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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Doctors Are No Experts on Vaccines

clueless young doctor

There is a common belief that doctors are “experts” on vaccines and vaccination. Almost nothing could be further from the truth. The average medical doctor, for example, may not know the names of the ingredients in vaccines, or what they are and how they interact with each other. The average doctor giving people vaccines may not know how vaccines affect the immune system…

NYC Public Schools’ Brewing Fight on Vaccines: My Kid, My Choice

The flu shot might be the one to drive home the fallacy of trying to force thinking parents to take part in something that goes against their common sense. “Don’t tell us how to raise our children,” is what more parents are saying to doctors and public health officials trying to take their parental rights away when it comes to making health care choices for their children. From a report in the New York Post it appears that a sneaky new flu shot mandate in New York City’s public school system is shedding a bright light on that issue. Scheduled to be enforced beginning in January of 2016, the New York City Health Department will require that every child under age five who attends a city school or daycare center must receive either an…

Hippocrates: “Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine”

“You are what you eat.” There’s a scary thought for you, but it can also be an empowering one. Before the introduction of processed, prepared, canned, boxed, frozen, powdered, freeze-dried or instant “convenience foods,” the type of food we ate was a non-issue. We ate local because that’s what was available; from the time human beings started to settle in one place…

Mary Holland, JD on Mandatory Vaccinations

excerpts from research on vaccines and vaccination policy

I think bodily integrity is a fundamental human right, and I think any mandatory medical intervention is a violation of our human rights. I don’t think there’s really any question about that, and the Nuremberg Codes have been updated and updated and updated. We have a UNESCO declaration from 2008. You have to have informed consent. That means voluntary on a basis of knowledge. Neither one of those things are the case with mandatory vaccines. People don’t have knowledge…

Merck’s Peanut Oil Adjuvant

On September 19, 1964, an article titled “Peanut Oil Used In A New Vaccine” appeared in The New York Times. It was written by Stacey V. Jones. The piece noted that an influenza vaccine, which had just recently been patented by Merck & Co. Inc.. carried a key ingredient known as Adjuvant 65, which contained peanut oil. The adjuvant, aimed at slowly releasing antigens to “stimulate the creation of antibodies,” was described as “an emulsion of refined peanut oil in water to which are added an emulsifier and a stabilizer.”

Are Vaccine Mandates Creating a Class System in the Workplace?

As we are nearing 2020, it’s a fair question to check in on how close the nation is to reaching the targets set by Healthy People 2020. Perhaps the more important question is how these goals may be creating a discriminatory class system separating the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated in the workplace. Many consider the workplace mandate for annual influenza vaccinations…

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