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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

NVIC Will Stand With Parents at October 23-25 Vaccine Truth and Freedom Rally in Atlanta

In the spring of 1986, NVIC co-founder Kathi Williams and I gathered with a small group of parents in Atlanta, Georgia to hold the first public demonstration demanding that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) be truthful with the American public about vaccine injuries and deaths. We held up signs with photos of children who had died or been brain injured by toxic whole cell DPT vaccine to witness and honor them, the children who had no voice…

Rabies Vaccine Delivered Via “Woodland Drops”

Anyone who has encountered a rabid animal or has seen the film “Old Yeller” for that matter knows that rabies is a serious, often deadly infection to avoid, whether in the wild or in our own pets. Though many veterinarians believe that rabies vaccines in general offer a lifetime of protection for pets and do not need to be repeated, the rabies vaccine is one that is encouraged…

Study Concludes Rise in Autism Not Due to Better Diagnosis

A new study recently published in Frontiers in Pediatrics provides evidence challenging one of the biggest myths about the autism epidemic among children, which is that “better diagnosis” is entirely responsible for the substantial increase in the diagnosis of cases of autism and pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) over the past three decades. The study, “A prospective…

Herd Immunity: Truth or Lie?

I remember when it all started. 1978—two years after high school. While I was riding the subway to college or to work, I would see the billboards and signs—No Shots, No School! I remember asking myself, “Why would anyone not want to vaccinate their children? How many crazy people are there in this world?” And I was totally disgusted with the fact that such irresponsible, selfish and most likely stupid people existed. Fast forward ten years to the vaccine injuries of my first child and, not right away, but after years of research, investigation and exhaustive reading, I answered the questions about why anyone would not want to vaccinate their children. And those reasons were scientifically valid and morally responsible.

Mercury and the Synergistic Toxicity of Vaccines

In an interview with Paul A. Offit, MD, chief of the division of infectious diseases at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the interviewer asked Dr. Offit about the toxicity of mercury contained in some vaccines in the form of the organic compound known as Thimerosal. The context of the question had to do with the specific type of mercury called ethylmercury and whether…

Oh Sanjay…

Sanjay Gupta

Watch the following video: “Gupta fact-checks vaccine comments by Trump, Carson”. It’s a TV commentary by CNN’s Sanjay Gupta regarding the comments made by Ben Carson, Donald Trump and Rand Paul during the second Republican presidential primary debate on September 16, 2015. Now remember, Gupta is an Emmy-award winning chief medical correspondent for CNN. The man was once offered the post of Surgeon General of the United States in the first Obama administration, but he turned it down. His credentials are so stellar that he actually said no thanks to Surgeon General.

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