Saturday, September 30, 2023


“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Dangers of Methanol-Containing Hand Sanitizers

hand sanitizer and mask

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, public health officials have maintained that people can use hand sanitizers as an alternative for hand washing to protect against SARS-CoV-2 infections. However, the widespread use of commercial disinfectant products is leading to another problem,1 and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is now warning consumers and health […]

Who is Getting Rich Off Coronavirus Pandemic?

rich man in a tub

Opinion | In May 2020, the U.S. unemployment rate was 13.3%,1 which means 21 million Americans were unemployed. Not surprisingly, financial stress is a major concern, with 88% of Americans surveyed by the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) saying that the COVID-19 pandemic is creating stress for their personal financial situation.2 Fifty-four percent were particularly […]

Maternal Mortality Up Among Black Women in the U.S.

African-American woman in thought

Story Highlights The incidence of maternal mortality, either during childbirth or during the postpartum period is increasing in the U.S., especially among black women. Differences in education, access to quality healthcare, and financial resources contribute to but do not explain the racial disparities in pregnancy and childbirth mortality. Some of the other probable causes include […]

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