The 21st Century Cures Act | Barbara Loe Fisher

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  1. ACurtis   December 8, 2016 at 1:34 pm

    Everyone needs to swamp President-elect Donald Trump and let him know that we will NOT allow these pharma companies to take away our parental rights nor will we allow them to use our children as guinea pigs. Cross fingers, pray, meditate, and BURY capital hill with every fax, e-mail, and letter you can, letting them know your thoughts and that you WILL NOT BACK DOWN! And work on raising your consciousness, so that positivity and higher vibration works AGAINST this force of evil. Trump believes that vaccines cause Autism/severe injuries. Then let us let him know that we will NOT stand for pharma and corporate America to continue taking away our freedoms. Also, what is currently happening in America is AGAINST the Nuremberg Code. Namaste


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