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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


When Believing the Health Authorities Requires Denying Obvious Realities

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[Earlier this month],  The Daily Sceptic published two articles reviewing some studies purported to show COVID-19 vaccines are useful for countering so-called long-COVID, lingering symptoms after COVID infection. The conclusion of the author, who is an ex-senior scientist with the U.K. government, is that the vaccinations do not in fact prevent those symptoms. In addition, […]

Israeli Vaccine Chief: “We Have Made Mistakes”

Israeli Vaccine Chief: “We Have Made Mistakes”

A lot of our knowledge… epidemiological knowledge, immunological knowledge… has shown that the more the population is exposed to a pathogen, the more it becomes resistant because your immune system learns. … There is a term for that, isn’t there… that people used to use? Herd immunity. … It’s been such an interesting story, Israel, […]

Why Aren’t We Celebrating the Naturally Immune?

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Opinion | At the beginning of this pandemic, I heard the term herd immunity a lot. Scientists and news anchors used to theorize about what percentage of society would have to come in contact with the virus in order to obtain herd immunity. We know that 40 million people have tested positive for COVID in […]

Sweden’s Different Response to COVID-19 Based on Mutual Respect and Trust

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Story Highlights Unlike most other countries, Sweden has not enforced nationwide lockdowns and home quarantines to combat the spread of COVID-19, instead relying on individual citizens to voluntarily follow the government’s suggested guidelines for social distancing to protect the vulnerable. So far, both the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths are higher in Sweden than […]

Vaccines are Kind of Like the Emperor’s New Clothes

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Whether or not one supports the removal of religious exemptions to vaccination, the discussion about the issue should at least be accurate and honest. Sadly, agenda-driven hyperbole has hijacked the narrative in recent years, and oft-repeated mistruths have evolved to become widely-accepted dogma that may not be questioned. It is time to call out the […]

“Little Women” Movie Spurs Interest in Scarlet Fever

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Little Women, the 19th century coming of age movie directed by Greta Gerwig currently showing in theaters nationwide, has moviegoers searching for information about scarlet fever. Beth, the youngest of the four March sisters, dies of complications of the infection at the climax of the movie. Scarlet fever is a bacterial infection caused by the […]

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