Friday, June 02, 2023


“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Big Pharma Extorts People Worse Than Somali Pirates | Peter Gøtzsche, MD

An old saying has it that nature heals while doctors take the fee. But our guest today argues that doctors’ relationship with money has come into direct conflict with nature’s ability to heal. How blurry is the line between healing and killing? Well, to discuss it I am now joined by Dr. Peter Gøtzsche, director of […]

The Shadow of the Thalidomide Tragedy

In 1960, a new wonder drug was slated to arrive on American shores—a sedative that was said to treat a range of other ills.  A hypnotic, as the doctors call it, that was the answer to a prayer. Its generic name was Thalidomide. The hallmark defining quality of Thalidomide was its safety. So safe that, […]

The Commoditization of Human Beings | Theresa Deisher, PhD

When human beings become commodities, as they have over the past two to three decades with the changing values of Western civilization, we begin to use human beings for purposes other than those purposes for which they are created. We start to use human beings in biomedical research… for instance, we use fresh aborted fetuses […]

Guard Yourself: A Gardasil Documentary Short

The doctor suggested that we give her the HPV vaccine, and that was at the time when all the commercials were on TV and me not knowing… I had never done any research, I thought it was a good thing that it would prevent her from getting cancer in the future. So, yeah, I said […]

Sisters Sue Over HPV Vaccine—The Doctors

Two sisters, ages 19 and 20, are suing the makers of an HPV vaccine. So, these two sisters,  Madelyn and Olivia, are claiming that they took the Gardasil vaccine and it made them infertile. So, about six years ago we received our first Gardasil vaccination. I was 13 and I was 14 years old. The […]

HPV Vaccination for 12-Year-Old Girls—Make Up Your Own Mind

If you are the parent or guardian of a 12-year-old girl in Ireland, this may concern you. When your child is in her first year of secondary school, you will receive home a leaflet from the HSE. It will contain information about the HPV vaccine, which is recommended for her and which, it claims, will […]

Naled Invades Miami Beach

Planes are scheduled to begin spraying the controversial pesticide Naled over South Beach tomorrow morning, and that has activists worried the pesticide could do damage to humans and to the environment. On Tuesday that was when they announced they were going to spray Naled. There was a lot of outrage about that. First at noon, […]

How Much Do You Really Know About the Flu Vaccine?

Did you know that the flu vaccine is the number one selling vaccine in America, but it is also the least effective? Each year, pharmaceutical companies produce over 150 million doses of influenza vaccine. Each dose sells for about $20, making flu vaccination a $3 billion annual industry. Over the past decade, annual flu vaccine […]

Vaccination Not All Black and White | Richard Moskowitz, MD

So, let’s think about the measles. That’s a very good example because it’s a strong infectious disease, and it has a high fever, and then you get over it in a week… and I’m looking at that process, what’s involved in that. That’s a concerted outpouring of the entire immune system, the result of which […]

I Love the Smell of Naled in the Morning—Battle Against Zika

An update on Zika. First area in Florida where Zika was found was in Wynwood. There are now 14 cases of Zika infection. All originating in the Wynwood section—a one square mile area north of downtown. A few weeks after that they found a few more Zika cases here in Miami Beach. They created another […]

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