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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Polysorbate 80: A Risky Vaccine Ingredient

Story Highlights
  • Polysorbate 80, a surfactant, is an ingredient used in several vaccines.
  • There are serious safety concerns regarding its use as a vaccine ingredient.
  • There is glaring lack of research evaluating the risks to human health of including Polysorbate 80 in vaccines.

The recent public conversation about the safety of vaccine ingredients has centered primarily around mercury (thimerosal), aluminum and formaldehyde. However, there are other concerning ingredients in vaccines that are not talked about as often, one of which is Polysorbate 80—also known as Tween 80 and polyoxyethylene-sorbitan-20 mono-oleate.1 

What is Polysorbate 80?

Polysorbate 80 is a surfactant commonly used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry.1 Surfactants are compounds that reduce the surface tension and increase the solubility between two liquids that would normally be unable to dissolve together, e.g. oil in water.2 3  Because of their ability to lower surface tension between liquids, surfactants are known for their spreading and wetting properties. Therefore, surfactants act as detergents, emulsifiers, wetting agents, foaming agents and dispersants.1 2

To prevent separation of liquids, Polysorbate 80 is present in several formulas such as skin care products, shampoos, makeup, ice-cream, processed salad dressings and sauces.3 4 Within the pharmaceutical industry, polysorbate 80 is used to improve and maintain consistency of gel capsules; assist in keeping medication suspended in liquids; in preparation of intravenous fluids; as an excipient in tablets, and in the manufacture of vaccines.1 4

Polysorbate 80 in Vaccines: Not Well Tested

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Vaccine Excipient and Media Summary lists 11 vaccines that contain polysorbate 80:

  • DTaP (Infanrix);
  • DTaP—IPV (Kinrix);
  • DTap-HepB-IPV (Pediarix);
  • DTaP-IPV-Hib (Pentacel);
  • Gardasil
  • Influenza (Agriflu);
  • Influenza (Fluarix);
  • Meningococcal (MenB-Trumenba);
  • Pneumococcal (PCV13—Prevnar13);
  • Rotavirus (RotaTeq);
  • Tdap (Boostrix)5

According to the Material Safety and Data Sheet (MSDS) on, Polysorbate 80 was tested for inhalation and ingestion and demonstrated to be slightly hazardous in case of skin contact.6 The MSDS does not address the effects of polysorbate through injection. Nevertheless, in the same toxicology section under special remarks on chronic and toxic effects on human, it states that Polysorbate 80:

 May cause adverse reproductive effects based on animal test data. No human data found. May cause cancer based on animal test data. No human data found. May affect genetic material (mutagenic). Ingestion of very large doses may cause abdominal spasms and diarrhea. Animal studies have shown it to cause cardiac changes, changes in behavior (altered sleep time) and weight loss (upon repeated or prolonged ingestion). However, no similar human data has been reported.6

The fact that Polysorbate 80 “may cause cancer based on animal test data” and may be mutagenic alone should be enough to require vaccine manufacturers and the Food and Drug Administration to provide credible scientific evidence that it is safe to include  Polysorbate 80 in vaccines given to humans.

Polysorbate 80: Damage to the Brain?

In vaccines, Polysorbate 80 acts as an emulsifier to disperse all the other ingredients evenly within the liquid. Pediatrician Lawrence Palevsky, MD warns of the potential danger of using Polysorbate 80 as a vaccine ingredient.8 He notes,

Polysorbate 80 is used in pharmacology to assist in the delivery of certain drugs or chemotherapeutic agents across the blood-brain-barrier.8 

This raises serious concerns of using Polysorbate 80 in combination with other reactive vaccine ingredients, which have the potential to damage the brain.8 

The blood-brain-barrier is a barrier that separates the brain from the circulatory system and protects the central nervous system from harmful chemicals and other toxins. The blood brain barrier is particularly weak and more easily penetrated during infancy and in old age. Consequently, the concern with using Polysorbate 80 in vaccines is that it may permit the entry of other toxic ingredients, such as heavy metals, into the brain.2 

Dr. Palevsky asks some crucial questions regarding whether Polysorbate 80 is having negative effects on and facilitating toxic insults to the brain via vaccination.

What viral, bacterial, yeast, heavy metal or other vaccine containing ingredient needs to pass into the brains of our children? Do they belong in the brain? Is that part of the needed immune response to protect our children from disease? Do vaccine materials pass across the blood-brain barrier with the help of Polysorbate-80? If so, are there complications from being in the brains of our children?8

Furthermore, once injected into the body, polysorbate 80 can rapidly break down into sorbitol and ethylene oxide.  Sorbitol has the ability to increase the risk of diabetes, cell death, mitochondrial failure and DNA fragmentation.2 

Polysorbate 80: Damage to Uterus?

Research has demonstrated that Polysorbate 80 can lead to infertility in rats. A study published in the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology

discovered that Tween80 accelerated the rats’ maturation, prolonged the estrous cycle, decreased the weight of the uterus and ovaries, and caused damage to the lining of the uterus indicative of chronic estrogenic stimulation. The rats’ ovaries were also damaged, with degenerative follicles and no corpora lutea (a mass of progesterone-secreting endocrine tissue that forms immediately after ovulation). Such severe deformities to the ovary can lead to infertility.10 

The question that needs to be answered is whether the demonstrated toxic effects of Polysorbate 80 in animals, including damage to the uterus and ovaries leading to infertility, applies to humans as well.

Polysorbate 80: Damage to Immune Function?

There are also concerns with the use of detergents in vaccines.  Our body has something called the Membrane Attack Complex (MAC)—one of the immune system’s toughest weapons.2 When the body identifies a pathogen, MAC proteins kill the cells of pathogens by tunneling through their surface membranes thus causing them to leak or explode.

Although there are similarities between MAC proteins and detergents in terms of their “attacking” function, detergents are not regulated in body in the same manner as MAC proteins.2 A protein known as CD59 regulates MAC; its role is to restrain other MAC proteins from attaching to our cells thus preventing them from rupturing.2

Due to the lack to regulating proteins in detergents, they attack cells randomly and have the potential to attack our own cells ignoring immune system alerts to cease attacking.2 

Several studies illustrate that lack of CD59 protection can lead to damaged neuromuscular transmission junctions, rheumatoid arthritis, kidney disease, stroke or fatal cerebral hemorrhage. Considering that regulatory CD59 protein is non-existent in injected detergents, all of the mentioned medical conditions are to be expected when using detergents in vaccines since they have no regard for other cells that would otherwise be protected by CD59 or other regulating proteins.2 

Verdict on Polysorbate 80

It is obvious that there is a glaring lack of basic science research into the toxic effects of the vaccine ingredient, Polysorbate 80, on human health. Some argue that ingredients like Polysorbate 80 in vaccines are safe and not dangerous simply because they are present in vaccines in miniscule amounts.

However, the fact remains that the federal vaccine schedule directs doctors to give infants and children a whopping 49 doses of vaccines by the age of six.11  What are the cumulative effects of multiple vaccine ingredients on the human body? Shouldn’t we have the right to ask for evidence of short and long-term safety if we are going to inject something into our bodies or our child’s body?


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  1. It’s so CRAZY that we inject our children (49 doses of vaccines by the age of six) with substances that haven’t been thoroughly tested to be safe for them….in the name of being “healthy”…

      1. This is why I am going to a vaccine free pediatrician. My son was born with laryngomalacia which means the flap over his larynx is floppy which causes him to breath loud and noisy. Long story short he stayed in the hospital for two weeks ,before he was released he was given the hep vaccine. Shortly after he started to have seizure episodes which I thought was gas, but when he went to the doc for his three month check up they gave him more shots and that following night he seized 4 times….now mind you his father or my side has no one in our family who has a history of epilepsy. This vaccines has ingredients in them that are not fully tested or barely make the pass. These are people lives we are dealing with not test subjects.

    1. It totally blows my mind that so called responsible parents will spend an hour reading food labels in the grocery store, yet these same parents fail to acquire any vaccine package inserts, to inquire into the ingredients that are being directly injected into their precious innocent children. The thymus for most people is not fully developed until sometime around the age of somewhere between 3-7 years. Hence, giving vaccinations, which are intended to provoke an immune response from our white cells, prior to that time will be largely ineffective for many people. Toxic Vaccine Ingredients do not belong in the human body PERIOD. Formaldehyde is a “Known Human Carcinogen”, Polysorbate 80 causes Diabetes, Mercury, Aluminum, Aborted Fetus, Animal DNA/RNA, Insect DNA/RNA and Much More. We Are Being Targeted For Extermination. FDA~CDC~BIG PHARMA provide the FEAR, COLLUSION & CONFLICTS OF INTERESTS and HIDE THE NEGATIVE VACCINE SIDE EFFECTS DATA. THE NAZI’S TESTED VACCINES ON THE JEWS. {OUR WORLD IS RUN BY PSYCHOPATH’S}.

      1. vaccines are a NO. So tired of people following and trusting when we have found out toxic ingredients are in vaccines, lack of safety testing, children are being harmed by vaccines, and they want us to hand over our children blindly. No way. Our children mean too much to us.

      2. Thank you for that “thymus” info of 3-7!!!!!

        I call them Piggy Pharma and here is what I gleaned
        copeid and pasted via “Fair Use Law,” in part, for educational information. . . .
        Polysorbate 80 as copied and pasted from. . .
        [as follows…..]
        “According to the Material Safety and Data Sheet (MSDS) on, Polysorbate 80 was tested for inhalation and ingestion and demonstrated to be slightly hazardous in case of skin contact.6
        The MSDS does not address the effects of polysorbate through injection.
        Nevertheless, in the same toxicology section under special remarks on chronic and toxic effects on human, it states that
        Polysorbate 80:
        May cause adverse reproductive effects based on animal test data.
        No human data found. May affect genetic material (mutagenic).
        Ingestion of very large doses may cause abdominal spasms and diarrhea.
        Animal studies have shown it to cause cardiac changes, changes in behavior (altered sleep time) and weight loss (upon repeated or prolonged ingestion).”
        End of copied and pasted.]

        So… it is ALL “POISON” down to the last DROP!

        And nothing but LIES, and I’d love to see the news on the “virus” that has NOT been 1. “Isolated” nor “Purified,” to show court style, evidence, that is it actually exists as such!

  2. If Polysorbate 80 is harmful in animals do we really need to know anymore? Its not only Polysorbate 80 that is harmful as the truth seekers already know.
    I think its pretty obvious these so called preservatives have been engineered into a needle to hurt us. They know full well what is safe or unsafe.
    Do the elites take the same vaccines if any? At the minimum they do not take the same vaccines and tell me, why do they not eat the same food? They have their own organic gardens while the peeons consume deadly poisons. They are killing us plain and simple.

      1. Erin, you’re so correct! It’s a toxic soup, as Robert F Kennedy, jr says, and our children are swimming in it! I know so many teens who are suffering multiple health issues including immune suppression and depression. All 3 of my kids who were born between 1986-1992, struggle with a variety of health issues. When are the masses going to stop and finally realize we’re being poisoned and the evil-doers are making billions off our illnesses.

    1. Sadly, many “elites” do vaccinate, and many are role-models? An 8-year-old I know typically observes people of all ages and declares to me who he considers are vaccine damaged. He knows children in his school-class who are vaccine damaged. He’s alert to the danger. He’s 8.
      And he has no medical qualifications.

  3. Thank you so much for this article. Everyone should really research how many bad ingredients are in those shots before they even think about having their babies poisoned by them. If you want more information in regards how these vaccines cause autism and chronic illness, please check out the interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD, 11/22/15. She is absolutely brilliant!


    1. I am autistic and that video is very offensive. I’d rather be alive and have communication difficulties than dead

  4. Rishma – can you please edit to add Gardasil and Gardasil 9 to this list as there is 225mcgs in G-4 and 500mcgs in G-9. Thanks.

    1. Yes please add Gardasil 4 and Merck’s newest version, Gardasil 9, to this list. Both Gardasil vaccines have Polysorbate 80 as an ingredient. Those knowledgeable about HPV vaccine injury question whether this particular ingredient is, in part, the reason why so many of our youth are suffering severe vaccine injury from HPV vaccines. The 225mcg in Gardasil and the 500 mcg in Gardasil 9 previously noted is actually the amount of aluminum adjuvant contained in each jab, which also surely plays a role in the rising numbers of HPV vaccine injured. My 11 year old daughter was injured in 2010 by only one jab of Gardasil 4. HPV vaccines have been deadly for some. Luckily, my daughter survived but she suffered severely for almost 5 years until we were able to unwind some of the vaccine damage.

  5. SOOOO..when is our wonderful government going to do any ‘studies’ to see how ‘healthy’ vaccinated kids are compared to unvaccinated kids??


    ….anyone there?

    (crickets chirping)

    1. Not yet. The Government will not do this until they are forced to. What actions are you taking to force them to do so. Social Media just not cut it. Something else must.

      1. That “something else” has been RFK. Jr. and Del Bigtree and the Vaxxed team. Hope you have been subscribing. The War has heated up to full frenzy and Questioning people are people persecuted.

      1. You are a Troll to worst extent.
        Vaccine toxic ingredients are known human carcinogens AND carcinogenic to the waterways and all of the Environment.
        If you love vaccines, then you can have them.
        But as an educated human being, and someone who was personally injured as an ADULT and have witnessed horrific damages and death of loved ones in the past.
        The pharmaceutical industry got its big push and power coming out of the Nazi German warfare regime.
        Understand History a lot better and start to look at the facts.
        And by the way, children who are not subjected to poisonous vaccines, GMO’s, pesticides, and other toxins are 100% healthier, normal, well-balanced and far more intelligent than those who were injected with known Heavy Metals and other Carcinogens and then fed pesticide-laden, Frankenstein “Food” that no body should accept.
        Get a clue on the truth an stop being a Troll.

  6. I don’t understand why this information is out there but does not seem to be resulting in new legislation or changes in practices. It makes me feel more helpless than anything else. There should be open outrage from every parent in this country, but we sit silently as the big bad wolf destroys our little lambs so that the pharmaceutical companies and medical profession line their pockets with money. We are paying to have our children, born and unborn, destroyed. Even if vaccines ended today, is it too late for the next generation? Will todays children produce children with defects, whether visible or hidden in their brains and bodies?

    1. Producing defective generations who are intellectually and immunologically impaired and who are dependent on pharmaceuticals appears to be the REAL purpose behind vaccination programmes. The psychopaths who run the show are doing all they can to turn us into a subclass of humans incapable of questioning the authorities and the evil agendas the psychopaths are imposing on us, as predicted by Bertrand Russell over half a century ago.

      “Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. . . .”—-Bertrand Russell,1953

  7. I wasn’t aware of the effects of polysorbate-80. As I have seen it as an ingredient on various products, I didn’t think much of it.

    I work in clinical trials and we do vaccine studies occasionally. I’m going to start compiling more information on this ingredient and the effects listed in the article.

    At my job, I just saw 2 reports of 2-month old infants with life threatening effects due to Infanrix-Hexa. People think the severe risks are “so rare,” or “less than .01%” but that’s really not true. I know from experience that many adverse reactions are brushed off, under reported, or missed entirely.

    1. My husband and I conceived a child between September 3 and 4th 2012. On October 17, 2012 I received a tuberculosis test, which injects a substance under the skin. I miscarried that child and saw the child I delivered. Although the miscarriage happened on November 24, the child that I delivered had stopped growing (died) at 8 weeks, within 1 day of the TB test. You can see photos of week by week growth and changes in a developing fetus. The changes are marked and it is obvious that my child died after I received the injection. As I am doing investigation on this now, it looks like that injection contained polysorbate 80 and phenol. I still grieve my loss.

      1. Hi Sarah,
        I am sorry to hear of the loss of your baby. I am writing you to validate your belief that this shot caused the death of your baby. I had a reaction too.

  8. Polysorbate 80 is derived from plant sources such as corn, safflower, palm, coconut, kosher tapioca etc.

    Injecting such food proteins into humans causes the food allergy epidemic.

    Arumugham V (2015) Evidence that Food Proteins in Vaccines Cause the Development of Food Allergies and Its Implications for Vaccine Policy. J
    Develop Drugs 4: 137. doi:10.4172/2329-6631.1000137

  9. Rishma, I would like to speak with you. My wife had an extreme reaction to a flu vaccine 5 years ago. She initially had stroke-like symptoms and ultimately went into a coma for a month. The Drs. Acknowledged that her blood-brain barrier had been compromised. It seems that my wife experienced reactions that could have been caused by polysorbate 80. How can I reach you?

    1. We are very sorry to hear that your wife suffered a severe reaction to influenza vaccine. Influenza vaccine has long been known to cause brain inflammation (encephalitis/encephalopathy) and it is the most frequently compensated vaccine for adult vaccine injuries in the federal vaccine injury compensation program (VICP). The vaccine ingredient Polysorbate 80 is just one toxic ingredient in vaccines that can affect the blood brain barrier and brain function. The blood brain barrier can be compromised in a variety of ways, including by infections and by exposure to neurotoxins like the mercury vaccine preservative, thimerosal, and aluminum vaccine adjuvants (both of these metals are present in different types of inactivated influenza vaccines).

      The synergistic effect of different types of vaccine ingredients for negative effects on the human brain has not been well studied, and there has been little scientific investigation into how the genes we inherit and our microbiome, which is unique to each individual, is affected by epigenetics when vaccines with toxic ingredients are administered to humans. NVIC, which publishes TVR, is a consumer-operated educational organization researching and disseminating information on vaccination and does not give medical advice or make vaccine use recommendations. We do have a Vaccine Reaction Reporting Registry and if you would like to report your wife’s reaction to NVIC, you can do that here and NVIC’s Director of Vaccine Response Reporting will contact you.

      Barbara Loe Fisher, TVR Executive Editor

  10. Poly 80 is a Minor Toxin – compared to all others in these Vaccines. These vaccines are totally and an Experiment on Humanity I know after seeing in my own son back in the 70’s -Serious Side Effects from Vaccines. His Pediatrician – said “no more -for him”. Then told me “WHY” – gave me the list of ingredients – and my son was never vaccinated again. Now- too many Vaccines given to children – against their parents demands. My son now – 40 yrs. old – is fighting not to Vaccinate his children here in Calif. Seems they are losing the battle…Saddens me! Vaccination Detox – homeopathic will surely eliminate some of the noxious ingredients. There are so many Natural things you can do…..I hope you all can utilize them…but CAUTION – for some people will try to see you anything which are useless…to make a Profit. Common sense RULES.

  11. I sure hope the Australian Government is made aware of this. Will some organization, such as the AVN, make sure they do?
    Obviously Australian GP’s are not trained in this. My one is an overweight woman older than me, lecturing me on my children’s health. Lucky I only see her when we have wounds that need dressing.
    Imagine an Australian GP refusing to vaccinate due to Polysorbate 80. I guess some may, but the majority are clueless and end up treating patients with dementia etc.

  12. For the listed maladies, was there any mention to the amount of Tween 80 that caused the maladies in the animal testing, Humans are quite capable of handling arsenic and cyanide in very small does with no ill effects. Need more information please?

  13. Manufacturers formulate vaccines giving prior consideration to product stability rather than safety issues for the recipients.

    Emulsifying agents are used in drug targeting injections in order to render the blood-brain barrier permeable so that chemo and psychiatric drugs may pass through the barrier and gain contact with brain tissue.

    The emulsifying agent polysorbate is present in Gardasil for stability reasons. However, there is the possibility that the presence of polysorbate has contributed towards increased permeability of the blood-brain barrier and thus has facilitated passage of HPV-16-L 1 through the barrier and into the brain tissue.

  14. “Shouldn’t we have the right to ask for evidence of short and long-term safety if we are going to inject something into our bodies or our child’s body?”

    No – we have the right TO DEMAND IT! Without evidence to the contrary, and considering that the indications are that these vaccine ingredients are toxic, and that cumulatively they are VERY toxic! They’ve outright KILLED infants, and crippled young children! I would consider this an assault on my children (I’m a grandfather) and would defend them as necessary! I also thing Americans MUST begin a a massive suit against Big Pharma, all corporations and individuals involved and the government! Without, they’ll TAKE the kids and kill or cripple a great many more, and they’ll say the vaccines had nothing to do with it, and that we have NO rights to recover damages or to change the standards.

    Yes, it’s part of the Depopulation Agenda. THEY KNOW WHAT VACCINES DO!

  15. Although not “technically” considered a vaccine, Phytonadione Injectable Emulsion USP Neonatal Concentration (Vit K) for newborns, produced by International Medication Systems, Ltd. an Amphastar Pharmaceuticals Company, contains 10 mg Polysorbate 80. The Hospira Vitamin K1 Injection does not contain Polysorbate 80, but does contain 9 mg benzyl alcohol and aluminum.

  16. I am not anti-vaccination, but I do have concerns about Polysorbate 80 in particular. Throughout my life, I have fainted after almost every vaccination and felt weak and ill for a coupe of days. The number of times I have not fainted is few enough that I remember them all. I became curious and looked for a common thread to explain this. All of the injections that caused fainting contained Polysorbate 80 and none of the ones that did not cause fainting contained this excipient. I now avoid vaccinations containing it and so far, no fainting. There are a few studies that suggest that some individuals get anaphylactoid reactions to Polysorbate 80, for example, and
    But not much about it in the literature and my physician had never heard of this possibility.

    1. I just received the results from an IgG food sensitivity test that showed my daughter was moderately sensitive to Polysorbate 80. You probably have a severe sensitivity. I suggest looking at all the other sources like vitamins and supplements. I never could understand why she got a stomach ache every time I tried to get her to take a vitamin.

    2. It could also be the aluminum (Al) combined with the polysorbate 80. The oxygen groups in the polysorbate strongly bind to the Al and may carry it across the blood brain barrier. And Al is most definitely toxic to the brain. They are suspecting this to be the reason so many people faint when they get the Gardisil vaccine.

  17. FLUARIX should also be added to your list. According to the vpi it contains polysorbate 80 (Tween 80) ≤0.415 mg.

    This vaccine was used experimentally on pregnant women in Bangladesh. The control for the experiment was a 23-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine. So they gave 2 different vaccines to 2 groups of women. These vaccines have not been proven safe for pregnancy. Yet, using the results of their study they are trying to say that women given the flu vaccine during pregnancy possessed great levels of influenza specific IgA in the breast milk. Anyone interested in helping critically evaluate this study, please reply. It really makes my heart sore to read through this stuff.


    12.1.3 Human Toxicity Excerpts

    /SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS/ Polysorbates are widely used in cosmetics, food products, and oral, parenteral, and topical pharmaceutical formulations, and are generally regarded as nontoxic and nonirritant materials. There have, however, been occasional reports of hypersensitivity to polysorbates following their topical and intramuscular use. Polysorbates have also been associated with serious adverse effects, including some deaths, in low birthweight infants intravenously administered a vitamin E preparation containing a mixture of polysorbates 20 and 80.
    Rowe, R.C., Sheskey, P.J., Quinn, M.E.; (Eds.), Handbook of Pharmaceutical Excipients 6th edition Pharmaceutical Press, London, England 2009, p. 551-3

    12.1.4. Non-Human Toxicity Excerpts
    /LABORATORY ANIMALS: Chronic Exposure or Carcinogenicity/ Whereas only 10% of the rats given iv injections of 106 Walker tumor cells developed metastatic tumors, animals given, with the 1 mL cell suspension, Tween 80 (1%) showed 40% incidence of metastasis.
    Kiricuta I et al; Rev Roum Embryol Cytol, Ser Cytol 8(2) 29 (1971)

  19. I found Polysorbate 80 as an ingredient in my Mint Jelly (Crosse & Blackwell, Since 1706 – yes 1706) . So I googled it and will NOT purchase this jelly again, or any other product which contains Polysorbate of any kind !!! (clue – ALWAYS research any ingredient you don’t KNOW what it is and does.)

    I’ve been eating organic, as much as possible, for about 10 years. THIS MEANS PUTTING the LEAST TOXIC MATERIALS INTO YOUR BODY ! First, (10 yrs ago) a Paleo lifestyle, recommended by my Alternative Dr. . I began at 180 pounds (5’3″) while eating less and exercising more. Reversing those : Within a year I was regularly down to 127-130 pounds.

    Recently, I’ve progressed to adding the Ketogenic lifestyle. Now I am regularly 120-123 pounds. I’m NEVER hungry and eat lots of the Right Fats and vegetables. Meats are moderate, carbs are Good carbs with fiber; ie; coconut and fine almond flour, organic of course – Monsanto’s Glyphosate is on everything else.

    I could go on and on! Basically, the FDA, AMA, and DHHS / CDC is all about the money and don’t give a hoot about OUR well being !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Recommended Reading :

    Regain Your Brain – by Peggy Sarlin – also a Brilliant video Docu-Series
    The Grain Brain – by Dr. David Perlmutter – N.Y.Times bestseller
    Wheat Belly – by William Davis (HARSH but TRUE title)
    The PALEO Diet – by PhD. Loren Cordain
    The RAW TRUTH About MILK (formerly The Milk Book) – by W.C.Douglass

  20. Vaccine manufacturers purposely put polysorbate80 with aluminum together in vaccines because aluminum alone can’t effectively cross the blood brain barrier, but polysorbate80, attaches to aluminum and carries it across the blood brain barrier. These sicko’s are truly demented and very very dangerous!!!

  21. Polysorbate 80 in vaccines? Just another good reason to refuse this loaded gun. I have had one incidence with Polysorbate 80. It was an ingredient in cream my daughter brought home. This garbage caused untold pain in my feet, shoulders, joints, and back pain. By the time I realized the correlation between my suffering and this crap, I was having chest pains that felt like I was going to suffer a heart attack. I unknowingly added this to my coffee for 5 days and then quit. It took another 10 days for my body pain to subside. Just vile!

  22. How does Polysorbate 80 break down into Ethylene Oxide? Come on, do you have any background of Chemistry?

  23. I am trying to learn more about that ingredient because I see it’s in the dtap vaccine, which I had a very adverse reaction to a decade ago (due for another one, but forget it!), & I also was on Depo Provera for a year and a half in my early twenties, & I see it also contains it. I lost weight on that, & was so sick from the dtap, I lost weight on that, as well.

  24. My 17 yo daughter has had an anaphylactic reaction to the Boostrix vaccine and we are being told it was ‘probably the polysorbate’ to blame, although the immunologist appears to have no interest in testing to see if this is what she reacted to – he was only concerned with getting her to finish the immunisation schedule as planned (with safety precautions). No one seems interested in confirming if it was indeed the polysorbate 80. She has had a similar reaction yesterday to something she consumed, but we are still none the wiser. No effort to get to the bottom of it doesn’t give her confidence that the health system is looking after her health.

  25. I’m sorry if this is an inane question, but if you are administered an injection containing Polysorbate 80, is there anything that can be taken either before or after the injection to help lessen the side effects of Polysorbate 80? Is there anything that can help break it down so that it doesn’t cause gut, etc damage? Thank you!

  26. Had I known what I know now my children would have never received any vaccine. As it turns out I was born in 1964, I got the MMR vaccine and within a few weeks started bruising , was so tired and when the dr. did blood work, i had developed ITP. Idiopathic Thrombosis Papura. It is an auto immune disease where your body sees even good cells as bad and attacks them. I have suffered this on and off my entire life, and later found that it is one of the side effects from the MMR shot. I have been close to death from it. Platelates in the body should be 150,000 – 400,000. Mine have fallen as low as 3000. I could have bled to death because there is no way for blood to clot if i were to get cut because ITP attacks platelates and all cells.

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