Thursday, June 20, 2024


“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Major Protests in Berlin and London Opposing Forced Masking and Lockdowns

Responding to big public demonstrations in Berlin and London against forced masking, “social distancing” and lockdown laws that have torn apart the economic and social fabric of European societies, mainstream media outlets described the tens of thousands of people who attended the gatherings as “covid-deniers,”1 2 and “conspiracy theorists and far-right groups.”3 Most of the […]

Virginia Health Commissioner Wants to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine

Virginia flag

Virginia’s Commissioner of Health Dr. Norman Oliver, MD said on Aug. 21, 2020 that he intends to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for all residents of Virginia as soon as a vaccine is available. “[Coronavirus] is killing people now, we don’t have a treatment for it and if we develop a vaccine that can prevent it from […]

Makers of Experimental COVID-19 Vaccines Lobby EU for Liability Protection

umbrella protection

Vaccines Europe, a pharmaceutical industry lobbying group, has issued a memo to its member companies saying it would seek liability protection from the European Union (EU) for corporations manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines. The memo, obtained by the Financial Times, expressed concern about the “inevitable risks” of rushing the development and global marketing of COVID-19 vaccines.1 2 3 […]

Mom Questions Safety of Gardasil

Mom Questions Safety of Gardasil

Just weeks after a teenager received a vaccine meant to prevent HPV, problems arose. The teenager’s mother says she had nowhere to turn for information or help. Seventeen-year-old Maddy Mormon loves music. But two years ago, she got too tired to play and would lie in bed with intense headaches and body pain. Maddy missed […]

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