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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Dear Legislators, You Woke Up a Beast

Hell hath no fury like a parent scorned, and many were scorned as California’s SB 277 unconstitutionally mandating vaccines for all children attending public school or daycare passed the Assembly Health Committee Tuesday night with a 12 to 6 vote. I’ve watched as this bill has been rushed through an unconstitutionally manipulated process, and Tuesday (June 9) night I watched as Senator Pan and Assemblyman Gomez took a play from Nancy Pelosi’s playbook—promising that amendments, which have yet to be seen or passed would ensure that physicians would have “full discretion” to issue a medical exemption, while still removing philosophical and religious exemptions for everyone else.

I watched as thousands of parents from all walks of life (including those with vaccinated and immunocompromised children) and professionals (physicians, scientists, educators, lawyers, nurses, and engineers) voiced their opposition to this bill and while the brains of 6 of the 12 senators who voted for it, check out during the process. I guess bribes have that effect on people.

I’ve witnessed media outlet after outlet call for this bill to be passed as quickly as possible to end the “ugly fight,” as if the ugly fight wasn’t a key sign that people want nothing to do with this bill. If they did, there would be no fight at all.

I wish I could say that this was only happening in California, but the truth is it’s happening everywhere. Californians are being hung out to dry and we’re next. All that is left for this bill to pass is an assembly vote, senate vote (with the added amendments) and a signature by the Governor of California. Then California can join the ranks of the two sickest states in this nation (one of which has the highest rates of infant mortality and infectious disease), who ironically already have mandatory vaccination laws in place.

The oldest child will be offered up the scapegoat, forced to endure whatever adverse reaction awaits them at the hands of vaccines, and parental autonomy will disappear. Of course, there has been no bill to make pharmaceutical companies liable for these adverse reactions or a call for a mandatory reporting system. It’s all about protecting the children pharmaceutical companies, right? Parents are not equipped to make the decision on whether their child should be vaccinated but they are more than equipped to handle funeral arrangements or the special needs and expenses of a vaccine-injured child.

This, on the back of a federal bill that would unconstitutionally force children attending public schools to be vaccinated and the American Medical Association’s announcement that they are going to initiate a “mandatory vaccine policy,” since they’ve given themselves the grounds to dictate our religious beliefs and step into the shoes of parents everywhere. Really though, they’re just in bed with Big Pharma and what “Sugar Daddy” wants “Sugar Daddy” gets.

Actually, come to think of it, Big Pharma’s in bed with a lot of people… the senators who are authoring these ludicrous bills, the media, the CDC, public health departments, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Voices for Vaccines, and the most outspoken proponents of this legislation. I have to watch Days of Our Lives just to keep it all straight.

If you think these mandates won’t affect you, think again. The mandates in your state and on the federal level will affect everyone from children in preschool to college students, adults in the workplace, and yes, even homeschooled students. To fully understand the level of tyranny (or psychotic) we are dealing with, allow me to bless you with a quote from Senator Richard Pan’s Facebook page:

It is time for all state legislatures to step in. Yes, parents have the right to refuse vaccination for their children, but to protect other parents’ and children’s’ rights, these families must then accept the consequences of their decision: no admittance to public preschool, school, college, or workplace. This is the logical choice that parents have to accept. It is not right to choose for yourself and your child and thereby put the remaining populace at risk.

Let me translate this for everyone.

It is time for pharmaceutical companies to step in. Yes, parents have a right to refuse vaccinations for their children, but to protect other parents’ and children’s rights, deemed more important, these families must then accept the consequences of their decision like chicken pox: the removal of their constitutional right to work or to obtain a public education. 

This is the unconstitutional choice that parents who live under a dictatorship have to accept. It is not right to exercise your God-given parental autonomy for yourself and your child, thereby putting those who are vaccinated and should be protected and the immunocrompromised who cannot be around vaccinated children at risk. 

It’s all quite depressing really. This is supposed to be the United States of America where freedom trumps all but instead, parents are fighting against their government and being sold out by the very people they elected to represent them, the media—which is incapable of conveying accurate and objective information, and the American Medical Association, whose head is stuck up the rear-end of Big Pharma (leading to an inflated ego, prideful assertions, and a tendency to be influenced by poop rather than science).

It seems hopeless. It seems insurmountable. They’ve got money and lobbyists and we’re just ignorant, uneducated, little bumpkins who pushed babies out of our hoo-haws only to pass them over to whatever government agency or medical body deems themselves more qualified to parent our kids. Except that we’re not, and they know it.

There are far more of us than there are of them and we’re far from uneducated. These legislators, lobbyists, and government bodies should have thought twice before waking the sleeping beast that is about to fall upon them and we will not back down. Doing otherwise would be like asking a bear to turn away and abandon their cub to the jaws of an alligator.

No, we are smart enough to understand how the political process works and maybe some of our senators need a friendly reminder. So, here it is:

You work for us. You answer to us. You represent us. We pay your salary and we determine the destiny of your political career. Your guidebook for doing your job and doing it well is not the Merck manual or Paul Offit’s bad book, “Bad Faith.” It’s the constitutions of both the United States and your state. You should have copies of these in your office. If you do not, we will send them to you with the relevant portions highlighted. It’s all good and well to accept campaign contributions from Big Pharma to push a bill but what a shame it will be when all that money goes to waste on election day because we will turn out in droves and we will vote you OUT. 

Since your senator probably only views the world through the lens of mild childhood diseases like measles and chicken pox, you should probably offer to help them view this issue through the lens of an elected official:

While under the guise of “protecting public health,” you are deeming some of your constituents more important than others. You are knowingly subjecting children to death and adverse reactions of a medical procedure. You are usurping a parent’s role by usurping their parental rights. Those who will be most affected by mandatory vaccination legislation are low-income working families and single parents who can’t afford to home-school. The President of the United States stated in a speech a few months back that it was of the utmost importance to provide childcare opportunities for these population groups and you are attaching strings. 

You are providing no mandatory reporting system for adverse reactions. You are providing no legal resource for families to sue pharmaceutical companies for injury. You are guaranteeing no resources or financial compensation for families who will undoubtedly have children who required millions of dollars to treat the injuries you are imposing upon them. You aren’t even acknowledging that these children exist. 

You are subjectively telling individuals of all faiths that their religious beliefs are not important if they do not agree with yours, yet we do not worship a God who worships vaccines and the constitution of the United States gives us that right. It is your elected job to respect it. 

We live in a constitutional republic. A Republic does not just give us the right to voice our opinion, it gives us sovereignty over it and our choices. The job of a legislator is to protect those rights.

This really isn’t about whether you think measles (a mild fever and temporary rash, which occurs every year, kills nobody in this country, and affected only 0.00003% of the United States population—many of whom were vaccinated—during the Disneyland outbreak) is worse than the vaccine-induced brain damage you could get instead. This is about the Constitution, and there is no warped scientific argument than can trump our constitutional freedoms.

What will come out of this state legislation is nothing good. Parents will pull their children out of public school in record numbers. Families will leave the state. Businesses will close as parents come into the home. Since those who do not vaccinate their children are admittedly highly educated, California and states like it who remove these exemptions will witness the brightest of minds leaving the work force, schools, and even the state. Innovation will suffer. Entrepreneurship will suffer. Our economy, education system, health of our children, and country will suffer.

As for the American Medical Association? They have no authority to dictate our religious beliefs. They have no authority to force us to do anything, let alone subject our children to a medical procedure that carries a risk of death. They have the authority to make recommendations and we have the authority to decide whether or not we want to act upon them and right now, the stench of their recommendations could clear a room.

We are the parents. We are the patients. Their profession relies on us and our faith and trust in their establishment and they’re quickly losing numbers. If their plan is to put the pressure on legislators to legislate away our parental rights. No problem. We’ll vote out any idiot who takes them up on it. Done. Game over. They will have a better chance of winning a re-election in a communist country.

Then, we will take this issue all the way up to the courts and we will utilize discovery to dig up every contribution made, every under the table deal, and every dirty little secret you never wanted the world to know about. We will turn out in record numbers as we fight for ourselves, our children, and our rights. We will not stop. We will not back down. We will not give up.

Do not stop advocating for our rights because without them, there is nothing worth fighting for.

Parents (and individuals who have fought and are fighting on our behalf), do not give up. Do not let them make you believe that your voice isn’t worth anything. Do not stop fighting. Do not stop praying. Do not stop advocating for our rights because without them, there is nothing worth fighting for.

Note: This article was reprinted with the author’s permission. It was originally published at Living Whole.

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  1. “no admittance to public preschool, school, college, or workplace. ” Is that what Senator Pan said? Because his bill affected everyone in PRIVATE schools as well.

  2. I do hope you are right. Time will tell. The problem is the Supreme Court will not rule in our favor they threw out the constitution long ago. How do make the change without significant action?

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