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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Despite High Child Vaccination Rates, CDC Calls for Shaming Schools

With military precision, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced at an Aug. 27, 2015 press conference that national vaccination rates among young children in the U.S. continue to be very high but that more must be done to tag and track down children without every government recommended vaccine and publicly shame schools that fail to maintain a 95% plus vaccine coverage rate. Assistant Surgeon General Anne Schuchat, MD (RADM, USPHS) made the siren call to all states to require public and private schools to publicly post vaccine coverage and exemption rates.1

At the same time, Dr. Schuchat, who is a Rear Admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) and Director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, confirmed that CDC data indicates that less than one percent of children aged 19 to 36 months are unvaccinated, while fewer than 1.7% of children attending kindergarten during 2014-2015 had medical, religious or conscientious belief vaccine exemptions.2 3

94% Plus Multiple Vaccine Coverage Rate for Young Children

As the CDC has reported for the past 30 years,4 there is a 94% national vaccine coverage rate for children entering kindergarten with five doses of pertussis containing vaccines (DTaP/DPT) and two doses of measles containing MMR vaccine. In addition to high uptake of measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis vaccines, about 94% of kindergarten children have gotten two doses of varicella zoster (chickenpox) vaccine.

For children 19 to 36 months old, the estimate is nearly 95% for three doses of pertussis containing (DTaP/DPT) vaccines and over 91% for one dose of MMR vaccine, as well as at least 93% for three doses of polio and Hib (haemophilus influenza b) vaccines and about 92% for three doses of hepatitis B and pneumococcal vaccines.

Among the 16 states that have conscientious or philosophical belief vaccine exemptions for kindergarten children, six report vaccine coverage rates of 94-98% (Arizona, Louisiana, Michigan, Oregon, Texas and Utah). Of the 47 states that have a religious vaccine exemption, 20 report kindergarten vaccine coverage rates of 94-99%.

The Decimal Dust Numbers of “Unvaccinated” Children

At the press conference, Dr. Schuchat admitted that when a parent files a vaccine exemption for a child entering school, it “doesn’t necessarily mean that a child didn’t get vaccinated or was completely unvaccinated.” She said, “an exemption might be requested for all vaccines, even if a child only missed a single vaccine or a single vaccine dose. In some states, a parent or guardian might actually claim an exemption if they don’t have the child’s vaccination record available.”

So the miniscule numbers of completely unvaccinated young children in the U.S. might be even tinier than CDC estimates. And, yet, those numbers are not tiny enough for Admiral Schuchat and the USPHS.5 6

Not satisfied with one of the highest child vaccination rates in the world, CDC officials are using tax dollars to find new ways to isolate, publicly identify and bully every family—and the schools and communities they live in—if they do not conform to one-size-fits-all government vaccine policies. One way is to incentivize states to use electronic medical record and vaccine tracking systems to publicly shame schools and their students with lower vaccination rates and higher personal belief vaccine exemption rates. In fact, the CDC has created a new national website just for that purpose.7

Some families have chronically ill and disabled children for whom the risks of vaccination turned out to be 100%, but parents cannot find a pediatrician to write their children a medical exemption. Most doctors are taught to believe that vaccines never cause permanent harm even though that is not true,8 and 99.99% of children do not qualify for a medical vaccine exemption under strict federal guidelines.9 10 11

California School Vaccination Rates Online

The California Department of Public Health, which joined forces with the liability-free pharmaceutical and medical trade industries to lobby state legislators in 2015 to eliminate the personal belief vaccine exemption for school children,12 has followed the CDC’s directive and created a new state website featuring an interactive map using zip codes to post the following information about public and private kindergartens and middle schools (7th grade):13

  • Name and address of the kindergarten or middle school;
  • Numbers of children enrolled;
  • PBE (personal belief exemption) rate;
  • UTD (up to date) vaccination rate;
  • Coverage rates for DPT, polio, MMR, hepatitis B, and varicella vaccines.
  • Whether or not the school reported vaccine coverage and exemption information to the state health department (for schools that did not report, there is little or no information posted)

But state health officials go one step further: they also “rate” the schools from “safest” to “most vulnerable” with the follow color coded rating system:

Green Star: Safest (95-100% of students fully vaccinated)
Yellow Star: Moderately vulnerable (90-94% of students fully vaccinated)
Orange Star: More Vulnerable (80-89% of students fully vaccinated)
Red Star: Most Vulnerable (less than 79.9% of students fully vaccinated)
Blue Star: Did Not Report in 2014-2015

Now, the public blaming and shunning of those schools with red stars and the children in them can begin.

How About School Sick Day Data?

If government health officials are going to violate the medical privacy of children and post detailed vaccination and exemption rates for schools, then parents should also have access to information about the total number of sick days reported in each school during the 2015-2016 school year due to illness.

With long standing vaccine safety research gaps and no credible studies comparing health outcome differences between highly vaccinated children and those receiving fewer or no vaccines,14 15 16 at least parents would have a way to identify which schools and student populations are actually healthier, not simply highly vaccinated.

The Assault on Values and Beliefs

In the question and answer period during the Aug. 27 CDC press conference, Admiral Schuchat made it clear to reporters that U.S. public health officials are going to do whatever it takes to make it “more difficult” for parents to exercise religious and conscientious belief vaccine exemptions. She said, “We know that the more difficult it is to obtain an exemption, the more—the fewer people will exempt their children from vaccines and we certainly think it should be easier to get a vaccine than to get an exemption from a required vaccination. So these policy decisions are made at the state level and we think that’s helpful because it will reflect the community or local values.”17

Apparently, government health officials are determined to impose their values and beliefs on anyone who does not share them, even if it means using fear and coercion to pit parents and schools and communities against each other in order to accomplish that goal. But the culture war on values and beliefs is being fought on an uneven battlefield, as the expanding financial partnership between government and the liability-free pharmaceutical industry carries with it the political clout and money to roll out national advertising and media campaigns targeting the unbelievers for demonization and discrimination.18

Annually, DHHS officials are given nearly one TRILLION taxpayer dollars by Congress, which is nearly twice the amount of money appropriated to the Department of Defense,19 but Congress provides little oversight on how public health officials spend that money or if they use it to violate the human and civil rights of citizens.

Militarization of Public Health Programs

Government health officials partnering with industry have declared war on citizens exercising freedom of thought, speech and conscience, who question the safety and effectiveness of government vaccine policies and defend the human right to informed consent to medical risk taking.

Military strategies employed to win wars view casualties as necessary losses. Unfortunately, it appears that those waging the “take no prisoners” culture war view both the vaccine injured and human and civil rights as necessary losses.

It should not be illegal in America to have values and beliefs that differ from government health officials. Uniformed officials of the U.S. Public Health Service serve a vital role in protecting the public health and safety of our nation during real emergencies, but they have no business treating citizens who disagree with them like the enemy and persons of interest to be hunted down, isolated, publicly identified, discriminated against and punished.

This is a war that the American people cannot afford to lose. Even if you and your children use every government licensed and recommended vaccine today, you may change your mind tomorrow. You will not be free to do that if flexible medical, religious and conscientious belief vaccine exemptions are not secured in state and federal laws guaranteeing your legal right to make voluntary vaccine decisions.

Go to NVIC.org and NVICAdvocacy.org to learn how you can become a vaccine choice advocate in your state.


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55 Responses

  1. Fire the CDC.
    William Thompson, CDC whistleblower has provided the proof that the CDC has lied about vaccines and autism.
    Enough is enough.
    Vaccines are personal medical decisions and the science of vaccine injury is absent because the CDC has FAILED to do it.
    They have failed to do the appropriate science because they are making too much money from vaccines.
    First the Tuskegee experiment and now the vaccine holocaust.
    The CDC cannot be trusted and has deceived Americans, American Medical Providers, and the world.

  2. One size fits all does not and will never apply to any medical procedure or medication. What would ever make anyone think it would? The fact that 99.99% cannot get a medical exemption is criminal.

    From a family of .01%’ers

      1. We’re being poisoned from all possible directions: food, air, water, “medicines” – you name it. All that nano-aluminum from the constant chemtrails also reacts with the ethyl mercury in Thimerosol. Not to mention the other 70-some-odd (last time I read about it) ingredients in chemtrails, which are over 70% (usually) nano-aluminum. Dob’t forget, the “medical” field is following agendas set by the people who designed the other agendas, including the depopulation agenda. Why else would so MANY well-known toxins be included in medicines, in our foods supplies, in everything we’re exposed to? Those chemtrails also include barium, cadmium and other radioactives as well, btw. D.C. ISN’T ‘the government” – it’s three corporations owned and operated by the usual suspects. The more you look for not just tolerated but ADDED toxins the more you will find? The CDC, the EPA, the FDA and the rest are protective coloration for those who consider themselves our OWNERS. And they want us out of their way.

  3. Shame on CDC. Shame on Dr. Schuchat. Bullying NEVER accomplishes anything but it seems to be the way of the US government. I have no children in the game but I totally support the right of an individual parent to decide for themselves whether or not, and when, to vaccinate their child. As the article says we already have the highest vaccination rate of industrialized countries. The government has protected the vaccine makers from responsibility of ensuring their vaccines are safe. Makes me wonder what exactly is in the vaccines. An RFID chip perhaps. Or just money for big Pharma. Any idiot knows that you shouldn’t give so many vaccines to a baby at one time, even if they were proved safe. Leave the parents alone. They are the ones responsible for their children, not the US government.

    1. bullying? no, it’s called “mandates” and intimidation is used for compliance. if resistance is continued, then threats and force is used.

  4. I cry for the children and babies that are harmed by
    the needless excess vaccines being fostered on them by a medical system that doesn’t understand the harm that they are delivering. I cry for the parents who must deal with the tragic aftermath and care of the child that has been harmed. grassrootshealth.net is trying to get support for having each child born be born healthy.
    We must stop this crisis that the medical profession ignores.

      1. easy to say, but hard and most times impossible to take legal action because the govt has the power and the unlimited funding against the citizen.

  5. THE CDC “science and statistics” are so compromised it resembles a cokacola
    and ciggarette ad sponsored by Mcsanto.You stay away from our CHILDREN you treasonous murdering bastards!! CENTER FOR DISEASE DISPERSAL!!!


  6. ah! so now it’s openly admitted that the schools are the bulldogs for the CDC which is the bulldog for big pharma!!! Public School as the bulldogs. Now I know I am right for home schooling.

    1. and when govt sees the chance, they will invade the homeschool with their mandates and threats for non-compliance.

  7. If vaccinations were that great, then they wouldn’t need to be forced. People would be lining up without force to receive them. When will they get the picture that having alternatives to vaccination (alternative prevention methods and ways to be healthy); alternate schedules, choices in if, when and which ones, can create an environment where enough people are willing to buy in to the system to make it profitable. Or, how about having people pre-order the vaccines they want for themselves or their children so that they do not make more than what is necessary.
    The way I see it, though, as long as there is someone holding an injection over me and telling me that I’m responsible for the illness if I don’t take it; if I do take it and something goes wrong, I’m still responsible, and the person injecting it is void of any direct responsibility, it’s a win-win for those administering and lose-lose for the patient. We need choices, options and much better research to find alternatives. We need to find a better way.

    1. The truth behind forced immunizations is to depopulate the world not from a stand point of preventing diseases. Vaccinations have already been proven to make women infertile as well as cause neurological, physical damages and sometimes death to healthy recipients.

  8. It’s funny but MY Constitution mentions NOTHING whatsoever about any responsibility for any level of government to be controlling anyone in these ways. The government has 19 enumerated powers delegated to them, our SERVANTS. WE, the people, who have retained and did retain our sovereignty when this government was set up, are STILL in charge. WE are supposed to be governing ourselves, not the filth at all levels who THINK they own us, our children, our property, the fruits of our labor, and our right to make our OWN decisions.

    What employee or servant do YOU know who gets away with theft, fraud, murder, slavery, deceit, unlawful EVERYTHING including imprisonment for non-crimes? And then fines and imprisons US for THEIR crimes?

  9. This is outrageous! What are these fools thinking. So our education system becomes a pawn?
    Another conspiracy that undermines the U.S.’s future (our children).

  10. We should be FREE to choose. Vaccination is a medical procedure. All medical procedures should be a choice not a mandate! The truth of the matter is the VAERS program has paid out 3billion dollars to date to children and their families who were permantlent injured by vaccines.
    If Vaccines were not dangerous, a vaccine injury program would not be necessary in the United States. As long as that is a FACT, vaccinations should be an individuals choice to take them and a parents RIGHT TO CHOOSE FOR THEIR CHILD!! The government needs to publisize the facts to Americans! I guarantee when people are able to see the true statistics for vaccine injury and how many children have been given money to compensate for injury and death people will think twice about whether or not they want to take the risk!

    Stopped vaccinating my 4 children 17 years ago, healthiest decision I could have ever made for my kids! No more doctor visits , no, illness, no more antibiotics . Their immune systems are protecting them just like its supposed too!

  11. The medial industry is a criminal organization designed to
    harvest it’s growing population by what is called,” the soft kill method”.
    They do not promote health, they promote control of your physical body from your birth to the grave.
    Your body is your temple and by allowing substances in your body that compromise your immune system you open the door to potential health risks that assures the industry of great wealth and control of your person.

  12. Shaming? That’s about right. When anyone resorts to the low level actions of ridicule, shaming, intimidation or scare tactics they have automatically put themselves in a position of either having nothing intelligent to offer, in refutation, or they are just a bully. Both should be avoided at all cost, as they will destroy your health at best or kill you at worst.

  13. The RED schools are actually the safest because all the shedding of all the nasty viruses are less than in the Green schools!!!!

    I have 2 children one is 22 yrs old and to this day I cannot have a phone conversation with him unless at least 3 other things or people are distracting him making a 3 minute call a 30 minute call!!! He has ADD so bad from the vaccine reaction coupled with Tylenol reaction of swelling of the brain I’m surprised it didn’t damage his health worse the first 4 years of his life he was on antibiotics 80% of the time! By the time he was 5 months old he had pneumonia and he did get measles after being vaccinated for measles…..He barely made it through high school his attention span was so bad. For the first 4 years of him driving I was his turn by turn GPS system because no one could tell him how to get somewhere because he couldn’t listen to directions and remember!

    My younger son is 3.8 years old never been vaccinated never had antibiotic never had tylenol or motrin! He is perfectly capable of paying attention a lot longer than my 22 year old can now. Plus my 3 year old can tell you how to get to school, my work, kroger, the city park, Nissan Dealership, etc…..I think if we all refused to be poisoned by BIG Pharma the IQ of our children would go up!!!! All I can say is let’s start a system like the governement’s and say RED is great and reverse their system and educate people why!!!!

  14. One more reason why homeschooling works for our family. I only have to deal with the pediatrician (on rare occasion) and not the schools as well. At least she takes no for an answer without trying to force the issue.

  15. The government wants to take our rights to bare arms away and for good reason! The fore fathers put that in the Constitution knowing that all governments get power hungry and at times the people have to over through or force change. Our country, our citizens have lost their spirit and their identity and the government is slowly changing. It’s making laws against our rights, it taking our worth and flushing it down the toilet. There maybe a time soon that all Americans need to grab our 2nd amendments and march on Washington. There are a lot more of us then there are of them and we have the right to do it! Don’t Ever forget your rights!

  16. So true, Brad M, so true…

    It’s like we are fighting against people who don’t want to listen to the truth if it might even slightly differ from their beliefs or cause their studies to be questioned.

  17. Informed consent for any medical procedure is not a luxury it is a right. If this government can mandate any procedure on the basis that the experts ,conflicted as they may be ; know best…….kt/.5k

  18. I am quite embarrassed that I didn’t even realize that there is a MILITARY STYLE Public Health entity in charge of our children’s so-called wellness in this country.

    I looked at the ribbons on chest of this woman in another photo and have to wonder what she had done in combat to earn such high rank, and what those battle ribbons really represent.

    It is an affront to every military, fire and police personnel who ever served this country, and whose lives are in danger every day to “decorate” someone in a pseudo-military agency as if she had put her life on the line. And instead, how many babies have been injured – permanently – or died for her to earn those “decorations?”

    And just exactly why has public health (already an oxymoron) created a military organization to “help” the folks who pay their salaries? Military ranking and honor decorations should not be accorded to anyone who has not placed their own lives on the line outside of police, fire and military personnel.

    This almost defies words. There is only one answer to the why. The medical/governmental complex has officially and literally now declared war on every single American. Starting with the children first. My heart breaks.

  19. The Center for Disease Creation is exactly that. They are very dangerous. They are destroying children’s health by toxic vaccines, creating a huge health problem (look at how sick kids are today! Cancer, autism, allergies, ADHD, childhood diabetes, arthritis, it goes on and on!). Kids were never this sick when I was young!

    They are liars, cheats and cover up the truth. They will do whatever it takes to keep the money rolling in from toxic vaccines and toxic treatments.

    Now they are attacking Homeopathy (which WORKS)!

    If you believe the official lies, you will get the official diseases.

    They won’t list sick days at the schools, and if they do, they will lie too.

  20. Unfortunately there will be a tremendous suffering, but CDC is not shooting themselves in the foot – they are digging there own grave. We, who have done the research about vaccine, know what will happen and CDC will have no one to blame. An awful time awaits but there is light in the tunnel. Hang in there…

  21. All I can do is cry after reading this. This is the most sickening thing I’ve read in a long time over this subject of vaccines. Our government is governing all right. They are ignoring the injuries & deaths for the greater good. Seriously look at the percentages of the vaccinated!! America land of the free, NOT! Our government is turning into a dictatorship, taking away our freedoms our rights to choose. My son is damaged due to the MMR. My new friends son died! My other friends daughter went into some kind of shock after rec MMR. Why should anyone’s precious child be hurt. We all have proof of the damage & one has been compensated for the death of her beloved baby. Ignorant, heartless leaders, trained military puppets of America I hope this strikes you close to home so you can feel the pain and agony. Stand up America!! Let the simple minded get discernment to know better.

    Horrors of Vaccinations Exposed and Illustrated – Date 1920
    Petition, from Chas. M. Higgins, a Citizen of the United States –
    TO: The President of the United States
    Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy

    Starting at Page 39, last paragraph:
    Now if each individual American is divinely ordained as an equalized sovereign in his own right — and this is surely a grand distinction of the American Institution and the American citizen — he obviously has a sovereign right to his own body and all his natural possessions; and the most sacred and essential of these rights and possessions is, obviously, the right to his own physical body, the sanctity of his own person, and the right to decide how it shall be treated or taken care of in health or disease; and if he has not this sacred and sovereign right to his own body he has practically no right at all and might as well be wiped out and would be better dead. Therefore, if any doctor or other person claims the right to possess the body of any man, to experiment or operate upon it, to medicate, cut, inoculate, or treat his body as he might see fit, without the free choice, consent or approval of that man, it is obvious that the man is no longer a sovereign or the owner of his own body, but is a mere “slave’ or domestic animal and that the doctor really owns his body and is his “master’ as much as if he were a pig or dog; so that, therefore, all “equality” and “sovereignty” of the individual is destroyed by this medical “hoggery” and we have not a “government of the people, by the people, for the people,” but a government of the doctors, by the doctors, for the doctors — which in face we now have to a very dangerous extent. And, indeed, medical organization, compulsion, dictation and domination have now got to such a stage that it is one of the most dangerous powers in our body politic and must be curbed, as I will show later on.
    It therefore follows that all compulsory or dictatorial medicine is an absolute violation of the first or basic principle of Americanism as expressed in our great Declaration of Rights, and our first or Pre-Constitution, and therefore must be abolished if we would be true to basic human right and fundamental American principles.
    We will now take up the second Article of the Declaration and study its meaning. This Article, with a slight variation of the official words, is as follows:
    “All men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights,
    among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”
    Now the great keynote-words in this clause, “unalienable rights,” mean “inseparable rights,” rights which the citizen cannot be separated from, rights which cannot be removed or taken away from the people or denied or invaded by any government or power whatever, but which all governments must respect and defend.
    A Free E-Book

  23. If these unvaccinated levels are so dangerous, why hasn’t there been a single outbreak of measles in any California schools? They keep telling us less than 95% is dangerous, yet NOT ONE of these dangerously unvaccinated districts caught Disney measles?

    And when was the last tetanus outbreak in a school? Or HPV?

    This is an outrage. And equally outrageous is the acquiescence of many otherwise intelligent thoughtful people on this issue. Watching this unfold, it is frankly horrifying where this country is headed.

  24. what the hell is this? we cannot be coerced into doing anything. if it means lawsuits or home schooling that is the deal. screw them!

  25. The drug companies may have immunity from lawsuit from vaccine injuries. But these bastards can be sued as individuals and forced to pay for their own legal defense. It’s time to go shopping for a good class action suit lawyer, get together a handful of people and start filing. We need to take the wind out of their sails. The only reason they continue with this behavior is that most people are just too damned compliant.

  26. I agree Laurence Kendall! Let’s gather the names of the owners and shareholders of every pharmaceutical company who makes vaccines, then gather together as one voice and start suing them personally! This is a Class Action Attorney’s dream case!

  27. When some aggrieved single parent of a vaccine killed only-child with nothing to live for or lose more in life, goes on a rampage and maybe kills a few CDC or health officials or drug company execs then maybe the issue of them also becoming collateral damage will be taken more seriously.

  28. What legal point could we take a CDC person to court on, for violations of civil rights, and at least sue or jail just one of them? The ‘chilling effect’ factor can swing both ways. Sanction them, jail someone, and take them to court. That is after all, the same thing the CDC persons and their corporate controllers, are trying to do to us. I need low cost to free print outs that I can bring to doctors offices to randomly leave around so other guests will read them. I viewed the ignorant standing in line to get flue shots this year, and they come in fresh looking, and walk out stunned. My wife’s co worker looked like she was going to die, and literally lost her voice, just from a flue shot. She said she would not get one next year. When I go to the local store and they have free flue shot signs posted up, I tear them down and throw them away on the way inside the store. Every action matters. This article is interesting, but who trusts government numbers anyways? I certainly don’t believe it. I’m sure many citizens have found ways to officially report they are vaccinated, when they are really not. After all, that is the solution if CDC continues on their tyrannical rampage of violating liberty of individual choice. Pay cash to a friendly nurse, and have them enter you into the system, and throw the shots away. How many medical personnel have done that for themselves, just to avoid shots and the punitive actions taken by hospitals for employees whom refuse them… I want the government out of my life, and reject every mandate they give me. Distrust of the government and fear of politically corrupt leaders is at a hundred year high. Keep planting the seeds of liberty everywhere you go. Remind people what liberty means.

  29. I am guessing that 0.1% of unvaccinated individuals are the children of big pharma executives and Monsanto grandchildren

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