British MP Andrew Bridgen Leads Adjournment Debate On Efficacy of mRNA COVID-19 Booster

I was contacted by thousands of people offering their support and received many hundreds and hundreds of e-mails from all over the globe recounting to me their own stories of the harms caused in the wake of their or their loved one’s COVID vaccination. I’ve been contacted by parents in my own and surrounding constituencies […]

Rob Schneider On Advocating for Medical Freedom

You’ve got the people who are freedom fighters already. But how do we get other people in? That’s the key to it. It has been something that has opened up my eyes to the world and to how things really work. Luckily, there are the people like you (Del Bigtree) who are real freedom fighters […]

Dr. Marty Makary: Top 5 COVID Myths

The biggest deliverer [with regard to COVID-19] has been the United States government, and the data has caught up with all the lies now and has actually debunked many of these lies. For example, natural immunity is not protective. The Lancet study tore that apart, showed it is absolutely as effective as vaccination and probably […]

COVID-19 Vaccines Causing An Alarming Uptick in Cancers | Dr. Ryan Cole

In the laboratory, I’m seeing an uptick in cancers that I shouldn’t be seeing, at rates I shouldn’t be seeing, in age groups I shouldn’t be seeing. I’ve talked to colleagues around the world and they’re starting to verify it. But [health authorities] just basically marginalize you and say, ‘Oh, that’s out of the narrative, […]

Dr. Peter Rost, Former Pfizer VP, Explains How Big Pharma Buys Influence

Everybody that I’ve encountered in my former career as a pharmaceutical executive are out there with their hands out. Everybody’s begging for money. Nobody has any money. The government doesn’t have any money. Universities don’t have money. The only ones that have money are these multinational corporations. And they have lots of money. And they […]

CDC Forced to Release V-Safe Data, Excessive COVID Vaccine Injuries Made Public

Why did it take numerous legal demands, multiple appeals, two lawsuits, in fact, before the CDC finally handed over the V-safe data, which is already de-identified data, for the most part, that they provided just two days ago… a hundred, forty-four million lines of code… that they could’ve provided in a matter of minutes at […]

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche on Creating Asymptomatic Spreaders of SARS-CoV-2 Virus

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche on Creating Asymptomatic Spreaders of SARS-CoV-2 Virus

The end game [of the Covid vaccination program] was herd immunity. That is the reason why we are vaccinating. But what you are seeing right now is an increasing number of vaccinated people who are shedding [SARS-CoV-2] virus, highly infectious strains. So this is exactly the opposite of herd immunity. Herd immunity is, you vaccinate […]

Man Who Invented Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Admits He Hasn’t Been Jabbed

Dr. Ugur Sahin, the CEO of BioNTech—the biotechnology company that worked with Pfizer to develop the world’s first COVID vaccine—has admitted on camera that he did not get jabbed with the COVID vaccine. When asked by a German reporter why he wasn’t vaccinated, Dr. Sahin became evasive and vaguely claimed that it’s illegal for him […]

Barbara Loe Fisher Talks About the COVID-19 Vaccine

I have this panoramic view. I look back and I see the trajectory. I see trends over time. In a way, we’re talking about the same issue that has not been dealt with properly, and that is the science has  never been done on any of the vaccines, but particularly with this [COVID-19] vaccine, to […]

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