Thursday, June 08, 2023


“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Shocking and Escalating COVID Vaccine Side Effects in Pregnant Women | Dr. James Thorp

We especially, as obstetricians in maternal fetal medicine, have always been guided by that principle and that sacred, longstanding six-millenia golden rule of pregnancy… you never ever use an investigational drug, a new substance and a new drug, a new vaccine even, even if there’s a potential benefit. You don’t ever use a new substance […]

Dr. Peter Rost, Former Pfizer VP, Explains How Big Pharma Buys Influence

Everybody that I’ve encountered in my former career as a pharmaceutical executive are out there with their hands out. Everybody’s begging for money. Nobody has any money. The government doesn’t have any money. Universities don’t have money. The only ones that have money are these multinational corporations. And they have lots of money. And they […]

CDC Forced to Release V-Safe Data, Excessive COVID Vaccine Injuries Made Public

Why did it take numerous legal demands, multiple appeals, two lawsuits, in fact, before the CDC finally handed over the V-safe data, which is already de-identified data, for the most part, that they provided just two days ago… a hundred, forty-four million lines of code… that they could’ve provided in a matter of minutes at […]

Pretty Much Everyone is Getting Heart Damage from the COVID Vaccines

We all know that mRNA vaccines are associated with myocarditis. It’s rare, but it’s an important safety signal. It’s more likely to affect men than women, and it’s more likely to affect people in a certain age range. And that range is about 16 to 24. That’s the peak demographic. And it’s still important from […]

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