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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Peter Doshi, PhD on the Lack of Solid Research Behind the Influenza Vaccine

excerpts from research on vaccines and vaccination policy

The [influenza] vaccine may be less beneficial and less safe than has been claimed, and the threat of influenza seems to be overstated. Mandatory vaccination polices have been enacted, often in healthcare facilities, forcing some people to take the vaccine under threat of losing their jobs. The main assertion of the CDC that fuels the […]

OPV Vaccine Plus A Shot of Antibiotics Equals Polio

girl receiving oral polio vaccine

BACK TO THE FUTURE: Following is an article from the historical archives of The Vaccine Reaction newspaper journal. It was published in May 1995. Investigating why large numbers of Romanian children were coming down with polio disease after being vaccinated with live oral polio vaccine (OPV), officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […]

The Era of Overmedication

hand reaching for the pill container

Story Highlights A 2017 survey revealed that over half of the American population takes prescription drugs, with four drugs being the average. Polypharmacy (taking multiple drugs) poses numerous risks to patients, one of which includes adverse effects from drug-to-drug interactions. Receiving multiple vaccines simultaneously also presents potential risks to patients from unknown vaccine-to-vaccine interactions. If […]

Professor Says Parents Have No Right to Refuse Vaccines for Their Children

thoughtful mother holding baby

In a recent video commentary published in Medscape, New York University professor Arthur L. Caplan, PhD offered his views on the question of whether children have “vaccination rights.”1 Dr. Caplan thinks that what he defines as the “vaccination rights” of minor children supersede the legal right of their parents to exercise informed consent to vaccination on their […]

Will AFM Quickly Go Viral Like Microcephaly?

pushing a wheelchair

Nobody seems to know what is causing the “polio-like” condition known as acute flaccid myelitis (AFM). Public health officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) keep stating they don’t know why healthy children are being randomly paralyzed around the country and scientists and medical doctors outside the nation’s top health agency are […]

Cracking the Peanut Allergy

Cracking the Peanut Allergy

It was terrifying. His face basically swelled up like twice the normal size. When you’ve held your daughter in your arms, almost dying, because of something as basic as milk. Every three minutes, a food allergy reaction sends someone to the emergency room. It’s like navigating a mine field at all times. The statistics are […]

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