There May Be Side Effects to a Coronavirus Vaccine

Several companies [are racing] to get a [COVID-19] vaccine approved, but early trials show you may need to prepare for side effects. … These side effects are expected to be mild but could really impact your daily life. Yes, it depends on how you react and how you take that feeling of feeling crummy, because […]

Chinese Scientists ‘99% Confident’ Their Coronavirus Vaccine Will Work

These are the raw materials for COVID-19 vaccine—bags full of biological cells soon to have an inactivated or dead virus added to them. Churned like butter in a bioreactor, this is one of the most promising candidates in the global race for a vaccine. It’s made by Sinovac—a biotech company on the outskirts of Beijing. […]

First Person to Test Coronavirus Vaccine Speaks Out

Today, the United States has test its very first coronavirus vaccine. It went to a volunteer […], 43-year-old Jennifer Haller, who is from Seattle… that’s one of the hardest hit areas for this virus in the nation… Washington state with over 840 cases. It’s a fast moving story and she joins us… Jennifer, thank you […]

One in Four Vaccinated Children in Chinese City Got Measles

One in Four Vaccinated Children in Chinese City Got Measles

Story Highlights A new study shows that despite a measles vaccination rate of more than 97 percent, over a quarter of vaccinated children in Tianjin, China still became infected with measles. Even with two or more doses of measles vaccine, 8.5 percent of cases in the surveillance dataset and 26 percent in the case series […]