Barbara Loe Fisher on the Lack of Vaccine Safety Science

Barbara Loe Fisher on the Lack of Vaccine Safety Science

There is an astonishing lack of basic scientific knowledge about how viral and bacterial vaccines, given in combination, act to disrupt brain and immune-system function in the human body at the cellular and molecular levels. Pre-licensure studies conducted by industry to demonstrate the safety of new vaccines rarely study large numbers of children given the experimental vaccine in combination with other vaccines, and follow-up for serious health problems following vaccination is limited to a few days or weeks.

For example, the flu vaccine that the CDC recommends all healthy babies get has never been studied for safety when given in combination with other vaccines. In addition, there have never been any large, prospective, long-term studies comparing the long-term health of highly vaccinated individuals versus those who have never been vaccinated at all. Therefore, the background rates for ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, seizure disorders, asthma, diabetes, intestinal bowel disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, and other brain and immune-system dysfunction in a genetically diverse unvaccinated population remains unknown.

This vacuum of basic scientific knowledge fatally compromises the statistical conclusions of every recent epidemiological study conducted by government and industry to try to prove that vaccines do not cause chronic health problems such as autism.

— Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)



Fisher BF. In the Wake of Vaccines. (A Special Report for Mothering Magazine Issue 126, September/October 2004).

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