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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Herd Immunity: Truth or Lie?

Meryl Dorey
Meryl Dorey

I remember when it all started. 1978—two years after high school. While I was riding the subway to college or to work, I would see the billboards and signs—No Shots, No School! I remember asking myself, “Why would anyone not want to vaccinate their children? How many crazy people are there in this world?” And I was totally disgusted with the fact that such irresponsible, selfish and most likely stupid people existed.

Fast forward ten years to the vaccine injuries of my first child and, not right away, but after years of research, investigation and exhaustive reading, I answered the questions about why anyone would not want to vaccinate their children. And those reasons were scientifically valid and morally responsible.

I answered that question in the firm knowledge that my decision would have no effect on anyone else. Except for the fact that I believe my unvaccinated children are far healthier than their fully-vaccinated peers and therefore, we cost the country a fraction of what other families do in healthcare.

But I digress…

I was interviewed recently by Radio 4ZZZ in Brisbane (Australia) about the rallies occurring across Australia  to protest against the No Jab, No Pay legislation supposedly being enacted [by the Australian government] in January 2016. In that conversation, we spent a lot of time discussing the fact that the government and the medical community are using herd immunity as the reason for insisting that the vaccinated be protected from the unvaccinated.

Herd immunity is a myth. It does not exist. And in fact, the origin of the term had nothing to do with vaccines, disease eradication or even protecting people from infectious diseases.

In the 1930s, herd immunity was used to explain why epidemics were cyclical in nature so they could be predicted. The pivotal researcher into this issue described how when a certain percentage of children had contracted and recovered from measles (approximately 66%), there would be a period of 3-4 years before another outbreak occurred. And this was because measles infection gave you something no vaccine ever can—lifelong immunity.

How can you possibly have herd immunity from vaccines when vaccines don’t convey immunity? It makes no sense!

But the government today is saying that our unvaccinated children are somehow maintaining these diseases in the community—diseases that would have been wiped out if it weren’t for us refusing to ‘do the right thing’ and vaccinate. That we are preventing Australia from reaching levels of herd immunity that would see these diseases wiped out. That level being 95%.

Where did that 95% figure come from?

When my son was little, the herd immunity figure that we were aiming for was 80%. But we reached 80% pretty quickly and outbreaks were still occurring. Obviously 80% must not have been enough (very scientific, don’t you see?) so, hey-presto, it went to 90%. A few years ago, we exceeded 90% but those pesky outbreaks were even worse (especially if we are talking about pertussis, or whooping cough). Once again, the level needed to reach herd immunity was increased.  Now, we needed to reach 95% before the protection would kick in.

The first year we reached that Nirvana level of 95% for whooping cough vaccination was in 2008—the same year that our current whooping cough epidemic started—an epidemic which is still ongoing and is affecting any country that uses the whooping cough vaccine routinely.

There is talk now about herd immunity not being effective until the vaccination rate is 100%. Does the phrase ‘moving the goal posts’ mean anything to you?

So the pollies and health officials who have been out there, pointing the bone at unvaccinated children and telling everyone that ‘vaccines only work if everyone does them’ are really just trying to cover up the fact that their multi-billion dollar vaccination programs are failing.

And whilst many in the community have become sheep-like in regards to this issue, bleating about how our unvaccinated children gave their fully vaccinated little darling the measles, informed parents on both sides of the vaccination divide are refusing to accept such unscientific, illogical nonsense.

Herd immunity does not exist. It is not a ‘thing’. It is a lie.

On the radio program, I said that I would post some articles that demonstrate the myth of herd immunity (and coincidentally, a doctor from NSW just posted a comment on this blog the other day trying to convince me that vaccines induce natural immunity!) as well as the fact that those who are vaccinated against pertussis may be more susceptible to pertussis infection than their unvaccinated peers.

So here goes. And remember—for those who are reading this and have chosen to vaccinate your children, I support your choice 150%! Just as I expect you to support my right not to vaccinate by the same amount. Freedom only works if everyone gets to use it.

Note: This article was reprinted with the author’s permission. It was originally published at nocompulsoryvaccination.

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  1. I keep hearing that unvaccinated children are a threat to the vaccinated. I always laugh at those that say that and ask them to just think about the logic in what they are saying. Half of the people don’t understand that for an unvaccinated to be a threat to the vaccinated means the vaccination does not work. The pro-vaccinated propaganda is quite strong coming from the governments and Big Pharma but the truth will slowly spread.

  2. Truly, it reminds me of Nazi Germany, as so many people just sat by until the evil of one person became the whole country’s agenda. Real hard science has been displaced by hysteria and intolerance. I have studied this issue ad nauseaum and I can tell you that there are just as many scientists who disagree with the “herd immunity” theory as there are scientists who believe in it. The delineating line is…follow the money… Fool me once, (I used to believe in vaccinations/immunity) but fool me twice …NO!

  3. I finally realized some time ago that arguing in favor of herd immunity is like saying that eating a healthy diet can really keep you healthy…but only if everyone else is eating the same diet, too.

  4. What bothers me is how people think that unvaxxed kids seem to be constantly contagious. Apparently they don’t understand you can be vaccinated and contagious as well. You can’t spread the disease unless you’ve been exposed to it.

  5. I was so glad to finally see someone say the vaccinated should not have to worry about the unvaccinated. There is hysteria over nothing. People are not thinking straight. If your child is vaccinated you have no threat from the unvaccinated. People need to do their research. If we truly have freedom in our country why can we not have a choice of what we want to do with our bodies.

  6. What Is The Herd Immunity Theory?
    -The herd immunity theory was originally coined in 1933 by a researcher named A.W.Hedrich. Hendrich was studying measles patterns in the US between 1900-1931 (years before any vaccine was ever invented for measles) and he observed that epidemics of the illness only occurred when less than 68% of children had developed a “natural immunity” to it. This was based upon the principle that children build their own immunity after suffering with or being exposed to the disease. So the herd immunity theory was, in fact, about natural disease processes and nothing to do with vaccination. If 68% of the population were allowed to build their own natural defenses, there would be no raging epidemic.
    -Later on, vaccinologists adopted the phrase and increased the figure from 68% to 95% with no scientific justification as to why, and then stated that there had to be 95% vaccine coverage to achieve immunity. Essentially, they took Hedrich’s study and manipulated it to promote their vaccination programmes.
    (MONTHLY ESTIMATES OF THE CHILD POPULATION “SUSCEPTIBLE’ TO MEASLES, 1900-1931, BALTIMORE, MD, AW HEDRICH, American Journal of Epidemiology, May 1933 – Oxford University Press). Full Text (PDF).

    Herd immunity doesn’t exist-never has. A.W. Hedrich measles observation, was not a study or a research paper and had nothing to do with VACCINES. His observation was in 1930 and the killed measles vaccine (the first measles vaccine) wasn’t developed until 1963. By 1963, the death rate from measles in the United States had already dropped by approximately 98% ( Vital Statistics of the United States 1937, 1938, 1943, 1944, 1949, 1960, 1967, 1976, 1987, 1992; Historical Statistics of the United States— Colonial Times to 1970 Part 1; Health, United States, 2004, US Department of Health and Human Services; Vital Records & Health Data Development Section, Michigan Department of Community Health; US Census Bureau, Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2003; Reported Cases and Deaths from Vaccine Preventable Diseases, United States, 1950–2008.)

    Live measles vaccine was distributed in 1966-7. Just on that basis alone antibody production could not be detected. Herd Immunity has no basis in vaccine-induced antibody production, it is not a scientifically validated concept, it is not an immunologic idea, but rather an epidemiological construct and cannot be applied to vaccinated communities because VACCINES were not part of the OBSERVATION.

    Despite outbreaks of Pertussis, Mumps & Measles occurring in highly vaccinated population-some as high as 100%,the CDC and their legion of paid celebrity go to doctors continue to laud the fake theory of herd immunity. Also take this into consideration: Today millions of adults exist without having had no vaccines in decades (Baby Boomers) and millions of teenagers who have not had boosters. That is more than half of the country’s population. There have not been ANY EPIDEMICS in the US as a result of more than half of the population being unvaccinated.

  7. I had measles and the mumps at the same time when I was a child. It was awful. I almost died! This was right before the vaccine became available. You bet your ass my Parents like thousands, lined their children up to get those vaccines. They didn’t want their children to have these awful and very painful & crippling diseasesI Because my Parent’s generation witnessed what these diseases can do to children! Even worse is what they can do to elderly people. I lost my eyesight, was so sick for over a week. Had to be placed into a bath of FREEZING ICE with water! I would never want to subject any child to that. In all of the years of seeing other children vaccinated – I have NEVER SEEN ANY OF THEM become ill from these vaccinations.
    I still endure many physical things – including my failing eyesight too early – due to those two very terrible diseases that have been mostly eradicated. Until recently, due to people who don’t want to vaccinate their children. Then they want their children to expose other children when they get sick?? Sure. You have the right to object. But then keep your child home. Don’t expose them to my new Grand baby! Please don’t think you can prevent your child from getting these illnesses. Polio, German Measles, Mumps, Rubella! They are Killers! Make no doubt! And if they don t kill. They maim. And they care little for his rich or how special you think you are!

    1. @ Elizabeth, You’re missing the point of the article. If vaccines work, and if your new grand baby is vaccinated, then you don’t have to worry about your grand baby catching the disease from someone who is unvaccinated, because your grand baby would be protected from the vaccination. WHY DO THE VACCINATED CARE WHO IS NOT VACCINATED? Why do you care if they all go to school together and play together–if the vaccine is effective then your grand baby is safe no matter what unvaccinated person she encountered. Side note, just because you’ve never seen someone (that you know of, anyway) with a vaccine injury doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, or that you haven’t encountered such an individual without realizing it. I’ve never seen a billion dollars, but I sure know it exists.

    2. Hi Elisabeth,
      I am 1961 generation. In my childhood I had measles and chicken pocks and mumps – like almost every child from our generation. The practice of our mothers was to bring you to play (or sleep) with a sick child so to get sick of “child infectious deseases” at the right time. Not only that I personally never encountered anyone with bad consequences from these deseases, but statistics itself confirm a very low % of such consequences (you can easily find these data in internet or any serious medical book).
      For the rest of your ilogical statements other persons have already replied to you.
      I’m very sorry that you were so unlucky to get 2 deseases at one time, but that gives you no right to generalize the situation to the world population.

  8. I simply don’t understand why anyone would be concerned with non vaccinated children if they believe vaccines work and their child/children are vaccinated. Brainwashing I suppose

  9. Elizabeths comment is classic – overflowing with ignorance, fear and complete buy in to the lies we’re all told. Sorry about your awful experience. A child suffering what you did (sounds like a minimum of 50 years ago) would have much better treatment and outcome today Did you actually read the article?. You personally haven’t seen anyone injured by vaccines? Leave the house much? Perhaps its time to remove your blinders.

  10. While blaming someone with serious concerns about antivaxxers to be ignorant and brainwashed, I truly think you are the ignorant ones. People that are pro vaccines are not afraid their vaccinated children will get diseases. Because, well they are vaccinated. The ones we are concerned about are the children who are too young to be vaccinated, but also the elderly and immunosurpressed. So we are actually concerned about the ones who are not vaccinated, for any kind of reason. Herd immunity does help in protecting those who for any kind of reason did not get vaccinated, because vaccination makes the disease less prevalent within the population. However, when there are too many people in the population that did not get vaccinated, the disease could become more prevalent. If people decide to not vaccinate their children for any other reason then their child being too young, they put the very young children and immunosurpressed children of pro vaxxers at risk. So I believe there is a very legit concern that we have, even though the vaccines do their work.

    1. CNBC made an article in how the recently vaccinated are spreading the infections to others with 20 links in support of it. When I started to share it, they deleted and removed it….then put it back up without the lawsuit of a man who was changing a babys diaper that got infected from the recently infected baby. It was a multi-million dollar law suit.

      The problem with your argument is that you claim a rare few: babys, elderly etc… shouldnt be around those who are not vaccinated because they will suppposedly pass an infection they dont have.

      You do not vaccinated 350 million people in America because 1 percent or less have lower grade immune systems. That’s insanity.

      The issue to these folks (babys, elderly, immunosuppressed) is that the common cold can be fatal. These people should be in quarantined from everyone, most specifically, the recently vaccinated. Why? Because they are passing the infection from the back of their throats for up to 90 days.

      Lets use a little commonsense: why do you think that cancer clinics advise that those who are recently vaccinated should NOT come into their clinic? Well, duh….

  11. Maartje
    They vaccinate from the womb and shortly after birth now. To them, no child is to young. They don’t care what happens to that child, they just care about their profits.

    Thankfully, most children escape obvious, deadly results of vaccines but unfortunately, most damage from vaccinations don’t present themselves until years later. Even if it is a subsequent, mild cognitive impairment, behavioral problems, allergies, diabetes… the dangers of vaccinations are not always clearly evident or cannot be linked easily to the vaccine. Thus, the ease with which they have been able to fool most of the public with their lies, corruption and greed, while parents with damaged or dead children are left in their pain and suffering.

    Bottom line, vaccinate if that’s what you think is best for YOUR children. Those who know better should be free to decline and protect their children from the consequences of vaccines and be free from verbal attacks concerning their decision.

  12. It’s a concern for the un-vaccinated. People may have been hearing other people say it incorrectly to protect the vaccinated. Looking to not have a huge swath of people who get sick at the same time, using same emergency resources, conveying sickness to other non vaccinated (be it young, unable to take vaccines, old or having other immunity illnesses). People concern themselves over flues yearly, why bring back things nearly gone instead.
    That persons get angry and a bit cultist about it is also a concern.

    Seems a game of %. Who get autism to who will get a possibly crippling version of bumps to stumps. If one wants to live outside of certain sciences, that fine, a homogeneous society can live or die on like sourced ideas. I would say that old diseases were playing less of a daily role in modern society, but what was old can be new again, if you let history repeat. No, with modern sanitation and understand of animal to human contact you may not get a modern black plague, but who knows . . let the mutations play or sleepover.

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