Thursday, June 08, 2023


“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Vax Passports: The Medium Is the Message

digital vaccine passport

Opinion | As the concept of vaccine certificates began tickling the fancy of certain segments of the public last spring and summer, opponents reliably invoked Orwell in response to what came to be called “freedom passports,” “green passes,” or other such cute names. The public intellectual that came to my mind, though, was Marshall McLuhan. […]

Protests Show the World is Over COVID Vaccination Mandates

In numerous countries, thousands upon thousands of people have been protesting vaccine mandates and passports. … In Italy, thousands of people have been protesting this country’s Green Pass. The pass requires either proof of vaccination and negative test within the past 48 hours or proof of prior infection within the past six months. This is […]

What is the True Vaccine Breakthrough Rate? The CDC Doesn’t Want You to Know.

confused doctor

By refusing to track most vaccine breakthrough cases, the CDC arrived at the strange conclusion that collecting and providing less public health information is in the public’s interest. Over a recent 12-day period the Milwaukee Brewers had nine players test positive for COVID-19. While we don’t know the vaccination status of all the players, the team […]

New York Mandates COVID Passports, Dubbed ‘Key To NYC’

“Bill de Blasio announced that, beginning August 16th, anyone who wants to enjoy indoor entertainment, such as bars, restaurants or movie theaters, and anyone entering an indoor gym, must show proof of vaccination. He’s calling it the Key to New York City. After innumerous other attempts to entice people into vaccination, from $100 gift cards […]

Thousands Protest in U.K. Against ‘Fascist’ Vaccine Passports

The vaccine passport issue is the final straw really. We’re not going to have freedoms to do anything at all. It’s the thin end of the wedge and it’s so tyrannical I’ve had enough. The funny thing is all these conspiracy theories that exist seem to be coming true. I’ve never even been on a […]

Americans Debate Vaccine Passports

The question of vaccine passports is a conversation that has been going on around the world, Canada too, but it’s become politically divisive in the United States. Why is that? Well, it hits that intersection of privacy, freedom and the role of government in Americans’ day to day life—something that many Americans feel very strongly […]

Can Vaccine Passports Kickstart the Economy?

Vaccine passports are coming. Someday soon, you may need to prove your COVID status to go to the pub, travel abroad or even go to work. Governments hope these passes can be key to kickstarting the economy and restoring basic freedoms. But could this come at a cost to individuals? The weekend is underway in […]

Are Vaccine Passports a Good Idea?

With more than 50 million people having now received their first dose of the [COVID-19] vaccine, there are questions about how proof of a vaccination could give people more freedom both at home and, indeed, abroad. Messaging from the government on the possibility of so-called vaccine passports has been mixed. The Foreign Secretary’s suggestion on […]

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