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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


My Immunocompromised Daughter Is “The Kid Who Can’t Be Vaccinated”

My sweet E was born healthy 16 years ago following an uncomplicated pregnancy. She had great Apgars and was amazing at breastfeeding right from the start.

At E’s two-week check-up, I questioned the pediatrician on the necessity of the hepatitis B vaccine, which I had declined in the hospital due to “extreme” intuition. I didn’t understand why she needed the vaccine: I did not have hepatitis B, and she was not in a high-risk group as she was not sexually active or sharing needles with drug users. I was quickly shut down and told that if I did not give her vaccines she would get the diseases and die. Though I had researched just about everything in regards to pregnancy and parenting, I had not researched vaccines and took the doctor’s word as truth.

For the first 15 months, E met all of her milestones right on time. She was walking, talking in three-word phrases and even identifying some letters and numbers. I was absolutely smitten by my little genius. But at her 15-month well-baby check-up everything changed. On that fateful day, E received multiple vaccines in combination shots, including the fourth DTaP and second MMR. Within hours, she began running a high fever, which reached 105.7 over the course of her reaction, experienced high-pitched screaming as a result of brain swelling, had seizures, decreased consciousness and painful swollen knots at her injection sites. At first, the on-call pediatricians dismissed all of her symptoms as a virus, though her primary pediatrician diagnosed her with a severe reaction to the pertussis vaccine. We were told that she would fully recover once the initial reaction was over.

They were very, very wrong.

When I walked into her 15-month check-up, the doctor wrote that she was markedly advanced. When we walked out, she began the decline into a very sick and disabled child. E was permanently injured by her 15-month immunizations. We were later told that her prognosis was grim at best. She has damage to her brain, as seen on CT and MRI scans, epilepsy resulting in intractable seizures, global learning delays, chronic lung disease, PDD-NOS—an autism spectrum disorder, and severe autonomic system dysfunction.

For 15 years, I have wanted to know why. I have begged God to help me know why. Think Sally Field in Steel Magnolias ugly-cry begging “I wanna know why” every day for 15 years. Last week, we finally got our answer.

We have known for a long time that E’s immune system was tanked, but doctors didn’t know why. Two years ago, on our quest to treat her gastrointestinal symptoms, her immune system dysfunction was unveiled, and she began immunoglobulin therapy. It has helped a lot—but we still didn’t know “why.” Recent genetic tests revealed that E has a genetic mutation affecting her tumor necrosis factor receptor causing a disease called common variable immunodeficiency.

If you think of the immune system as the military, you have different kinds of soldiers (like army, marines, navy, and air force) that protect you from illness. These are your immunoglobulins. You can remember them using the acronym GAME (IgG, IgA, IgM, and IgE). When it comes to immunoglobulins, E’s body doesn’t make enough to protect her. The immune system also has a cellular response with several different components. When it comes to my girl, it’s her B-cells that are affected. She has enough, but they don’t work properly; they don’t produce antibodies when exposed to pathogens. Using the military example again, E’s doctor said it was similar to having 100 soldiers go to battle—she has plenty of them—but they all have diarrhea and are too sick to fight. So the battle is lost.

E’s body has been trying to help her. It’s compensated for this situation by producing high amounts of tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFα) in attempts to keep her healthy, but this flawed response is actually making her worse and causing further damage to her brain, hence the autonomic nervous system failure. We have realized this is why we see such behavioral set-backs when she is sick. Her TNFα shoots through the roof, and the cytokines further aggravate the brain inflammation.

After following our story for many years, I expected that many of our friends and family and people who know she was compensated by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (meaning we “won” in “Vaccine Court”), would have some questions. These were my preemptive answers:

1) Was E born with this mutation? Most likely—medical literature shows that this is inherited. Genetic testing will be done soon to determine if I also have the mutation. Our other children will have to be tested if I carry it. We do know that it is heterozygous and dominant, but again further testing is needed as there is always the possibility of de novo mutations. Epigentics anyone?

2) Does this mean she was born with autism? No, not at all. She was not born with it! While E would have most likely developed immune system dysfunction, there are reported cases of siblings with the mutation being asymptomatic.

3) What does this have to do with her vaccine injury? A lot actually. You know those people that “cannot receive vaccines”? E is one of them. She should never, ever have been vaccinated in the first place. She cannot produce antibodies to vaccines. This is why she became so violently sick and had an encephalopathy. Her body simply could not handle the job it was being presented with.

4) What is her prognosis? It’s too early to tell. The good news is that we know. The bad news is that she is presenting so severely at a young age (and has been for quite some time), and she has the inflammatory response from the TNFa. She already has chronic lung disease, and this puts her at greater risk as well.

5) How on Earth did the doctors miss this? In many ways, she is much sicker than she should be from this disease. It threw them off. The vaccine injury has complicated the bigger picture because of the damage to her brain. While we are blessed that her doctors acknowledge her vaccine injury (because so many don’t), I truly believe in order to protect their own mental health, they simply cannot accept that this kind of damage can be done.

We saw her neurologist this week. He is an amazing man who has fought tirelessly for my child. He told me to look up an article. This one: “Chronic Progressive Poliomyelitis Secondary to Vaccination of an Immunodeficient Child.” He told me that they have known for years that vaccines can cause lasting neurological damage in immunodeficient children. The abstract reads,

Our observations suggest that, under unusual circumstances, such as immunodeficiency, attenuated poliovirus can produce a chronic progressive neurologic disease. This case also emphasizes the need to diagnose immunodeficiency as early as possible, so that live-virus vaccines will not be administered.

That article was published in 1977. For almost 40 years they have known.

6) Does this change my position on vaccines? Absolutely not. Not in any way, shape, or form. It actually strengthens it.

Let me repeat from the almost-40-year-old abstract, “This case also emphasizes the need to diagnose immunodeficiency as early as possible, so that live-virus vaccines will not be administered.”

No parent will know if their baby was born with the same disease-causing mutation that resulted in E’s immune deficiency when pediatricians begin to push for the first round of vaccines [after the birth dose of hepatitis B] at two months of age. That round includes the live-virus rotavirus vaccine. Without specific newborn screening, a one-size-fits-all approach and mandated vaccines are certain to continue to injure children like my daughter. How could I ever endorse forcing anyone to vaccinate knowing that this is a real and possible risk? Whenever there is a risk, there must be a choice! And it is ethically imperative that we maintain that choice with vaccine exemptions. It is a human rights violation for our government to force vaccines on someone who is convicted by intuition, God, or just reason.

And when it comes to the concept of “herd immunity” to “protect” children like my daughter—and possibly my other children—I do not consider it someone else’s responsibility to keep my child healthy. That is my job. I am an adamant supporter of vaccine choice, and I believe that parents should have the choice to do what is best for their own children. But you must know that if your child is injured, you are alone. The doctors who push vaccines will not be there to help you. The government and lawmakers who mandate them will not be there to help you. You will be emotionally and financially alone.

Our story is one of caution and truth. Vaccines do injure. Vaccines do kill.

Fortunately for E, I am stubborn. I was unwilling to accept a dreadful fate. We enrolled her in special education schools were she received multiple hours of therapy for speech. She also received occupational therapy, physical therapy, and some alternative health therapies. She’s come a long way since her original ASD diagnosis. She is incredibly clever, entertainingly quirky, extensively compassionate, and endearingly unique. I affectionately described her as Forrest Gump and Juno’s love child. Sadly, E is still very sick. Most days are bad days; she never feels good, so it is only a matter of how bad she feels. But we push through and make the best of it.

A while back, E wrote, “I am my mom’s miracle.” She is right. And this is why I share her story: because she deserves better than to be sacrificed for any “greater good.”

Note: This article was reprinted with the author’s permission. It was originally published by The Thinking Mom’s Revolution. Molly is not the author’s real name. Molly was forced to take up a pseudonym, cancel her blog, and change her phone numbers after the award from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program due to threats and solicitations. As if being the parent of a vaccine-injured and immunocompromised child is not difficult enough.

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  1. This is such an important story – thank you for writing about it and making this thing more known and more accessible to many who are simply ignorant of this possibility. I’m just so sorry that you and your daughter had to go through this. Take care and thanks again!

  2. Thanks for sharing your story. I am also a mom with a broken heart. I wish I new more about vaccs, but like you I trusted the doctors. I lost my beautiful son at 18 months, after the Hepa B and MMR shots. Suddenly, he moved to a place that I couldn’t go. He locked, me , his father and his twin sister out of it! It took, 4 years of hard speech therapy, to hear his voice again. My baby, almost nine years old now, he is an autistic child, who fights his demons all the time.
    For him, for your daughter and for the babies of the world, we need to stand up, and be their voices.
    No one has the right to destroy our Angels, in the name of money. I wish you all the best, and hope that E, stays strong and be with you for many many years. I send you also, my broken heart. Put it next to yours. That way, they become stronger. We’ll be stronger.

  3. Thank-you for sharing this and for your courage and wisdom. Within this story lies a very important truth and clue to the reason so many children are being harmed by vaccines and toxins in general. The current CDC schedule injects loads of aluminum – a direct neurotoxin and a known trigger of autoimmune issues (ASIA – Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants:
    The damage to the immune system starts with the birth and infant series of Hepatitis B vaccine with the 250 micrograms of aluminum per dose. We then load on DTaP and Prevnar with more aluminum at 2, 4, and 6 months. By the time the CDC recommends the live virus MMR and varicella at 12 months age, is it any wonder so many regress into illness and brain inflammation and autism and……..

  4. A brief summary response…isn’t the issue NOT the vaccinations themselves but making sure newborns are tested for immunedeficient disorders (genetic) so they would not be immunized using live vaccines? Am I missing something here or is this not the solution?

    1. Her point was not the vaccinations themselves per se, but the mandates of vaccination for all people. Because most people don’t have their children tested for these kinds of disorders, the doctors don’t know whether it is safe for the children or not. The writer, seems not to feel that mandates for tests would be in the best interest of all children. I would agree. That would be an unreasonable cost to families, and tests are not always right. Not only that, but there are immunological diseases and disorders that haven’t been codified yet. There aren’t tests for all of them, thus there will always be families and individuals who will suffer from mandated vaccines.

    2. There are so many issues here. Testing for immune compromised genes will not stop the inflammation response in the capillaries in the brain, which can cause stroke, seizures, autism or death, which is then called SIDS. A friend’s daughter died at 4 months. I’m looking through boxes after a move, and find another child who died at 4 months of ‘SIDS’. Then I come across an old family friend who lost her son just about 5 months. The vaccine schedule is pushed, day 1, 2, 4, 6 and forward…months. Dr. Moulden did lots of research showing before and after data that like this story above, proves that no one should be getting vaccines. Check out his Youtube Seminars. Don’t listen to the bully Pharma Shills that discredit him, Wakefield, etc. Do your homework.

      When there is nagalase in high doses in infants with Autism, 12 Holistic doctors are now dead -Dr. Bradstreet’s clinic raided by the FDA just days before he was found shot as he had found the antidote to Nagalase, an adult would be out of touch with reality to not question safety of any…vaccine.
      Until their theories of immunizing can be proven, adjuvants that poison and kill not allowed, long-term double-blind studies done, etc., there is no question Americans have to stand up and say NO to vaccines. Otherwise we look like lazy ___, and a third world country, unlike those in Europe with good leadership that say NO.
      A problem to be aware of: Several of these vaccines have live virus’s that are shed. So, I don’t like going into doctor’s offices, hospitals, or stores that push flu shots, like Target, Rite-Aid, etc. After having cancer and Lyme, I’m not into anyone ‘sharing’ Shingles or Measles, etc. w/ me. No thanks.

      1. Hi Pamela,

        Thank you for your post. Was the antidote to Nagalase lost forever with the doctors that were murdered or are there other doctors continuing the work?

  5. I find it very disturbing when I explain this vaccination issue having possible life long side affects. People seem to not care about the collateral damage to some for the betterment of the masses. This is quite upsetting to me as many of these victims could have been spared. My daughter has four kids and they all live with me. She is as knowledgeable about vaccines as anyone. The Federal government, the CDC and Big Pharma are in bed together for the greed of money and even possibly control.

  6. I also am alarmed at the number of vaccines now being grown in aborted fetal tissue. Can the injection of all that DNA from other human tissue be good for us? Eating human flesh is called cannibalism…What is injecting human flesh into our bodies called?…seems like the same thing to me…!!!!!

  7. Have you ever heard of plexus , I wish you would look it up on internet or utube and hear of that amazing natural product , very easy to take, it builds you immune system and let it do the work to heal your body. I’m thinking if it helps for brain fog after an annorrisem or you name it ! May God give you wisdom and lots of grace!

  8. I often hear people speak about de novo gene mutations. This refers to genes in the child’s DNA
    that are not present in the DNA of the biological mother or father.

    I have wondered if these de novo genes are coming from the vaccines themselves?

    Some vaccines contain human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue such as WI-38, MRC-5 and the newer cell line Walvax-2 derived from the lung tissue of a 3-month-old fetus.

    Is it possible that these foreign cells are causing an auto-immune response when injected into an infant?
    Especially while their cell growth is at its most active and their immune system not fully functional?

    It would be interesting to hear other people’s thoughts on this subject.

  9. The issue is the vaccines themselves . Lets say you make a vaccine with a piece of virus or bacteria with amino acid sequence ABC . So , then you inject this vaccine in to a person and antibodies are formed to ABC . But , the persons own body contains cells with the ABC sequence . So , that is how autoimmunity comes about . The heavy metals are called adjuvants and are supposed to elicit more of an immune response . Heavy metals are not good for the brain . When otherwise healthy children are allowed to get the usual childhood diseases they recover fine and have lifelong immunity . Vaccines do not confer lifelong immunity . That is why previously vaccinated people got measles , for example . There are two types of immunity , humoral ( antibodies ) and cellular immunity . There is no way to measure cellular immunity . So , you can have no measurable antibodies to a disease , but still be immune because cellular immunity is intact ! The real things that helped prevent childhood diseases were not vaccines but child labor laws , indoor plumbing and basic sanitation . Like the dog doctor , vaccinations are a money maker for a practice . Busy people might skip a ” well baby checkup ” or ” well doggie checkup “if not for the scheduled vaccine . Let’s say a medical practice uses a lot of units of vaccine . The drug rep might say ” Hey , you and your wife want to go on a fishing trip ? See , it is not really a bribe , but subconsciously influences practice . I am a medical doctor and have come full circle on vaccines . Most of them do more harm than good . Now , why the hell would any sane person vaccinate a newborn against hepatitis B ? Are there any good long term studies on this practice ? NO ! By the time the kid is old enough to be at risk for hepatitis B ( sex , street drugs ) , it will be time to re- vaccinate ! What a scam !

  10. The local health department official just told me that there can be NO link between immunocompromised children and vaccine reactions. He said that any reaction is coincidental. I am tired of fighting with them (NIH, CDC, all levels of Health Dept. officials), so I just nodded, grabbed the signed vaccination waiver for my injured-but-not-damaged-enough-by-vaccines-to-get-any-assistance child, and headed home. They’ve injured our children, lied to us, refused to conduct research to help our children and future generations, treated us and our children like second-class citizens, and they wonder why we don’t trust them.

  11. There is another group of kids who may have immune systems that are not functioning quite up to par – those who have malrotations/malattachments of the gut. This phenomenon may not be rare. There may be a wide spectrum of these gut differences.
    I expect that early vaccines for this group could be a big problem.

    Here is an article: Fawcett WA et al. Immunodeficiency secondary to structural intestinal defects. Malrotation of the small bowel and cavernous hemangioma of the jejunum . Archives of Pediatrics&Adolescent Medicine Feb. 1986 ; 140(2): 169 The immune systems of the children in this study normalized after surgery to correct gut problems.

    E did so well for 15 months, I just wonder if her immune system was slow to mature, then damaged permanently by the vaccines. There is so much we don’t know about the developing immune systems, that it is criminal to vaccinate kids with so many vaccines at such a young age.

    My little grandson had terrible diarrhea, screaming, temperature after the Rotovirus vaccine. He was totally breast fed, with perfectly normal bowel function. He did not poop for 23 days right after the Rotovirus. The pediatrician refused to believe that was the cause. Said he was absorbing all the breast milk, and didn’t need to poop. This is unscientific, unsupported, and ridiculous. All Moms who breast feed appreciate this.

    We need to have a massive march and make a statement. Not vaccine opposed, but wanting more research into adverse affects and at risk groups. Terrible that this research has been totally squashed.

    I thank Almighty God that human are not God, if not, by now i would have been a dead human, after so many years of been suffering for hepatitis B and all the Dr doctor said there is no cure, till this new year that i came in-contact with this clinic called MEDICATION CLINIC who deliver the medicine to me and now am cure.Am so thankful to God their email is [email protected]

  13. Prof Chris Exley and his team at Keele University in the UK have discovered very high amounts of aluminium in the inflammatory cells in the brains of autistic children and in people with Alzheimers. Here is a recent post
    The solution appears to be drinking silicon rich water and I am convinced that it would benefit all of us who have had vaccines and live in the “aluminium age”. In order to carry on with their research more funding is needed but this is proving elusive.
    Please share.

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