Colorado Springs Woman Nearly Dies After Taking Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Tonight, a Colorado Springs woman is facing a long recovery and huge medical bills. She’s lucky to be alive after what doctors say was a near-death reaction to her Johnson & Johnson COVID shot. The company added a blood clot warning after the CDC put the vaccine on pause for a week in April. … […]

Obituary: Kansas Woman Died After Receiving a COVID-19 Vaccine

At the main street food and fuel in Effingham, Kansas a sign on the door says, ‘We’re saddened by the untimely death of Jeannie Evans.’ The owner, respectfully, did not want to speak about his former co-worker, but knew of what happened. EMS dispatch records say a 68-year-old woman had an allergic reaction at a […]

Elderly Man Dies Shortly After Receiving COVID Vaccine at Javits Center

[New York] state health officials are investigating after an elderly man died shortly after receiving a COVID vaccine. … Sadly, that man collapsed outside of the Javits Center as he was leaving his appointment, but it is important to stress that it is still unclear if the vaccine had anything to do with his death. […]

No Autopsy Performed After Gloucester Woman’s Death Minutes After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine

A Virginia woman says she believes her mother, who had multiple underlying health conditions, died as a result of the [COVID-19] vaccine. Lisa Jones, who lives in Gloucester, says her 58-year-old mother dies less than an hour after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. Doctors at VCU Tappahannock hospital, where Drene Keyes was admitted before she died, […]

California Person Dies Hours After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine

I’m really relying on the [COVID-19] vaccine to, in hope, cure this pandemic. Britney Tucker, one of the many people eager to get the [COVID-19] vaccine and get on with life. But fear of the unknown is why Eric Parah doesn’t want to get the vaccine in the first place. This was rushed just so […]

COVID-19 Vaccine Concerns After 23 Deaths in Norway

Australia is urgently seeking answers from the Norwegian government after at least 23 deaths in aged care residents who’d received the Pfizer [COVID-19] vaccine. … Has a clear link been established between the vaccine and the deaths? Investigations are still underway, but Norwegian health authorities believe common adverse reactions to the vaccine such as fever […]

Employers Do Not Have Appetite to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine

Corporations are looking ahead to what might come next year with the COVID pandemic still out of control. There are many challenges ahead. Among the questions CEOS will need to answer… Should employees be required to take the vaccine before returning to work? According to a recent poll by the Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute, […]

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Painful Side Effects in Patients Who Have Facial Fillers

And an unusual side effect of the Moderna COVID vaccine… But you only have to worry about it if you’ve had certain cosmetic procedures. The FDA advisory committee reviewing the new Moderna vaccine has noted a specific side effect involving several trial participants who had cosmetic facial fillers. … In these cases, the patients all […]

Alaska Health Worker Has Serious Allergic Reaction to Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine

There’s a report from The New York Times that there’s been a severe reaction from a health care worker in Alaska after receiving the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. Now, they report that the person is in stable condition. But the person had been hospitalized after this allergic event. They are citing three people familiar with this event. […]