for use as a roach killer ( yes, borax is an effective roach killer, wrap your mind around that) with gloves long sleeves and a dust mask so that it does not come in contact with the skin or be inhaled. The ‘globalist society’ promoters have been very candid in expressing the belief that we need to reduce the population. And then by some ‘coincidence’ there is a new vaccine that containing a substance known to cause infertility (and kill roaches). How gullible and trusting are we going to be to allow mass vaccination by pharmaceutical companies who have been proven in court multiple times to be criminal? As bad as some of the stated ingredients are, who is hto say what is really in these vaccines. There is no quality control, no outside testing, no way of knowing the contents of these vaccines for which there have already been instances of contamination. The companies maling these vaccines have been absolved of the liability of the possibility of any wrongdoing in advance and yet we beleive in their honesty? My faith in God is much less blind than the blind faith given to the pharmaceutical companies, who it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how easily they can buy government and the medical industry.

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