Rita Redberg, MD on the “Washout Period” in Clinical Trials

Rita Redberg, MD on the “Washout Period” in Clinical Trials

There are a lot of ways that one can manipulate data in a [drug or vaccine] trial. Trials do what they call a washout period, and what that means is before they choose the people that are going to be in the trial, they give everybody the drug, and the people that have side effects get excluded from the trial. And they say that so people aren’t uncomfortable when they are in the trial. But of course it takes out all the people that have side effects, and that’s very commonly done in drug trials.

… It would definitely grossly underestimate the number of people that have side effects. They’re not as safe as they’re made out to be, no.

— Rita Redberg, MD, MSc, professor of medicine and director of Women’s Cardiovascular Services at the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center



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