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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Why Statistical Significance is Killing Science

analyzing data

In 2016, the American Statistical Association1 released an editorial warning against the misuse of statistical significance in interpreting scientific research. Another commentary was recently published in the journal Nature,2 calling for the research community to abandon the concept of statistical significance. Before being published in Nature,3 the article states it was endorsed by more than 800 statisticians and […]

Vaccine Strain Measles from MMR Vaccine?

measles virus

There have been at least two reported cases of children with measles in the United States this year that have turned out not to have been wild-type measles after all. The two cases involve children in Oakland County and Washtenaw County, Michigan. Both children had exhibited symptoms of measles and initially tested positive for the […]

Angelica Black’s Vaccine Injury

Angelica Black’s Vaccine Injury

She was three months old. She was developing fine and everything was typical before. She went down for naps, she was actually singing and cooing and playing with us and smiling and laughing, and the next time we saw her she was limp and not breathing. Despite everyone’s thoughts that, usually, most reactions happen quickly, […]

No Mercy for Mothers Or Their Vaccine Injured Children

mom embracing daughter

Today, parents whose children have been injured by vaccines are being demonized and discriminated against for speaking publicly about what happened to their children after vaccination.1 There is no other minority in America being subjected to public humiliation and censorship for simply speaking the truth.2 Pediatricians are also cruelly bullying and coercing mothers into giving […]

Experimental Nexvax2 Vaccine for Celiac Disease on FDA Fast-Track for Approval

I'll skip the wheat and gluten

Story Highlights A new, experimental vaccine against celiac disease has been granted fast-track status by the FDA, indicating a perceived urgency in getting the vaccine to market. Celiac disease has been increasing dramatically over the last 50 or so years, approximately mirroring the introduction of new breeds of wheat, bred for greater yield, that now […]

Cause or Coincidence HPV Vaccines Associated with Deaths and Disability

Cause or Coincidence HPV Vaccines Associated with Deaths and Disability

The vaccination to help prevent cervical cancer has been on offer here since 2008 and more than 200,000 New Zealand girls have had it. The scientists say it’s safe. But in tonight’s 3D Investigates, Paula Penfold hears from girls and their families who have serious doubts and want to know whether Gardasil is to blame […]

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