Friday, June 02, 2023


“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Protests Erupt Across Europe Over COVID Rules and Lockdowns

A number of European countries have been looking at a new COVID rules and lockdowns, and those changes led to protests in Vienna, Brussels, Zurich and Amsterdam this weekend. Really, the epicenter of the crisis so far is Austria, which has entered its fourth national lockdown due to the current pandemic wave. People have been […]

The Ever Changing Narrative About COVID Vaccine Efficacy

If you’re vaccinated, you’re not going to be hospitalized, you’re not going to be in an ICU unit and you’re not going to die. If you’re fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask. Let me repeat… If you are fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask. If you’re vaccinated, […]

Workers Fired for Refusing Vaccine Speak Out

They all reached the same conclusion about vaccine mandates. Why did you decide to put your livelihood on the line? I felt I didn’t have much of a choice in the matter, that I was being forced to do something, to put something into my body. I felt that what they have done is that […]

Forced Vaccination Was Always the End Game

With the exception of Pearl Harbor and September 11, 2001, Americans have not been attacked by an enemy on our own soil. Unlike countries in Europe during World War II, America has never been occupied by a military force or locked down under martial law. We have never seen soldiers in armored vehicles patrolling the […]

COVID Among the Amish

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania… thousands of families lead lives largely separate from modern America. The Amish are a Christian group that emphasizes the virtuous over the superficial. They don’t usually drive, use electricity or have TVs. And during the COVID-19 outbreak, they became subjects in a massive social and medical experiment. … So it’s safe to […]

Protests Show the World is Over COVID Vaccination Mandates

In numerous countries, thousands upon thousands of people have been protesting vaccine mandates and passports. … In Italy, thousands of people have been protesting this country’s Green Pass. The pass requires either proof of vaccination and negative test within the past 48 hours or proof of prior infection within the past six months. This is […]

Counting COVID Deaths

As hindsight comes into clearer focus, we’re learning a lot about mistaken advice and policies amid the COIVD-19 pandemic. One still murky and disputed area involves the death toll—now upwards of 640,000 in the U.S., according to CDC. Some insist the true count is much higher, others claim it’s lower. Today we begin with the […]

‘Natural Immunity is 27 Times More Protective’

We’re a year and a half into this pandemic by now and what we should be focusing on is people’s level of immunity, however acquired… whether it’s by vaccines or by natural immunity. That’s the way out of it. It’s not by vaccinating people who don’t need to be vaccinated like me, forcing people who […]

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