Saturday, June 03, 2023


“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Question for Minister for Children on HPV Vaccine Serious Reactions

We are basically representing 220 girls whose lives have been destroyed by debilitating illnesses since receiving the [HPV] vaccine in the schools. There is growing international concerns and actions being taken worldwide. Our girls are reflecting some of the same symptoms in the same time-frames as tens of thousands of teenagers worldwide. These side-effects are […]

American Guinea Pig: The Vioxx/FDA Failure

The Vioxx story is one of the most widely publicized stories about the failure of the FDA to do its job. Back in May 1999, Vioxx was introduced into the market for the purpose of treating people with arthritis for their pain without the side-effect of other drugs which caused bleeding. The problem was that […]

Getting a Flu Shot No Guarantee It Will Work | Barbara Loe Fisher

Like a lot of people, in January when I suddenly developed a high fever (101 F), body aches, fatigue, nasal congestion and cough, I thought for sure it was influenza, which I had not experienced for decades. Turns out, according to a recently released CDC report, in the 2016-2017 flu season the odds are only about one in 10 that flu like illness symptoms are, in fact, caused by type A or B influenza.

Beating Cancer One Lap at a Time

Susan grew up in competitive swimming. In the late 70s, she was captain of the Syracuse University team. After graduating, Susan was diagnosed with a rare vaginal cancer—a hallmark of DES exposure in the womb. DES was the first synthetic form of estrogen and thought to prevent miscarriages. It was approved by the FDA without […]

Vaccine Policy | Sheryl Attkisson

President Trump breathed new life into an old controversy when he recently suggested he might form an independent scientific commission to investigate vaccine safety. He discussed that possibility with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Kennedy was in Washington, DC this week pressing forward with his own vaccine safety effort, and was joined by other advocates, including […]

This is Insane! (Rant from the Heart) | Paul Thomas, MD

I have a huge concern, in The New York Times today… it is February 8th, 2017… there’s a huge article urging our President, Donald Trump, not to have a commission on vaccine safety. Wait a minute! They don’t want to find out if there’s a problem with our vaccines? That’s insane, folks! Absolutely insane. I’m […]

Was the HPV Vaccine Responsible for One Girl’s Death?

So please welcome Christina’s mother, Emily Tarsell. Thank you so much for being here. First of all, I’m so sorry about your daughter’s death. Just 21 years old. Tell us a little bit about Christina, Emily. She had a great curiosity about life. She was an athlete and an artist and a philosopher. Sounds like […]

No Studies to Prove Vaccines are Safe

I wonder if the CDC has conducted or facilitated a study comparing vaccinated children yet… have you done that? We have actually done a number of studies looking at the relationship between Thimerosal vaccines and autism and other developmental disabilities. There have been, over the last decade, numerous studies looking at the relationship between and […]

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