Friday, June 02, 2023


“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Biggest Coverup in the History of Science | Rand Paul

We still don’t know where [the SARS-CoV-2 virus] came from. We deserve to know that. That should not be a political pursuit. And Dr. Fauci has made it so. He has turned into a political operative, and he has done so much damage to this country. Now, another answer you’ve been trying to elicit from […]

California Medical Misinformation Bill Tramples Doctors’ First Amendment Rights

California’s state Senate passed a bill last night that can result in a doctor’s state license being revoked if they spread false or misleading medical information about COVID vaccines or treatments. According to Axios, the law designates spreading false or misleading medical information to patients as ‘unprofessional conduct subject to punishment by the medical board […]

Why Nazarin Believes the COVID-19 Vaccine is Unsafe

My friend Katrina, she is 28 years old. She was perfectly healthy before. She only had one dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Five days later, she was beginning to experience brain fog. Now she’s had a stroke. She’s had three suspected heart attacks. … I think the one question I would ask is how can […]

Unexpected 40 Percent Increase in ‘All Cause Deaths’ in 2021

U.S. life insurance companies have reported an overwhelming and unexplainable increase in all deaths among 18 to 49 year-olds. Along with that, there’s also been an increase in certain medical diagnoses such as miscarriages and Bell’s palsy. … [There was] an alarming increase in certain things. For example, they saw a 270 percent increase in […]

Barbara Loe Fisher Talks About the COVID-19 Vaccine

I have this panoramic view. I look back and I see the trajectory. I see trends over time. In a way, we’re talking about the same issue that has not been dealt with properly, and that is the science has  never been done on any of the vaccines, but particularly with this [COVID-19] vaccine, to […]

COVID-19 Mystery: Why Some People Get It and Others Don’t

All of the things that someone would do if they wanted to contract COVID, I unknowingly did all of those things before I knew that he had it. We drink from the same water bottle, I finished his food for him, we’d take naps together… he accidentally coughs in my face. I tested negative six […]

Why Vaccinated Biden Got a Breakthrough Infection

The President has been fully vaccinated. He had two booster shots. He was doing everything by precaution, more than most he’d been wearing the mask, of course prior to this. But it was an issue I raised with Dr. Anthony Fauci about why this keeps happening… people who get cases, sometimes repeat cases, in a […]

How the Novavax Coronavirus Vaccine Uses Moth Cells

As companies like Moderna and Pfizer race to use cutting-edge mRNA technology to deliver the first set of coronavirus vaccines, Novavax took a different approach. The Maryland biotechnology company used insect cells to produce the coronavirus’s unique spiked protein, which can then be introduced to patients to prime their immune systems. This process is known […]

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