Thursday, November 30, 2023


“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

What Weakened Immune Systems Have Wrought for Children

taking child's temperature

In the report of June 24, 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) noted a further rise from 450 cases to 920 cases of acute hepatitis in children worldwide from May 26 to June 24, mostly (78 percent) in children under the age of 6 years. Unfortunately, forty-five children required liver transplants and 18 children died. Most […]

Canadians May Have to Get COVID Booster Shot Every Nine Months

COVID shots for Canada

On July 4, 2022, Canadian Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos said Canadians may be required to get a COVID-19 booster shot every nine months to protect themselves against new variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Duclos said, “The virus evolves and Omicron made us aware we will never be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. We have to maintain our […]

What We Learned from Hating the Unvaccinated

thinking statue

The battlefield is still warm, following Canada’s war on the unvaccinated. The mandates have let up, and both sides stumble back into something that looks like the old normal—except that there is a fresh and present injury done to the people we tried to break. And no one wants to talk about it. Only weeks […]

Canada Blocks Unvaccinated People from Boarding Airplanes and Trains

woman waiting for train

In August 2021, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he would implement a federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate for domestic and international air travelers, inter-provincial rail and cruise ship passengers.1 According to The Globe and Mail, Canada has one of the highest COVID vaccination rates in the world. At least 73 percent of people eligible for […]

Study Confirms Face Masks Interfere With Non-Verbal Communication

young girl wearing mask

A recent study conducted by researchers at McGill University in Montreal, Canada has shown that wearing face masks interferes with effective communication between people because masks hide parts of our faces used for nonverbal communication expressing our emotions and intentions.1 Shortly after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, public health officials provided guidelines that everyone […]

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